With much help from "Murdock", this story has been grammatically corrected. There are also added lines. I hope that you enjoy this. Happy reading! ~Facegirl~ :)

The New A-Team

Chapter 1 - The Creation of the New A-Team

The story opens up with four friends in a room at the 5th floor at the hospital, the mental ward, and they are listening to the radio.

Radio: Yes, you heard it correctly. The A-Team has been declared dead. Not one person has seen or heard from them in almost a year.

Athena: (sits down in her bed and puts her hands over her eyes.)

Mandy: What's wrong, Murdock?

Athena: Oh, Face. I don't believe that they are dead. They just CAN'T be dead!

George: It's okay, Murdock. It's gonna be okay.

Jason: Why do you guys keep doing that?

Mandy: Doing what, B.A.?

Jason: Shut up, fool! I am not B.A.!

Mandy: (Stands up in front of him and points at him) Well, you sure do act like him.

Jason: You two have been doing this since you where 17 years old. Aren't you getting a little tired of it?

Mandy and Athena: Doing what?

Nurse: (enters the room) Sorry, but visiting hours are over.

Athena: Helen, can I have two more minutes with Face?

Helen: Okay, but just two. (leaves)

George: We'll wait for you in the van, Face.

Athena: Night, Colonel. Night, Sergeant.

George: Night, Captain.

Jason: Good night, Athena.

Mandy: What's up, Captain?

Athena: Lieutenant, do you think that you can talk Hannibal and B.A. into making a new A-Team?

Mandy: What?

Athena: Look, we can paint the van the same colors and go look for them.

Mandy: Do you know how hard it is to look for someone?

Athena: Come on, Facegirl! You can finally show off all those conning talents and break me out of here.

Mandy: Murdock! I can't do that!

Athena: What? Too illegal for you?

Mandy: No, it's just the process of thinking of a plan, and acting to break you out.

Athena: You're Face, you'll think of something.

Mandy: Okay, (smiling) I'll talk to Hannibal. If I can talk him into doing it, we can surely talk B.A. into doing it.

Athena: Thanks, Face.

Mandy: (turns to leave, walks to the door, and turns off the light) Night, Murdock.

Athena: Night.

Mandy leaves the hospital and gets in the van. They drive off.

A few minutes later they reach Mandy's house.

Jason: Night, Mandy.

Mandy: Night... (Jason gives her a look that says 'Be careful what you say') Jason. Hannibal, can I have a word with you?

George: (He has no problem being called Hannibal.) Sure. Jason, why don't you go home? I can walk.

Jason: Okay. Night, guys. (He leaves.)

George: What's on your mind, Mandy?

Mandy: Here, take a seat. (She sat on the patio swing.)

George: Where do you want me to take it?

Mandy: Ha ha, very funny, George.

George: (He sat down next to her.) Wow, you don't call me George unless it's really important.

Mandy: Well, it is. (She paused.) Well, Murdock had this really good idea and I think that you'll go for it, but I'm not sure about Jason.

George: Go on. Tell me.

Mandy: Well, Murdock and I want to create the new A-Team.

George: What? (He started to laugh, thinking that she was lightening the mood before she threw the big bomb on him.)

Mandy: Come on Hannibal. I'm not joking!

George: Oh! (he stopped laughing instantly) I thought you were just lightening up the mood so the news wouldn't drop on me like a bomb.

Mandy: Oh. No, that was the "big bomb". What do you say?

George: And what are we to do when we create it?

Mandy: We are going find the real A-Team.

George: You know what? Even though it sounds like a crazy idea, I love it. Cool, me the head of the new A-team. (He started to smile.)

Mandy: Don't get too excited. We definitely need a B.A. and Jason is the only B.A. that we know. We also need the van.

George: Hey, don't worry. We can talk him into doing it. Come on. (and he stood up)

Mandy: Where are we going?

George: We are going to go talk to B.A.

Mandy: Now? It's kinda late, don't you think?

George: Nah! Come on. We have to stop at the store on the way.

Mandy: (Got up.) Okay, let's go.

They walked off.

Soon, they reached the store. George ran in. About five minutes later he came back out and put a bag in his inside coat pocket.

Mandy: What did you get?

George: You'll find out. All in due time. Come on. (They walked on.)

Ten minutes later they came to an apartment building.
They saw the van and Jason was under it.

George: Jason?

Jason: Oh hey, George. Hi Mandy. What's going on?

George: We need to tell you something.

Jason: (He stood up.) Sure what's up.

George: Go on Face. Tell him.

Mandy: Hannibal, Murdock, you and I are going to create the new A-team.

Jason: What!? You're not going to ask me? You are just going to tell me?

Mandy: Okay. B.A. Will you please join us?

Jason: No!

George: Now Sergeant. This is not an question, this is an order, and as I'm the colonel, you must obey.

Jason: What is wrong with you? You aren't really Hannibal Smith!

Mandy: Come on, B.A. We want to save the A-team and do some good for the world.

Jason: And what are we going to use for transportation? Do you know how much money it's going to cost to get a car? Or, Face, are you thinking about scamming one? (Jason said laughing at this thought.)

Mandy: (She laughed a mocking laugh.) No. We don't need to buy or scam anything. We paint your van and we use that.

Jason: What? You ain't going nowhere near my van!

George: Ain't ain't a word.

Mandy: Come on B.A., you get to meet the real B.A.

Jason: That ain't my name fool.

George: Come on Jason, this will be a perfect opportunity to be able to smash some heads together.

Jason: (Giving in) All right. But if anything happens to my van you guys are gonna pay!

Mandy: Fine.

George: I love it when a plan comes together!

Jason and Mandy turned around to see George with black gloves on and a cigar in his mouth.

Mandy laughed and looked at Jason.

Jason and Mandy: He's on the Jazz!

Jason: Okay what's next?

George: (removing the cigar from his mouth) We get the van ready. B.A. you work on getting the inside ready, while Face and I start painting.

Jason: Yes, Colonel!

A few hours later Mandy and George finish painting.

Mandy: (yawning) What's next?

George: Go home, get some rest, 'cause in the morning, you're breaking Murdock out of the hospital.

Mandy: (suddenly wide awake) What? How am I supposed to do that?

George: Hey come on, you're Face. You'll think of something. (and he walked into the van to help Jason finish up)

Mandy: That's what everyone's telling me today.

Chapter 2 - Breaking Murdock out

Mandy: (pacing back and forth) Okay how about this? (she puts on a white overcoat and grabs a clipboard from on top of a cabinet) Hi. I am Dr. Yanish (she spoke with a British accent). I am here to bring a Miss Murdock to England with me to... (she was interrupted by Hannibal's laughter. She slams the clipboard onto the cabinet) What!? I asked you to help me, not insult me!

George: I am sorry, but Yanish, I think, is Russian, not British!

Mandy: Oh.

George: Anyway no.

Mandy: Why not?

George: That's a Templeton Peck original. Think of your own ideas.

Mandy: Fine! (she hits the cabinet and the clipboard fell behind the cabinet) Great! Hannibal, can you help me out here?

George: All right get the other side. (she did and they tried to pull the cabinet out together, but it didn't work, it was a REALLY BIG cabinet)

Mandy: (Let go of her side) B.A.!

Jason: What, Face?

Mandy: Can you please help us out here? My clipboard fell behind here.

Jason: Sure. (He grabs hold of the cabinet and very easily moves it.)

Mandy: (grabs the clipboard) Thanks.

Jason: Sure.

George and Jason started to talk and Mandy thought of a good idea.

Mandy: Hannibal! I got it! (He turns around and Mandy runs over to them.) Nurse! Nurse! I need my sister Murdock now!

George: (playing around) What is it?

Mandy: Our mother is dying!

George: (Puts his gloves on and a cigar in his mouth.) Perfect, Face! Perfect!

Mandy: Good! Now I still need a disguise. The nurses know me and they know that Murdock is not my sister.

George: You know, I am not supposed to be helping you out here.

Mandy: Come on, Hannibal. This is my first time doing this!

George: Okay. Make-up! (he shouts)

Later that day

Mandy has on a short brown wig, tons of make-up, and big thick glasses. No one could tell that she was Mandy Deck.

Mandy: (runs to the front desk of the hospital) Nurse! Nurse!

Nurse: How can I help you?

Mandy: (puts up her finger, she needs to catch her breath) I need my sister.

Nurse: What is your sister's name?

Mandy: You probably know her by the name 'Murdock'.

Nurse: Oh yes. Now, why do you need her?

Mandy: I need her released right now! Our mother is on her deathbed and she wants all of her daughters there!

Nurse: Of course! Ms...

Mandy: Nancy. Just call me Nancy.

Nurse: I need you to fill out some of these forms and you can take her.

Mandy: Sure. (she made a mistake and signed it Mandy Deck instead of Nancy Hills)

Nurse: She is in room 526.

Mandy: Thank you. (and she ran to the room)

When she got there Murdock was playing with a slinky.

Mandy: Hey Murdock!

Athena: Oooooooooooo! Look at the pretty COLORS! OOOoooooooooo! FUNNNN!

Mandy: Murdock! I am breaking you out of here! (Mandy throws Athena's jacket at her.) Let's go!

Athena: Fine! Be that way, Face!

Mandy: Now mother is dying and we are going to see her. I am your sister Nancy.

Athena: Got it! (she and Mandy leave the room)

Nurse #2, a young man: Can I ask you what you are doing with Athena?

Mandy: This is my sister and our mother is dying and is asking for all of her daughters to be there.

Nurse #2: I am sorry.

Athena: Oh no! I forgot Billy!

Mandy: You can get Billy later.

Nurse #2: Oh Nancy. There is no Billy.

Athena: WHAT! NO! BILLY!

Mandy: Thank you so much! I don't think that I'll get her to stop screaming tonight.

Nurse #2: I am sorry.

Mandy: Well, you should be!

Nurse #1 approaches: Excuse me! You aren't Nancy! You're Mandy!

Mandy: Oh no! Murdock RUN!

Nurse #1: Phillip, stop them. She is breaking Murdock out!

Nurse #2 runs after them: STOP!

Of course, neither Mandy nor Athena stopped running, but only ran faster.
They soon got outside and saw the van sitting out there with the side door open.

Mandy: Get in the van! (Athena doesn't just get into the van, she DIVES into it. Mandy jumps in.) B.A. move it! (B.A. hits the pedal and speeds off, just as Phillip gets outside)

Inside the Van

George: Welcome to the new A-Team, Murdock.

Athena: Nice job, Face! You got them to do it! Hey B.A!

Jason: Crazy girl!

George: What do we do next?

Jason, Athena, and Mandy all shrug their shoulders and say: I don't know.

Mandy: You're the colonel, Colonel.

Just then the phone rings.

George: B.A., I thought that you changed the number.

Jason: Hannibal, I did.

George: Then who would be calling?

Jason: I don't know.

Mandy: Somebody answer it! (No one moves, so she answers it.) Hello? Oh my gosh...

Chapter 3 - The Phone Call

Mandy: (answers the phone) Hello?

Caller: We have information for you on the whereabouts of the A-Team.

Mandy: Oh my gosh!

George: What is it?

Mandy: (puts up her finger) Pad and pencil now! (into the receiver) How do you know that we need that kind of information?

Other person: We have eyes and ears everywhere.

Mandy: How do we know that you aren't just setting us up?

Other person: Come on, the A-Team would take any chance to get a lead on their mission.

Mandy: Who said that we are the A-team?

Other person: Like I said, we have eyes and ears everywhere.

Mandy: Okay. Where do you want to meet?

Other person: D.C., at the Reflecting Pool in front of the Lincoln Memorial at 5:00 p.m. tomorrow night. We will contact you by saying 'Have you gone to the Washington Monument yet?' and you respond 'No, we are going to the Jefferson Memorial first' and only bring the other girl, or no help. (click)

Mandy: Hello? Hello?!

Athena: What is it Face?

Mandy: He hung up on me.

Jason: Who?

Mandy: This guy on the phone claims that he has some information for us on the whereabouts of the A-Team.

Jason: How did he know that we are looking for them?

Mandy: He said that he had eyes and ears everywhere. He wants Murdock and me to meet him at the reflecting pool in front of the Lincoln Memorial at 5:00 p.m. tomorrow night.

George: What?

Mandy: In front of the reflecting pool...

George: (interrupting) No, about who is going?

Mandy: He wants to meet Murdock and me ONLY.

George: No.

Mandy: He won't give us the information then.

Jason: He said 'NO' Facegirl!

Mandy: Hannibal, the real Hannibal wouldn't give Face this much trouble.

George: Yes, but Templeton Peck was a guy.

Mandy: Is. (she corrected him) And Mandy Deck is a girl and if I had to I could fight as well as he does.

George: (to Jason) And that's what scares me. (To Mandy) Okay! Okay! But B.A. and I will be sticking close to you two and putting wires on you, so that we can hear you.

Mandy: Wires?

Athena: Where did you get them, Hannibal? At the nearby A-Team store?

George: No, I have my ways. Plus it helps to know people in higher places.

Athena: Well, back to the phone call, did he say anything else?

Mandy: Oh yeah. (She looks at the pad of paper.) He will contact us by saying, 'Have you gone to the Washington Monument yet?' and I will respond 'No, we are going to go to the Jefferson Memorial first.'

George: (Turning around in his seat) We'll be in D.C. in a few hours. Just sit back and relax.

Athena took out her slinky and started playing with it: Slinky! Slinky! Fun!

Mandy closed her eyes and thought to herself: I wonder who our mystery man is.

Chapter 4 - The Meeting!

Jason and Athena are pacing back and forth and looking really impatient about something.

Athena: Where is Face? She said she'd be back by 3:30. It's almost four!

Jason: Hannibal, where did she go?

George: Like I said, she saw something that she would like to go and have a closer look at. She will be back any minute!


Everyone turns around and sees a nice silver corvette with the top off. The car stops and Mandy stands up in the car.

George: Mandy! Where did you get that car?

Athena: Did you scam it? (Mandy jumped out of the car, smiled, and nodded.) Facegirl! Nice job!

Mandy: Thank you.

George: You scammed this car?

Mandy: Of course.

Jason: Face! What? Why?

Mandy: I guess all we are missing is where and when? Come on guys. I'll bring it back as soon as the mission is over. I just though 'Hey, cool big mission equals cool looking car.'

Athena: Face, tell me how you scammed the car. You gotta tell me!

Mandy: Yeah. Maybe when you get older.

George: Come on, Face, I have to wire you. (Mandy walks towards George.)

Athena walks toward Mandy: Hey I'm older then you! (Mandy just ignored her)


Mandy parks the car in front of the Lincoln Memorial and she and Athena walk over to the reflecting pool.


The van is parked a few blocks away, so as not to look too suspicious. George places an earpiece in his ear and is ready to listen.

Mandy sits down on the grass in front of the reflecting pool and just looks at her reflection, while Athena is playing with her slinky, but keeping quiet to make sure not to attract too much attention to herself.


Mandy looks at her watch and notices that it's already 5:01: Well, I guess that they aren't going to show. I knew that they were just foolin'.

An older looking man with white hair, a mustache, and glasses stands behind to the side of Mandy: Have you gone to the Washington Monument yet?

Mandy: No, we are going to the Jefferson Memorial first.

In the van...

George: B.A., they made contact.


Mandy was about to turn around when he said: No, don't turn around. It won't be good if people know that we are talking. We could be being watched. We have to wait for a few minutes until my partner gets here.

