Silence reigned in Djbril's office as the 3 assassins stared at their mission profiles. Looking straight back at them were pictures of the three girls they had med day before. Cagalli Yula Attha, Riyu Takama and Lacus Clyne.

"Is anything wrong?" Pressed Djbril after a few moments.

"Er. No sir. We are just surprised that such public figures are our targets." Said Kira filling his usual place as the trios spokes person.

"Good. You may go now."

The trio left silently as a sober air descended on them.

As soon as the door clicked shut a masked man stepped out from the shadows behind Djbril.

"Are you sure that was a good idea?" The man asked, adjusting his white mask.

Djbril just shook his head. "You worry too much Le Creuset. Their just dealing with higher profile targets than normal."

Behind his mask Rau Le Creuset's eyes narrowed.

"You let them go out into the city unsupervised yesterday. Who knows whom they could have met and what ideals they picked up."

Djbril let out a derisive sort. "I doubt it none of them are what you would call sociable. Nameless even more so. Your just being paranoid." He said in a superior tone.

Le Creuset gazed at the shut do his expression still hidden behind his mask.

"I hope your right. For both our sakes."

Shadow didn't stop as the door closed he just kept on walking without a word heading for his room.

Athrun made to follow him but Kira held him back. "Let him go I think we all need to sort out our thoughts before this one."

The blue haired assassin looked at his friend for a moment before nodding.

Kira rolled his eyes as his friend headed for the training area then headed for his own room.


Shadow kept reasonably calm until the very moment his door closed. As soon as that barrier was in place he let loose. Smashing his hand against the wall with a yell of rage. He felt the plaster buckle and crack under the impact Djbril wouldn't be happy with the damage but right now he didn't care.

'Why did it have to be her?' He thought bitterly as he looked Riyu's picture on his data file.

'No not just her why did it have to be any of them?"

He flicked through the pages searching for an answer.

What he found made his anger boil over. His employer was the owner of a rival company to the company Riyu's father owned. She was being targeted to get at her father.

Shadow flung the file at the wall. A cowards greed that was the reason. This was why he hated this job. Not that he had much choice he doubted anywhere else in the world would accept him or his two friends. Being augmented into a living killing machine tended to make people scared of you.

He sat down at his computer his anger spent. Now he only felt sadness and regret. With a sigh he pulled out a musical keyboard and began to play. The computer automatically providing backing music. (www . youtube watch?v=qWZuLtCTZPU)


Athrun was confused which was a pretty uncommon thing for him. Though to be honest his current life was quite simple. Get given a target, plan the mission, execute it and get back without being caught or followed. He didn't have as much interest in the outside world as his friends referring to loose himself in his training instead.

This time was different all three of them knew their targets personally and knew what good the girls had done for the world. With this new variable he did not know what to do.

He was so wrapped up in his thoughts he wasn't pay attention to where he was going.

Such as it was he barely made it into the training hall when he walked into someone. The unfortunate person was knocked to the floor by the impact while Athrun was jolted out of his thoughts.

Looking down the blue haired assassin was surprised that he didn't recognize the person in front of him or their friend. The person's attire and that of his friend suggested they were assassins. That wasn't unusual the three of them shared the cave with a number of assassins, hit men, guns for hire and others of that Ilk however they interacted with quite regularly, knowing everyone by name, though the other people tended to keep their distance, particularly from Shadow.

So not recognizing the pair meant that they were new here. They were both young only around 15-16 he'd knocked over the shorter of the two who had messy black hair and fierce red eyes that hid no emotion. The taller one had blonde hair down to his shoulders and much more guarded grey/blue eyes.

Athrun briefly noted the impracticability of long hair but pushed it aside as the red eyed teen spoke or rather yelled at him.

"Watch where the fuck you're going!" He yelled eyes flashing in anger.

Athrun ignored the boy's course language. "I must apologize, I was distracted."

Thanks to the black haired boys shout everyone else in the training room was watching the confrontation.

"Like hell you were! You're either blind or did that on purpose!" The boy continued shouting.

"Shin." Said his long-haired friend in an attempt to calm the irate teen.

However the hot head just blew him off. "Shut up Ray. I'm gonna teach this guy a lesson!"

Around the training hall people winced.

The black haired boy, Shin apparently, then ran over to the sparring mat and turned back to face Athrun beckoning him over.

"So are you gonna fight me or are you chicken."

The other occupants of the room closed in around the sparring mat eager to see things unfold.

Athun couldn't help but smirk thankful for something that would take his mind of things if only for a moment.

Shin waited as the blue haired guy got into position. The guy who had walked into him didn't even seemed phased by the challenge. In fact he even seemed amused a fact, which served to anger Shin even more. He'd show this guy.

"Ready?" Said Athrun not even bothering to get into stance.

Shin just grunted and rushed at him right arm back in preparation for a palm strike.

Athrun barely stopped himself from rolling his eyes this guy was so predictable.

Casually he sidestepped the extended palm and grabbed the boy's forearm. A quick flick of the wrist sent him heels over head to the floor. Much to the amusement of those watching.

Shin lay there staring at the ceiling, stunned. He hadn't even seen the guy move. No that impossible it had to have been a trick.

Rolling back on to his feet he retook stance. 'He's not going to get away with it this time.' He thought glaring at the blue haired assassin.

Only now did Athrun finally take stance he could take this hot head easily but he decided to actually see if he could teach the teen something.

This time Shin closed cautiously as the two circled each other. Silence descended as the tension rose. Only to evaporate instantly as Shin attacked. Punch then Sweeping kick.

