"You want me to help you steal the Black Pearl."
"It is a Monday."

Captain Barbossa laughed lightly at the situation. He hadn't believed Raghetti when he said Jack's navigator wanted to make a deal. Yet now there was the pretty blonde lass Jack was so fond of, ready to make a deal in order to take something Jack loved. Barbossa suspected a lover's quarrel was behind the motivation. But there was something to looking a gift horse in the mouth.

"And how do you propose we do this exactly?" Barbossa inquired. "I am intrigued."
"Very simple, Captain." Alice smiled gently. "In return for you promising to help me find Underland, I allow you to take me hostage."
"And you think Jack will trade his ship for your safety?" Barbossa cocked a brow.
"I think if not neither of us lost anything." Alice replied.

Barbossa sighed and leaned back, contemplating the terms.
"I've never heard of the Underland."
"Jack told me you two have been over the edge of the World. I believe I might find it in that direction." She replied.
"That is a dangerous quest little lady." Barbossa cocked a brow. "I don't think you would last it."

Alice's movement was so fast that he didn't see her get the sword until it was at his neck. His eyes grew wide as the petite blonde glared at him with a new strength in her eyes.

"I have tamed a Bandersnatch and slain the Jabberwocky." She stated. "Wielded the Vorpal sword as no one else can. I am the White Queen's champion, and I liberated the Underlands. I would return there and find Hatter, and leave this world I should never have come back to in the first place. I believe the Black Pearl would be helpful in this, but if you will not help, I will find someone who can. Further questions?"

Barbossa cocked a brow and slowly pushed the blade down laughing.
"When shall this plan unfold?"