The bar was called Cajun Spice just on the outskirts of The Big Easy. The glow from Cajun Spice was the only thang lightin up the streets on this breezy July night. It was a rickety ol' building that has withstood past an' present bar fights an' tonight was no exception. Ah could hear glasses clinkin, laughter, mudslingin words, an' punches being thrown as Ah made mah way into the bar. Ah was hopin' no one would recognize me as a non regular an' more of just a pretty face. Somethin Ah ain't used to. Ah usually hide behind mah black makeup an' everyone is afraid to come a foot near me, but tonight mah dark makeup was absent from mah eyes and lips. Tonight Ah was hopin' to be a distraction. Ah still tried to cover up a majority of my skin, but didn't really care about anyone touchin me. It'd just be that much easier.

No one gave me a second glance as Ah entered the establishment. Everyone was busy drinkin, talkin, an' fightin their way through this Friday night. (Life in the bayou for yah.) It was easy to find my target who was brooding on a bar stool in the far corner of the bar. He'd never know what hit him. Ah don't know why anyone would want him dead, but it really ain't mah place to ask. Ah had a job to do. Ah strolled up next to him tryin to muster up flirtacious behavior best Ah could though he was pretty cute so that wouldn't be too hard.

"Hey Cajun, you wanna buy me a drink?"

His long brown hair was coverin his face like a curtain as his head hung low, but now he looked up at me an' Ah knew he was the one Ah was lookin for. His red eyes were like rubies in a pool of oil. They were... beautiful. His eyes sharpened as he examined me. Then he grinned, "Sure."

"I'll have what you're havin sugah." Not that either of us were of the legal age to drink.

"Tequila it is. Though at dis time of night you might end up wit de worm."

"Its true miss. De last shot has dat lil worm in there," the barkeep confirmed, "But I'll fish it out for yah if you'd like."

"Nah, I will take the worm." Boldness usually pays off in mah experience.

"Really?" The barkeep's eye's widen in suprised.

"Yeah, sure. Why the hell not?"

"Well, alright den." The barkeep eagerly poured me a shot of tequila.

"Oh, I gotta see dis," the Cajun said suprised.

I really hope I can pull this off. This might not be the best time to have my first shot of tequila, "Here goes." My lips touched the glass an' my head leaned back, one swig an' the golden liquid disappeared. Worm an' all.

"Dat was pretty damn spectaculaire if I do say so myself. Dere's no foolin' 'round wit you cherie. I can tell. Mi nom est Remy." He brushed mah hair back from my face. His fingers barely touched mah cheek but that would be enough to knock this Cajun out cold, but he just smiled. A blissfully innocent smile. He didn't know about mah powers, but if he did he'd know that this was a miracle. I have never felt the touch of anotha human bein' in a long while. Too long. Ah stopped breathin. The only thang Ah desired in that moment was for it tah never end.

Ah don't know what came over me. Somethin that was impossible is now possible an' maybe Ah just want to test my limits. Maybe it was the tequila or maybe it was just him an' those ruby red eyes that enticed me so.

Ah don't know what came over me that night in the bar but Ah kissed that Cajun and he kissed me back.

That night seemed so long ago...

September rolled around bringin me into mah sophomore year at Bayville High School. Gosh, Ah wish Ah was a million miles away from here. Or at least fast forward to graduation. The bell had just rung as a warnin to get to class an' Ah was already in hell. Jean Grey and Duncan Matthews were makin' out in the hallway right next to mah locker as if they didn't have anywhere else to show their unwaverin affection. It was almost purposefully flaunted Ah swear. Jean Grey, the perfect lil prep the world eva did see. Her long red hair always flowing so flawlessy... her green eyes shimmering in perfection... its sickening. Jean has quite the impressive resume: Junior class president, star of the soccer an' track teams, datin the star quarter back and all around A student. Maybe Ah wouldn't hate her so much if she wasn't in my face all the time. Her an' her X-men possy are always so high an' mighty thinkin' they know whats best. Ah could drain the life outta her right now if she didn't read mah thoughts in her mind first, but oh how Ah wish she could just disappear. Everywhere Ah go she seems to be there. Like now. Ah was either gonna throw up or blow up in an angry rage, but instead Ah ignored them. Took the high road an' just past 'em by as if they didn't even exist. That'll show 'em.