Mandy: Why wasn't I notified that there was going to be more than one?

Man: Because I decided not to tell you.

In the van...

George: He's got a second guy coming in.

Jason: You think they'll get into trouble?

George: I don't think so, but just in case, move up a block.

Jason did so.


Mandy: Fine! Murdock, get over here! (Athena was wandering away. She ran back when she heard Mandy call her.)

Athena: What is it, Facegirl?

Mandy: Okay, don't turn around, but if you look in the pool you can see an older guy.

Athena: Yeah.

Mandy: Well, he's got the information that we are looking for.

Athena: What are we waiting for?

Mandy: His partner.

Athena: Oh. (and she started to play with her slinky again and wander away)

Mandy: Murdock! Stay here! (Athena walked back whimpering.)


Two men dressed in black suits, with black sunglasses, and talking behind some newspapers, (talk about suspicious!) were sitting on a bench somewhere near Mandy, Athena, and the man.

Guy in black suit #1: Okay Mark. That is Peck and Murdock over there.

Mark: But Bruce, aren't Peck and Murdock males, or at least older than that?

Bruce: Mark, that's what I thought, but they call each other Murdock and Face.

Mark: So, when do we make our move?

Bruce: Soon, Mark, soon, but remember, we can't hurt them, just kidnap them.

Mark: Gotcha.


Soon Mandy could see another man walk up to the other older man in the Reflecting Pool. They started to talk.

Man: Okay. Are you ready to talk?

Mandy she turns around: Yes.

Both men together: No!

Mandy: I don't care. I like to look at people when I talk to them. This way I can't be surprised when they pull a gun on me.

Man #1 (the man that first talked): We are not here to kidnap you! We are here to help you.

In the van...

George: Okay. Good. They're safe. Nothing bad is going on.

Jason: You shouldn't have said that.

George: Don't worry. (and he pulls out a cigar)


Bruce: Okay. Now, Mark!

Mark: I'll get Murdock, you get Face.

Bruce: Okay.

They started to walk slowly, but when they got closer they started to run and they got their guns ready.


Mandy: Fine. Please help us.

Man #2: What is your name?

Mandy: This is... OOOFFFFF (Bruce jumped on top of Mandy and pushed her down, while Mark jumped onto Athena.)

Athena didn't wait. As soon as she got a chance, she punched Mark right in the face and he was out cold. Man #2 helped her up and made sure that she was okay.


Mandy got a few good punches in, but Bruce was apparently stronger then Mark and so Man #1 stepped in. Man #1 punched Bruce in the stomach. He doubled over in pain. Man #1 then kicked him in the head and knocked him out. He walked over to Mandy and helped her up.

Meanwhile in the van...

As soon as George heard Mandy go down: B.A. move it, they're in trouble!

Jason hit the gas and they went flying.


Mandy: Come on! Let's go before they get up. (Mandy helped Man #1 to her car.) Get in!

Man #1: What about the others?

Mandy: (not really listening to him) Murdock! I see Hannibal and B.A. coming! Go into the van. We'll meet at the spot.

Athena: Gotcha!

Mandy got into the 'vette': Are you okay?

Man #1: Yeah. How about you?

Mandy: Me? He didn't touch me. He tried to tie my hands down.

Man #1: Oh. What is your name?

Mandy: The name is Mandy Deck.

Man #1: Deck? Like short for Decker?

Mandy: No! Deck! As in 'porch on the back of the house'.

Man #1: Oh.

Mandy: They call me Facegirl though, or Face. (A tiny smile appeared on his face.) What is yours?

Man #1: Um...

Chapter 5 - Talking in the Vette.

Mandy: That is a very interesting name. Um.

Man #1: (laughed) No. I was wondering if I could trust you with my real name. Just call me Ace.

Mandy: Ace, like as in the deck of cards?

Ace: No. Ace like the guy from the Love Boat.

Mandy: Okay. (She finally got a good look at him and stared.)

Ace: What?

Mandy: You look so familiar to me.

Ace: Oh, no, we never met before.

Mandy: No, I know that, but it's like I saw your picture one too many times.

Ace: Oh, I just have one of those faces, I guess.

Mandy: I guess so. So what kind of information do you have for us?

Ace: Well, let's wait until we meet with the rest of your friends.

Mandy: Ok.

Ace: So, why do they call you Face?

Mandy: Oh, it's sorta strange and I don't really want to scare you.

Ace: No, tell me. Why is your name Face?

Mandy: Well first of all when I was younger I never really liked the news, or read the real stuff in the newspaper, so I never knew about the A-Team until my friend Athena told me about them. I thought that it was really cool so we kept up with the news and we actually made a scrapbook of it, with pictures and newspaper articles.

Ace: Well, that is interesting, but you still didn't answer my question. Why is your name Face?

Mandy: Well, I was still immature at that time, still am, but my friend Athena was, how can I put it? She was nuts.

Face: So what is she now?

Mandy: She's been promoted to condiments.

Face: Oh.

Mandy: Anyway, so she compared herself to Murdock, and so I just started calling her Murdock.

Ace: So, let me get this straight. You go by how you act?

Mandy: My friend Jason is just like B.A., always yelling at Murdock, and he's so strong. My friend George is just like Hannibal, always coming up with great ideas and always acting like a leader.

Ace: And you? Are you like a con artist, or a scammer, or a manly girl?

Mandy: (Laughed at the last comment,) Manly girl. Peck was anything but a manly man.

Ace: What? What?! What!

Mandy: Sure, he complained about everything, every little cut and bruise. (Ace opened his mouth to say something, but Mandy continued.) As for being a con artist, yes I am. A scammer, yes. I had to break Athena out of the hospital and I almost did it without being caught, but I'll learn and maybe one day I'll be as good as Templeton Peck. (At that Ace smiled.) I scammed this car, just before I met you and your friend.

Ace: Oh. By the way how do you know so much about the A-Team? I mean I don't really think that they would put that Murdock is crazy, or as you would say, Faceman complaining about everything in the newspaper.

Mandy: Oh no, um... (faltering while she thought of a good excuse) let me see if I can get this correct. My second cousin's friend's boyfriend's cousin's friend's father hired the A-Team. And the friend told the cousin who told the boyfriend, who told the friend, who told my cousin and my cousin told me and I told all of my friends.

Ace: Wow! Now that was complicated. (Mandy pulled over to the side.) Hey Face, what are we doing at the Washington Monument? (Mandy smiled) What?

Mandy: I love being called Face.

Ace: What, did you have an obsession with him or something?

Mandy: (looking shocked) What? Excuse me? Are you a nut or something! He's like 60 years old.

Ace: He is not! He's probably only 50, maybe a little older.

Mandy: He's still old.

Ace: Are you saying that he's not cute?

Mandy: No, I'm not saying that. (realizing what she is saying) Why are we talking about this? And why I'm I telling you?

Ace: (Thinking for a second) I don't know.

Mandy: Well, anyway. We are waiting for the rest, and here they come. (She gets out of the car.) Hey guys!

Athena: Did he give you any information?

Mandy: Not yet.

George: Then bring him along. Let's go.

Mandy: Let's go, Ace.

Ace: What about your car?

Mandy: I'll call and have someone pick it up. Now get in the van. (Ace did so). Ace, this is Murdock.

Athena: Hi!

Mandy: Hannibal.

George: Hi. (Turned around and reached his hand out. Ace shook it).

Mandy: And that is B.A. (He didn't say anything) Now who is your friend?

Ace: This is Murphy.

George: Are you ready to give us the information that we are looking for?

Ace: Yeah. Well let's start at the beginning. One day...

Chapter 6 - The Information

Ace: One day, I was just minding my own business when this handsome young man came up to me and told me that he needed help.

Mandy: (to George) I can only assume that it was Face. (Ace smiled. To Ace) And what did you say Ace?

Ace: I didn't believe him at first. I mean what was I supposed to do?

George: Go on, Ace.

Ace: Well, when I saw these men were running toward us the man looked awfully scared.

Mandy: Definitely Faceman.

Ace: (not too happy) Can I continue?

Mandy: Go ahead.

Ace: Well, before he ran away he told me to find some help and to help rescue his friends in Los Angles, in an old warehouse that is supposed to be torn down soon.

Jason: Thanks for the information.

George: (removing the cigar from his mouth) Wait a minute. How did you know about us?

Ace: How did we know about you guys?

Mandy: That is what he just asked you.

Ace: Well, to tell you the honest truth, it was Murphy here who found you guys.

Murphy: That's right. (he looked a little confused, and Mandy could sense it) Um... Well you see I have a friend that stays at the hospital that Athena...

Athena: Murdock.

Murphy: What? (like simply answering a question)

Athena: That's my name. Murdock.

Murphy: Oh that's right. Well, anyway, the night that Athe.. Murdock told Face about wanting to make the A-Team, I was visiting him and we managed to overhear you two. And then Ace found out about the phone number. He lives around B.A. and heard you guys discussing it.

Mandy: (Not believing one bit of it) Then why did we have to meet in D.C.?

Ace: Uh... I know someone down here that can fly us to Los Angeles for free.

Jason: I ain't flying!

George: Face?

Ace and Mandy together: Yes?

Mandy: He said Face, not Ace.

Ace: (looking confused) What? Oh yeah.

Mandy: (she didn't believe a word he said) Yeah Hannibal.

George: Can I use your lighter? I misplaced mine.

Mandy: Sure, here you go.

Ace: You don't smoke. Do you?

Mandy: No.

Ace: Then what are you doing with a lighter.

Mandy: Just in case something like this ever occurred. Why?

Ace: Because Faceman does.

Mandy: Just because Templeton does something, does not mean that I'm going to.

Ace: But you do. You scam, you con.

Mandy: (Ignoring him, she thought of something, shook her head and silently laughed at the idea, but just in case) Murdock?

Athena: Yeah?

Mandy: What are you gonna do with Billy, now that he's gone?

Athena: NO! Not BILLY!

Murphy: Who is Billy?

Mandy: Billy was her invisible dog.

Murphy started to cry a little too. Ace covered his mouth so that he wouldn't scream.

Mandy: What's wrong, Murphy?

Ace: He used to have a dog named Billy.

Mandy: (thought) I knew it!

Mandy then whispered in Athena's ear: Murdock. Billy isn't really gone. He's just sick. He'll get better. I just said that to check something out.

Athena smiled and Ace wondered to himself: What did Mandy tell her?

Mandy: Oh Ace?

Ace: Yeah?

Mandy: You have something on your mustache.

Ace: Where?

Mandy: Here. (She grabbed a hold of one side of one side of the mustache and pulled.)


Jason slammed on the breaks and he and George turned around.

Mandy: I knew it! (She pulled the wig off of his head too, and revealed dirty blond hair.) Templeton Peck I presume.

George: (with a cigar in his mouth) I love it when a plan comes together!

Templeton and Murphy are shocked and their mouths are hanging open.

Chapter 7 - Going to Breakfast.

Mandy: (Even though she felt a little bad for what she was telling "Ace" all about Templeton Peck, and how complainy he is, she still had enough courage to talk.) Okay, Mr. Peck, why don't you and Mr. Murdock here tell us everything.

Faceman: Face, Mr. Peck, really! I am not that old. I told you that before. (He said that last sentence in a mocking tone. Mandy got so mad at that, that she couldn't really hid her anger.) Anyway, (getting all serious again) it's a long story, so why don't we go and get something to eat?

Athena: Sounds good to me. Hannibal?

Hannibal: Let's go.

Faceman: Perfect! I know of a nice place just a little while from here and you don't have to worry about paying for a thing. I've got a friend down there that owes me one.

Mandy: (Letting her anger out and saying under her breath.) Yeah, a girlfriend.

Face: I heard that.

Mandy: Heard what? I said nothing?

Face: Sure, you're just jealous.

Mandy: I am not jealous over a guy whose 65 years old!

Face: I am not 65! (and then they start fighting)

George: Face. (no response) Facegirl! (still no response) FACES!

Face and Mandy: What is it, Hannibal!

George: We are going to have to work together and it would be good if you two stop yelling and start being friends.

Mandy: Sorry, Face. It's just that it gets me mad when someone mocks me or insults me.

Faceman: Hey, I'm sorry. I didn't know. I'll remember that next time. Oh B.A., turn here.

B.A. did and, they saw a nice little diner. Parking, they stepped out of the van.

Face and George stepped out of the van last and Face grabbed George's arm: Hannibal, is she always like that?

George: Consider yourself lucky. She could have gotten awfully worse and believe me, I've seen it. Come on, let's go. (He and George walked into the restaurant.)

When they got there Face's friend saw him first.

Friend: Faceman! What are you doing here?

Face: Billy! Nice to see you! (They shook hands.) Remember how you said that if I ever needed anything, all I had to do was ask?

Billy: Yeah? What do you need Faceman?

Face: We're hungry. And we need a table in the back room.

Billy: Sure. (He grabbed 6 menus and lead them to the back of the restaurant.)

Mandy: (looking at Face) Sorry.

Face: No problem.

Billy: (Once he reached the table) Don't I get an introduction?

Face: (George opened his mouth to say something, but Face beat him to the punch line) This is Johnny Jones (pointed to George), this is Harry West (pointed to Jason), this is Alice Dot (pointed to Athena), and this is Paige Madison (and he pointed to Mandy). And of course you remember Murdock.

Billy: Ah yes. (Murdock shook his hand quickly and sat down.)

Face: Everyone, this is my friend Billy.

Everyone: Hi.

Billy: (smiled) I'll be back in about ten minutes to take your orders. (and he left)

Face: Murdock, check under the table. Face, check under all the seats. Hannibal, look in the plants. Murdock and B.A. look everywhere else.

Mandy: And what are we looking for?

Face: Any kind of device that could be a bug.

Mandy: Oh.

After 5 minutes of searching they came up empty-handed.

Mandy ran to see if anyone was coming and, sure enough, Billy was coming.

Mandy: (in a low whisper) Billy is coming.

Face: Quick sit down and look normal.

They all ran to sit down.

Athena: (picked up her glass) Really? (trying her hardest to act normal) That is so funny, Murdock! (and forced a laugh out. Everyone got the idea and started to do the same.)

Billy came in: Ready?

Face: No, give us about 20 minutes.

Billy: Ok (and left).

George: Why do I have a funny feeling that you don't trust him?

Face: Now, Hannibal, why would you say that?

George: I don't know, maybe because we were just searching for a bug and my name is not Johnny.

Jason: Yeah. I thought he was your friend. Why would you be afraid to tell him what are our real names are?

Face: If he ever found out that you were the new A-Team looking for the rest and if he is working for the bad guys then you would all be in big trouble very fast. Yes, maybe he is a friend. Now that doesn't mean that I have to trust him.

Mandy: Then why did you trust us?

Murdock: Because we know all about you and Murdock.

Mandy and Athena: What?

Murdock: Yeah we know everything.

Mandy: You have been spying on us? (She turned to Face.)

Face: Yeah, sorta.

Mandy: Then why didn't you 'yeah, sorta' spy on George and Jason?

Murdock: Because...

Mandy: Sorry, Murdock, but I was asking Face.

Face: Murdock was answering all fine and dandy.

Mandy: I asked you!

Face: (remembering what George said about how Mandy could get worse than what he last saw he asked to himself, 'Why me?') Well because you were the only two that actually played A-Team.

Mandy: What?!

