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Shadows of the night

The shadows


Guest's filled the arena, politicians, businessmen and women along with various other people of high standing and wealth. All of them were currently quiet listening to a grey haired man speaking on a podium. Mixed among them were bodyguards keeping alert for any sign of a threat to their charges.

Hidden in a darkened balcony above a pair of violet eyes viewed the proceedings.

The figures gaze focused on the orator. One George Allstar the first of their two targets. The gaze then shifted on to a young red-haired girl, standing to one side. The speakers' daughter Flay, their second and final target.

The assassin didn't know why the client wanted the young girl dead as well but didn't question it. 'Mine not to reason why.' They thought bitterly grabbing their linear sniper rifle and shifting an unconscious guard out of the way.

The speech was nearing its conclusion, so the assassin brought the rifle up to peer down the scope. They would only use one shot, less chance of being spotted and more time to escape that way.

Applause signaled the end of the speech the figure place the crosshairs between the mans eyes. George Allstar bowed and left the pedestal completely unaware of the sniper perfectly tracking his every move. A team of 3 bodyguards surrounded him partly obscuring the assassins view. They shifted as Flay ran up wrapping her father in a warm hug and unwittingly lining their heads up to the sniper.


The rifle let out a slight cough as it fired. The hypersonic round shattered both of the targets skulls like over ripe melons spraying the wall behind them and the bodyguards with fountain of blood, bone fragments and brain matter. The slug continued on drilling into the wall before disintegrating under its own velocity.

Silence reigned temporarily as the two headless bodies collapsed to the floor, A pool of blood rapidly expanding around them.

Then the bodyguards exploded into action. Covering their employers and ushering them towards a safer. A few others were searching for the sniper, most looking to the balcony only to find it empty.

The Assassin ran through the building heading for the roof. Occasionally they'd duck to one side avoiding a patrolling guard. They'd obviously been alerted to the presence of an assassin.

They reached the last flight of stairs only to find two guards there. The assassin quickly drew a dart pistol and stepped out. 2 shots later the guards slumped to the floor unconscious.

At the top of the stairs they paused and brought out a remote detonator and pressed it.

Above the now empty arena a small charge detonated blowing open a small container. Scattering out several white feathers that slowly floated to the floor.

Bursting out on to the roof the figure continued running heading for the furthest edge. A shout came from the stair well followed by the sound of running.

The assassin reached the edge and leapt soaring across the void between the 6 story buildings and landing with a roll on the opposite roof.

Gunfire barked out as the guards reached the roof and fired upon the figure. Only for the assassin to dive behind an AC unit.

The shots were slowly drowned out by the distinctive drone of a twin rotor VTOL.

The guards panicked as the craft flew over firing its chin mounted turret. The rounds releasing dense smoke upon impacting the roof.

Using the panic as cover the sniper ran out towards the VTOL, which swung round and dropped a winch cable from on of the doors.

The figure caught it and jumped into the harness. Seconds later he was pulled through the door and handed a headset.

The figure pulled down his hood, revealing his messy brown hair and young face, and put the head set on.

"Got a bit hot down there. Angel." Commented the Pilot, a middle aged man with an ugly scar around his right eye. The eye itself was a cybernetic replacement.

"I knocked out two guards at the bottom of the last set of stairs they found them quicker than I expected." The young man replied with a shrug. "Oh and Mr Waltfeldt you know that you don't have to use my codename." He added placing his sniper in a rack.

"Ok Kira"


The cracking of bone signaled the demise of a bodyguard the corpse collapsing in a heap the unfortunate mans neck broken. The remaining bodyguards placed themselves between their charge and the black clad figure that had just dispatched one of their own. The assassin leapt forward crashing into one of the men and slamming his head down on the pavement before any of them could raise their guns.

"Holy shit!" cried one of the guards firing his gun at the assassin. That was the last thing he ever said, as the figure appeared in front of him knife glinting in the moonlight.

William Sutherland was getting worried the assassin had already taken out 2 of his 5 guards without any obvious effort. He winced as the third guard went down their throat torn out by a knife. That did it and he ran the remaining two bodyguards keeping pace behind him.

They didn't get far. There was the bark of a gunshot and one of the guards heads exploded in a shower of blood and gore. The last one turned to fire his gun only to be to collapse dead as a knife flashed into his eye.

Sutherland kept running hoping to get away from the monster of an assassin. He looked over his shoulder to see no one but he kept running. The last thing he heard was the soft rustle of clothes before the world went black.

The assassin slowly rose off of the corpse drawing his knife out of the mans' neck.

This was his trademark the attack from above to finish his target. Casually he walked out of the alley that he had chased his target two and made his way over to a black unmarked sports car. "Blitz this is Aegis." He said into a concealed mic.

"Mission complete Blue Cosmos Industries director eliminated."

"Understood Athrun. I'll see you back at the cave."

Aegis paused at the car door. "What did I tell you about using my real name during a mission."

"Technically the mission ended when you said 'mission completed'." Responded Blitz.

Aegis/Athrun sighed and slid into the car. "I suppose you're right. Nichol" he said as soon as the door was closed.


A thug crumpled like a puppet with its strings cut. Blood praying out of a massive laceration on his neck. Standing over the corpse blade in hand was a third figure. His garb identical to the others except for navy blue edging (1). Nearby lay 3 other corpses in various stages of mutilation.