Just when Ah thought that maybe, just maybe, this day could go on as normal Scott Summers blocks mah way into mah chem class.

"Hey, Rogue. Do you have chem with Dr. McCoy too?"

"Yeah." Obviously thats why Ah am walkin' into this classroom.

"Its cool that we have a class together."

"Ah guess." I saw him glance behind me to Jean and Duncan's intimate postion on the wall of lockers. "Hurts to see her swappin' spit with someone else huh? Especially Duncan."

"Yeah... it does suck. Am I that obvious?"

"To everyone but her sugah. Its really a sad display."

He tried to play it off, "Yeah, well... anyway Rogue I just wanted to ask you to really give the X-men another chance. I think we'd be a great fit for you."

"Uh huh..." Okay, want to know a secret? Ah kinda... well Scott Summers... he is cute right? Ah mean he has got that I'm-too-perfect thang goin on but he is cute. Ah should slap mahself silly for even thinkin such a thang, but maybe its just the glasses. They're mysterious. Kinda remind me of mah gloves.

"I know high school stuff is hard and being a mutant trying to live day to day is even harder, but Professor X can help you."

"Just like he has helped you?" Scott was still forced to wear his sunglasses everyday cuz of his uncontrollable mutant power. Ah'm in the same boat. Ah doubt there is any salvation.

"One day I will be able to control it-"

"You really think that? You really think that the Professor can help you?" He paused revealing his doubt. Who knew the fearless leader Scott Summers had doubts. "Exactly. You should get to class now. Don't want to ruin you're perfect attendance." Yeah that too. He is a goody two shoes. Maybe Ah just crush on him cuz he ain't like me. He so ain't mah type an' Ah know that. Maybe in anotha life Ah could be a Jean Grey an' get the guy.

Scott didn't debate me any further.


The day progressed and I only had one more class until I get outta here for the day! What a relief. Advanced French was going to be a piece of cake, trust me. After lunch Ah trecked to my locker on the other side of campus before mozying along to mah French class upstairs when I bumped into an all too familiar face.

"Excusez-moi," His ruby reds caught my eye level. I froze. "Dis is de french class, non?"

I spoke tenatively, "Yeah..."

"Do I know you from somewhere chere?"

"Uh, no..." He doesn't remember me? Wow. WOW! As if that weekend in New Orleans never happened. Wait... as if it never happened. This could be good. Great, actually.

"You look mighty familier. I just can't seem to place you."

Well, I guess I do look alot different compared to that night months ago. Mah black eye shadow was laid on a bit too thick today. But he doesn't know who I am? He doesn't know who I am... This is great! Ah have got to keep this up. I tried my best to hide my heavy Mississippi accent, "Well, you are mistaken." Wow, who knew Ah had the capability of speakin perfect English? I mean speaking.

"Yeah, I guess so considerin' dat I'm new here."

"Perhaps we should enter into the classroom... now."

"Hah, yeah I guess we should." He motioned for me to enter first. Ah took my regular seat at the back of the room as Ah do in all my classes. An' the Cajun sits next to me! Oh my gosh... what the heck is he doin here? Forty-five minutes an Ah will be outta here. Just keep calm. Don't say anythin'. He doesn't know who you are an' there ain't no reason for him to find out. Oh shit.

The teacher called out attendance, "Anna-Marie?" Don't answer. Don't answer. Ah put my head into my desk and stole a look at Remy. He was lookin' at me too an' I knew the gig was up. Ah didn't know what else to do so I ran out of the room. Can you blame me? Ah wasn't expectin' the Cajun to show up here in New York! Oh shoot... Mystique is goin to have a hissy fit.