Face: You know, being called Face and Murdock and acting like us.

Athena: What about Hannibal?

Murdock: We couldn't find him and we also thought that if Jason didn't like to play A-Team, neither would George.

Mandy: But why did you spy on us?

Face: Well we didn't really spy on you, we spied on the two of you, only when you guys were talking about A-Team.

Mandy: But still, how did you find out about us?

Face: Murdock really does have a friend that was next door to Athena, and about six months ago when Athena first came into the hospital, we heard you guys yelling at each other.

Murdock: Yes like this "FACE!" "MURDOCK!" "LIEUTENANT" "CAPTAIN" and so on and so fourth.

Mandy and Athena started to laugh.

Mandy: (becoming really serious again) And so how did you know about everything else?

Face: When we heard that, we went into Athena's room that night...


You can hear Face's voice: It was January 12, and Murdock and I snuck into Athena's room.

(in flashback) Murdock: Face, she's going to wake up.

Face: If you don't stop talking, then she will.

(Too late) Murdock saw Athena wake up, get out of bed, and walk over to them.

Athena: Murdock? H.M. Murdock? Oh my goodness, what are you doing here?

Face: Take care of her Murdock.

Athena: No, don't kill me!

Murdock giggles: Don't worry, we won't. This is a dream. You are having a dream.


Face: Quiet her down!

Murdock: Here, take this. (He gave her a slinky!)

Athena: Ah, cool! (She sat down on her bed and started to play with it.)

Face: (finished planting the bug) We're done. Let's go.

Murdock: Bye, Athena.

Athena: Bye, guys.

Athena then went back to sleep.

In the morning when she woke up:

Athena: That was one cool dream. (She saw the slinky on her bed.) Or was it?

Back to the present...

Athena: I remember that. I knew I saw you guys.

Mandy: Oh, so that's how you got the slinky?

Athena: Yeah, like duh, we just said that!

Face: That is how we heard about the van and then we planted a bug there too. And that is how we found out about the creation of the new A-Team. Then about two weeks ago, Hannibal and B.A. were kidnapped.

Mandy: Nice of you to bug Athena's room.

Face: Hey look, it helped. If I never bugged her room or the van then we wouldn't be here.

Athena: And then I would never have my special A-Team slinky.

Jason: Talking about you being here tell us the story.

Face: Well...

Chapter 8 - The Real Information

Face: Well, Murdock...

Athena and Murdock: Yes, Face? (and they both started to laugh so hard)

Athena: (still laughing) Murdock, I think that he was talking to you.

Murdock: (still laughing) Yeah, I think so. (then suddenly stopped laughing) Yeah Face, what's up?

George: (before Face could answer) Wait a moment. (checks his pockets) Shoot. Face do you have an extra cigar?

Face: Sure.

Mandy: No, I don't have one. (they said that at the same time)

George: (took it) We really have to change one of your names.

Mandy and Face: What? Why?

George: Because of that. I mean, yeah, at first it was a little funny, but now it's getting tiresome.

Athena: Well, considering that Temp here is the original Face, why don't you keep the original name Face and Mandy can be Facegirl.

Face: I like that idea.

Mandy: I don't care. I just want to know how Murdock and especially you escaped from the clutches of the bad guys. (She said it in a mocking tone.)

Face: Facegirl! Can we please stop the insults?

Mandy: (pretending to think) Um... no.

Murdock: Face, why don't you tell them the story? You are a better storyteller then I am.

Face: All right! Well, a long time ago in a place not far from here...

Murdock: Cut the fairy tale version Face and just tell them.

Face: Okay. It was about seven months ago and we just found out that one of our archenemies was out of jail and looking for us...


Hannibal: (with cigar in his mouth) Face, Murdock, B.A. Harry the Hammer is out of jail (you could see on Face's face that he had a cold chill when he heard that word, "hammer") and is coming back to get revenge on us.

Face: Come on, Hannibal, now how do you know that? Sure, he might have gotten out, but that doesn't mean that he is coming after us.

Murdock: (chewing a piece of gum) You know Hannibal he is right. If we haven't got any proof that he is coming after us, then I don't think we need to worry.

Hannibal: (taking the cigar out and taking a piece of paper out of his inside coat pocket and handing it to Face) Well, how about this?

Face: (takes the paper and reads it out loud) "A-Team, I am finally out of prison and I am gonna come back for you! You can't run and you can't hide! I've got eyes all around! Harry the Hammer!" (Once again a cold chill ran through Face's body.) Okay. We.. we.. we.. have to get out of here. We have to leave. Find a safe house. Change names, the whole works! (and he ran to the van. Everyone followed him.)

Murdock: Face!? Face?! (and he held him back)

Face: What?!

Murdock: Me first! (Pushed him out and got in. Face got in too and he shut the door.)

Hannibal just looked at them and started to laugh.

B.A.: This is not at all amusing, Hannibal. This is for real and they are acting like fools!

Hannibal: (paying no attention to B.A. and knocked on the van door)

Murdock: (opened the door and said in a different voice) Sorry we are temporarily out of order, come back later. (and was shutting the door)

Hannibal: (he grabbed the door, opened it) Captain? Lieutenant? Front and center NOW!

Face and Murdock got out of the van and stood in front of Hannibal. B.A. joined them too.

B.A.: What is the plan, Colonel?

Hannibal: We set up a trap and get this guy!

Face: No change of name?

Hannibal: And no safe house.

Murdock: What are we suppose to do?

Hannibal: Wait until he makes contact with us.

Face: That is not a good plan.

Hannibal: Face, lets go to that new penthouse of yours that you so nicely scammed.

Face: Fine. (and everyone got into the van)

They soon reached Face's penthouse.

Face: Now please, everyone, just be careful. This isn't even mine.

Murdock: You gotta tell me how you scammed a place like this. You gotta, you gotta, you gotta! (He was jumping up and down all over the place.)

Face: Murdock! (Murdock stopped jumping up and down.) When you get older. (and he went into the other room)

Murdock: Hey! I'm older then you! Face! Face! Faceman I said that I am older than you. (The next thing that happens is that Murdock is thrown across the room and you hear a door slam.)

Murdock: (Got up, smoothed out his leather jacket) How rude! (he yelled at the closed door) Hey, who knew he was so strong.

Very late at night

Everyone hears scuffling.

Everyone runs out of their rooms to see that Hannibal was gone.

Murdock: Hannibal? Hannibal? Come on out Hannibal! (and he went around the penthouse looking for him)

B.A.: I pity the fool!

Face: Hey look! (and he found a piece of paper on the couch, picked it up, and read it to B.A.) "To the rest of the A-Team, One down and three to go! Don't worry about the Colonel here. He will be fine until I get all you guys together and then we'll see what you guys are really made of! The Hammer!" (This time a chill didn't run through him. He was too mad. This crazy nut had Hannibal and they had no clue where he was.)

Murdock: Hannibal! Come on Hannibal! I am getting tired of looking for you! Come on out!

Face: Murdock! Murdock!

Murdock: Yeah, Faceman?

Face: Hannibal is not hiding. He has been captured.

Murdock: What?

Face: Here. (Hands him the note.) What do we do now?

Murdock: The next highest rank takes over. (They all look at him.) Don't look at me. I'm a nut. Let me rephrase that. The next highest rank that is not a nut takes over.

B.A.: That's you Faceman.

Face: I- I- I can't take over. I don't know what to do!

B.A.: Face it's all up to you! You gotta lead us.

Face: All right here's the plan. We stay up tonight to see when he comes and whomever he tries to take give him a fight, but let him take you, and we can follow you.

B.A: Great plan, Lieutenant.

Face: Thanks. Come we should get wired so we can contact each other.

So they did so and all day long they got wired and drank enough caffeine that they would stay up for the next 5 days.

That night.

They all lay awake when Face heard scuffling in the living room. He ran to his door and looked out. Harry had B.A and had drugged him unconscious. And then he pulled the wire off.

Face: (to himself) So much for communication.

As soon as they left, Face ran into Murdock's room and woke him up.

Face: (grabbing his car keys and leaving the room) I can't understand you. You had enough caffeine to stay up for the next 5 days and you fall asleep.

Murdock: I'm not normal. (He said while running to the elevator and putting his leather jacket on.)

Face: I could have told you that! (and the elevator doors closed)

They got out to the garage just as Harry was leaving in his car.

Face and Murdock waited a few seconds. Then they jumped into his vette and raced out of the garage.

Murdock: Slow down. He is not supposed to think we are following him.

Face: You're right. Just keep an eye on him and make sure you tell me where they are going so we don't get too far behind. (Face slowed down.)

They followed him to the outside of L.A. to this old warehouse.

Face parked the car far enough away that Harry wouldn't think anybody else was at the warehouse. They then snuck up to the warehouse and found a way in. They saw Harry and followed him quietly. Soon Harry stopped and threw B.A. into a cell.

Harry: Here Hannibal, a friend for you. (Face and Murdock ran back outside.)

Murdock: We know where they are! We have to go and get them!

Face: Murdock, don't you see! He knows that we know where Hannibal and B.A. are.

Murdock: What? How?

Face: Harry is not an idiot. He knows we followed him. Look he won't kill them until we're all together. You know that. He wants us all together. We need to find help and then we can get them out.

Murdock: Are you kidding me? We can't get the police to help.

Face: We can get those girls and their friends to help us out.

Murdock: You want a crazy girl and her friends to assist us?

Face: Hey, you're crazy.

Murdock: You have a point, let's get them.

(back to the present)

Mandy: Wow! What a story!

Jason: So you were never kidnapped.

Murdock: Yeah.

George: So you never escaped?

Face: Nope. Any other questions?

Billy: Yeah, are you ready to order?

Chapter 9 - The Truth About Billy

Everyone turned around with eyes wide open.

Billy: What?

Everyone grabbed a menu.

Face: I'll have the pancake special.

Mandy: I'll have some sunny side-up eggs with chocolate milk.

George: Pancake special with some coffee.

Murdock: Um... A piece of pizza, some chips, and a tall glass of root beer!

Billy: It's breakfast, not lunch.

Murdock: (gives Billy one of his crazy looks) I don't care! I want pizza!

Billy: Okay.

Jason: Pancakes with a tall glass of milk.

Athena: Um... Um...

Mandy: (accidentally) Murdock, will you hurry up and decide!

Murdock: (quickly thinking) Hey I did order! Alice needs to order, (looks at Billy) and they call me crazy! (Billy just smiles and nods his head.)

Athena: Pop-tarts.

Billy: I am sorry Alice, but we don't have Pop-tarts.

Athena: Then get some! I want Pop-tarts! I need Pop-tarts! I have to have Pop-tarts! (And she started to go crazy.)

Face: Billy, just get her some Pop-tarts so she doesn't get mad.

Billy: Okay. Be back in a while.

Athena: (calmly) I would like brown sugar cinnamon ones please. Thank you. (Billy smiles and leaves.)

Face: How long has Billy been here?

Athena: Billy was here all along.

Face: What? Why didn't you tell me? I would have stopped my story.

Athena: But Billy wanted to listen to the pretty story too. (Face just looks at her.) Didn't you, boy? (She started to play with her invisible doggie, and then Murdock started to too.)

Face: (lets out a sigh of relief) No, I mean Billy the human.

Murdock: Oh, he wasn't here for more than five minutes. I don't think he heard much of the story.

Face: How do you know?

Murdock: (he spoke in a different voice) I went to the powder room and.. (Mandy and Athena looked at him) Well, I had to powder my nose. (Mandy and Athena just laughed silently.) Well, and when I came back he wasn't there and that was about five minutes ago.



Billy: (on the phone) Hi, boss. Hey, guess what? Face just came in.

Boss: Good, did you bug them?

Billy: Yeah I bugged the room all right! I placed it in the ceiling fan. What do you want me to do?

Boss: Nothing.

Billy: What do you mean nothing?

Boss: Nothing.

Billy: Are you gonna move them?

Boss: No, I am going to set up a trap for them. This is perfect!

Billy: But they know everything!

Boss: I know. (He hung up.)

Chapter 10 - On Their Way

Billy started to get everyone's breakfast all together. Right before he left, the phone rang.

Billy: (picked up the phone) Billy's diner. Billy speaking.

Harry: (apparently the "boss") You got any sodium fenedyene?

Billy: Yeah, I got a little left. Why?

Harry: I want you to put it in Murdock's food.

Billy: Why?

Harry: Think, you fool! They're going to have to fly here and Murdock is the one that flies. Drug him, he'll be out before they land, and they will crash!

Billy: But I thought that you wanted the whole A-Team together.

Harry: I want the whole A-Team dead! And I decided that I might have some fun torturing these two over here. So just do it! (and he hung up)

Billy went to the cabinet, took out the sodium fenedyene and put some onto Murdock's food. He then took the food out to Face and his friends.

Billy entered the room: Breakfast is here!

Athena: Food! Pop-tarts! YEA!

Billy placed the food and drinks down in their appropriate places.

Murdock took the piece of pizza and stuffed the whole thing in his mouth: (before he swallowed) I'm ready. You guys ready?

Everyone looked at him.

Murdock: What?

Athena: He said (she shoved a whole Pop-tart in her mouth) 'I'm ready. You guys ready?' (She sounded just like he did, and once again no one could understand what was said.)

Mandy: And what does that mean?

Athena and Murdock chewed, swallowed quickly, and coughed and at the same time: Look, bubbles! (Instead of laughing they just looked at each other.)

Murdock: That's my line.

Athena: No, it's mine.

Jason: The crazy fools are fighting over whose line it is.

George laughed.

Mandy: (explaining) Once upon a time, when Athena was younger, she ate a small bar of soap, coughed, and bubbles came out of her mouth.

Face: And how old were you?

Athena: 24. (Face gave her a weird look, like she was crazier then she actually was.) What?

Mandy: What about you, Murdock? What's your story for the "Look Bubbles" line?

Murdock couldn't answer; he was having a coughing fit.

Face: Back in 1982, we were hired to save this girl who was being forced to get married. Well we, all four of us, got in by pretending to be waiters and we made a cake of cardboard and shaving cream, and Murdock stuck his finger in it and ate it. Ah, the good old days. (He went back to his eating.)

Athena: And you give me a weird look. He was older!

They were soon finished and were driving to a nearby airport.

Mandy: How are we going to get a plane?

Face: Already taken care of.

Mandy: You mean you already scammed one?

Face: Yup.

Mandy: Face, what are we going to do for transportation?

Face: Oh, thanks for reminding me. (He pulled out a cell phone and called someone.) Adam? Hi! Templeton here. Remember how you said that if I ever needed any help that all I had to do was call? Well, I need something done. I need you to pick up two vehicles for us and have them transported to the L.A. airport. And it has to be there by tonight. Yes, tonight. I know that it is a little short notice. But I need it done. Okay there will be a silver Corvette, license 612-YME in front of the Washington Monument. And there will be a van at the airport here in Washington. It is black with a red stripe on it, license 911-U2U. Thanks.

Mandy: You know, you are really something. (She said it with a smile.)

Face: Thanks. I think.

Mandy: No seriously. I get to drive my vette around a little longer before I have to give it back.

Face: Sure, anytime.

Athena: So, we are going to fly?!

Jason: NO! We aren't going in a plane! I refuse to go in a plane!

Face took out a needle and a liquid out of his pocket and whispered to Mandy: We used it all the time on our B.A. One prick and he's out cold. (saying to everyone else) All we need is someone to pretend to be sick.

