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Chapter Ninety One

I had no words for what Dean had told us not too long ago. He had tortured people in hell and then he said he had…enjoyed it. I briefly remembered being in hell. The scratching, clawing, bleeding, and I hadn't even been there long enough to form any real thoughts. I couldn't imagine my brother being the one to claw at people, to rip them apart until there was nothing left. I shuddered at the thought. I could only imagine Dean with black eyes, sneering down at people who didn't necessarily deserve their hell sentence. People like me, my dad and Dean.

"Yahtzee," Dean stated, hitting my leg.

I bolted upright. We had pulled over to the side of the road as it got dark last night, and I was sleeping in the front seat next to Dean. I glared at him. "What's going on?" I asked, rubbing my eyes.

"We just finished a job like two hours ago," Sam stated, also sounding annoyed.

"Adrenaline's still pumping, I guess," Dean remarked. He had been on a bender of hunts for the last couple weeks or so. I think he was trying to keep his mind busy. "So, what do you think...? Cedar Rapids, Tulsa, or Chi-Town?" he asked.

"I am all for working. I really am," Sam stated. "But you got us chasing cases nonstop for like a month now. We need sleep."

"Yeah, we can sleep when we're dead," Dean replied, not seeing the irony.

"You're exhausted, Dean," Sam argued.

"I'm good," Dean retorted.

"I'm not, I'm tired," I said, laying my head back down.

"Dean, you're not good," Sam said, ignoring my comment. "You're running on fumes, and you can't run forever."

Dean looked back towards the backseat at Sam, annoyed. "And what am I running from?"

"From what you told me," Sam said, obviously not caring what Dean was doing. "Or are we pretending that never happened?"

Dean didn't say anything for a moment. "Stratton, Nebraska. Farm town." I perked my head up to listen. "A man gets hacked to death in a locked room inside a locked house. No signs of forced entry."

"Sounds like a ghost," I replied.

Dean grinned. "Yes, it does."

Sam sighed and flopped back down in the seat. Dean started up the car and Sam and I groaned. I wished Dean had never told us anything, but more than that I wished I could talk to Anna. She had answers, I knew it. She knew more than she told me. She had to have overheard things, and now that she was back in heaven or wherever she was, she had to have talked to other angels. I flipped my hood up as Dean started to drive.

The next day by mid-morning we were pulling down a long road in the middle of nowhere, Nebraska. I couldn't help but think this was a very stereotypical case; big old farm house, middle of nowhere, haunted by some old family member for a dumb reason. It was your classic wrap around porch looking place. Dean, Sam and I headed inside.

"Boy, three bedrooms, two baths, and one homicide," Dean remarked, looking around, "This place is gonna sell like hotcakes."

I rolled my eyes. "They obviously cleaned this place up – no sign of anything," I remarked, looking at the scuff marks from furniture on the floor.

We kept on moving into the kitchen. Sam opened a cabinet, and closed it again. "What?" I asked, watching him. "Ghost ate all the chef Boyardee again?" Sam shoved me and I barely caught myself before knocking into Dean, who caught me and sent Sam a look.

"Hey, check this out," he said, pointing to a spot on the wall. It looked like it had been something at one point, and covered over with dry wall. Dean knocked on it. "It's hollow."

"It's probably a dumbwaiter," Sam said, also knocking on it. "All these old houses had them."

"Know-it-all," Dean muttered under his breath.

Sam turned back around. "What?"


"You said..."

"What?" Dean asked again.

Sam rolled his eyes. "Never mind."

I looked around the kitchen and headed towards the stairs. I was assuming that was where all the bedrooms were located. I had a weird feeling in this place, like I was being watched.

"Well, no bloodstains, fresh coat of paint, it's a bunch of bubkes," Dean stated, motioning to the walls around us.

Sam took out the EMF. "Needle's all over the place."

"Yeah—power lines," Dean retorted.

Sam shut it off and put it back in his pocket. "Great."

I opened the closet door and nearly jumped out of my skin. On the center of the floor was a baby doll head. Dean laughed.

"Well, that's super-disturbing," he chuckled.

"Think it got left behind?" Sam said, looking over my shoulder.

"By who?" I asked, "Unless Bill Gibson liked to play with doll heads."

I heard the sound of a car moving outside. We were so far out; there shouldn't be any cars here. "Uh-oh," Sam stated, looking out the window. I leaned to see what he was talking about. Outside were a moving truck and a car coming up the driveway.

