"Hey there Roguey!"

"Hi Blob... and Toad..."

"We just wanted to give you a welcome home present!" While I was innocently retrivin thangs from my locker, Blob and Toad decided to soak me with a bucket of dirty soapy water. Or at least I hope thats what it was.

"Hope you're havin fun as an Xgeek!"

Ah wanted to cry, but instead I kept my strength for as long as Ah could. "Yeah, Ah am actually! Haven't you guys eva wanted an actual life that didn't involve eating old slices of pizza stuck in between the couch cushions? Do you guys even want to graduate highschool or do you just want to stay in this petty existance?"

"I will stick with this life," Blob huffed.

"Yeah, 'sides then we'd have to follow rules!" Toad and Blob laughed as they left the hallway.

I thought I could just continue my day as if nothin had happened. Ah had one more class, thats it. Ah could get through this day without... damn it. Ah'm gonna cry. "Rogue? Whats wrong?" Ah heard the sweet melody of his voice.

"Remy... you're back."

"Yeah..." He held me even though I was drenched. "What happened? Why are you all wet? Was it Duncan and his loser football players?"

"No... it was Blob and Toad."

"What? Why would dey do dis to yah?"

"I became a part of the X-men."

"What! What de hell! I am gone for a few days and I get back and... why are you wit them?"

"What are you doing with these losers?"

Cody's question from the other week replayed in mah mind over an' over again. What was I doin' there? The Brotherhood was the rag tag team of nothings that didn't know what to do with themselves. The biggest heist of the week is stealing some kid's X-box then realizing Toad's slime got all over it so now its broken. What was the point. "Maybe the Professor could actually help me, is that so bad to to believe?"

"Its not bad. Its way too optimistic for a fille like you, but it ain't a bad t'ing."

"You're not mad?"

"Hey, as long as you're happy chere. Come on lets get to class. An' don't worry your pretty lil head about Blob and Toad. Dey will get whats comin tah them. I'm de boss now."


French was tenuous. Ah was trying tah help Remy catch up on the days he missed but then again I was behind too from my short time as Carol which still haunts me. Ah have only been in the mansion for three days but The Professor has already scheduled me for thirty minute sessions with him everyday. Sometimes Jean is there too, so she can better use her pyschic powers. Ah feel like a guinea pig for their amusement. Ah hated them in mah head. Ah feel like they are always swimmin' 'round in mah head. Its a scary feelin not to have any thoughts to your own. But I keep goin because maybe, just maybe, good things could happen tah me.

"So since your roomin wit the brainy X-men t'ink you could write my French essay?"

"It ain't an essay. Its one measly paragraph! You can't do that by yourself? You speak fluent French!"

"Fine, fine. You're right. Well, maybe we could do it together-"

"Who are those guys?" We exited the school and were walkin down the sidewalk when I noticed we were about tah run into some rough lookin fellas. One was a orange haired guy that looked like he was ADD. He had a skinny build and kinda reminded me of an old 80's rocker. The other one was colossal. He had short black hair in a crew cut and looked very "no nonsense."

"Oh, those are Mag's other Acolytes."

"Acoltye? Whats that?"

"Well, I dunno if I should be tellin you dis now that you ain't playin for our side."

"Oh, come on. You know Ah wouldn't say nothin."

"Well, we each have our own lil secrets. I still don't get what happened wit you and dat Carol chick."

Oh, right. "Its not like I'm keepin it from yah."

"Well you ain't sayin not'in."

"Why don't you intraduce meh tah your friends first."

"Can Remy finally come out an' play?" The orange haired one teased as we approached.

"Rogue, dis is Pyro and the big Russian there is Colossus."

"I talk," the Russian defended. He answered lahke a lil kid in that moment which is funny considerin his huge girth. "Its a pleasure to meet you Rogue. My name is Piotr."

"Nice tah meet yah," I smiled. "So what are you boys gonna do?"

"I dunno, probably just go back to the boarding house. Come with?"

"Yeah sure."

We walked home together and the Russian, I mean Piotr, and I started talkin'. He was so soft spoken. He was such a contradiction it almost made me laugh out loud but I kept my laughter at bay best Ah could. He was sweet.

We got back to the Brotherhood house and started playin games and drinkin a bit. Piotr and I kept talkin. I found out he just moved here from Russia. His accent is still thick, but speaks very proper English. Maybe I could learn a thang or two bout speakin right.

He is going to be going to Bayville as a senior. He says he loves the States so far, but he misses his family back home. I asked why he left them and he got quiet and responded vaguely, "I chose this life." I didn't press him further on the subject, but I silently wondered why he was pallin' around with Magneto. I knew Magneto could obviously use him when we talked about our powers, his are way cooler. His metallic skin is breath taking. I know I'm a mutant and am exposed to the secret world of super heroes but seein his skin was anotha story. It was so amazing that humans evolved into this.

The night winded down and I noticed Remy was absent from the mini party. I found him upstairs in my room.

"Hey, why'd you leave. You know the party is just gettin' started down there."

"Tired is all...So you and the Russian seem tah really hit it off huh? What happened to Cody?"

"Me and Cody are neva gonna work. You know that."

"You're not wit him anymore?"

"Nope. We talk, but friends is what we have agreed on."

"An' now you're gettin' wit de Russian? Dang, you work fast."