Athena: OOOOOOOOOO! ME! Please! Me, Lieutenant! PLEASE!

Face: Ok B.A. you're it.

Jason: I ain't gonna do it! Let the crazy girl do it.

Murdock: But I am going to show the crazy girl how to fly.

Athena: (That was it. After that she went off the handle.) OOOOOOOOOO! I'm gonna fly! I am going to fly a plane!

Jason: This is my WORST nightmare! There is NO way that I am going to go up in a plane with TWO crazy people flying it! (They reached the airport and stopped. Face and Athena switched places. Face handed the needle to George and George looked at Face.)

Mandy whispered to George: It's the same thing that they used on B.A. to knock him out. (George knew exactly what to do.)

Face put some rubbing alcohol onto Jason's neck so that he didn't notice.

Jason: Faceman, you are going to have to make up a new plan because I ain't going up! And there is no way you are going to change my mind!

George: Of course not. (and he quickly pricked him with the needle. Jason was unconscious and his head hit the horn.)

Murdock: Why do the B.A.s always fall on the horn?

George: I don't know.

George and Face got out of the van and carried Jason to the airport.

When they reached the airport Face lead them to some lockers. They sat Jason on a chair. Face went to a locker and got out what looked like doctor gowns.

Mandy: What are those for?

Face: It's part of the disguise. (He gave one to everybody.)

Mandy: Oh, too cool. (Everyone put their disguise on. Face's was different. It was a doctor's jacket. Mandy looked at him.)

Face: What? Someone has to be the doctor. Come on. (He and George took hold of Jason once more and walked to one of the flight attendants. Everyone else just sat in the nice comfy chairs.) Excuse me, ma'am. My patient has passed out. I need a stretcher down here quick.

Attendant: Of course. What is your name?

Face: Dr. Thomas.

Attendant: Are you the one who ordered the private jet?

Face: Yes! Now quickly. I need a stretcher.

Attendant: Yes, sir. (She got on the phone. She called for a stretcher and hung up.) They are on the way.

Face: Thank you. (turns around) Nurse Murphy? Nurse Murphy?

Mandy: (whispers) Murdock, he means you.

Murdock: Oh. (got up and walked over to Face) Yes, Doctor?

Face: Take Lothar here and bring him to those seats over there. The stretcher will be right there.

Murdock: Yes, doctor. (took a hold of Jason and left)

Face: So, what's your name?

Attendant: Julie. (They started to make small talk.)

Mandy: (She saw the stretcher coming.) I'll go get the doctor. (She walked over to Face.) Doctor?

Face: Belinda, can't you see that I am talking to Julie?

Mandy: Yes, Doctor, but the stretcher is coming. (Forgetting about what was going on, he gave her a confused look.) The stretcher. (still confused) The white bed thing where people are placed when they are unconscious.

Face: (finally remembering) Oh, yes the stretcher.

Mandy: (grabs a hold of Face and drags him away) Come on, Doctor.

Face: (to Julie) Call me!

Within the hour they were on the plane. Jason was sleeping comfortably in a passenger seat. Face strapped him down.

Mandy: Why did you do that?

Face: So he doesn't kill us if he comes to.

Murdock and Athena were sitting in the front of the plane, while Face, George, and Mandy were sitting in the back. George and Face took cigars out from their inside pockets and lit them.

Athena: (plugged her nose with her fingers so that she could speak in a different voice) This is your co-pilot speaking. Please put your trays in their upright position, and no smoking until we turn the "no smoking" sign off. (Face and George look at each other and shrugged their shoulders. They didn't really care.) We will be taking off soon. Signing off!

They took off.

An hour goes by and nothing really happens. Mandy finally gets some sleep, for she hasn't been able to sleep ever since this mission began. George and Face were smoking their cigars and Face was telling George about his old A-Team missions. Jason was still sleeping, while Murdock was teaching Athena how to fly the plane.

Murdock has a painful look on his face.

Athena: Murdock, are you ok?

Murdock: Of course I am. Here, I taught you how to hold the plane straight. Take a-hold of her. I'll be right back. (He ran off. At that moment there was a slight unbalance. The plane wobbled for a few seconds and then went straight again. That is when Mandy woke up and saw Murdock run to the bathroom.)

Mandy: Face, go and check up on Murdock. It looks like Murdock #2 is flying the plane.

Face: (got up) You mean to tell me that that crazy girl up there is flying this? (Athena walks into the back and sat down.)

Mandy: (grabbed Athena) What a kidder! (Mandy brought her back to the cockpit while Face went to check up on Murdock.)

Mandy: Murdock, do you know how to fly one of these things?

Athena: Sure I do. Murdock showed me how to fly. Face look! I'm flying! I'm finally flying! (She forgot what she was doing and the plane started to go down, just a little.)

Mandy: Murdock! Keep your eyes on the ro... just keep your eyes open and don't crash us.

Murdock: (Came back, Mandy got up and Murdock sat down next to Athena again) I feel better. I never got airsickness before. (He started to sweat bullets.)

Mandy: Murdock, are you okay? It looks like you are running a fever!

Murdock: I am fine, Facegirl. Don't you worry. Murdock, give me the controls.

Athena: Sure. Thanks! It was a lot of fun!

Murdock: Good. (and he passed out, making the stick go down, and the plane too)

Mandy: Face! Hannibal! Come here quick! (George and Face got in there fast, saw Murdock and before anyone could say a word Mandy said) He's sick and unconscious! Move him! (They did so.) Murdock, (she sat back down next to Athena) get us back into the air!

Athena was all calm and cool and got the plane back up. Mandy thought to herself: How the heck can she be so calm. I'm not even flying the plane and I am sweating bullets!

Face: Athena, it would be ridiculous for me to ask, but did Murdock show you how to land the plane?

Athena: No.

Face: So what's going to happen?

Athena: Well, considering the fuel we have left, we can make it to L.A. and still be in the air.

Mandy: But?

Athena: But if we can't get Murdock up in time to tell me how to land this bird, then we are going to crash.

Mandy: No, Athena really what's going to happen.

Athena: We are going to crash, and die.

Face to himself: This is sounding all too familiar.

Mandy: Oh boy. (She ran over to where Face and George had put Murdock.) Murdock! Get up! Get up!

Face: Mandy, that's not going to do anything.

Mandy: Then what are we going to do?

George: Mandy, go get some cold water and a sponge and try to cool him down. I am going to try and find some of that smelly stuff to try to wake him up. Face, you stay here with the Murdocks and make sure that Athena doesn't get out of hand.

Athena: (Jumps up) What about me colonel?

George: Sit down and fly!

Athena: (Salutes him) Yes sir! (She sits back down.)

Mandy and George left and looked for their items.

It was a matter of minutes before Mandy came back with a bowl of cold water and a sponge. She soaked the sponge and started to wet Murdock's face and neck and tried to wake him up.

It was quiet except for Mandy's little whispers to Murdock.

After what seemed like forever passed when George came in.

Mandy: Hannibal, did you find any of that smelly stuff?

George: (sadly) No. Murdock, how much longer do we have?

Athena: Well, we will be in L.A. within the hour.

George: Well, do your best and maybe one of the tower guards can help us down.

Athena: Hopefully.

A half an hour has gone by and nothing has changed. Murdock was still out cold and Athena was still flying.

Mandy: (still trying to cool Murdock down) Murdock, we need you now. We really need you. Come on back and show Athena how to land us. We are all counting on you. So are B.A. and Hannibal. (With that Murdock moved his head and groaned.) Hannibal, he's awake.

Murdock tried to get up and screamed with pain.

Mandy: Sit still Murdock. You are quite sick.

Murdock: But I have to land the plane.

Face: Not like that you can't.

George: Athena has been doing a great job flying this thing. I am sure that if you can just tell her what to do she can land this bird.

Murdock: (tried to move, felt the pain) Maybe you're right!

Athena: Murdock, what are we to do? We are almost there.

Murdock: Okay, Athena, you see that flashing light?

Athena: The one that says low fuel?

Everyone but Murdock who had a little smile on his face: What?!

Athena: I'm just kidding. I'm just trying to lighten the mood. And nobody seems to be laughing. Okay, yeah, I see it.

Murdock: Push that. (Athena does so.)

Athena: Oooo buttons! (Focusing on the matter at hand.) Murdock, I can see the airport. It's really small, but I can see it.

Murdock: You have to slow the plane down. Pull down on that object that looks just a big light switch. (Athena quickly finds it and pulls it down.)

Athena: Murdock, I can see the airport really good.

Murdock: Athena, we have only one chance to do this correctly. Not to pressure you, but I think you should know. Anyway, right in front of you, you can see a screen with an airplane on it, right?

Athena: Yeah.

Murdock: You are going to want to get that plane right smack in the middle of the screen. How close are we to the airport?

Athena: Close.

Murdock: Push the button that says tire release. (Athena does so). Mandy, get on the CB and tell the tower guard we need an emergency landing and that we might come down a little hard so everyone should stay clear. (Mandy did so.)

Murdock continues: Okay. Athena, you see the runway? (Athena nods her head.) Good, now slowly push the control stick all the way down, and when you hit the ground pull the switch that says Emergency Stop on the left side of you.

Athena did everything. They landed with a big THUMP and everyone went flying everywhere. Athena pulled the switch and the plane was still going fast. Quite fast!

Athena: We aren't going to stop in time! We are going to hit the airport! (They got really close, but as soon as the plane was about to hit the building it stopped. Everyone except for Murdock and Athena was on the floor.) Now you see, that is why you wear your seat belt.

Everyone started shouting with joy! Everyone was all right. Everyone but Murdock.

Mandy: Face, get the stretcher. Hannibal, go and wake up B.A. Murdock, you help me help Murdock get up.

George: Hey! Who's the Colonel now?

Mandy: Sorry, I am just nervous. You want to say something?

George: Yeah. Face, get the stretcher. I will go and wake B.A. up. Athena and Mandy, you two help Murdock get up.

Mandy: Now why didn't I think of that? (George just shrugged his shoulders.)

Jason was up and out of the straps before anyone could untie him! And he was angry!

Mandy: Eclipse! (Nothing happens.)

Face: What are you doing?

Mandy: Just trying something.

Jason: I cannot believe that you did what you did!

Mandy: Not now B.A. We have to get Murdock to a hospital as soon as possible.

Jason stopped being so mean figuring he could be mean later. He helped Murdock get to the stretcher. George opened the door. Mandy, Athena, and Face all walked out. Jason and George carried the stretcher out of the plane.

Mandy: B.A., go and get the van. Face, go get the vette. We will meet you around front. (They ran off.)

George: Great! The fastest way to the front of the building is going through it and they're gonna be asking a lot of questions.

Mandy: One thing at a time, please, Hannibal!

They ran into the building. Mandy saw an attendant and ran up to him: I am so sorry...

The attendant interrupted her: Dr. Thomas already explained. Go.

Mandy ran back to the stretcher to help push it. She, George, and Athena were running as fast as they could.

Athena: Hang in there, Murdock. We're getting you to a hospital soon. Very soon!

They were outside the airport in a matter of minutes. The van and vette were out there waiting for them. Jason and George got the stretcher into the back of the van.

Face: Follow us. I know where a close hospital is.

Jason, George, and Athena got into the van with Murdock. Face and Mandy got into the vette and drove off.

In the van...

Athena: (Takes a hold of Murdock's hand.) It's all right, Murdock. Just hang in there. We are going to get you to a hospital soon.

In the vette...

Mandy: I hope that he will be all right.

Face: Oh, you better believe he is. He's gone through a lot. He once took a bullet for Hannibal and almost died.

Mandy: At least you knew what was wrong when he got shot. He could be dying and we don't even know it.

Face: It's going to be okay, Mandy. Murdock will be okay.

Mandy: I hope so.

About ten minutes later, they got to the hospital. Mandy and Face ran in to tell the doctor what was happening.

When Jason, George, and Athena got Murdock in, the nurses were waiting for him.

Nurse: Miss...

Mandy: Call me Paige.

Nurse: Paige, my name is Tommy. I need to ask you a few questions. What is the name of our patient?

Mandy: Humphrey Masters and we all have no clue what could be wrong with him.

Tommy: Are you family?

Mandy: No. No, he has no family. We are the closest thing to family for him.

Tommy: All right. As soon as the doctor is done checking him over, he will be right out to talk to you guys.

Mandy: Thank you, Tommy. (Tommy smiled and left.)

After a good hour the doctor came out and said: We found 10 cc's of sodium fenedyene in him. We've got him stabilized, but he's not too good.

Mandy: How long would he have to be here?

Doctor: One, maybe two days tops.

While they were talking Face thought that he saw Sammy the Screwdriver. He shivered, but Face just shook it off. He knew that Sammy was still in jail and would be in there for a long time.

The doctor left, and Mandy and Athena sat down in a comfy seat.

Mandy: I think that we should take turns staying here.

Face: Good idea.

Athena: (jumps up) I will stay!

George: Murdock, I think that you should take over the night shift because you need to get some rest now.

Athena: But Colonel! (She objected.)

George: Murdock, don't make me make it a direct order!

Athena: Fine. Yes, sir. (And she walked out with Face, George, and Jason.)

That night...

Face was right. It was Sammy the Screwdriver. He was in Murdock's room. Athena had left to get something to eat.

Sammy: Finally, once and for all, I will get rid of you Murdock. (maniacal laughter)

He got a needle out of his pocket, filled with very deadly poison, and got positioned to inject it.

Chapter 11 - Murdock's Death

All of a sudden a nurse came into the room.

Nurse: Hey you! What are you doing in here?

Sammy: I came to check up on the patient.

Nurse: Mr. Temps (Face, of course!) said that he only wants him, his friends, and the doctor to see him. Not anyone else! (Sammy opened his mouth to say something, but the nurse stopped him.) Come now. Get out of here!

Sammy put the needle back into his pocket. He knew that Harry was not going to be happy about this. They both left. Two minutes later Athena came back into the room and knew nothing about what just happened. She moved the sheets up to his chin.

Athena: You still okay, Murdock? (She talked to him to let him now that she was there.)

Then all of a sudden the heart monitor went flat! Athena started crying: NO! MURDOCK! DON'T DIE! NO!

She was about to start to give him CPR.

Chapter 12 - The Aftermath of Murdock's Death

Suddenly, Murdock woke up and bumped heads with Athena.

Athena: YOU'RE ALIVE! (She hugged him.)

Murdock: Sure I'm still alive. Why wouldn't I be? (He hugged her back.)

Athena: (still hugging him and still crying) Because your heart monitor went flat.

Murdock realized that for the first time in his life he did something crazy and hurt someone in the process of doing so.

Murdock: Hey, I'm sorry. I was just foolin'.

Athena: (released him) What do you mean, you were foolin'?

Murdock: I woke up two seconds before you came in here, and when you covered me up I pulled the wire out that read my heartbeat and that's what made the machine go flat.

Athena: (She wiped her eyes and laughed.) YOU GEEK! (She punched him in the shoulder and they both laughed.)

Murdock: Thanks a lot! You geek!

Athena: No, you're the geek!

Murdock: NO, YOU ARE!

Athena: GEEK!

Chapter 13 - Breaking the Murdock's Out

Mandy then runs into the room: Murdock, are you okay? (She says to Athena.)

Murdock and Athena: Yes, we're alive. (They broke out in laughter.)

Mandy: Oh Murdock, you're up! I'll go get the others and a doctor.

