Me and Dimitri are living happy on the court with the gang. Lissa will be crowned and pronounced as a queen next month and she is getting married with Christian in a week. Me and Dimitri are not married yet, but will be in a few months (he proposed me yesterday).

I am now Lissa's guardian along with Eddie and Christian's guardian is Dimitri.

After Dimitri cancelled Tasha's offer, she left, but she came back few months later and said she thought about everything and is although she loves Dimitri herself happy that he found his true love.

I will meet Dimitri's family tomorrow when they come and visit court and we will tell them about marriage.

The day we will marry will be one of the best days I ever had. With a signature.

The story is officialy COMPLETE. This was the last 'chapter' here..

PLEASE tell me what you think about all story...

Thanks for all reviews and nice comment - I am ending my first story happy.
Love you, A.