11 more gunmen were arrayed before him. As one they raised their weapons and opened fire.

The figure dived aside, checking on his principal for this mission, Muruta Azrael another major figure of Blue Cosmos Industries, taking cover some distance away.

'Despicable man'

Despite that thought the assassin/bodyguard continued with his mission.

The gunmen attempted to track him as he dived failing miserably. Allowing him to fire back with his just drawn pistol. The gun hissed rather than barked as the hyper sonic rounds were discharged.

3 shots felled 4 of the men. The first slug hit the neck of one of the would be assassins literally removing the mans head from his shoulders in a spray of blood and flesh. The second tore the shoulder, and part of the chest, away from the body of one of the gunmen before smashing into the skull of a second. The last slug hit at an oblique angle and sprayed much of the contents of the targets abdomen across the pavement.

The thugs with their number now reduced to 7 started to panic this only increased when the figure moved into a shadow and, from their point of view, vanished.

"Where the fuck did he go?"

"You expect me to know? Shit for brains."

"Screw this I'm getting the fuck out of h-Urk" A black cable wrapped around the thugs neck as he turned to run. A swift yank yielded the crunching of bones and the body count rose to 8.

As quickly as it came the cable vanished into the shadows.

"Sonnova bitch. Where the…" A small spinning razor disk embedded itself in the mans' brain in a spray of blood before he could finish.

'5 left'

The gauss pistol hissed again and two more fell grapefruit sized holes in their chest.

"Come out and fight us you fucking coward." Yelled one of the three remaining Gunmen obviously the leader of the band. Obviously intelligence wasn't his strong point the other two had a much better grasp of what was happening. One shaking so much he could be used as a pneumatic drill. While the other looked ready to pass out and appeared to have wet himself.

A shadow darted out and wet pants was suddenly missing his head while shaker was cut completely in half. Blood and gore spilling out around them.

"I said face me you coward. Not dart around like… Like… Like some shadow." The leader roared.

Almost immediately the black clad figure appeared inform of him a plain bloodstained sword in his right hand.

"So you decided to play ball have ya." The brute spat. The figure glanced at the sword before sheathing it behind his right shoulder.

"Bet'cha can't fight a real man face to face can ya."

The figure just stood there for a moment before his had shot out smashing through the leaders sternum into his chest.

The leader let out on last pathetic squeak before the assassin tore his heart out.

The black clad figure watched silently as the lifeless shell fell to the ground before dropping the now useless piece of muscle and walking over to his charge.

"Ha serves them right for trying to kill me." Said Azrael looking over the field of blood, gore and corpses.

The assassin cum bodyguard just stood there impassively his face obscured by the shadows of his hood. Then a beep issued from his wrist. His head tilted to one side as if he was listening to something before straightening after a few seconds.

Azrael turned to the figure. "I know your contract with me ends today shadow but I'd like to extend it. I'll pay double the usual fee."

Shadow just shook his head.

"Why not I'm being more than generous here." Azrael said angrily.

Shadow drew his gauss pistol and loaded a new belt of tungsten slugs into it (2) but let it hang by his side rather than holster it.

"Oh so you have a new mission." Said the business man more levelly but still with a tone suggested that he was not happy that the man in front of him considered the next mission more important than protecting him.

Shadow nodded this time.

Azrael thought for a moment. "I will rehire you after the mission," He stated.

"Impossible." Said shadow finally speaking. His voice was incredibly soft and hiss like from lack of use.

Azrael's expression was a mixture of shocked and confused. Shadow hadn't said a word in the week that he had hired the assassin as a bodyguard.


Faster than Azrael could see shadow raised the gun and fired. The slug shattered the skull of Blue Cosmos Industries CEO like a sledgehammer shatters an egg.

That done shadow tapped his right ear three times.

"Roger that Shadow. So any chance of you speaking today?" Said the voice over the comm unit.

Shadow tapped the unit twice.

"Ok then. You can head back now nameless. Tolro out."

Shadow looked over the corpses for a moment before vanishing like his namesake.

The next day.

In the city of Heliopolis a giant screen broadcast the news to the commuters.

"Today's top story." Said the female newscaster. "4 influential figures were assassinate last night all of them having links to Blue Cosmos Industries.

George Allstar and his daughter Flay, known supporters of the company, were killed by a single bullet. Evidence at the scene indicates the work of the assassin know as Angel." The screen changed to show one of the feathers. "William Sutherland one of the board of directors was also assassinated this time the evidence pointed to Aegis." No picture this time. "The final victim was the CEO of Blue Cosmos Industries. His assassin is believed to be Shadow however there is evidence at the site to suggest that Shadow protected Azrael before killing him. All this point to the disturbing possibility that all 3 assassins work for the same employ and that they are not above double-dealing. Today's main story again…"

In the crowd watching the broad cast were three girls in their late teens one with blonde hair one with pink and the last one with brown.

(1) Imagine the Assassins Creed outfit crossed with a Ninja outfit all black with the exception of Shadows'

(2) A gauss weapon or any weapon that fires hyper velocity rounds doesn't need to have big rounds to inflict damage. In the case of the pistol the rounds are about 4mm wide and 7mm long so it is fully conceivable to have a belt of 40 or more in a decent sizes pistol. Shadow had used the weapon in previous missions without reloading that's why he was changing the belt then.

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