"I thought you said this place was still for sale," Dean said, looking at Sam.

Sam shrugged. "Apparently, it's not."

"Alright," Dean stated, "Buildings not up to code, better go break it to the family. Lex you stay here."

"You want me to stay in the haunted house by myself?" I stated, motioning around me. "Perfect. Can't think of a better plan."

Dean smirked. "We'll only be a second. Stay by the door, scream if something happens."

I crinkled my nose at him. "Whatever." Truth was, I wasn't afraid to stay here, but something did feel off about it.

"Hi," I heard Sam say. "Are you the new owner?"

I stopped listening and walked back into the living room area of the house. I could see outside, it was a family with a son, playing with his dog, a daughter, and three adults. I heard a rustling behind me and spun around. Nothing was there. I sighed. Of course, I thought, why would the ghost just let me see it so easily.

Sam and Dean came back into the house. "Thought I told you to stay by the door," Dean stated, glaring at me.

"I thought I heard something," I replied, looking back towards the other wall.

"Well c'mon," Sam said, also looking towards where I was. "Let's go talk to the housekeeper who found him. Maybe she'll have some more info."


We pulled up to a trailer a little while later.

"What did the room look like when you found it, Mrs. Curry?" Sam asked.

I shuffled my feet behind Dean. I was actually allowed in the convo this time, since I had nowhere to go and leaving me in the car would like ridiculous.

"I already told the local boys, there was blood everywhere," she stated.

Dean nodded. "And Mr. Gibson—where was he?"

Mrs. Curry grimaced. "Everywhere."

I was only half listening at this point. I wondered if the angels were watching us, or if they had completely moved on. I wondered if I concentrated hard enough if I could still hear them. I jumped back into the conversation for a moment.

"His wife dies in childbirth," Mrs. Curry stated sadly. I guessed she was talking about Gibson. "Daughter hangs herself in the attic twenty years later. I'd be bitter, too."

"Sounds like a nice life," I remarked to myself. Dean placed himself in front of me to shut me up.

Mrs. Curry ignored my comment. "I think I got some pictures," she said, going off to get them. She was back in a moment and handed them to Dean.

"Now, why'd the daughter kill herself?" Sam asked.

"I don't know," she replied. "That was before my time."

"Did you ever notice anything odd in the house when you were cleaning it?" Dean asked. "Like, you know, like lights going on and off, things not being where you left them."

Mrs. Curry shook her head. "No." She stopped for a moment. "Well, maybe there was one thing."

I stepped back out from behind Dean. "What's that?" I asked.

"Well, sometimes, I thought I heard like a...rustling in the walls," she replied. I couldn't help but be reminded of my earlier encounter.

"Like a rat?" Dean asked. Mrs. Curry nodded. Dean smirked. "Must have been some big sons of guns out there, huh?"

Mrs. Curry didn't look amused. "Wouldn't know. Never saw any."

"Do you happen to know where Mrs. Gibson and her daughter were buried?" Sam asked, looking down at the pictures.

"They were both cremated," she replied.

Sam gave a single nod. "Thank you for your time."

We started our walk back to the car. "All right," Sam stated. "So it probably wasn't the mom or the daughter. Whose ghost was it?"

"I don't know," Dean replied. "But I say we give that place a real once-over and see. Tonight, after dark."

"And in the meantime," I interjected. "I vote we get something to eat, I'm starving."

We headed to a diner as close to the house as we could find, but it was still miles away. I sat down in the booth and started looking at the menu. One of the dishes was called 'Grace's meatloaf.' I sighed, suddenly I wasn't very hungry anymore.

"I'll be right back," I stated, shimmying out of the booth.

"I thought you were starving," Sam said, giving me a look.

"Order me my usual," I said. "I just need some air."

"Girls," Dean said, rolling his eyes. His eyes on me said something completely different. He knew I was in my head. But he was too; he had no room to judge.

I stood outside the diner, the sun going down over the horizon. It just didn't seem fair. I took out my phone. "Porter," I said, as he picked up on the second ring.

"Hey Winchester," he replied. I could almost hear the smile in his voice. "How's life treating you?"

"We had a run in with an angel," I stated, blankly.

"Are you okay?" he asked, sounding genuinely concerned.

"Yeah," I replied. "I just uh, just wanted to say hey I guess."

"Hey," he stated.


"I'll um; I'll call you again soon, okay?" I bit my bottom lip.