Ah ran out into the hall, but Remy followed me. "What de hell are you doin here? I thought you said you were from Mississippi!"

"Ah... Ah am from Mississippi, but Ah have lived here for the past three months. What about you! What the heck are you doin here?"

"I just moved here."

"Obviously. Wait... are you livin in the Brotherhood mansion?" Is this seriously happening? Ah thought Mystique would go crazy after she found out Remy is still alive. There is only two ways this can go down. Either this is gonna bite me in the ass or it could all work out.

"How do you know about dat?"

"I'm a mutant too."

"What! You are?"



"Yes. Why would I lie about that?"

"Well, its somet'in you probably should have mentioned dat first night in New Orleans."


"I never thought I'd see you again. I barely recognize you in dis get up," he said as he examined me from head to toe.

"It isn't a get up. Its how Ah dress, thank you very much."

"Its just dat first night when I saw you..."

"That night never happened okay? That whole weekend never happened."

"Why would you say dat?"

"Its just... we're in New York now. Its different. We are different."

"You really just want us to have a clean slate? Be... friends? Why can't we just pick up where we left off?"

"Because that seems lahke a life time ago." More like a dream. "Pick up from what? We barely know each other."

"I know you chere."

"Remy, just stop it. Can we please go back tah French class so I can get over this horrible day?"

"Yeah, sure. Friends huh?"



Ah was back to the sanctity of the Brotherhood mansion after a drudgingly awful first day of mah tenth grade year. This wasn't the first place Ah thought I'd feel comfortable in considerin there are a bunch a rowdy teenage boys messin' around the house that won't shut up, but either was I was so happy to be in my room. Ah collapsed. Ah was so drained. Not neccesarily tired, but literally like the life was sucked out of meh. Bayville does that to a girl like me. Classes are depressin enough without having those Xgeeks stalkin me throughout the day. Hi, I'm (prissy perfect) Jean. You know the Xmen are always here for you... You're Rogue, right? My name is (stupid) Kitty. I just transferred to Bayville too, but I'm a freshman... why can't they just shut up! Its one thing that they attacked me (which they keep denying) an' now they expect me on their team? "Like yeah right." Gosh that Kitty girl erks the heck outta meh.

Dinner came around and we had the usual special: pizza. Remy was oddly absent at the meal. I hadn't seen him since the end of French class when he just bolted. I thought it coulda been cuz of me. No explanations, no nothing. Was he mad at me?

Ah can't believe he is here. In New York. With me. Ah never thought I'd see him again either after that weekend in New Orleans and here we are. An' now we're gonna be friends? As if that is even possible? Ah don't know why my powers were gone that weekend, but it had to been a fluke cuz mah powers have worked plenty of times after that.

I'm suprised Mystique hasn't come to kill me yet for disappointin one of her clients. She knows he's here. Magneto may be a figure head of this operation, but she is the real tough mama jama. She must have been furious when she found I didn't get the job done. But I couldn't kill him. It wasn't so easy like the others before and after. Had Ah gone soft? Maybe. Or maybe it was just him. That sweet summer night when everything was perfect. When everything was okay, safe. When everything felt right. When everything was the what normal should be. That sweet summer night...

After tryin mah best tah steal a few slices of pepperoni to devour Ah took a shower which I knew would be available. (I don't know how I have survived this long in a house full o' boys.) Mah short hair dried quikly and Ah crawled into bed even though it was only seven. I lay in darkness alone until mah Cajun came in to join me.

"You still up?"

Ah wanted to ask where he'd been, as if I had any right, but instead a simple: "Yeah."

"Would it be weird if I slept in here? I am sharing a room wit Blob and Toad and well... they're a blob and a toad."

"Hah, sure Cajun." He took a step into my room when a warnin signal flashed in mah head. "You just... haf tah be careful around me."

"What do you mean?"

"You can't touch mah skin."

"What do yah mean?"

"Exactly what I said."

"You t'ink I'm gonna jump you or somet'in? You said friends an' I'm a man of my word... most of de time."

