Chapter 11: Taking Down the Initiative, Part 2

Warning: I don't know; maybe language and innuendo somewhere along the way.

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A little bit later…

Daniel and Teal'c moved away from Sam and Jack for part of the tour. It was a decision they would regret – not because they were splitting up their team necessarily, but because Daniel and Teal'c's guide was one of the soldiers who resented their presence in Sunnydale.

Wanting to teach these intruders a lesson, the man deliberately led them down the controversial wing. That's where they held the test subjects that made the squeamish members of the Initiative wonder about their mission. As a matter of fact, they just picked up a subject a couple days ago that would probably get these people upset enough to do something stupid…hopefully.

He hid his smirk when they got to the cell in question and Daniel shouted, "You have a child locked up? Let her out immediately!"

"That isn't a good idea, sir," he protested half-heartedly, even as he moved towards the panel to open the door.

"Perhaps we should find out why she is in there, DanielJackson. Not all children are harmless," Teal'c cautioned his teammate.

"She can't be more than fourteen. I'm sure you can handle one teenage girl, Murray," Daniel replied pointedly, knowing that Teal'c was stronger than the average human.

"She claims to be thirteen, sirs," their guide happily informed them.

"And she looks like she only weighs about eighty pounds. That shouldn't be a problem for you. Open the door immediately, specialist," Daniel repeated.

"If you insist, sir…" He released the door, then stood back, far enough away that he had a chance to taser the girl if she attacked him as well as them.

"Are you okay?" Daniel asked in concern.

She looked up with sad eyes and said softly, "I think I need help getting up."

Teal'c stopped Daniel from entering the cage and said, "Let me, DanielJackson."

As soon as he was within her grasp, the little girl grabbed Teal'c with more strength than a child should possess. She guessed that the compassionate man was the smallest threat to her, so she threw the big guy into her captor.

The force was so great that all Teal'c was able to say before he collided with their guide was, "Watch out, Da-!"

Daniel watched in horror as the innocent expression morphed into a monstrous one…literally. Her forehead developed prominent ridges and her canine teeth elongated into fangs.

"Tell you what…as a thank you for getting me out of there, I'll try not to drain you when I have a little drink. Can't promise anything, though, 'cause I'm really thirsty," she said with a snarl. She grabbed his arm and bit him right at the elbow, just like he was giving her a blood transfusion from hell.

"Sorry, Daniel," he heard from behind him and his attacker. At almost the same time, he heard the familiar sound of a zat gun being opened. Then there was the excruciating pain of a hit from one – indirect in this case – and blissful darkness.


"I got her, sir, but the hit took out Daniel as well."

"What the hell was that?" Jack demanded of the two guides that went with him and Sam.

Forrest glared at the specialist under Teal'c before he explained, "That is a vampire. They don't mind changing kids every once in a while – which is why I agree with Stegus that they are the most dangerous demons we face. You just don't expect somebody so helpless-looking to be such a threat."

Sighing, Carter said, "I'm willing to bet that's what Daniel thought. He was probably upset to see a child locked up."

"Can't say I'd be thrilled with that myself," Jack confirmed. Kids were his Achilles' heel and it was possible that he would have reacted the same way.

"That doesn't explain why he opened the door without any backup," Graham said, pointing to the soldier currently under Teal'c.

Jack suggested, "Daniel can be pretty persuasive when he tries to be."

Shaking his head in anger, Forrest rebutted, "But SOP is that you don't do anything with the hostiles one-on-one, no matter how harmless they appear to be. Our mortality rate was about four times higher before they implemented that rule. And no matter how well your people are trained, they don't count as backup until they've done our training."

Knowing that the SGC had a similar policy, Sam and Jack decided not to take any offense.

"Well, let's get her locked up again and get the others to the infirmary," Graham advised.

Fortunately for those that would have had to carry him otherwise, Teal'c woke up when Jack shook him.

Teal'c looked around and admitted, "I am well; just my pride is injured." He couldn't believe that a small child was able to overpower him so easily.

Clapping his hand on the Jaffa's shoulder, Jack reassured him, "From what they were telling us earlier, it shouldn't be. Even a vampire that size has the strength of a few grown men. Add to that the surprise factor…"

"Now we know not to make any assumptions concerning the 'people' that are locked up here. Good that it didn't have tragic results this time." Carter paused, then looked nervously at Daniel. "It didn't, did it? He won't become a vampire, will he?"