"Sure," he replied. "I'll be here."

He didn't know how comforting that thought was.

I went back inside, and slid back into the booth next to Sam. Dean looked at me. "So how's Dylan?" he asked, batting his eye lashes.

I just rolled my eyes. "Did you order?"

"Yep," Sam answered, nodding towards the waitress already coming with our food. A plate of chicken tenders was set down in front of me, but instead of fries were apple slices.

"What the hell is this?" I asked, looking at it.

"You two need to eat healthier," Sam stated, eating his salad.

Dean and I exchanged a look. "Thanks, mom," I retorted, flicking an apple onto his plate and reaching for Dean's fries.

"Hey," he protested.

"Shouldn't have let him skimp me," I shot back, eating one.

Sam sighed. "You're impossible."

"Don't get your panties in a wad, Sam. I'll eat the apples," I finished all my food in record timing. The sun had set at this point.

"Ready?" Dean asked. "Ghost hunt time." He rubbed his hands together.

We drove back to the farm and pulled up to a clearly not empty house, and I didn't mean ghosts. The lights were all on and the moving truck was outside the house.

"Crap," Dean said. "So, what now?"

"We could tell them the truth," Sam stated.

Dean looked at him with wide eyes. "Really?"

"No, not really."

Then, suddenly, we heard a scream. "Right on cue," I stated, quickly getting out of the car. We ran up the steps and burst in the front door after barely knocking.

"We heard screams," Dean stated. "What's going on?"

"Oh, you two!" the one man exclaimed. "Did you touch my daughter?!"

Dean looked incredulous. "What? No."

"Who are you guys?" he asked, pointing at us. "And who is she?" he demanded, pointing at me.

"Relax, please," Sam said, stepping forward. "You have a ghost."

The man frowned. "A ghost?"

The teenage daughter threw her hands up. "I told you!"

The boy jumped. It's the girl!"

The man, whom I was at this point assuming was the father, waved them back. "Both of you relax." He turned his attention back on us. "What are you guys playing?"

"Your family's in danger," Dean began. "You need to get out of the house now."

Suddenly, the lights went out and we were in the dark. The teenage girl screamed.

The other man I had seen came from around the corner. "What the hell?" he said, looking around the room.

Dean put his hands up. "Nobody move!"

A dog started whining and howling outside. "Buster!" the boy yelled, afraid.

The father ran past us to the front yard. There was blood on the grass and a message on the moving van. 'Too Late'.

"What does too late mean?" I asked, looking up at Dean.

"What the hell?" the other man stated.

"Buster!" the boy yelled. No everyone was outside, staring at the message.

The father pointed to the house. "Go back inside. Go!"

"We are not the bad guys, but you're in danger," Dean said, "First thing's first. You got to get your family out of here. Head to the motel I was talking about. You'll be safe there."

I looked to the Impala. Something didn't seem right. "Um, Dean," I said, pointing to the tires."

"Oh, no! Oh, come on!" he exclaimed. All four tires on the impala were slashed. "Oh, come on!" he yelled again. I leaned down to look at them. These were done by a knife. Last time I checked, ghosts didn't carry those.

"Dude, the guns are gone," Sam said, poking his head from around the trunk. "So is the... Basically, everything is gone."

"Truck's no good," the one man stated. "Both tires slashed."

Dean looked towards the house angrily. "What kind of ghost messes with a man's wheels?!"

The mother came outside with the kids. "What's going on?" she asked.

The teenage girl screamed. "She's there! She's there!"

I looked over to where she was pointing in the bushes, but I didn't see anything. "She was right there in the woods!"

I walked up behind Dean. "What's a ghost doing outside?" I asked.

Sam walked up. "You want to stay and find out?"

Dean looked back towards the house, annoyed. "Everybody inside."

"Are you crazy?" the one mad said. "We need to get the hell out of here!"

"In what?! This ghost is hunting us!" Dean exclaimed, irritated. "Everybody back inside now! Move!"

We all ran back inside the house, standing in the living room. "What's the plan, Dean?" I asked, looking at the terrified family.

Dean sighed. "You guys got any salt?"


I started taking the salt and making a big circle around the whole living room, surrounding the family. I had learned everyone's names as we had been setting up a safe place. The father's name was Brian, and he was very irritated at this whole situation. The other man was apparently his brother, Ted, who had quite a temper. You could tell he thought this was mostly bullshit. The younger boy, maybe around 8 was Danny, and the teenager was Kate. Their mother's name was Susan; she just looked petrified.