"No, its mah powers. If you touch mah skin you could end up in a coma or... die." Well, that surely wasn't going to sell the idea of him sharin a bed with me which I desperately wanted. I wanted to feel his skin. I wanted to be back in that first night. But that was impossible. I knew that. And I definetly realized the lack of possibility.

"But that night in New Orleans-"

"An exception." For some unknown reason.

"Sounds like a challenge," he ventured.

"Remy..." He shuffled out of the room and a moment later arrived with more layers on to cover most of his skin.

"Are you sure you're okay wit dis? We are supposed to be 'just friends'."

I said something I knew from the moment I left New Orleans. The next night when I had to sleep alone in my new town I realized: "I don't like to sleep alone."

"I don't either." Remy cuddled up next to me, careful not to come in direct contact with me. He just accepted my lack of touch. He didn't question it. I don't know if he was happy with it but he was here right? Feeling his warmth was enough for me. For now. "Can I touch your hair?"

Suddenly we were in whispers, "Yeah... you can touch my hair."

He stroked mah hair softly, the strands flowing in between his fingers. "How was your day?" Such a simple question. Was laying in bed with him this easy? He plays with my hair and we talk about our days? It seemed too... nice. I could smell the New Orleans breeze as if were were back in those leisure July days.

"Tiring. Bayville is a downer."

"Was Scott Summers an ex boyfriend of yours or somet'in?"

"Why do you ask?" Don't blush. I know its dark, but don't blush. Scott Summers askin about me?

"He came up to me after our French class. I guess he saw us talkin' and wanted to know what was up."

Thats weird. How long was that conversation? Is that why Remy was gone for so long? "Probably just wonderin' if you wanted to join his cult."


"The X-men. They are anotha group of mutants."

"Really? Didn't know dere was so many of us out dere."

"Yeah, you'd be amazed." Bayville should be renamed Mutant High.

We stayed up talkin. Just talkin. About Bayville and about the teachers we shared... what we ate at lunch... We talked but we ignored the past. Our seperate pasts and combined. Remy was so unaware. He never asked why I was in New Orleans. If he did, would I tell him the truth? Not that I know much of it. I just got the orders.

Those troubling thoughts escaped me as Remy held me in his arms. I had never fallen asleep so quickly, so serene.


In the middle of the night I woke up in the darkness. I tried to make out the figure in the night, but was unable to. Remy's arm was still around me, but there was a frightening snake like figure slithering in the black. The shape took form of the woman with glowing yellow eyes.

"So, this is why you couldn't finish the job."

"Mystique..." Our voices were hushed.

"You are lucky that Magneto has found use for him. He feels Gambit shows promise."

"What do you want?"

"Another job."

"I'm sick of doing your dirty work."

"Oh, come on. One more for mommy?"

"Don't you dare pull that line on me."

"Fine. It pays good."

"You haven't paid meh for the last three jobs."

"Technically you didn't finish the last one."

"They think he is dead, don't they?"

"Besides the point my dear."

"Whatever. Who is it this time?"

"Carol Danvers."

I snuck out in the dead of night for, what I wanted to be, my last assasination.

Mysteryrogue: So I don't know what this was or where its going. I just couldn't get it out of my head so I had to type it up and share it with you.

First chap, whatd u think?

I usually have Remy be older than Rogue but I thought it'd be interesting to see them interacting together in highschool at the same age.

Trust me, this is a ROMY so they won't stay "just friends" but its an interesting dynamic to see their jealousy played out. Cuz their will be loads of jealousy. ;)

The intro of how they met is a huge part of the story line and will be addressed in the nxt few chaps to figure out what really happened that night in New Orleans after the kiss at Cajun Spice. Who wants Remy dead? Why were Rogue's powers awol? What happened after the kiss?

Also what do you think of the accents? I kept them light bc sometimes in stories I can barely understand what the sentences are saying! But I might take the accent away all together as Romy spends their lives in NY. Its just easier that way writing yah know?