Murdock: Okay.

Athena: You geek! (to Murdock)

Murdock: Geek.

Mandy leaves the room and closes the door.

About ten minutes later the doctor is in Murdock's room and giving him a check up to make sure that he's okay. (Yeah right!)

After that the doctor said that Humphrey (remember that is Murdock's cover name) would have to stay a few more days.

Later that day Murdock and Athena were out in the hallway. Athena was playing with her dog Billy. All of a sudden Murdock saw an empty stretcher on the side of the wall.

Murdock: Billy! There you are!

Athena: Murdock what's wrong with him?

Murdock: Billy! Billy! Wake up! (He didn't. Murdock saw a doctor's gown and put it on.)

Athena: Come on Billy, up on the bed. There you go.

Murdock: Nurse Alice, (he was using Athena's cover name) we have to get this dog to the emergency room now!

Athena: Yes Dr. Humphrey. Right, on the double! (They started to run down the hall.)

They came to an empty ER. Murdock was concentrating.

Murdock: Nurse, knife.

Athena: Knife.

Murdock: Tweezers

Athena: Tweezers

Murdock: Screwdriver.

Athena: Screwdriver.

Murdock: Needle.

Athena: Needle.

Murdock: Thread the needle.

Athena: Threading it. (She was handing Murdock all invisible objects.) Here, doctor.

Murdock: Thank you. (He worked patiently for a few minutes.) There, I think he is going to make it!

Athena: Good.

Then all of a sudden a doctor walked into the room: What are you two doing in here?

Murdock: We were trying to save my dog Billy here. (He pointed to the bed.)

Doctor: I don't see any dog.

Murdock: Of course there's a dog and look, he even has a friend. His name is Billy, too.

Doctor: Get out of here and get that stretcher out of here too!

Athena: No, Doc! You don't see. Billy will die if he doesn't get his rest.

Doctor: Of course I see. If you just hang on a minute I'll call someone so that he, they can get their own room.

Athena: That is very nice of you, Doc. Thank you.

Doctor: (He leaves the room and uses the phone outside the room.) Yes, we have two crazy people down here. We need them moved up to the 5th floor immediately.

(Music plays. BUM BUMM BUMMMM)

(continues) No, they aren't dangerous. Not yet at least. Just get down here.

Back inside the room...

Murdock: Did you hear that?

Athena: I think so, but I don't know what it was.

Murdock: Okay, anyway, wasn't that nice of the doctor to get you guys your own rooms? I think so. (He was talking to the Billys.)

Athena: I think so too.

Then all of sudden two men came in and took them by the arms.

Athena: Where are you taking us?

Man #1: To the 5th floor.


Murdock and Athena: NOOOOOOO! NOT THE 5th FLOOR!

Athena: Humphrey, do you know what is on the 5th floor?

Murdock: Not a clue. Hey big buddy, what's on the 5th floor?

Man #2: That is where you two are going to be staying for a while.

Murdock: Alice, it's probably for the people who have special talent.

Athena: Oh yeah. OH NOOOOO! BIIILLYYY'S!

Murdock: What?

Athena: Our dogs!

Murdock: NO! Not our dogs. Hey men #1 and #2 we need to get back there and get our dogs.

Men #1 and #2 just laughed.

Soon afterward Mandy, Face, Jason, and George went to check up on Murdock and Athena.

When they got to the room someone was cleaning it out.

Mandy: Where is the man that was staying here?

Nurse: He and his friend were placed on the 5th floor.


Everyone looks around and decides it's nothing.

George: Why?

Nurse: Because they were caught in the ER.

Face: Doing what?

Nurse: Operating on an invisible dog.

Jason: I knew that those stupid dogs would get them into trouble one day.

George: Well, you were right. Feel better now?

Jason remained quiet. They left the room.

George: Someone has to go in there and get them out.

Face and Mandy: Got it.

Mandy and Face: I said I got it.

Face and Mandy: No, I got it!

George: Why don't you both do it?

Mandy: Fine! (She wasn't too happy because she knew that she could do it on her own.) Come on Face!

George: I love it when a plan comes together!

Jason: I know you do.

Later that afternoon...

Two doctors came to the front desk.

Doctor #1: Hi, I'm Dr. Jones. This is Dr. Pepper. (Just so you know, it's Face and Mandy.) We are here to see a Mr. Masters and a Miss Dot.

Nurse behind front desk: I'm terribly sorry, but no one is allowed to go in there.

Mandy: But we must see them.

Nurse: I'm sorry, but I can't let anyone go in and see them.

Some man behind Face and Mandy: Nurse, will you let me go and see them?

Nurse: Dr. Bombers! Oh my gosh, of course you can see them. Wow! I can't believe that it's actually you!

Dr. Bombers: Neither can I. Come on, ma'am, I need to know where they are.

Nurse: Of course. They're on the 5th floor.


Mandy: I could swear I heard... (she saw everyone was looking at her) nothing, nothing at all.

Dr. Bombers: Anyway, thank you.

Face followed him: Dr. Bombers, you can't see them.

Mandy followed them both: Face!

Face: Sshhhhh, Dr. Pepper.

Mandy: Face, this isn't Doctor Bombers.

Face: Pepper, just let me talk to him. Dr. Bombers, (followed him right into the elevator) you can't see Humphrey or Alice. You just can't!

Dr. Bombers remained quiet just stifled a little laugh every once in a while. Face kept trying to talk him out of seeing Murdock and Athena, and Mandy kept on calling him Face.

They reached Murdock's and Athena's room. (They bunked together and watched the walls melt.)

Murdock: George, Face, Mandy, how nice of you guys to drop by!

Face: Humphrey, this is not George, this is Dr. Bombers.

Dr. Bombers removed his wig and mustache.

Face: Hannibal! Why didn't you say something?

George: It was too much fun. Facegirl knew and I just wanted to see how long it would take you to figure it out.

Mandy: He is the only one of the A-Team that can never tell when it is Hannibal under his disguise.

Everyone looked at Mandy: How would you know?

Mandy: (sighed) My second cousin's friend's boyfriend's cousin's friend's father told me.

Everyone else: OHHHHH!

Murdock: So how are we gonna get out?

Mandy: Yeah, Hannibal? I mean, you just told that woman you're going to see them. You never said you were gonna take them out.

George: I know.

Face: Any plans?

George: I am open to any ideas!

Athena: Oh no! Hannibal doesn't have a plan! What are we going to do?

Mandy: I got it. Let's tie the bed covers together and...

George: Go out the window!

Mandy: YES!

George: I love it when a plan comes together.

Face: That isn't safe though. (He whined.)

Mandy: Oh, stop being a big baby and tie those sheets together!

Face: Yes, Lieutenant Deck. (He salutes.)

Mandy: That's a lot better, Lieutenant Peck. (She salutes back.)

They tied the sheets together, threw them out the window, and they all climbed down.

When they got down to the ground Mandy said: That was too easy!

All of a sudden all the nurses came out.

Face: You spoke too soon.

George: Everyone in the van. NOW!

Jason came around the corner with the van. Hannibal jumped in the front seat, Face and Mandy jumped in the back.

Murdock: Murdock! Dive! Dive! (They dove into the van, and B.A. drove off.)

Chapter 14 - The Capture

Jason steps on the gas and speeds off: Where to, Face?

Face: Beverly Hills.

Mandy: Cool, like 90210?

Face: Yes, like 90210.

Murdock: You think we should get wired now or later?

Face: We'll do it when we get in the penthouse.

Mandy: Wired? But didn't Harry find it before?

Face: These are a lot better. They fit right in your ear and they aren't very big.

Athena: Too cool. Where did you get them?

Murdock: Why, the local A-Team store of course!

Mandy and Athena laughed.

After about two hours they reached his penthouse.

Athena and Mandy sat down on a large comfy couch.

Face: Hannibal, what are we going to do now?

George: I'll think of something. Don't you worry.

Face sits down next to Mandy.

George: Why don't you girls go and rest in the master bedroom. It's gonna be a long night.

Mandy taps both Athena and Face on the legs: Okay, girls, let's go. (All three got up.) Face, (Mandy started to laugh) I was just kidding.

Face: What? (all confused) Oh yeah, okay. (Murdock, George, and Jason laugh.)

George: Let's get the wires on. We'll wire the girls later.

So they put their wires on.

George: Why don't you guys take the other two rooms?

Face: What about you guys?

George: Oh we're all PUMPED up. (George and Jason stood up and flexed their big muscles and sat back down) Plus I still need to form a plan!

Face: Ok! Night, guys.

Murdock: Faceman? What about your silk jammies?

Face: What silk jammies? I don't have silk jammies. (The door to the master bedroom opened up and Mandy threw the silk jammies at Face and closed the door again.) Okay, apparently I do. (He walked into his room.)

That night...

Harry, Sammy, James, and Barry were outside the penthouse.

Harry: Okay, that new B.A. and Hannibal are in there. Sammy, you got that tranquilizer gun?

Sammy: Yeah. Why?

Harry: That's the only way we're ever gonna get that new B.A.. He looks bigger then the original one.

Sammy: Oh, come on boss, he don't look so scary.

Harry: I don't care. Just use it!

Inside the penthouse...

George: I got an idea!

Jason: Let's hear it.

All of a sudden the door was smashed in and in step the four bad guys. Jason went over to them and took out James and Barry, while George was working on Sammy and Harry.

Mandy got up, went to her door, and opened it very carefully. She saw the fight! She didn't know what to do.

Jason walked over to Sammy and Harry.

Harry: Use it now, Sammy! (Sammy shot the tranquilizer at Jason and then at George.)

Mandy almost screamed, but covered her mouth instead.

Just then Barry and James got up and helped pick Jason and George up. They set them against the wall and searched them for any wires. Luckily they found none.

Barry: (to the unconscious Jason) You don't look so scary now. (He punched him in the stomach and screamed.)

James: What did you do? Did you hit him? (Barry nodded) You're an idiot.

The four of them took George and Jason out of the room.

Mandy ran into Face's room and woke him up: Face! Face! (She started to shake him.)

Face: Not know, Hannibal. I just got to a good dream. (He smiled.)

Mandy: Face, wake up! (He wouldn't get up. She ran into the bathroom, filled a cup up with ice-cold water, went back into the room, and spilled it on his face. He woke up screaming.)

Face: That is cold water, Hannibal! Oh, Mandy, it's you. (He got out of the bed.)

Mandy: Yes. (She looks at him.) What are you wearing? (He was wearing the silk jammies.)

Face: What do you care! (Quickly puts his bathrobe on) Now what was so important that couldn't wait until morning?

Mandy: I'm surprised you didn't even hear it.

Face: What?

Mandy: Harry, Sammy, and two other guys came in. Jason knocked the two new guys out and Harry shot a tranquilizer at Hannibal and B.A. I knew it wasn't a gun because there was no blood.

Face: What!? (He ran into the other room.) Oh boy! What are we gonna do?

Mandy: Well, it looks like the next sane person in rank, takes over. (remembering the story that Face told.)

Face: And that's me again.

Mandy: No way. That's us.

Chapter 15 - The Truth about Mandy

Face: What do you mean "us"?

Mandy: Exactly what I said. "Us." Am I speaking Russian or something?

Face: You don't know what to do! You aren't a real lieutenant!

Mandy: Well, in a way, yes I am!

Face: What are you talking about?

Mandy: You don't remember do you?

Face: Remember what?

Mandy: You don't remember! I can't believe you don't remember!

Face: Remember what?

Mandy: Me. I used to be your little Lieutenant Mandy.

Face: What in the heck are you talkin' about?

(Mandy ran into the bedroom, grabbed her wallet, and came back. She opened the wallet, took out a picture, and handed it to him.)

Face took it and looked at it. It was a picture with the full A-Team and a little girl sitting on Face's shoulders. He thought to himself: This can't be the same Mandy. Maybe she was given this picture. (Out loud:) Where did you get this?

Mandy: It's mine, Face.

Face: No, it can't be. (He walks over to the coffee table where his wallet is and takes out a picture and looks at it. It was a picture of him crouched down next to a little girl. He handed it to her.)

Mandy: Yup, that's me.

Face: But that's Tanya's little cousin.

Mandy: Yeah, not too little anymore, now am I? (The look on Face's face made Mandy believe he still didn't believe her. She took out another picture and handed it to him. After Face looked at the picture he looked at Mandy.) See? There's me about five years ago. It's the most recent picture of Tanya and myself, and that little girl is Tanya's little girl. She's not little anymore either. (Mandy realized that Face was looking at her. She asked in a soft tone:) What?

Face: Little Lieutenant Mandy. (Mandy smiled.) My little Lieutenant Mandy. (He hugged her.) Why didn't you tell me?

Mandy hugged him back: I was afraid you wouldn't believe me. That's why I made up that whole stupid story of how my friend's boyfriend's second cousin's friend's father hired you guys.

Face: Of course I would have believed you.

Mandy: And then all we did when we saw each other was fight. And it seemed like we didn't even like each other and I was afraid that if I did tell you, you wouldn't care.

Face releasing her: Of course I would care! You are OUR Little Lieutenant Mandy, the girl who has a crush on me.

Mandy: Had! Had!

Face: Yeah! Whatever! You'd like to believe that, wouldn't you?

Mandy: Shut up!

Face: You got anymore of those pictures?

Mandy: Of course I do!

They sat down on the couch.

Mandy: Here is a picture of Hannibal and myself. (The picture was a of Hannibal and Mandy. Both had cigars in their mouths. (Mandy's wasn't lit of course, only used for a prop in the picture.) Mandy had Hannibal's gloves on.)

Face: You know Hannibal really loved you. Whenever I wasn't around, you'd follow him around saying, "I love it when a plan comes together, I love it when a plan comes together, I love it when a plan comes to..."

Mandy: I get the point, Face. (They both started to laugh.) What do you mean when you weren't around?

Face: Oh sure. Whenever I was around you'd follow me around like a lost puppy. You were what? Only five at the time.

Mandy: Here is one of Murdock and me. (It was a picture of Murdock crouched down next to Mandy who had his captain's hat on, which was WAY to big for her head.) Now that one is cute. And here's one of me and B.A. (It was a picture of Mandy and B.A. in the van. Mandy was sitting on B.A.'s lap and she had her hands on the wheel looking like she was ready to drive away.) And here is my last one. (It was a picture of Face and Mandy. Mandy was sitting on Face's shoulders and covering his eyes with her hands.)

Just then Murdock came out of the room. He noticed the door was kinda smashed in.

Murdock: Hey, what happened here?

Mandy: Hannibal and B.A. where kidnapped.

Murdock: And why didn't you wake me?

Mandy: We aren't going to do anything until Hannibal contacts us.

Murdock: And how do you know they didn't find the wires?

Mandy: I saw the whole fight. So they should be contacting us soon.

Face: Murdock, this is Mandy!

Murdock: Really! It's nice to meet you, Mandy. Are you new? (He shook her hand.)

Mandy laughed.

Face: No, this is our Little Lieutenant Mandy.

Murdock: You didn't know!

Mandy: You mean you remember me?

Murdock: Not at first, but then I remembered little Mandy and how similar you looked. So I just put two and two together. Yeah, Face, this is the girl who has a crush on you.

Mandy: HAD! HAD! I am going to get Tanya for ever telling you that.

Murdock: Calm down, Lieutenant, I was just kidding.

Just then Athena came from the room.