I looked around the dark room. To think, this was all happening because they bought a house and wanted to seemingly start over. They didn't do anything to deserve this, just like I didn't deserve to have been messed with as a child either.

"Whatever's outside, it can't get in this circle," Dean said, breaking me out of my trance. "As long as the salt line is unbroken, this is the safest place to be."

Brian looked less than convinced. "Safe from ghosts?"

Dean nodded, looking away from the fire he was trying to start in the fireplace. "Yes, as a matter of fact."

Brian shook his head, reaching for his wife's hand. "Okay. I'm not listening to this anymore," he stated. "Come on. I got to get my family out of here. Let's go."

"Nobody's going anywhere until we kill this thing," Dean argued.

"Sir, please," Sam stated. "This is what we do. us."

Danny looked up at me as I finished salting the windows. "You hunt ghosts?"

"That's right," I nodded.

He smiled. "Like Scooby-Doo?"

Dean smirked at him. "Better."

"You saw her outside, right?" Sam said, looking to Kate. She slowly nodded, as though not wanting to be sure of herself. "Okay. Does she look like either one of the girls?" Sam had brought out the photos that Mrs. Curry had given us.

I glanced down at the photos with Kate. Both women had dark hair, were small and skinny people and neither seemed to have any kind of smile in their eyes.

"Her," Kate said, pointing to the photo of the daughter. "She was paler and a lot dirtier, but that was her."

"That's the girl in the walls," Danny stated, standing next to Kate.

"So it's the daughter?" Sam stated, looking at me. I just shrugged.

"That girl in the picture—She-She's dead?" Susan asked, putting a hand on each of her kid's shoulders.

"She killed herself inside this house," I stated.

"So, what," Dean started, looking confused. "The maid got her story wrong? Rebecca wasn't cremated?"

"Unless her spirits just attached to something inside the house," I suggested. "There were some things left behind." I thought back to the doll's head in the closet and got the chills.

"She hung herself in the attic, right?" Dean asked.

"You want to babysit?" Sam asked, talking over the salt circle. "I'll check it out."

"Look—I don't care who hung themselves where," Ted said, throwing his hands up. "Maybe something is going on here, but—"

"It's a spirit, man," Dean repeated, rolling his eyes.

"No, it's just some backwoods hillbilly bitch, and I'm not about to sit around here waiting for her to go all Deliverance on my ass," Ted replied, gruffly.

"Well, nobody's leaving the house," Dean retorted back.

Ted took a step over the circle. "Stop me." As Ted tried to walk away, Dean quickly grabbed him and slammed him back against the wall.

"Listen, man. I've got a gun," Dean said, motioning to his belt. "You don't get your ass back in that circle, you're gonna have yourself a third hole." Ted moved back into the circle.

Sam whispered next to him. "Dude, you don't have a gun."

"And?" Dean whispered back. "I'm not letting that bastard or anyone else die tonight." He looked to me. "Do you have your knife?" I tapped my boot and nodded. "Good."

Sam sighed and turned away, going for the attic. I stepped over the salt circle with Sam. "You cool?"

"Go," Dean said, waving me away.

Sam and I made our way up the steps. "Sam," I said, as he opened the door to the attic. "I feel like we're being watched." I looked around and behind me. There was nothing there. Sam just shrugged at me.

I sighed and we headed into the attic. It was dark and dusty, as attics tended to be. I didn't see anything out of the ordinary. It was honestly kind of empty. There were only two boxes in the room, one in the middle and one off to the side.

I picked the one to the side, while Sam looked through the one in the center. "Just clothes," I said, lifting an old dress out of the box. It was moth eaten, and looked like no one had touched it in years.

"This might be helpful," Sam said, holding up a small notebook. "Looks like…Rebecca's diary."

"Think she might be attached to that?" I asked, walking over to him.

Sam never got a chance to answer me because suddenly we heard screams. Sam and I took off towards the stairs.

"Go, go, go!" Dean shouted, as the family rushed past us and into the front yard.

Dean was fighting with a very real looking girl. She had a knife and was swinging it at him.

"Hey!" Sam yelled, shining the flashlight at her eyes. He illuminated her dark, dirty face and her eyes. They were milky white, like when people were used to darkness.

The girl screamed and ran into the closet. Sam went after her, but she was gone somehow. I peered into the closet from behind Sam's back. I couldn't even see a seam in the walls.

