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Dimitri took Tasha's offer to be her guardian. Rose is depressed and her friends are worried about her. What happens when Dimitri comes back to the academy?
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It was beautiful morning. I went to my practice with Dimitri. As I came in gym nobody was in. I thought he was just late, because he was talking to headmaster Kirova or Alberta. I went to do some warm-up exercise and maybe few laps of running. As I came to the center of gym I saw a white letter and red rose on the floor. As I picked them up I had a strange feeling. I opened the letter. There was paper in it. I really had no idea what could it be. Maybe a notice that he will be late? But as I read it, I saw that it wasn't.

Dear Roza,

I took Tasha's offer. I will now official become her guardian. I did this because this is the best for you. You have to live without me, because I give you too much pain.
I enjoyed in every kiss you stole me and every hug you gave me and I will always remember you my dearest Roza.
I love you – always had and always will. I hope you will forgive me.
Love, Dimitri

I couldn't believe it. I was reading it over and over, but I just didn't believe it. I didn't want to believe this is really happening. I am strong person and I can handle a lot. But I think that this was too much for me. I squashed paper and hold it very tight in my hand. I fell on my knees and I didn't want to get up. I put my hands on floor but they barely held me up. I didn't know how many minutes or could be hours I sat there. All I knew was that he was gone. Love of my life was gone. He chose. He chose life without me. He chose life with Tasha. They probably could and would have kids. I guess she is the right for him. And all those words he said to me meant nothing. They never meant anything. He said he loved me. What bullshit. I'm not sure if he ever loved me. He really doesn't know how much pain he made. I was broken. My life sucks.

Suddenly the door of gym opened. I didn't pay attention on who was it. I heard footsteps coming closer to me. It wasn't just one person. There were more. Maybe three? I really didn't care who it was. I felt empty. I held paper even tighter. I felt eyes on me. They were staring on me. I really didn't care what they thought about me. All I knew was that he was gone. Someone called me. It was Lissa. I didn't look at her. I couldn't. I would probably break down. ''Are you okay?'' Lissa asked. It was only a little louder than a whisper. I didn't answer her. I felt that someone lifted me up from the ground. It was Eddie. I looked at him. I didn't realize that I was crying until he wiped my tear with his finger. I could see that he was shocked to see me like this. The famous Rose Hathaway never broke down. She is strong and nothing can hurt her. Well now I see that something can still hurt me.

The next thing I remember is that I woke up in my room. As I opened the eyes I saw eyes of my friends watching me. There were Lissa, Christian, Adrian, Eddie and Mia. They were all watching me in confusion. I sat up and put my hands round my knees. Even if I tried to held my head up, I couldn't. it has fallen down to my knees.

I felt someone coming closer. It was Lissa. She hugged me.

''Rose, what's going on?'' I could feel her fear for me, shock, worry and sadness to see me like this.

I didn't answer. All I did was sobbing.

''Please, Rose. What has happened? I want to be there for you. But I don't know what's wrong. Please'' She was talking so quite that I almost didn't hear her through my sobbing. I collected all my strength and answered her.

''You don't have to know'' was all I said. My voice was so cold that even I scared myself. I hardly recognize it. Lissa didn't feel anger, which is good, because I don't want her to be mad on me.

''Rose...'' I didn't let her finish. I screamed and scared her. She was all white. Her beautiful eyes were full of tears. I really scared her. But this wasn't my intention. I just wanted to let my anger out. And I did. I stood up and hit the wall. I turned around and slipped down to floor with my back on the wall. When my but met the floor I started to cry again.

Lissa stepped back and Christian held her while she was crying. Nobody came to me as they saw my anger. They just stood in front of me and watched me. But I heard someone stepped to me. It was Adrian who came to me. I know that he love me, but as he saw I was ready to punch someone, that's probably why nobody wanted to move and come closer to me. He leaned over to me, that I could see him in the eyes. I looked in the floor, but he held my head and made me look into his eyes.

''He?'' was all he said and I knew what he meant. He asked me if Dimitri is the one that made me suffer so much. I nodded. Then he hugged me and let my cry in his chest.

''Rose, he is not worth this.'' His eyes were full of understanding and love.

''Adrian, I don't know if I can live like this.'' I whispered, but I was sure that all could hear me.

''Little Dhampir there are falls in the life, but you always have to get up again. He isn't worth this. Do you understand me?''

I nodded in agreement. I knew he was right, but I feel so empty without him. I sure have all of other friends too, but it will just not be the same.

''Rose, what is going on?'' Lissa came to me and hugged me. She was really confused, but I wasn't sure if I would like to tell her.

But she noticed letter in my hand. She took it.

''No..'' I didn't want her to read it.


''Please don't read it.'' But I knew she won't considered me.

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