A/N: Hello world! I'm back, but not a full story. I have too much on my plate to deal with a full story now, but instead this little drabbles. Not by episodes, (Like B.A. Tyler's excellent stories of the "Glimpses" series) but by characters, there could be a hint of episodes. I got inspired from reading one drabble story by TakenHawkeye, which is excellent, I suggest you check it out. These are short, sweet and to the point. I can think easily with this and know that I don't have to focus on a story line. Please tell me what you think.

True Love Never Dies

He loved and lost.

Not by choice however, but by fate. There was a disease with no cure that comes like a weed.

She died in his arms.

He told his son that there will be the same type of woman for him one day; that one person who he cannot live without.

Although memories fade, he still remembers some of her; her smell and her sweet tender lips on him. It was like the sea: soothing and peaceful.

Time goes by slowly for the man, as he is trapped in memories.

His love is strong, and hopes the same will come for his son, the Mohican.