"C'mon" Dean said, running towards the front door. Sam and I followed, quickly on his heels.

"Hey. You okay?" Brian asked, meeting us in the front yard.

Dean looked around. "Where is everybody?"

"Hiding," he replied, pointing behind him.

"All right, go get them. Go. Go get them," Dean said, waving him off. Brian ran off towards the side of the house.

"So, it's not a ghost," I stated, looking back towards the house. It was silent and empty looking from out here. The windows and doorway were pitch black.

"So, it's just a girl?" Sam asked.

"It's not just a girl. It's psycho Nell," Dean replied, shaking his head at us. "I'm telling you, man—humans." I couldn't help but agree.

"So who is she, then?" Sam asked.

"I don't know," Dean shrugged. "Maybe it's the daughter, Rebecca. Maybe she didn't hang herself."

"Dude, no. She'd have to be like fifty years old by now," Sam replied.

"Well, I don't know," Dean said. He looked down at what Sam was still holding. "What'd you find in the attic?"

"Some old junk," I stated, thinking of the trunk of clothing. "But Sam found Rebecca's diary. That's about it."

"I wish you'd found a howitzer," Dean shot back. "Listen, we got to get this family safe. I mean, it's just a human, so they can make a run for it. We just got to hold her off."

The family came back around the house, screaming as they went. I kind of wished they would be a little quieter.

"Told you it was some crazy bitch," Ted said, coming back up to Dean.

"Yes, you did," Dean said, through gritted teeth.

Sam moved between them. "Head to town. We'll take it from here, okay?"

"Danny, come on, baby! We're leaving!" Susan yelled, looking behind her. Her eyes suddenly looked even more panicked when she realized what I already had. Danny was not behind her. "Brian, where—where is he?"

Brian's eyes widened. "Danny!"

Susan had tears in her eyes. "Danny!"

"Suse, Suse, Suse," Brian said, grabbing her shoulders. "We will find Danny, I promise you. Take Kate and go now. Now, while you still have a chance."

Susan shook her head. "Not without Danny," she replied, desperately.

"We will find him," Brian reassured her.

"I am not going out there with Mom alone," Kate complained, stepping in-between them.

"She's right," Dean said, cutting them all off. "Until we find your son, the safest place for you right now is in the shed."

Kate looked appalled. "I am not going in there either."

"Yes, you are. It is the best defense," Dean explained. I turned to look at the shed. "The windows are boarded up. It's got one door. It's our best shot right now. Trust me." I didn't want to say so, but Dean was right.

"Suse. Kate. Go," Brian said, pushing them away. They started to run towards the shed.

"Alright," Sam said, looking at Dean and I. "Lex, you stay with the girls in the shed."

"But I don't want –"

"Alexis," Dean said, nodding at the shed. I sighed.

"All right, you and I will take the outside," Sam said, as I walked away. He nodded to Dean. "You two take the house. Let's go."

I opened the door to the shed, and Kate screamed. "Quiet," I stated, shutting the door behind me. "It's just me."

I looked around the shed. "Help me move this," I stated, motioning towards a work table. We pushed it in front of the door. I kneeled down and got my knife out of my boot.

"That's all you have?" Kate complained. "They sent the small one with a small knife to protect us."

"Would you rather stand by the door and hold the knife?" I asked, irritated. Kate shut up and shook her head.

I kept listening for any kind of movement. I didn't trust this human bitch for a second. Ghosts, demons…they were predictable. They had the same motives. Humans…you never knew. I looked back to Kate and Susan. Susan was holding onto Kate for dear life, stroking her hair. I wondered what my own mother would be doing if we were here. Who was I kidding – my mother was a hunter. She would be out there with Sam and Dean.

A knock on the door made me jump. "It's me," Sam said from the other side. Susan and I moved the table out of the way. Brian and Sam entered.

"Did you find him?" Susan asked, her face falling as she realized it was only the two men entering.

"No," Brian replied.

"Where's Dean?" I asked, and Sam half shrugged.

"Look, why are we just standing here?" Brian asked, going back up to Sam. "Let's go in. Let's check the house."

Sam shook his head. "We have to wait for those guys to get back, okay?"

Another knock sounded. "Lex, Sam, it's me."

We let Dean into the shed. "Did you get Danny?" Susan asked.

I could tell from the somber look on Dean's face the news wasn't going to be good. "No."

Susan looked confused. "No? Well, where's Ted?"