Athena: (saw the pictures on the table) Oh good, you told him. Where're Hannibal and B.A?

Mandy: Not here!

Athena: OH YEA! HIDE AND SEEK! (She started to run around the room looking for them.)

Murdock: This looks all too familiar.

Mandy: Athena, they aren't here.

Athena: Of course they are. You know what good hiders they are.

Face: Murdock, can you please stop her?

Murdock: Aye, aye. Lieutenant. (He went over to her and put an arm around her neck.) NOOGIEEEEEEEE!



Mandy: Okay, guys, that's enough!

All of a sudden Face's wire came on.

A voice: Face you there?

Chapter 16 - A Little Talk with Hannibal and B.A.

Face: Yes, Face here.

Murdock wired Athena and Mandy up.

Voice: It's George. We found Hannibal and B.A.

Face: Good job, George.

Mandy: Did you find them or were you placed with them?

Jason: We found them, Facegirl. I broke the handle off the door of our room and we found them.

Athena: Why didn't you just break the door down?

Jason: That would of make too much noise. Crazygirl!

Athena: Oh.

George: Hannibal isn't doing all too well. It looks like he got a little too much torture.


George: Darn it all, they got a guard at the door. He was probably making his rounds when we broke in.

Murdock: Or using the powder room.

George: (ignoring Murdock) Face, I gotta get off now.

Face: Ok, George, you just take good care of the colonel and the sergeant. We will contact you as soon as we form a plan.

George: Okay. Signing off.

In the warehouse...

Hannibal and B.A. started to moan and groan.

George: Mr. Smith. Mr. Smith, are you okay?

Hannibal: (looked at B.A.) Did he just call me Mr. Smith? (B.A. nodded.) It makes me sound like an old guy. (to George) Just two questions. Who are you and what are you doing here? (He checks his pockets.) On second thought, make that three questions. Do you happen to have a cigar?

George: My name is George Johns. We are here to save you, and yes I do. (He took two cigars out. He put one in his mouth and gave the other to Hannibal.)

Hannibal: (removes the cigar from his mouth) What do mean you are here to save us?

George: It's a long and crazy story.

Hannibal: Talking about Murdock, where is he? (He asked B.A. He shrugged.)

George: They are with Athena and Mandy.

B.A.: Who?

George: Maybe I should explain. About two weeks ago, Mandy, Jason, and I were on the 5th floor of the hospital...(music plays. BUM BUMM BUMMM. Everyone looks around.) You know that is really starting to annoy me. Anyway, we were there visiting Athena. She's a little loony, to put it nicely. (He could tell that he was making this as boring as possible.) Well, to sum it up, Athena is Murdock, Mandy is Face, Jason is B.A., and I am Hannibal. And then one day, when...

Hannibal: HOLD IT! What do you mean that you are us?

George: When Mandy and Athena were younger they loved the A-Team, so Athena gave us all names.

Hannibal: Mandy who?

George: Mandy Deck.

Hannibal: (B.A. and Hannibal looked at each other at the same time.) Could it be?

B.A: I don't think so.

George: Well, when we heard that you guys were dead, Athena didn't believe it, so we created the new A-Team. And here we are.

B.A. got up and walked over to Jason: You're a good B.A.

Jason: Thanks.

B.A.: How much you lift?

Jason: 350.

B.A.: Hey, me too.

Jason: Cool.

George: Can we cut the small talk? Let's tell them everything.

So they sat down on the cold cement floor and Jason and George told them the whole story.

About a half hour later...

George: And now it's all up to the Murdocks and Faces to come up with a plan.

B.A: Hannibal, we're doomed. We got two crazy people, a pretty boy, and this Mandy girl comin' to save us.

Hannibal: Give it some time. Face will get us out of here.

All of a sudden George's earpiece went off.

Face: George, you there?

George: Yeah, I'm here.

Hannibal: George, let me talk to him. (George took it out of his ear and gave it to Hannibal.)

Face: George, you still there?

Hannibal: Hannibal here, Face. What's the plan?

Face: Hannibal! Hi! Boy, do we have a surprise for you!

Hannibal: Little Lieutenant Mandy?

Face: Yup, but she's not so little anymore.

Hannibal: Face, she's the girl who has a crush on you.

Mandy: HAD! HAD! Hannibal!

Hannibal: Just kidding. Mandy, what are you doing getting in all this mess?

Mandy: Hannibal, now just calm down. We got a plan.

Chapter 17 - The Second Capture!

Hannibal: Hey, I'm calm. You're the one who's excited, kid!

Mandy: I'm not a kid anymore! (Mandy got more agitated.)

Hannibal: Ok, why don't you just let me talk to Face?

Mandy: I AM Face!

Hannibal: Fine, why don't you just tell me the plan before my cigar goes out?

Mandy: Fine. Here's the plan. Murdock, Athena, Face, and I are going to...

Hannibal: I thought that you were Face? (he said joking around)

Mandy: This is not the time to be fooling around!

Hannibal: Go on, kid.

Mandy: We're gonna con our way in. Murdock and Face will take care of the bad guys while...

Hannibal: I don't want you fighting. Why not leave that up to Faceman and Murdock while you and Athena come look for us.

Mandy: You are impossible!

Hannibal: I know.

Mandy: Well, that's our plan.

Hannibal: I don't like it. It's too risky.

Mandy: What?

Hannibal: It's just that it's not one of mine so I don't really think it'll work.

Mandy: Like yours do?! (She said with attitude.)

Hannibal: Don't give me attitude, girlie! (He said with attitude.)

Mandy: We could go with Murdock's plan.

Hannibal: Which would be?

Murdock: What I was thinking is that, I could teach Athena how to turn invisible and I'll take care of the bad guys, because they won't see me and then Athena will find you and rescue you.

Hannibal: NO! Captain, don't do that. Mandy, we'll go with your plan. It sounds a lot better.

Mandy: I knew you would see it my way. (She smiled.)

Hannibal: Yes, yes.

Mandy: How is it the guards don't see George and Jason? Or even hear them?

Hannibal: The walls are very thick, so the guards can't hear us, the door is quite large, and there is only a little window in it so that the guard could give us our food.

Mandy: Oh, just wondering.

Hannibal: Okay, have to go now. We'll wait to hear from you guys again.

Mandy: Signing off.

In the penthouse...

Mandy: He likes the idea!

Face: Good. We sleep tonight, and tomorrow morning we con our way in. Got any ideas?

Mandy: Of course! Don't you?

Face: Not really. (He sat down on the couch next to Murdock.)

Mandy: Well, don't give it a second thought. Little Lieutenant Mandy has got an idea.

Face: What is it?

Mandy: I'll tell you tomorrow. (She yawned.) I'm just tired. Don't worry, you won't like it.

Face: What? Just tell me!

Mandy: Here, I'll give you a hint. (She kissed him on top of the head.) Night, Dad. (She walked away.)

Face: (quickly turned his head) Hold it! (Mandy stopped.) You want to do a father-daughter con?

Mandy: It's the best I could come up with.

Murdock: What about us, Facegirl?

Mandy: You and Athena are going to be real-estate sellers and we are going to buy the warehouse. That will get us in and that is how we can find Hannibal and the rest.

Athena: Nice thinking.

Face: I don't like it.

Mandy: Did I not say that?! Fine. Then Murdock, you can be my Dad.

Face: No! We'll just think of something else.

Mandy: I'm too young to be anything else. I'm 24 and you're 68. They're gonna think that it is very logical.

Face: How is it that every time we talk I am always older?

Mandy: I don't know. It's just fun! (She smiled.) Can I go to sleep now?

Face: Yeah. Get out of here.

Mandy: Don't give me that attitude! (She said with an attitude and giggled.)

Athena followed Mandy into the master bedroom while Murdock went into his room and Face went into his.

Later that night...

Murdock was teaching Athena how to make herself invisible.

Murdock: We have to do it this way. Face doesn't like Mandy's idea.

Athena: I agree.

After three hours of practicing, Athena finally got it down.

Athena wrote a note to Mandy to tell her what was happening, and she and Murdock made their way to the warehouse.

After a good half hour they finally reached it.

Murdock: Okay, time for invisibility. WHOA! Where'd you go?

Athena: I'm right here!

Murdock: Then why can't I see you?

Athena: Because I am standing behind you.

Murdock turned around: Ah, there you are. Now let's go!

They broke into the warehouse and started to look around. Soon Murdock accidentally tripped over an alarm.

Athena: Murdock! What did you do?

Murdock: Don't worry about it, Murdock, they won't see us.

The bad guys came out and circled them in.

Athena: You wanna bet!

Murdock: Uh-oh. I think our invisibility wore off.

Athena: Well, I'm not going out without a fight.

Murdock: (grabbed her) Murdock, we are one, they are many. I don't want to, but I think we're out numbered.

Athena: Oh boy.

Murdock: Hey, that's Face's line.

In the penthouse...

Mandy's earpiece went off and she sat up screaming!

Chapter 18 - Mandy and Face get Ready

Face ran into her room: Mandy! Are you okay?

Mandy: Yeah, my earpiece just went off, and it woke me up from a sound sleep. (She takes a good look at him. He is once again wearing his silk jammies.) What are you wearing?

Face: Stop it, Lieutenant!

Mandy: Sorry, it's just so funny. "And you're wearing Mr. Tony's silk jammies." (Face started laughing remembering that is what Hannibal said in '82 and then it hit him.)

Face: How do you know?

Mandy: I know a lot of things. Amy told Tanya stories and she told me.

Face: Oh.

Voice: Are you guys quite through yet?

Mandy jumped at the sound: Yes. Athena?

Athena: Yeah?

Mandy looks at the other bed, which is in her room to find that no one is sleeping in Athena's bed.

Mandy: Where did you go?

Athena: I'm in a room.

Mandy: Well, it better be the living room.

Athena: Um... no, not really.

Mandy: Captain! You are to tell me where you are right now! (Pointed her finger.)

Face: Don't point your finger at me!

Mandy: Shush!

Athena: Murdock and I are in a big room, in the warehouse.

Mandy: In the what?! Did you try to be invisible?

Athena: Yeah.

Mandy: Why?!

Athena: You and Face were fighting and I figured that if we took care of it, you wouldn't have to con your way in here.

Mandy: Athena, we would have done so anyway.

Athena: But...

Mandy: No buts about it. You did wrong and you put your life in jeopardy. I know I should be fuming mad, but I'm not. Face and I are coming.

Athena: Yes, Lieutenant. Signing off!

Mandy: She...

Face: I heard.

Mandy: Oh. Well, come on. Get working on your father techniques. (She jumps out of bed.)

Face: Now? But it's 5:00 in the morning! (He falls onto the bed.)

Mandy: Stop your whining and get moving Lieutenant. (He didn't move.)

Face: But I'm tired. (He whined yet again.)

Mandy: Awww. Move it, Lieutenant! (Face jumped up and ran into his room.)

A few hours later they were standing outside the warehouse.

Mandy: You ready, Dad?

Face: As ready as I ever will be, daughter.

Chapter 19 - The Final Capture

Face placed a pair of glasses on his face and said in a different accent, and acting like a rich man: Come Paige darling, we mustn't keep the Hammer and the Screwdriver waiting.

Mandy: Dad, that sounded really stupid.

Face: Shut up! I know that.

Mandy: You got the "money"?

Face: You bet I do. Luckily, we still had the fake money lying around. Let's go.

Mandy a little nervously: Yeah.

Face: You okay?

Mandy: Just a little nervous.

Face: Aw, come on Facegirl! There's nothing to be nervous about. We'll get out all right. The A-Team always gets out of these messes.

Mandy just smiled weakly.

Face walked up to the door and knocked.

Sammy answers the door: What do you want?!

Face: Are you Mr. Ross?

Sammy: No! (He started to close the door.)

Face stuck his foot in the way: We were supposed to meet a Mr. Logan Ross here. I was planning on buying this place and he told me I was to meet him here.

Sammy: This place is not for sale.

Face: No! You aren't going back on your word! (Sammy looked confused.) We made a deal with Ross. He said the owner was going to take 5 million. Nothing more and nothing less. (Sammy looked shocked, but was speechless.)

Mandy: Dad, why don't you show him the money?

Face: Oh, what a smart daughter I have. (He opened the briefcase.)

Sammy's eyes opened wide: Come right in, Mr...

Face: Mr. Benedict, Dirk Benedict and this is my daughter Paige.

Sammy: Come right in. (They walked in.)

Face: Here, why don't you go put this somewhere safe? (He handed Sammy the briefcase.)

Sammy: I think I will. (He wanted to run away now, but he knew he had to finish this job first. He left the room.)

Mandy: Dirk Benedict, funny.

Face: Hey, come on he's cool.

Mandy: And that's why you don't compare him to you. He's cool and you're just an old guy.

Face: Hey, so is he.

Mandy: So, but you are old, whiny, and lazy. At least he has a job!

Face: Will you lay off the old jokes?

Mandy: Sorry. (Before they knew it Sammy came back)

Face: Well, sir, why don't you show us around?

Sammy: Okay. (He led the way.)

After a half hour Face decided it was time to put their plan into action.

Face: I'm sorry to stop you, but it was a long ride, and I was wondering if I could use your lavatory?

Sammy: What?

Face: Bathroom.

Sammy: Oh yes, Barry, show this man to the bathroom.

Mandy noticed that Barry had a bandage around his arm. She silently laughed to herself, knowing that an unconscious Jason did that to him.

Mandy: I'm going to go with them. It looks like my nose could use a little powdering.

Sammy just smiled.

Mandy quickly walked up to Face: You ready?

Face: Don't ask.

Soon they reached their destination.

Mandy: Dad, why don't you go first?

Face: Why, thank you.

A few minutes later Face started to bang on the door.

Face: I can't open the door! It's jammed!

Barry: Push on it!

Face: I know that! That's what I am doing!

Barry took a hold of the handle: You push and I'll pull.

Face held tight to the handle in the bathroom so it wouldn't open. After a few seconds of Barry pulling and Face holding, Face finally let go of the door. The door flew opened and hit Barry right in the face. Face came out and punched him once right square in the face and he was out cold.

Mandy: Nice job, Face.

Face: Thanks.

Meanwhile in a room not too far away...

Athena: You think the Face's will find us? (She and Murdock were handcuffed together.)

Murdock: Of course. Don't you worry, Little Murdock. Face and Little Face will find us and save us. Billy! There you are! You're all right! And you have a friend!

Athena: BILLY! (They started to play with their invisible dogs.)

Murdock and Athena: Go, go Billy. Go see Murdock.

Athena and Murdock: (They picked up the invisible dogs and the dogs started to lick their faces.) Awww, he likes me. (They put the dogs down.)

Murdock: I think they're friends. Look how nice they look when they sleep.

Athena: Yeah, and their little tongues hanging out of their mouths. (She yawned.)

Murdock: Tired?

Athena: Yeah, and I don't even know if it's night or day. (She propped her elbow on a box behind her and laid her head on her fist.)

Murdock: Come on, that's not comfortable. Put your head on my shoulder.

Athena: Thanks, Murdock. (She placed her head on his shoulder.)

Murdock: That's what I'm here for.

Athena: You're right, it's a lot softer and comfier.

Murdock: Wish I could take credit, but I think it's this old leather jacket.

Athena quietly laughed and fell right asleep.

Murdock: Athena? (He looked at her and saw she was already asleep. He placed his head against Athena's and fell asleep.)