Athrun didn't even blink. Dodge, jump, counter. Shin almost hit the floor again as he barely blocked the sidekick.

Shin grit his teeth attacking again. Tuning kick, elbow strike, uppercut this time.

Duck, deflect, catch then knee strike had Shin twisting aside. Barely dodging again.

Shin changed track slightly now. Twisting kick, forward punch. He didn't get any further Athruns fingers brushing his neck. Straight fingertip thrust to the neck. A kill move. His punch had missed completely.

Shin remained frozen he knew he'd lost the blue haired assassin had spared his life.

"Charging in head first not even knowing what your opponent is capable of." Said Athrun withdrawing his hand. "A good way to get yourself killed. After all knowing your enemy is half the fight," He added turning away

Shin felt his anger rise. "Don't lecture me the same applied to you as well!"

Athrun paused and looked over his shoulder. "Did it?"

He turned and approached Shin once again. "You're right handed, hotheaded and like to use a balance of punches kicks and strikes. Lastly you've only been and assassin." Athrun seemed to sniff the air. "2 months. Did I miss anything?"

Shin could only stare in shock. However Ray had a question.

"How did you do that?"

The blonde haired teen almost flinched when Athruns green eyes fell on him.

"Stance, attitude even scent they can all tell you things about a person. Having fought your friend I now know what martial arts he knows, what weapons he prefers and such like." Athrun replied.

"W-who are you?" Shin managed to get out.

Athrun grinned. "I'm known as Aegis." With that he headed for his room leaving a pair of awestruck rookie assassins.


Kira was the most subdued of the three. Entering his room quite calmly, weaving around the piles of books that dotted his room before collapsing on his bed.

He tried putting some music on. However the players shuffle function was being an asshole. So after skipping through, It's my life, Animal I have become, Monster and a few others of similar vibes he gave up and switched it off with a sigh.

He glanced at the clock and sighed. 'This is going to be a long couple of hours.' He thought.

6 hours later The Cave's meeting room. 17:00

Kira let out a sigh as he and Athrun waited around the rooms planning table.

It was unusual for Shadow to be the last one there let alone slightly late.

The two didn't blame him though; neither of them was looking forward to this mission either.

The slight creak of the door opening and closing was the only indication of the last assassins' arrival.

The two others quickly acknowledged him and Kira started the planning session.

"I know none of us are really looking forward to his one so were doing this a little differently. Targets only." Athrun winced slightly he was really rusty at disabling rather than killing. Djbril had enforced that he should kill al guards after one of his first missions had nearly failed because a guard was not disabled correctly. "We'll feel bad enough after this mission without adding to our kill counts. Understand."

Athrun hmm'ed in affirmative while Shadow just nodded.

"Shadow your turn."

The prompted blond proceeded to place down three sets of blueprints the buildings each of their targets would be residing in for the night.

Each blue print had a variety of marks made on them. It was a standard system that Shadow used that prevented him from having to explain.

Black cross for entrance points, blue star for target location, red rings for probable guard locations, green crosses for exit points even the vent system and maintenance corridors were marked.

"How good is the info on building security?" Asked Athrun.

Shadow grimaced. "Sketchy."

"Time?" Kira this time asking his estimate on infiltration time.

"30" Shadow tapped the blueprints for the buildings with Lacus and Cagalli.

"40" Tapping the blue print for Riyu's residence. That earned him a questioning look from Kira.

"Paranoid father."

Athrun and Kira shared a look. "Bet she loves that." Muttered the blunette.

Shadow ignored the comment. "Synchronized start?"

Kira nodded. "Analyze your routes carefully and gear up we leave in 2 hours."

3 hours later 20:00


Kira grimaced as he looked over at the roof of the neighboring building. The hotel Lacus was staying at while she performed at one of the cities arenas. All their targets tonight actually lived just outside the city, However due to the sheer size of the city and it's traffic all 3 were residing in hotels near the city center to be closer to where they were currently performing or playing next.

He checked his gear something to take his mind off who was their targets while he waited.

Normal setup for the most part, flash bangs, smoke grenades, knockout gas, dart pistol and combat knife. For once his sniper rifle was missing replaced with a lighter assault rife. The layout and positioning of Lacus's room being designed to stop peeping toms also stopped snipers.

He looked at the opposite roof again. He knew his entry point. Shadow had given him a few to choose from but he'd settle for the Air con vent on the roof.

Activating his earpiece he whispered. "Angel in position, awaiting sound off from Aegis and Shadow."


Athrun would admit he probably had the least misgivings of the three about this job. He didn't pay attention to the news as much as the others did and when they had run into the tree girls it had taken Cagalli a while to stop glaring at him and start talking.

That said he still didn't like it. It reeked of someone trying to get to the girls parents through their daughters who in the grand scheme of things where innocent. He looked over at his entrance point. When he heard Kira over the radio saying he was ready for sound off.

Athrun let his hand drop to his knifes pommel. There was another thing that was bothering him. Not killing any of the guards. The other two wouldn't have any issues but he might. He was too used to killing and killing a person is much easier than disabling them. He would have to fix that later.

"Aegis, ready to move."


Shadow mentally tortured and killed the person who had ordered this hit. As he checked all his gear was in the correct place. Whoever had paid for it better be careful because if he found out who they were he would kill them Djbril be damned.

Kira calling for sound off pulled him from his thoughts to his entrance point an unoccupied room with an open window.

He then heard Athun confirming he was ready on the radio and activated his.

"Shadow ready."


Kira let out a deep sigh. No turning back now. He activated his com again