Dean swallowed. "He's outside."

"Well, why doesn't he come inside?"

"Because I had to carry him out," Dean replied, "I'm sorry." He didn't meet her eyes, instead looking briefly at me.

"You're...what does that mean? What does that mean, you're sorry?" Susan demanded.

"Are you saying that he's dead?" Brian asked, quietly.

"No," Susan shook he head. "No, he's not saying that he's dead. You're not saying that, are you?"

Dean took a deep breath. "We were in the walls and she attacked. "And I couldn't get to him in time." Dean looked very distraught. He grimaced. "I shouldn't have left him alone. I'm very sorry." Dean took one more look and Sam and I, and went back outside the shed.

Sam and I exchanged a look. I went to go after him, but Sam grabbed my arm. He slowly shook his head.

I sat down on the shed floor. "We'll find him, Suse. We will," Brian stated, sitting down next to where Susan had fallen.

"Where else is there to look?" she asked. "Danny's dead, isn't he?" Brian immediately refuted the idea. "He is," Susan shot back, ignoring him. "Why not? She killed my brother. Now she killed my son."

Brian still shook his head. "No, Danny is alive."

Susan started crying. "No, no, he isn't."

"Yes, he is," Brian replied. "Do you remember what he said about the girl who lived in the walls? She said he could stay."

Susan wiped her tears. "I just don't understand why this happens to us. I mean, we're good people. We're a good family."

"What happened to Andy happened, okay?" Brian said. It seemed like Andy was another kid of theirs. "I cannot change that. But I will find Danny, I promise you. And when I do, we are gonna be fine. You and me, the kids, we're gonna be fine."

Sam kicked my boot. "What," I said, standing up. He held out the diary to me. "I think I found something. C'mon."

We left the shed for a moment to go find Dean. He was staring up at the house with Brian. "We got to talk," Sam said, waving the diary at him.

We entered the house again, back in the living room. I looked at the destroyed salt circle on the ground.

"What is that?" Dean asked, looking towards the book in Sam's hand.

"Rebecca's diary. I just finished reading it," Sam stated. "That girl back there? Pretty sure she was Rebecca's daughter."

"Rebecca had a kid?" I asked, watching Dean close the closet door and put a chair in front of it.

"It's all she talks about. Being pregnant, being ashamed of being pregnant," Sam stated.

"Jeez, rent Juno and get over it," Dean replied. "Wait, why kill herself after the baby?"

"Maybe because her dad called her a dirty little whore and said he was gonna lock the baby up," Sam replied, making a face.

Dean looked as confused as I felt. "Why would he say that?" Dean asked. Sam didn't really say anything.

I thought for a moment. If her father threatened to…and then… "Oh, gross," I stated, grimacing.

"So the daddy was the baby daddy too?" Dean asked, also catching on.

"Dude was a monster, Dean," Sam replied.

Dean shook his head. "Wow, a story ripped from an Austrian headline. Humans, man." He looked around the room. "So she's been locked up her whole life?"

"You saw her eyes," Sam replied. "Has she ever seen light? She's barely human."

"Okay, so, what, then, she's been caged up like an animal and she busts out and kills dear old Dad? Slash Granddad?" I asked, trying to put these pieces together.

"I guess," Sam replied, shrugging.

Dean threw his hands up. "Well, can't say I blame her."

"I'm sure her life was hell, Dean," Sam stated. "It doesn't mean she gets a free pass for murder."

Dean scoffed. "Like you know what hell's like."

I widened my eyes. Sam stammered. "I didn't..."

"Dean," I stated, walking towards him.

He put his hands up stopping me. "Forget it."

"So where do we find her?" Sam asked, changing the subject.

"Kid's gotta eat, right?" Dean asked. "He kept her hidden, locked up, but he had to feed her, didn't he?"

"I guess," Sam stated, shrugging.

Dean nodded. "I think I know where." He looked to me. "Go get Brian. Stay with the girls."

"Again?" I asked, irritated.

"You're the only one with a weapon," Dean replied. "And I'll be damned if I let another one of these people get hurt."

I sighed, and looked to Sam, then back to Dean for a split second. "Be careful," I stated. I really didn't want to be on babysitting duty. The shed was musty and old and I wanted to be on the action. Plus, I didn't really trust Dean right now. He made me nervous when he got on missions like this.

I went back out to the shed. "They need you in there," I stated to Brian, who immediately took off.