Back to Mandy and Face...

Face: According to Murdock, he and Athena are three doors past the bathroom on the left.

Mandy: One (walked), two (walked some more), three. (She stopped. Face kept on walking.) Face? Three, right here. Did you forget how to count, too, or are you just hard of hearing?

Face: No, I was just scouting ahead.

Mandy: Oh, sorry.

Face took out his lock picks, but before he could act Mandy pulled a bobby pin from her hair and stuck it in the door.

Face: Hey! What are you doing? That's never gonna work.

Mandy ignored him and jiggled the pin. The lock clicked and she opened the door.

Face: How?

Mandy: I guess all those hours listening to Tanya's stories paid off. Awww. (She noticed the two sleeping Murdocks.) Face, look.

Face: Awwww.

Athena started to move around and it woke Murdock up.

Murdock: Hey Faces you made it! As Hannibal would say, "I love it when a plan comes together!"

All of a sudden someone pulled a gun on Face and Mandy.

Murdock: Maybe not.

Chapter 20 - The Escape?

Sammy: Nice try, Faceman. I checked the money out. It's fake!

Face: What are you talking about?

Harry: Hit him.

Before Face could even make a move James hit him in the jaw.

Face: Ugh!

James took hold of Face and pushed him over toward Murdock and Athena and Face fell on top of them.

Sammy took hold of Mandy and pushed her toward them and she fell too.

Harry: I've got you all now. I'll be back in one hour and then it's nighty-night for the A-Teams. (He closed the door.)

Mandy starts to break down: Oh my gosh! We're going to die, aren't we? We're never going to get out of here.

Face: Mandy, don't worry. I bet Hannibal has a plan right now. Right, Hannibal? (He was talking over the wire.)

Hannibal: Uh... we're working on it.

Murdock: Don't you worry, Little Fighting Nighthawk Commando. Remember the first commandment of a Nighthawk Commando is "Never say die."


Hannibal, B.A., Jason, and George are all thinking of a plan.

Jason walks over to the door and starts to push on it.

B.A: I all ready tried it, Jason. They made it especially for me, so even I can't open it. That door is too big and way too heavy to push open.

Jason: I wasn't thinking about pushing it open. (He walked back to the other side of the room.) Okay, now everyone stay clear.

B.A: What are you going to do?

Jason: Just watch. (He ran as hard as he could toward the door and smashed it open. Then he grabbed his shoulder.)

George: You okay?

Jason: Yeah, just a little shooting pain in my shoulder. (A few seconds later:) Okay, I'm good.

B.A: You're a crazy foo'. Nice job, but you're still a crazy foo'.

Jason: Why?

B.A: Because it made a lot of noise.

George: Come on, guys, we can argue about the noise later.

Jason: Fine.

B.A: Hannibal, are you going to be able to walk?

Hannibal: Oh yeah.

George: Okay, let's go. (Into his wire:) Face, you there?

In the other room...

Face: Yeah. Where are you guys?

George: We're in the hallway.

Jason: Where are you guys?

Murdock: Three doors down from the bathroom. (Jason, George, B.A. and Hannibal had just passed them. Murdock saw this through the little window in the door.) Hi. You just passed us.

They turned around and B.A. smashes the door in.

Mandy and Athena: WOW!

Murdock: Second Commandment, never say wow.

Mandy: Where's Jason?

Sammy: I got you all together now.

Murdock: The third Fighting Nighthawk Commandment is, never leave the door open.

Mandy: Good one.

Harry and Sammy shoved George, B.A., and Hannibal toward the others.

Sammy: Now, where is the other big guy?

Face: Right behind you. (He pointed behind them.)

Jason took hold of their heads and smashed them together. They were out cold.

George: Nice, B.A.!

Jason: Thanks.

Face and Murdock grabbed the two guns on the ground.

Hannibal and B.A. hugged Mandy.

Hannibal: Little Lieutenant Mandy. Boy, have you grown.

Athena: Hannibal! You're okay! (She gave him A BIG HUG.)

Hannibal: Mandy, you wanna tell me who this is?

Mandy: This is... (Athena wouldn't let go.) Athena let go of him! He has to breathe!

Athena: Oh, okay. (She let go.)

Mandy: This is Athena Williams. She is the one who decided to make the New A-Team.

Hannibal: Well it's a pleasure to meet you. (Under his breath, he added:) And to breathe again.

Murdock: So how did you guys get in?

Mandy: He was Dirk Benedict.

Hannibal started laughing: I guess that makes me George Peppard! (Everyone laughed.)

Face: Come on, guys. Let's get out of here.

Mandy was first out the door. Murdock pulled her back: The fourth one is, let us lead.

So they left the room. Murdock was leading because he was excited and ran in front of everyone, Face and B.A. were behind him, then Jason and George helping Hannibal, and Mandy and Athena. While walking very quietly down the hallway someone grabbed Athena and Mandy, and covered their mouths with their hands.

Chapter 21 - Athena and Mandy's Adventure

Mandy and Athena were trying to scream but they couldn't. They finally stopped trying.

James: We can use these two girls for bait to get to the others.

Barry: We sure can.

Mandy looked at Athena and Athena nodded. Mandy nodded back.

Simultaneously Mandy and Athena elbowed both guys in the stomach. James and Barry let go and doubled over. The two girls turned around and shoved their thumbs into their eye sockets. When Barry and James covered their eyes in pain, still doubled over, Mandy and Athena bashed them over the heads and Barry and James fell to the ground out cold.

Mandy: And my parents said I wouldn't learn anything from watching TV.

Athena just laughed.

Mandy: What are we going to do?

Athena: Well, when Murdock and I broke in here, I saw a shiny helicopter on top of the warehouse.

Mandy: How could you see it?

Athena: Well, there were lights on the top of the roof and I saw the outline of a helicopter.

Mandy: Oh, that's it.

Athena: Quiet, Mandy. Now come on. We have to find our way to the roof of this place. Then we can CB the police and tell them to get over here.

Mandy: For a crazy girl, you sure know what to do.

Athena: That's why I'm the Captain. Come on, let's go.


Murdock: Where are Athena and Mandy?

Everyone stopped and bumped into everyone else.

Hannibal: What?!

Chapter 22 - Mandy and Athena's Adventure Continues!

All of a sudden everyone's earpieces went off.

Athena: Breaker breaker. Little Captain to the big guys. You read us?

Murdock: Yeah, big fellow number 2 to little Captain, we read you loud and clear.

Mandy: Guys, don't worry about us. We're on our way out of here. We're going for help.

Hannibal: Good thinking there, Lieutenant.

Mandy: Well, I can't take all the credit.

Hannibal: (He knew what she was talking about. Of course he did, he was the colonel.) Nice going, Athena.

Athena: Thanks, Colonel.

Mandy: We are going to go find a CB or a phone and get a hold of the police.

Hannibal: Okay. Keep in touch.

Mandy: Gotcha, Hannibal. Over and out. Athena, do you have any clue how to reach the roof?

Athena: Yes.

Mandy: Really?

Athena: We go up.

Mandy: Why didn't I think of that?

Athena lead the way. Even though she was crazy, she was still higher in rank than Mandy.

After walking around for a few minutes, they found a staircase going up.

Athena: I found one.

Suddenly, Mandy heard guards coming. She grabbed Athena, covered her mouth because she would not be quiet, and hid in the dark.

Guard: The A-Teams are out on the loose. Split up. You two go that way. The rest follow me.

When everyone was gone Athena said: That was a close one.

Mandy ignored her and talked into her wire: George? George, you there?

George: Yeah, I'm right here. What's up, Mandy?

Mandy: George, there are four extra men coming your way.

George: Thanks a lot. Okay, over and out.

Mandy: Come, Captain, we have to go up.

Athena allowed Mandy to lead this time.

When they reached the top of the stairs they saw another staircase and another and another.

After climbing three long staircases they were exhausted.

Guard: What are you doing here?

Mandy: Um... (She noticed a piece of string hanging from the ceiling. She knew that all she had to do was pull on it and hopefully, a door to the roof would fall open. She looked at Athena, caught her eye, then looked at the string. Athena followed her gaze, saw it, and nodded.)

Guard: I asked you who you are! (Another guard came over.)

Guard Number two: Tell us who you are, or we will kill you.

Mandy: Athena, I think they got us this time.

Athena: I think so Mandy.

Mandy: Besides I'm too tired to beat up another guy.

Athena: Same here.

Guard Number one: Just carefully put your hands up.

Mandy: I thought you'd never ask.

They put their hands up and pulled down on the string. It opened a ladder that landed right on top of the guards and knocked them out.

Athena: Add another point to our list.

Mandy: Let's go.

Mandy went up and Athena followed. The ladder took them to a dead end.

Mandy: What is this?

Athena: This is why I should have gone first.

Mandy: Just tell me what to do.

Athena: All you have to do is push the top open and push it to the side.

Mandy pushed as hard as she could and the hatch popped open. She moved it to the side and climbed out. Athena climbed out too.

Mandy: How did you know to do that?

Athena: We used to have the same thing on my old house.

Mandy: Oh. Hey, I see the helicopter.

Athena: Oooooh where!? Where!?

Mandy: Ssshhh! It's over there. (She pointed to the other side of the roof) But there are about five guards around it.

Athena: What are we gonna do?

Mandy: I'm not gonna like this, but while I distract them you go and steal the chopper.

Athena: What? That's suicidal! You don't want to do that.

Mandy: Oh yes, I do. I'm a nutburger and a homicidal maniac. (She was repeating one of Hannibal's lines from some years ago.)

Athena: Don't get funny now, Mandy.

Mandy: Sorry, just trying to lighten the mood.

Athena: We need a better plan.

Mandy: It's the only one I can think of.

Athena: Mandy, I should be the one distracting them. I'm the crazy one!

Mandy: Yeah, and you're the only one who knows how to fly.

Athena: There has to be a better way.

Mandy: But there isn't. Anyway, I have an advantage.

Athena: And what would that be?

Mandy: Not only am I younger than them, but I can run faster too.

Athena: When there's five guys chasing you with guns?

Mandy: Especially then! I don't like the sound of it, but it's all I can do.

Athena: Fine, so what are we gonna do?

Mandy: Here's the plan. As soon as I get their attention, you run to the helicopter and fly it over to the other side of the roof. I'll jump in, and then we call the police and stay in the air until we see the guys come out.

Athena: What if you miss the helicopter?

Mandy: I won't miss.

Athena: But what if you do?

Mandy: Don't pressure me with what ifs. One thing at a time. Just make sure that you're over there fast!

Athena: Fine. Good luck, Mandy.

Mandy: Yeah, I'm gonna need it.

Athena hid in the shadows until Mandy got their attention. Mandy walked out right into the open.

Guard Number whatever: It's that Mandy girl. Get her! You know what to do if she resists.

All the guards ran after her. Athena quietly ran over to the helicopter and jumped in.

Athena: Shoot! There're no keys!

Chapter 23 - Mandy and Athena's Adventure Finale

Mandy runs for her life.

Another guard: Stop! Or we'll shoot!

Mandy kept on running. She saw a smokestack up ahead. Lucky for her, it was near the edge of the roof.

Yet, another guard: Shoot!

They all stopped running and started to shoot at Mandy.

Athena saw everything that was happening. She said into the wire: Mandy, dive!

Mandy heard Athena's warning and dove behind the smokestack right before the guards started to shoot at her.

Athena: What am I going to do!?


All the guys heard it in their earpieces.

Hannibal: Athena, what's going on out there?

Athena was not ready to tell him what was happening yet so she turned off her wire.

George: Athena, Athena, you there?

Hannibal: Don't worry, kid. They're probably just playing around.

If only they knew.

Back to the girls...

Athena: Why does it seem like they have an endless amount of ammo?

Mandy: Athena? Where are you?

Athena decided she had to connect the wire back together to talk to Mandy. Who cares if the others hear: Mandy you there?

Inside all the guys stopped and listened.

Mandy: Athena, where are you?!

Hannibal: Better question, where are you guys?

They ignored him.

Athena: There aren't any keys.

Mandy: What! What do you mean no keys?

Athena: Keys, you know those things you have to put in the ignition to start something up. Well, they ain't here!

Mandy: Oh my gosh! I am going to die.

Murdock: Remember the first commandment. Little Fighting Night...

Mandy: Murdock, stop it. I'm in real trouble here and I'm scared.

Face: Where are you?

Mandy: Um... In the line of fire?

B.A. and Jason: Say what!?

Mandy: I'll explain to you later.

Hannibal: Are you meaning to tell me there are guys shooting at you?

Mandy: No, I'm in a burning room.

Murdock: Oh, that's a lot better.

Face, Jason, George, B.A., and Hannibal all looked at him. They knew she was being sarcastic.

Murdock: What?

Mandy: Murdock, yes, there are about five guys out here shooting at me and it seems as though they have an endless amount of ammo.

Athena: Hey that's the same thing I said.

Mandy: Really? How cool is that? (Suddenly remembered where she was.) Help me here!

Athena: Face, tell me how to hotwire this thing.

Face: What is it?

Athena: What does it matter?

Face: It matters. If it's a car you have to...

Mandy: Face, cut the small talk and tell her how to hotwire a helicopter! (She was quite scared.)

Face: Okay. Under the controls there should be a panel. Open it up.

Athena: Got it. Wow, it looks like Christmas in here!

Face: What colors do you have?

Athena: Green, red, and blue.

Face: Ok. Cut the red and blue one and put them together.

Athena: Cut them with what?

Face: Find something sharp.

Athena looked around for anything, but couldn't find anything. She did see a window on the little utility room on top of the warehouse. She grabbed the small fire extinguisher from the chopper and got out. She ran over to the window and threw the extinguisher at the window, making the glass break. She reached in and grabbed wire cutters, cutting herself in the process as usual.

Athena: Ow!

Murdock: What are you doing?

Athena: Playing with glass.

Murdock: That's never good.

Athena: I had to break the window to get the wire cutters out of the shed.

Murdock: Ohhh. What shed?

Athena: Never mind!

Athena went back into the chopper, cut the wires and put the red and blue one together. The chopper started up.

Athena: We have lift off!

Face: Nice job. Now go get Mandy and get out of here.

Athena: Will do. Signing off. (She started to sing "Bum bum bum, bum bum bum...")

Athena flew the bird over to the other side of the roof.

Athena: Ah, buttons! Yea! Fun! (She flew over to Mandy and started to play with the buttons. As Mandy was getting up and waiting for a lull in the shooting, Athena accidentally hit the button that said "Automatic weapon". Two guns came out from the helicopter and started shooting.)

Mandy: AHHHH! (She jumped down onto her stomach and covered her head with her hands.)

The guards stopped shooting and a different guard said: Return fire. (When they tried to, they couldn't.) What? What happened to our endless amount of ammo? Everyone, reload!

By this time Athena found the button to turn off the automatic weapons and came closer to Mandy. Mandy got up and ran to the helicopter. By this time the guards had their weapons all reloaded and returned fire.

Mandy jumped into the chopper: Athena, get us out of here!

Athena flew away from the warehouse promising that as soon as they got hold of the police they would come back.

Mandy grabbed the CB in the helicopter: Hello, anyone out there?

Athena: Come on, you can do better then that.

Mandy: Fine. Breaker Breaker! We need a smokey. Do we have one out there?

Athena: We are in a helicopter, not a truck.

Mandy: Why don't you make up my mind!