"Oh, hush!"

"You know dis is my room now? Its gettin' late. Shouldn't you be getting back to your mansion? Dey will be worried about yah breakin de rules."

"Was kinda hopin' Ah could spend the night with you. Ah... Ah missed yah."

He smirked. "Thought you'd neva ask. Come over here."

I slept soundly. I seem tah only be able to sleep this well when Ah am with Remy. What are we doin anyway? Pretendin as if those days never happened. Well, that was my stupid idea huh? I did miss him. What that means, I don't know. But I did miss him. I missed his smell and his voice. I missed his arms around me at night.. I hope he knows what he is doin' gettin wrapped up in Magneto's plans. Ah don't know what I'd do if I lost him for good, just when I was gettin used tah havin him back again.


The next morning, I woke up before Remy but Ah laid in bed until he did the same. It was calm.

Someone knocked on the door lightly. It slowly opened revealing the Russian, "I did not know if you would be... awake yet... Oh... you are in disposed. I will just... leave now."

I caught up with him, "Wait!"

"No, it is fine. I thought... well I don't know. It was nice talking to you yesterday and I thought... but I didn't know you are with Remy."

"I'm ain't."

"You are not?"

"No, I am not. Wanna go for breakfast or somethin?"



Hours later I arrive at the X mansion. I try to sneak in and I don't know why or if it was even possible. They probably already knew I didn't come home. I wasn't lookin forward to it either. I was not gonna sit still an' quiet for a lecture and besides that I hated my roommate anyway. They really expect me tah come home to her!

Her is Kitty Pryde.

"Hey! There you are! Where were you last night?"

"I was... out."

"I was worried! I didn't want you to like... get in trouble when you have only been here a few days."

"Yeah, well I am here now." I could someone be so bubbly this early in the mornin?

"I totally covered for you last night. Don't worry."

"You did?" Suprising.

"Yeah, Logan came in here and wanted to talk to you but I said you were in the shower."

"Nice save."

"Where were you really? You weren't hanging out with those losers were you?"


"I think it is really cool that you joined the X-men. It takes a lot of courage to find the right path. God had a plan for you."

"Jesus christ, you're a Jesus freak." I cannot spend anotha minute in this room! Logan promised me my own room, but they are decorating it for me and until it gets settled I'm stuck with this one.

"By a 'Jesus freak' you mean I believe that Jesus will guide me on my path to heaven? Then yes I am."

"Okay then." Poof. "AHH! What the hell!"

"Kurt! You can't just pop in where ever or when ever you feel like it! I've been over this already!"

"How the heck did you get in here anyway?" I asked, baffled.

"Kurt is a teleporter," Kitty explained. "He is new here too like me and you."

"Very nice to meet you." He poofed again and hung from the light above our heads.

"Is he always this weird?"

"Yes. It is super annoying. Kurt! Get out of here! We have a Danger Room session in like five minutes! You need to go get ready!"


I could hear my fellow X-men arguing. No one was listening to Scott who was the leader of this fake mission. They were supposed to infiltrate a warehouse and rescue the person being held captive inside. That person was me, but the suprise was that I was a trick which made Scott furious when my ungloved hands touched his skin.

"I barely touched you, you big baby!"

"You could have killed me!"

"Stop whinin'! I wasn't gonna kill yah. If I wanted too, trust me Ah could. Plus it was only a few thoughts on how Jean looks in her-"

"Professor! This wasn't the point of the mission!"

Logan answered back from their viewing positions above, "Not every mission is going to be cut and dry kid. There are going to be kinks along the way. Obstacles to overcome an' all that."

"Yeah Scott. I am the enemy in more ways then one because apparently I'm the only one that can be the traitor in these faux missions. So what I killed people! So what that Ah used to be with the Brotherhood! Get over it! How the hell am I supposed to move on, be a better person, if you guys won't stop judgin me? The Brotherhood may have been a bunch of loser punks but at least they weren't fake like you high and mighty X-men."

Vacant stares filled the room.

I seem to be in this odd limbo. I don't want to be with the Brotherhood because they are a bunch of low lifes, lets face it. Where else would Ah go but down hangin with those fools. So I do the right thing and choose the X-men but they don't really give a damn about me do they? I'm so confused. I don't know what to think or do or where to go. So I go to him because he is the only one that is on my side. If only we could go back to New Orleans, back to sneaking into his house careful not to wake his dad. When I didn't have a care in the world.

"Where are we goin'?"

"Back to my place, but we are gonna haf tah be real quiet."


"Shhhh!" He warned when I stepped on a creaky floor board as we made our way up the stair case in his house. He was smiling as he led me into his bedroom. Once inside, he closed the door and turned on the light.

"So, this is your room huh?" I whispered.


I dragged my fingers across his desk which had a mess of things on it. "Incubus huh?" I asked as I held up a CD. "Good first impression..." I looked at the rest of the room which was all very normal. Very messy (I was the same way), but very normal. He sat on the bed watching me observe. I turned off the light and we laid in bed together. The moonlight streamed in through his window illuminating the darkness.

"I have never met a girl like you before chere. Its like a breath of fresh air."

No you haven't eva met a girl lahke me before...

Mysteryrogue: Pretty much my take on the episode (which I forgot the name) from Xmen evo episode where Rogue first gets with the X-men.

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