"I doubt it, ma'am," Forrest answered, then explained further, "There doesn't appear to be any blood in his mouth and he's still breathing. Normally we'd keep him in isolation until the danger passed, but just keep an eye on his pulse until he's fully recovered. By that, I mean make sure he has one. I think you tasered her in time, though."

Graham pointed to the zat and commented, "That's an unusual taser."

Knowing it was partially a question, Carter explained, "One of our allies prefers unusual shaped weapons. Plus it doesn't make people automatically think 'weapon' when they see it in its closed position."

Once in the infirmary, Janet took charge of Daniel's care, letting the other doctor care for the Initiative soldier. Since Teal'c was staying to watch Janet and Daniel, the others left to finish their inspection of the facility.


While the scientists were unhappy with the interruption to their work, they weren't willing to argue with them when the Initiative soldiers stepped forward to enforce the 'cease and desist' orders. Despite that, everything went relatively well until Dr. Maggie Walsh discovered them in her office.

"What the hell are you doing in my office?" Walsh screamed at them.

Haviland stepped forward and told her with a smirk, "They are deciding whether to shut us down or not. At the very least, your project concerning Buffy Summers is over as of now."

"Where are the records for that project?" Carter asked politely, despite wanting to beat the crap out of this person who gave both women and scientists bad names.

Walsh just glared at her.

Jack wasn't in the mood for any more crap and told the woman, "Okay then, we'll just tear apart every place you have access to: this office, your apartment, your university office, your gym locker if you have one. Sounds like a good plan anyway."

"Fine!" Walsh huffed as she opened a false back to one of the filing cabinet drawers.

Carter scanned the first page quickly and shook her head at Jack. "She's already done it." She turned to Walsh and asked, "Which donor sperm did you use?"

"All of them," she snapped. "Because of the limited time I had access to Miss Summers' body, I harvested twelve eggs and fertilized them with the four samples – three eggs per man. Then I implanted them all in the hopes that at least a couple of them would result in viable fetuses. Now we are just waiting for the right opportunity to find out if it worked."

Even though she wasn't expecting to find one, Carter was still bothered by a missing document. "I don't see a consent form from Summers here, sir."

"She's not fully human, so I don't need one," Walsh sniffed dismissively.

Jack moved right into her personal space and growled, "What do you mean by that?"

Despite taking a step backward at his anger, Walsh felt justified in her actions. "Just what it sounds like. Even though she appears to be human, she clearly has abilities beyond what is possible for a homo sapien. She even calls herself a 'slayer'. That's her explanation for why she has extra strength, speed and healing. It's supposedly her 'sacred duty' to fight the HSTs," she added sarcastically.

"Okay, I've heard enough. Gates and Miller? Place Dr. Frankenstein here under arrest," Jack ordered, then after a pause, he continued with an evil grin, "Let's put her in one of the holding cells down the hall. I like the irony of that."

"Irony, sir? Are you channeling Daniel?" Carter asked with a grin.

"I cooperated with you!" Walsh protested.

Jack looked at her like she was insane – which maybe she was – and explained, "Doesn't change the fact that you violated the civil rights and body of a US citizen. If she doesn't – for some bizarre reason – decide to press charges against you, I'm sure we can find something else to charge you with by the time we finish up here."

As Graham was putting cuffs on Walsh, Forrest asked the question he wasn't sure he wanted to know the answer to, "Did Riley know, ma'am? About Buffy?"

Walsh shook her head. "Not specifically. He knows I did a procedure on her, but I didn't give him any details."

Forrest and Graham shared a look that said they were disappointed in their friend.

"Sir! There's a second file here," Carter exclaimed, pulling it out of the hiding spot. "A woman named Faith Lehane-Wilkins. She's at the hospital in town."

Walsh, upset about her arrest, stubbornly refused to answer any more of their questions about the second subject. Instead she thought about how disappointing it was that the subject died a short time ago. Unlike with Summers, she chose a specific father for that experiment. Since Riley was her boy – in a manner of speaking – the baby would have been hers as well. She had been looking forward to studying her 'grandchild'.

Jack nodded thoughtfully, "Once we're done here, we'll take Frasier to examine her."

Walsh fought the urge to snort. 'Have fun examining the cadaver,' she thought snidely. And that was assuming that Angleman wasn't successful in removing her body from the hospital morgue before they got there. Of course the problem was, he was planning to bring it back here for dissection, and 'here' wasn't under their control anymore.

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