Athena: I would, but it's not crazy enough.

Voice over the CB: Yeah, I'm a Marshal. What can I do for you, little lady?

Mandy: We found the warehouse that Harry 'the hammer' and Sammy 'the Screwdriver' have been staying in, and they have six innocent men in there.

Marshal: Where is this warehouse?

Mandy: It's right outside of Beverly Hills.

Marshal: I know where you are and I'm coming to get you.

Mandy: Um, is that a good thing?

Marshal, not exactly understanding: I'm going to send Colonel Decker out there with his team. Thanks and bye.


Athena: What?

Mandy: He's sending Colonel Decker out here.


Mandy: We gotta tell the others.

Athena just nodded.

Mandy talked into her wire: Face, you there?

Inside the warehouse...

Face: Yeah, I'm here. What's up?

Mandy: Are you guys still running from Decker?

Face: I wouldn't worry about it. He probably isn't alive any longer.

Mandy: Well, you're wrong.

Face: What?

Mandy: When I tried to get a hold of the police and told them where we are, a marshal told us that he was going to send Decker and his team.

Everyone: What?

Mandy: So I take it you guys are still running?

Face: Yeah! We never got a pardon. Plus I don't think he ever found out that we were never killed in '87.

Mandy: Well, we'll think of something. (Face didn't answer.) Face? Face, are you still there?

Face: Oh no.

Chapter 24 - The Fight!

The guys were surrounded by about a dozen men, Harry and Sammy among them.

Harry: Put your weapons down nice and easy.

Considering they only had two, which George and Hannibal were holding, they didn't move.

Sammy: What's the matter? You hard of hearing?

George: No, but if there's one thing that I know about the A-Team, it's that we don't give up without a good fight.

Hannibal: Nicely put.

Face: What are you doing? (Everyone ignored him.)

Harry started to laugh: I like the spunk you have! Okay, fine by me. We'll fight.

Face to Murdock: You know they don't make bad guys like they use to.

Murdock: Is that good or bad?

Face: I don't know, but we're still alive.

While that unimportant conversation was going on...

Jason: So we'll ALL put down our weapons and try to kill each other like civilized people?

Harry: We can kill you now. (He aimed his gun at Jason.)

George: Frankly, I think the odds are slightly in your favor of hand fighting.

Harry had his guys put down all their weapons. Hannibal and George put down theirs.

They were all set and ready when George made a "T" with his hands and called out: Time! (He turns around.) Okay, guys, huddle.

They all got into a huddle.

George: Jason, you start bashing some heads together.

Jason: Yes!

George: B.A., you and I will go after Harry and Sammy. Hannibal and Murdock, take on as many guys as you can.

Face: What about me?

George: Just don't get yourself killed.

Hannibal: Who's the colonel now?

George to himself: "Where did I hear that before?" (Out loud:) Sorry. Anything else?

Hannibal: Nope. Good plan, Colonel.

George just smiled.


Harry: Are we done now?

George: You sure are.

Harry and Sammy: Ooooooooo!

George: Jason, go! Come on, B.A.

They all ran toward Harry and his men. Jason jumped on top of two guys, picked them up, and bashed their heads together really hard. Another guy came up to him and punched him in the face. Jason didn't even move a muscle, but just punched him, and before he fell down Jason picked him up, and threw him at the other guy running toward him.

Murdock spoke into the wire: Mandy, where's the help?

Mandy: It's coming.

Athena: But until that time, here's a little help BUM BUM BUM BUM BUM BUM.

Murdock: What are you doing? That really isn't the help I was looking for.

Athena: Fine! (She stopped.)

Murdock: I didn't say to stop.

Athena: Fine! (So both Mandy and Athena started.)


George went after Harry while B.A. went after Sammy.

George jumped on top of Harry and they started to fight. George got two good punches in before Harry punched him good and hard in the face. It being the first time he was hit, he fell back a few steps.

He grabbed his jaw and said: Ow.

B.A. punched Sammy really hard, and he fell to the ground. B.A. walked over to Harry, hit him, and he fell down. Then B.A. walked over to George: You okay?

George: Yeah, I'll live.

Harry and Sammy got up and staggered over to B.A. and George. B.A. took them by their collars and was about to smash their head together when George said: B.A., may I?

B.A.: Sure. Here you go.

George: Thanks. (He took their collars and smashed their heads together.)


One guy was holding Face while another was hitting him in the stomach.

Hannibal rushed over to him, took the guy who was punching him and beat him up. Face got free, turned around, and beat that guy up.

Hannibal: The only thing asked of you was to stay alive. But could you do that? Noooooo.

Face: Funny Hannibal, funny.


Murdock was running around beating up the guys who weren't knocked out by Jason. Suddenly, he noticed his shoes were untied, so he stood still. Two bad guys saw this from opposite directions and ran toward him. At the same time Murdock bent over to tie his shoes, the two bad guys jumped at him. They missed Murdock, collided into each other, and fell to the ground.

Murdock stood up, saw the guys on the ground and said: Face was right. They don't make bad guys like they used too.

Just then from the helicopter Mandy and Athena heard: RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!

Athena: Hey, the cops are finally here.

Chapter 25 - The Meeting

Mandy: We got company.

Hannibal: Good, we've got everything cleaned up in here.

Face: Hannibal, we should be getting out of here. I mean before Decker gets here.

Hannibal: What, and miss his expression? I don't think so.

Athena: Um... He's on his way in there now.

Murdock: That was fast.

George: Come on, guys. Let's get going.

Everyone was on the way out. George led the way, Jason followed, then B.A, Murdock, Hannibal, and Face.

Athena landed the helicopter. The A-Team came out of the warehouse and ran over to the chopper and jumped in. At the same time Decker stepped out of his car and ran to the chopper. The Marshal pulled up behind him.

Mandy screamed out to Decker: Harry and his gang are in the warehouse.

Decker: Thank y... (He walked up to the chopper and apparently saw Face.) Peck?

Face turned around: Decker!

Decker: Peck! I got you now!

Hannibal: That's what you think! Hit it, Athena!

Athena quickly operated the controls and they took off, Hannibal laughing at Decker's expression of utter defeat.

Athena flew over to the apartment and landed on the roof. They all got out and went inside.

Inside, they all plopped down on the couch and chairs.

Mandy: You guys can take the bedrooms, we can sleep out here.

Face: That's nice. Thanks. (Nobody moved.)

Murdock: Say, are we a groovy happening bunch of guyzzz, or what? ZZZZZZZZZ.

Everyone laughed and they all stood up.

Athena: Considering we're all up, I think a group hug is in order.

Jason and B.A. walked away: We don't do group hugs.

George was about to open his mouth when Mandy: May I?

George: All right, but just this once.

Mandy: Thanks. You two get over here now. This is not a request, it's a demand. And considering that I am higher rank then both of you, you have to obey my orders.

B.A. and Jason looked at Hannibal.

Hannibal: Don't look at me. You got a direct order by Lieutenant Mandy. Now get over here.

They did so and they had a REALLY BIG GROUP HUG!

Everyone went into the rooms, except for Mandy and Athena. They slept on the couch and the loveseat.

Murdock got up early in the morning to start making a big breakfast.

Soon everyone was up and in the kitchen getting ready to sit down and eat, when all of a sudden the phone rang. Hannibal answered it.

Chapter 26 - The Pardon

Hannibal: Hello?

Decker: Colonel Smith, this is Decker. The Pentagon called me and told me to let you know that, on the advisement of a certain Marshal, you guys are getting a pardon.

Hannibal: What!?

Decker: You heard me colonel.

Hannibal: Why, Colonel, you don't sound too happy.

Decker: Why would I? I know what you guys really are.

Hannibal: And what would that be?

Decker: Just you never mind. You four better be down in D.C. within the next 48 hours.

Hannibal: Yes sir. Good-bye.

Decker didn't say anything and just hung up on him.

Hannibal: Hmmm, that was rude. (He hung up the phone.)

Mandy: Who was that, Hannibal?

Hannibal: That was Colonel Decker. Apparently, we have been pardoned. (Murdock and Face practically choked on their food.)

B.A.: What?

Hannibal: You heard me. (He takes out a cigar and lights it.) I love it when a plan comes together!

Mandy: Face, are you okay? I knew you were old, but I thought you still had enough teeth to chew with.

Face, with his mouth still full: Shut up.

Murdock, who has swallowed his food: Faceman, don't talk with your mouth full. (Face glares at him.) So, Hannibal, we're finally normal, huh?

B.A.: Not you, foo'! You ain't never gonna be normal! When do we need to be there?

Athena: Wait wait wait!

Everyone looks at her.

B.A.: Shut up, foo', I'm askin' a question.

Athena: Excuse me. I just thought you guys might wanna consider the possibility that this could be just another one of Decker's traps.

Hannibal: It's okay, kid. We're supposed to be there in the next 48 hours.

B.A: Say what?

Hannibal: In the next 48 hours.

B.A: That means we're gonna have to fly.

Murdock: Yes, it does, big buddy.

B.A.: Oh no!

Hannibal: Don't worry about it so much, B.A.

They all went and packed their suitcases.

Hannibal: Face, it looks like one last scamming is needed.

Face: I thought I would never hear that. Sure, I'll get right on it.

Within the next five hours, Jason and George decided to go with them, while the girls had an idea of their own.

Face scammed a plane and they got prepared to say their good-byes.

Mandy: So, when are you guys supposedly getting back?

Hannibal: We won't be getting our pardon until the day after tomorrow, Wednesday, so we should be back on Thursday night.

Murdock: Are you sure you girls don't want to come with us?

Athena: We would like to, but Mandy and I have other plans.

Murdock: Oh, something more important than us?

Athena: Yeah, you got a problem with that! (She and Murdock started to laugh.)

Face: Okay. Bye, gals. (More hugs were given. When Face went to Mandy he said:) Just don't destroy my penthouse.

Mandy: Have I ever let you down before?

Face: No, but just be careful.

Mandy: You know we... I will. And don't worry about Athena, I'll keep her calm.

They all left.

Mandy rushed to the phone and dialed a number.

Voice at the other end: Hello?

Chapter 27 - The End or the Beginning?

Mandy: Hi, Tanya.

Tanya: Mandy?

Mandy: Yeah.

Tanya: Where are you?

Mandy: In Beverly Hills.

Tanya: With whom?

Mandy: Well, right now, just Athena, but Templeton, Hannibal, Murdock, B.A., Jason, and George just left.

Tanya: What?

Mandy: Surprise! We're the new A-Team.

Tanya: What are you talking about? (Mandy was always a little strange.)

Mandy: Okay, here is a quick summary. The guys got a pardon and are on their way to D.C. to get it, and I want to throw a party for them.

Tanya: Mandy, you aren't making any sense!

Mandy: Just get a hold of Amy and get down here. We will pick you up at the airport.

Tanya: What?

Mandy: Just come on.

Tanya: Mandy, I can't.

Mandy: Well, I outrank you and I want you and Amy out here on the next plane. (She hung up.)

Athena: Is she coming?

Mandy: I hope so.

Athena: What's next?

Mandy: Got to get a hold of Frankie.

Athena: All ready got the number.

Mandy: Great.

Athena: He's just outside of town.

Mandy: Great. Well, get him down here soon.

Meanwhile in the plane...

B.A.: Hannibal, I just felt the plane leave the ground!

Hannibal: That is quite normal.

B.A.: Hannibal, we're in the air. I'm gonna tell Murdock to land. (He got up.)

Hannibal: Face.

Face: I got it. (He took out the medicine and needle and stuck it in B.A. He fell to the floor.)

Hannibal: I love it when B.A. comes together!

The next day Tanya called Mandy to tell her that she and Amy are in town and need to be picked up.

Mandy: That was Tanya, her plane came in.

Athena: You were supposed to be there when her plane got in.

Mandy: So sorry. (She grabbed her jacket.) I'm leaving you here. Don't destroy the house.

Frankie: Don't worry, Mandy, I'll watch her.

Mandy: Don't just watch her, keep her out of trouble. Remember, she can get quite out of hand.

Frankie: Righty-o! I'll keep her in line.

Mandy: I hope so. Thanks a lot.

Frankie: No problem.

Mandy just smiled and went into her vette. She knew it would be a tight squeeze, but it's the best she could get.

When she got there, Tanya was waiting for her. They met and hugged.

Tanya: Mandy, this is Amy.

Mandy: Yes, Tanya told me all about you. (They shook hands.)

Amy: Likewise.

Mandy: Come on. I'll explain everything on the way.

When they got into the vette, Mandy told them every little detail.

Tanya: I can't believe Face didn't remember you!

Mandy: Talking about Face, you told the WHOLE A-Team that...

Tanya interrupts her: Yeah. You were five, it was just so cute.

Mandy: Well, they still tease me.

Tanya: Sorry.

Mandy: You best be!

Tanya: Shush, little girl!

Mandy went on to tell them all about the fight and the pardon.

They finally reached the apartment building.

Amy: So, you want to throw them a party?

Mandy: Yup. We have a lot to do before Thursday night.

For the next two days they were very busy decorating the apartment and making food.

Meanwhile in D.C...

Wednesday night, the A-team finally got their pardon.

Hannibal: Well, guys. We are finally normal people.

Murdock: Speak for yourself.

Decker came out of his office.

Decker: I can't believe after all that time of tryin' to catch you guys, you finally got pardoned.

Hannibal: Well, thanks a lot for helpin' us get our pardon.

Decker: I did nothing. I was fully against this!

Murdock: Chill out, dude!

Decker just ignores the odd one and leaves.

George: Okay, that was a little weird.

Hannibal: Yup, that's Decker for you.

Jason: Let's get going.

Murdock: You want to go back and get changed?

Hannibal: No, I just want to go home.

Face: Home. It has a certain little ring to it.

B.A: Lets go!

And they all left.

Murdock called Mandy up.

Murdock: Mandy, we'll be home tomorrow by five.

Mandy: Okay. Bye.

In the penthouse...

Mandy: Okay guys they'll be home by five tomorrow.

Tanya: We're all done.

Mandy: Good. (She plopped down on the sofa.)

The next day, Athena is sitting around watching "Star Trek."

Mandy walks through the room and glances at the screen: That looks like Murdock.

Athena: You're right, he does.

Tanya comes into the room: Hey guys, they are out there.

Athena runs to the window: Ooooooo, and they're wearing their uniforms.

Mandy: Come on, Athena. Get over here. (They turned off the lights and got ready.)

The guys entered the room, turned on the lights, and everyone screamed: SURPRISE!

They all looked surprised.

Hannibal: Tanya! Amy! Frankie! (Another BIG GROUP HUG!)

Murdock's eyes widened: CANDY! (He ran to the table of food and candy and dove right in. Everyone else joined too.)

After a good hour, Tanya said: Okay, guys, group picture.

B.A. and Jason groaned.

Mandy: Come on, guys, for old time's sake.

B.A.: Fine.

Face, Hannibal, Murdock, and B.A. lined up against the wall in that order.

Mandy stood between Face and Hannibal with her arms around their shoulders. George stood between Hannibal and Murdock. He took out a cigar and his gloves. Athena stood between Murdock and B.A. She took Murdock's uniform cap off his head and put it on hers. Jason stood next to B.A and the two of them flexed their muscles.

Face: So, Hannibal, this is finally the end.

Hannibal: Nope, this is finally the beginning.

Tanya: Smile. (She snapped the picture.)

Everything freezes.