I went back to standing by the door with my knife. Susan and Kate where sitting towards the back of the shed. I finally took a moment to look around. There really wasn't much in here. The workbench we moved in front of the door. Some miscellaneous tools lined the walls, all rusted out. A shovel sat in the corner.

Out of nowhere, the window on the right was bashed in. Susan and Kate screamed. I jumped in front of them, brandishing my knife. I was expecting this girl to dive in the window, but then it was totally silent. Susan put her arm on my shoulder. "Stay back," I stated, motioning for them to stay towards the opposite side of the shed.

A knife came through the siding. Kate screamed again. "The middle, get in the middle!" I yelled. It was silent once again for a moment. I saw the siding near the door start to move.

I quickly grabbed the shovel and handed Susan the rake next to it, to hold up against the wall. "Help me," I stated, but it was too late, the wall collapsed on top of Susan. She screamed.

I quick swung the shovel, smacking the girl across the head. She barely seemed to flinch, almost growling at me, and retreated out of the hole. I quick followed her out of the hole she had created. This had to end.

She was ready when I exited the shed. She swung her knife at me, and I held my hand up to dodge. I felt searing pain through my hand. I grabbed it in pain. "Stupid bitch," I stated, grabbing the shovel again.

I swung, knocking the knife she had out of her hand. I grabbed it, and while she was down, stabbed her as hard as I could. The knife went through her chest, blood seeping from her dirty, stained clothes. She gurgled for a moment, but was still.

I collapsed on the ground next to her, out of breath. Brian came running from the house, Danny in tow. "Where's – "

"Inside," I choked out, pointing to the shed.

Brian opened the door, and the girls screamed again. "It's me, Suse," Brian stated.

Sam and Dean came out of the house to see me on the ground. "Lexie," Sam said, as they ran over to me. "What –"

"I'm fine," I said, motioning to the girl on the ground. "It's mostly her blood."

Sam, Dean and I all stared at the creature, no human, before us. "What happened in there?" I asked, motioning towards the house.

"She had a brother," Dean replied. "There were two of them."

I looked at the family on the porch. Susan had both her kids in her arms. "I found our stuff," Dean went on. "Think you can – "

"Yeah," Sam said, "C'mon Lex."


Dean had patched the tires on the car. The sun had risen now, and everything had been calmed. I helped Sam organize the trunk again, making sure we had everything we came with. Sam threw the duffel in the back seat.

"Thanks for the head start," Dean said, getting up from jacking down the car.

"Why doesn't it surprise me you guys don't like the police?" Brian asked, smirking.

Sam smiled. "It's sort of a mutual-appreciation thing, really."

Brian grabbed Dean's hand. "Well, thank you," he stated.

"You okay?" Dean asked, looking towards, Susan.

Susan shook her head. "No, we're the opposite of okay, but we're together." She grabbed Brian's hand. In other circumstances, that might actually have been sweet. In this case, with three dead bodies around, it just left a bitter taste in my mouth.

"We better get going," Sam motioned.

I got into the backseat. I really hated humans. We didn't drive very far before we hit up a drive through. Dean pulled over on a back road. "Need some air," he stated, getting out of the car.

Sam and I followed him out, and Sam handed out our burgers. Dean picked his up, but didn't open it.

"You okay?" I asked, worriedly. It wasn't like Dean to pass up food.

"You know, I felt for those sons of bitches back there," he stated. "Lifelong torture turns you into something like that." I had thought he was talking about the family, but he was talking about the kids.

"You were in hell, Dean," Sam stated, surprised. "Look, maybe you did what you did there, but you're not them. They were barely human."

"Yeah, you're right. I wasn't like them. I was worse," Dean replied. He paused for a moment. I sighed in frustration.

"They were animals, defending territory," Dean went on. "Me? I did it for the sheer pleasure."

My stomach dropped. I put my burger down. Suddenly, I wasn't so hungry either. "What?"

"I enjoyed it," Dean answered. "They took me off the rack, and I tortured souls, and I liked it. All those years, all that pain. Finally getting to deal some out yourself. I didn't care who they put in front of me. Because that pain I felt, it just slipped away."

I felt tears welling up in my eyes.

"No matter how many people I save, I can't change that." Dean stated a look of disgust on his face. "I can't fill this hole. Not ever."

I exchanged a look with Sam. He didn't seem to have any expression.

I didn't know how to help Dean, but I knew – nothing could fill that hole, even if we tried.