"Good morning Rogue."

"This is... weird." The Professor looked puzzled and I elaborated, "I'm so used to waking up to Remy after I blackout." How sad is that?

"Well, its just me." He still looked the same. Wrinkles filled with wisdom and a slight smile that makes you feel everything is going to be okay.

"Yeah, you. What happened? Why does it feel like a hurricane in my head?"

"I must thank you for pulling me out of my coma. You drained enough energy for me to finally win the battle in my own head. Sorry about the headache."

"I'm glad you're back, that you're alright. We need you around here."

"I think you all did well without me. Most of you anyway." I wonder who he meant. I know I was a mess. "Anyway... you woke up just in time for school."

"Its Monday all ready?" Where have I been... these randoms comas have to be doing something to my body. I'm suprised I even wake up.


"I wake up from a coma and you tell me to go to school? Seriously?"

"Seriously," he mocked.

"Fine. I could use the distraction anyway." I almost felt like sticking my tongue out at him in a childish manner but instead I just smiled graciously because he was back. And whats better, he was his normal self. I'm glad I could do something good, for once.

"Hey, Rogue. You're awake." Jean was fake smiling. God, I hated that.

"I didn't tell him yah know, but he probably already knows. He knows everything."

"Well were you thinking about it?"

"No, why would I be thinking about you and Logan after just waking up from a coma? As if I have nothing else going on in my life and your shenagans are the only thing to keep me occupied? I'm not going to say anything. I'd rather have this blow up in your face all on your own."

"What do you mean?"

"Why did you and Scott break up anyway?"

"He was just... too smothering. I couldn't take it anymore."

"Scott isn't some psycho stalker. If he was actin like a gum on a shoe its probably cuz he could feel you slippin farther away. What he doesn't know is that you were slipping farther into your romance with Logan when Scott loves you. He has always loved you Jean. I knew it from the first time I met you guys. He secretly pined for you while you were messin around with that fool Duncan and when he finally tells you how he feels you both dive into this whirlwind romance and it was sweet. It was hopeful. And now you've just ruined it. What is wrong with you? You are one of those dumb girls that breaks up with the sweet nice guy after complaining about all the losers. I know Logan may be something you have never tried before, but you're just bored. Its sad really. Logan is a good guy, sure, but he isn't the right guy for you. So now please get out of my way and stop including me in your love life because I am still working on mine."


"Bye." I never realized how much I admired Scott and Jeans relationship. They made everything a bit cheerier knowing that something so cliche could be a happy reality. Something that me and Remy have to struggle with. I was slowly losing hope. I was becoming numb without him, but then miraculously he was walking down my street.

"Remy?" I called out, but he didn't answer. He passed the gate to the mansion just as I was exiting it. "Remy, what... what are you doing here?" I ran ahead of him and he brushed against me and kept walking. "Remy..." I stepped in front of him so that I would be impossible to ignore and he pushed me. HE PUSHED ME! I fell to the ground, "Did you just... You just pushed me! What the hell!" I know he was still mad at me, but I hadn't seen him since Miami and now he pushes me? "Where the heck do you think you're going?" The only house beyond Xavier's was Warren Worthingtons. Ironic that Warren didn't know there were others like us.

"He is under a spell."

I turned to find Magneto. In front of my house following Remy as I was. "What are you talking about? What did you do to him?"

"Nothing, its Mesmero. As if I am always the bad guy."

"You are always the bad guy."

"He has got to be around here somewhere..." Magneto scanned the street and focused in on a light post a block away. His arm reached out and the metal pole reacted. It swirled and wrapped an invisible body. We ran to the scene. "What are you doing here Mesmero? What are you after?"

The man's invisibility became less apparent. "You will be punished by Apocalypse. You will..." The strangers eyes faded...

I looked back to find Remy's collapsed body lying in the middle of the street. I ran to him and held him in my arms, "Remy?"

He looked up at me, "Rogue... where... where am I?"

"You're at the mansion... or in front of the mansion."


"What were you doing here?"

"Who knows how long he has been under Mesmero's control," Magneto interjected.

"I don't remember." He lifted himself to his feet without my help and walked away as if nothing.


"Rogue, what are you doing all cooped up in here?" Evan asked as he entered my dark room.

"Sleeping," I grunted.

"Its two o'clock in the afternoon."

"So? I'm tired."

"Well, we gotta go."


"We are heading to New Orleans."


"Didn't anyone tell you?"

"Tell me what?"

"Remy invited us all to his football tournament in Louisiana."

"Who is us?"

"The whole mansion."


"Well, you do live here don't you?"

"But he wants... me... to go?"

"If he didn't want you to come then he would have told me so."

"Do you know... what he is feeling about me?"


"Well... we... In Miami... he didn't tell you anything?"

"No... he was in Miami? After you and Magneto saved Rem from Mesmero, he stayed in town for a bit and we hung out and he told me to invite the mansion to this game of his so we are going."

The hint of possibility faded. I sulked back into bed, "I don't think he wants me to come."

"Of course he does."

"And what would give you that idea?"

"Oh my god... stop being such a girl! He invited the whole house which means you." Its not the fact that he would invite me or not, its how he would act once I got there. Did he forgive me? Did he want to be with me? Or did he just want to be friends, because honestly that might be impossible. Too much time has passed between us, its going to be all or nothing. Which I was ready for.

"Okay, okay. I will pack my things."


I love how everything in the south is a little more hard core. It seems as if all of Louisiana is here to watch this football game and I can honestly say I feel as much eagerness as they do. I watched Remy do his best and have it pay off. And as if deja vu struck me, Remy found me after the game. The X-men congratulated Remy as he made his way up the bleachers. They waved goodbye knowing Remy's connection to me but they crept around like paparazzi trying to listen in.

"Rogue, I'm glad you made it." As he took off his helmet, his longer hair dripped out.

"Are you? Are you glad?"

"Yeah, I am."

"You played great out there."

"Yeah, my coach got a bunch of scouts here to watch me but I just do this football thing for fun."

"Its great though... really great." When was this awkward phase going to end... I still couldn't figure out which way this conversation was going to end up at. A few hours ago I was in New York and now I'm here with Remy right in front of me. It all seemed so fast.

"Jean-Luc told me de truth. He was just looking out for me and I get dat. Belladonna and I broke up, but dat was even before I found out de truth. I was just wit her for the familiarity I guess..."

"Are you happy?"

"Not really... I miss you."

"I miss you too." Those words seemed to mend everything.

"But... I don't know about us Rogue. I feel like... Its been a while. Its been a long time."

"It has been a really long time, but Remy I love you. One day we are gonna get into a fight about something stupid because we are both so damn-"


"Yeah, but we will kiss and make up and everything will be okay because we love each other."

"We can't just jump back into who we were Ro."

"No we can't... we're different people now. I just need to know that you trust me."

"You lyin to me... everyt'ing that happened between us was a real hard thing to get over Ro. You know... I was in New York de other week to see you. To talk to you. And when I got out of Mesmero's trance I doubted everything. Again. I'm so sick of doubting. I'm sick of being confused when de only thing I know for sure is dat I love you."

"We can do this."

"We are too stubborn not to. I never lost sight of you Rogue. I just figured we were lost for a little while. At first I was mad, sure, but later it was just a sadness."

"Nothing like this is ever gonna happen again."

"I know. I never took back my marriage proposal yah know."

"And I never said no." I pulled the chain that hung around my neck on it was Remy's engagement ring that he had given me on a night just like tonight. "I never took it off. I never left you Remy. We can do this."

He smiled, "We should start slow. Maybe dats how we should have started all along. How 'bout I take you on a date? A week from today in New York at dat pizze place we love?"

"I would love that."

"Rogue, I love you." We kissed and he fell to the ground. His skin turned pale as his limp body fell. I screamed. Jean-Luc came running as did the X-men who saw what happened.

Because nothing can be that easy.

Jean-Luc ran to his son. He put his ear to Remy's chest, "His heart stopped beating! Call an ambulance! Remy come on son... Remy wake up..."

Remy, wake up.


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