Why can't I ever have the happy fricken ending, huh? Where is my god damn fairy tale! Why is it never ME! Remy is gone and now I am in this hellhole.

"You just left me? You left me lying on the floor Rogue."

"... I know."



"What is wrong wit you chere!"


"You didn't even make sure I was okay? You just left. TO ANOTHER STATE!"

"I know! I know! Remy... we can't do this. I was wrong. We can't be together okay?"

"What because of dis stupid lil coma! PLEASE!"

"A lil coma? This is never going to work out! This is who I am and-"



"I'm fine, okay?"

"I know."

"You know, you know, you know. You know what you don't know? Is dat we are in love wit each other damn it! Even though we tried, we just can't be apart okay? Why can't you just accept that."

"I love you Remy but my powers..."

"Who cares! Just one more obstacle dat makes us strong cherie. You better not stand me up tomorrow night. Otherwise I will come find you and make you kiss me. I swear Rogue."

"That isn't even funny Remy LeBeau. You could die. Actually you did die."

"Yeah, well you could never get de job done anyway. You suck."

"I will be at the stupid pizza shop okay?"

"Good, cuz you're wit me for better or worse."

I did stand him up. And that was two days ago. I was jumped in an alley and I woke up in this hellhole with some idiot shooting a gun at me as if I were his target practice. Logan is chained up next to me and hasn't woken up since his last beating. Not that it would matter if he was awake, our ankles and wrist are pinned so tightly it would be impossible to escape. The bullets fly off me, something I am glad I have possessed, but how did they know when I just found out myself? Maybe they didn't care.

The man in charge of this operation was Boliver Trask a S.H.I.E.L.D agent who has had a long standing history with mutants. He is one of the few that know of our existance and is obviously using that to his advantage.

"What do you want with us anyway!" I yelled out.

"I plan on having you as my little lab rats."

"I didn't know S.H.I.E.L.D let you mainstream."

"They didn't. They were holding me back."

"You know, I have somewhere to be." What would Remy do? Was this finally it? Was I going to die here and never be with him again? So many thoughts and questions run through my mind. I was on my way to meet Remy. I could have been blissfully eating a pineapple and ham pizza but no. Trask comes in, as if fate, to ruin my life. Everything is always getting in the way.

I looked over to Logan. A bullet pushed out of his forehead and his body jolted back to life. "Ah, good you're awake Wolverine. Now I can show you both my newest invention that will help protect the world... I introduce to you: The Sentinal."

A loud mechanical noise buzzed behind us. A blinding light flashed from behind us... Its mechanical voice spoke, "Mutant."

"I think we should get out here Rogue," Logan huffed.

"I agree." My bullet proof body must have been absorbed from Ms. Marvel all that time ago. The latency could be beneficial now that I know what I have. Ms. Marvel had amazing strength and could fly... this could be nice. I focused all my energy into pulling free from these chains. I use muscles I never thought of before and within a few moments of pulling I break free. I punch out the wall where the chains are holding up Logan and he is ready as soon as he falls to the ground. I lift him up and fly through the air to reach the Sentinals gigantism. I fling Logan at the robot where sparks fly as he slashes through the metal. Three more Sentinals light up making this tougher as it continues. Just then, the X-men come to our aide with there laser eyes, teleportation, and flying spears made of bone. Kitty waves as she walked through one of the Sentinals foot and shorts out its mechanical systems. Remy walks in casually.

I fly over to him, "I'm glad you came."

"I told you that if you stood me up I would come find you."

"Well, I'm glad you did."

"Thought you could use some help."

"Just a little."

"You still owe me a date."

"Let me just kick this guy's ass first."


"Good morning sunshine."

"Mmm..." I pulled a pillow over my head.

"Come chere, you don't want to be late for your first day of senior year do you?"

"Sleepy..." I grunted.

"I know you aren't much of an early bird Ro but we gotta go we gon be late."

"Come lay down with me."

"...damn. How could I argue with dat?"

I smiled as Remy opened up the blankets and slid up next to me. "See isn't this much better than going to school?"

"Seniors rarely go to school anyway."

It was the best feeling in the world, having him next to me. His warmth pressed up against me as he wrapped is arms around me. He lightly kissed my neck and I realized that this was the rest of our lives. "Lets just stay in here all day."

"That sounds good...You know we still have to get married. Not today or tomorrow but sometime soon chere."

"I'm lookin forward to it." Nothing else mattered. Not the past or the present, but only the future. Our future. Everything was perfect, everything was falling into place. I could have a happy ending. I could have a fairy tale.

"Anna, I love you."

"I love you too Remy."


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