Thanks to my friend Kristin, (H.M. Murdock), I caught the Jazz, with out her help I would never of been able to write this story

Authors Note: This story my be a little confusing to read. So I wrote it in script mode and hope that you do enjoy it.

Summary: The A-team has been declared dead because no one has seen them for almost a year. All but four people believe this rumor and they bring it upon themselves to create the new A-team and look for the others.

Time: present day.

FaceGirl- Mandy Deck (age 24)
B.A.- Jason Pepper (age 23)
Murdock- Athena Williams (age 25)
Hannibal- George Johns (age 26)

The New A-Team part two: Breaking Murdock Out!

Mandy: (pacing back and fourth) Okay how about this? (she puts on a white over coat and grabs a clipboard which is on top of a cabinet) Hi. I am Dr. Yanish (she spoke in a British accent). I am here to bring a Ms. Murdock to England with me to... (she was interrupted by Hannibal's laughter. She slams the clipboard onto the cabinet) What!? I asked for you to help me, not to insult me.

George: I am sorry, but Yanish, I think is Russian not British!

Mandy: Oh.

George: Anyways no.

Mandy: Why not?

George: That's a Templeton Peck original. Think of your own ideas.

Mandy: Fine! (she hits the cabinet and the clipboard fell behind the cabinet) Great! Hannibal can you help me out here?

George: All right get the other side. (she did and they tried to pull the cabinet out together, but it didn't work.)

Mandy: (Let go of her side) B.A.!

Jason: What Face?

Mandy: Can you please help us out here? My clipboard fell behind here.

Jason: Sure. (He grabs hold of the cabinet and very easily he moves it.)

Mandy: (grabs the clipboard) Thanks.

Jason: Sure.

George and Jason started to talk and Mandy thought of a good idea.

Mandy: Hannibal! I got it! (He turns around and Mandy runs over to them) Nurse! Nurse! I need my sister Murdock now!

George: (playing around) What is it?

Mandy: Our mother is dying!

George: (Puts his gloves on and a cigar in his mouth) Perfect Face! Perfect!

Mandy: Good! Now I still need a disguise. The nurses now me and they know that Murdock is not my sister.

George: You know. I am not supposed to be helping you out here.

Mandy: Come on Hannibal. This is my first time doing this!

George: Okay. Make-up.

Later that day

Mandy has a short brown hair wig on and tons of make-up. No one could tell that she was Mandy Deck

Mandy: (runs to the front desk of the hospital) Nurse! Nurse!

Nurse: How can I help you?

Mandy: (puts up her finger to wait a minute so that she can catch her breath) I need my sister.

Nurse: What is your sister's name?

Mandy: You probably know her by the name 'Murdock'.

Nurse: Oh yes. Now why do you need her?

Mandy: I need her released right now! Our mother is on her deathbed and she wants all of her daughters there!

Nusre: Of course! Ms...

Mandy: Nancy. Just call me Nancy.

Nurse: I need you to fill out some of these forms and you can take her out.

Mandy: Sure (she did a mistake and signed it Mandy Deck. Instead of Nancy Hills)

Nurse: She is in room 501.

Mandy: Thank you. (and she ran to the room).

When she got there Murdock was playing with a slinky.

Mandy: Hey Murdock!

Athena: Oooooooooooo! Look at the pretty COLORS! OOOooooooooooooo! FUNNNN!

Mandy: Murdock! I am breaking you out of here! (Mandy throws Athena's jacket at her) Let's go!

Athena: Fine! Be that way Face!

Mandy: Now mother is dying and we are going to see her. I am your sister Nancy.

Athena: Got it! (she and Mandy leaves the room)

Nurse #2: (Nurse #2 is a young man) Can I ask you what you are doing with Murdock?

Mandy: This is my sister and our mother is dying and is asking for all of her sisters to be there.

Nurse #2: I am sorry.

Athena: Oh no I forgot Billy!

Mandy: You can get Billy later.

Nurse #2: Oh Nancy. There is no Billy.


Mandy: Thank you so much! I don't think that I'll get her to stop screaming tonight.

Nurse #2: I am sorry.

Before they where able to leave Nurse #1 can around.

Nurse #1: Excuse me! You aren't Nancy! You're Mandy!

Mandy: Oh no! Murdock RUN! (she said in a low whisper)

Nurse #1: Phillip stop them she is breaking Murdock out!

Nurse #2 runs after them: STOP!

Of course Mandy nor Athena stop running and run faster.
They soon get outside and the New A-Team van is sitting out there with the side door opened.

Mandy: Get in the Van! (Athena just doesn't get into the Van, she DIVES into it. Mandy jumps in) B.A. move it! (B.A. hits the pedal and speeds off, just as soon as Phillip gets outside)

Inside the Van

George: Welcome to the new A-Team Murdock.

Athena: Nice job Face! You got them to do it! