Written while listening to: Love is Dead by Tokio Hotel

Chapter 3: Meeting the Jacobs

"My God, what happened?" Was the first thing I heard as I followed David into his one room apartment.

"Nothing mama, he is just sleeping." David said kissing her cheek and pulling Les off his back. She pulled her baby into her arms lovingly and kissed David back. I felt a sharp pain in my stomach. I hadn't longed for that feeling of love of a mother for a long time, and it shouldn't be bothering me now. Yet somehow that little concern from his mother, it killed me…

"We had dinner waiting for you." A man with a bushy mustache came up to us, I assumed it was his father. His arm was in a cast but he was smiling. David put the money we had raised today down on the table and his father's jaw dropped. "You earned all this selling papers?"

"Well, half of it is Caroline's." David ushered me in to the room, shutting the door behind me. I quickly took off my hat and flattened my hair down. "Mum, Dad, this is our selling partner, and um, our friend Caroline. Caroline, these are my parents," His father held out his good hand and I looked down at my own, it was filthy. I wiped it quickly on my pants and shook his hand. I gave his mother a soft smile. She turned around and returned the smile after laying Les in the bed. "Oh and that's my sister Sarah."

My eyes moved over to the beautiful brunette sitting in the corner. She was sitting in a rocking chair mending something. She gave a small wave and quickly went back to her mending.

"Ester, maybe Caroline would like to join us for dinner. Why don't you put a little extra water in the soup?" he kissed her cheek and she gently shoved him away, laughing. I couldn't help but smile. They were so happy, and he loved her…it was the family I always had wanted but knew I never could have.

David pulled out a chair and gestured me to sit. I quickly whispered a thank you, and put my head down, feeling a blush arising on my cheeks.

"From what ive seen today, your boys are a couple of born newsies," I explained to his family. Sarah set down the third bowl of soup I had asked for in front of me. I smiled and nodded a thank you, and continued to speak. "I did the numbers and with their hard work and my experience, I figure we can peddle a thousand a week and not even break a sweat."

"Wow, that's quite a few." his father was smiling and he began to stroke his mustache.

"Possibly more when the headline is good." I ran my fingers through my hair, making my loose braids moving even farther apart.

"What makes a good headline?" Sarah asked clearing everyone else's dishes as I ate a little more.

"Oh, um you know catchy words or phrases. You know words like maniac, or um, corpse…um lovenest or nude." Sarah and David laughed and I felt David's parents giving me a strange look. "Excuse me, I think I'm talkin' too much." This time his father laughed.

"Sarah, how about you go get the cake your mother has been hiding in the cupboard." His wife slapped him with a dish towel, and they both chuckled.

"Oh you know very well that is for your birthday tomorrow!"

"I know, I know but this is a true celebration here!" he winked at me, but not in the creepy way. In the fatherly way, the way that made me smile. David, his mother, and Sarah all moved towards the kitchen at once. David getting his father's knife with Sarah getting the plates. My eyes moved towards his mother who pulled out a huge square pan.

"Happy Birthday Papa." Sarah placed the plates down while kissing her father's cheek. He smiled and the sharp pain in my stomach came back. I ran my hand through my hair while Sarah cut the cake, and the pain went away. David handed me a fork as Sarah passed me a big slice of the yellow cake.

"Thanks." I said staring down at the cake. I felt a smile forming on my lips as the cake brushed my lips. The last time I remember having cake was at my twelfth birthday party that Jack Kelley, Manhattan's leader at the time, threw me. I shoved a second bite in my mouth and the sweetness grew.

"You know your smile is very pretty. You should really do it more often." David whispered in my ear. He chuckled when I punched his arm halfheartedly, when we heard a voice coming from behind us.

"Nude corpse….three….found on tracks…read all about it…" Les mumbled in his sleep. David looked at me, and we burst out laughing. The family gave us a confused look and we tried to contain ourselves but we failed miserably. I took another bite of cake just as the big clock rang. I looked up to see that it was almost ten thirty at night.

"Holy moly, is that really the time?" I took the napkin off my lap and threw it on the table. "I has to go! I am so sorry! Thank you very much for your hospitality." I hopped out of my seat and grabbed my hat.

"No problem dear, come whenever you would like. Oh and would you like to bring the cake to your family? I could wrap it up for you." I nodded, the boys would love a cake. His mother finished wrapping the cake and handed it to me with a smile.

"Are you sure you don't just want to stay here? Its pretty dark out and it isn't safe for a girl like yourself to walk alone." his father asked.

"I could walk you home if you don't feel comfortable walking by yourself." David offered.

"I am sure I will be fine but thanks again for everything," I walked out of the house, shutting the door quietly behind me. I ran down the steps and made my way out to the front door of the apartment building. It was darker outside than it was when I had first arrived and the temperature had appeared to drop. The breeze had gotton stronger and it was a bit chilly. It was perfect for the summer though.

As I rolled down my sleeves, I noticed I was alone in the streets, just the way I liked it. Very few lights were lit, which meant I better hurry home, yet my legs would move any quicker than I slow walk. The night was just to pretty, and the stars were all shining. A memory flashed through my head.

"Oh come on James, do you actually believe it is possible for something to live in the stars?" I asked, while lying on the grass, looking up at the night sky. I was in a night shirt and a pair of pants and the air was cool surrounding me and my friend.

"Yeah I do believe it Carol Bell." he whispered into my ear. He pulled back and looked back up at the stars. "I believe that is where people go when they die." James said, with a smirk on his face. I rolled my eyes and looked back at the sky.

I felt him staring at me, and when I turned my head my emerald eyes met his deep blue ones. It was as if that one moment, even though I was only six years old, I made my mind up that I was going to spend the rest of my life with him.

I pulled myself out of the trance. I felt like I was going to cry. Thinking of the old days always made me want to cry. The old days when I still had James, the days I had my mother and the days where I didn't have to worry if I was going to eat that day or if I was going to get out of New York, the days I got to be a kid.

I looked up to see myself facing a giant brick building; I was at the lodging house. Most of the lights were out except for the one in my room, and the boy's room. They were still awake, or they left the lights on for Tumbler, or both. As I made my way up the stairs, I felt some one grab me around my waist.

Oh my God, maybe I should have had David walk me home!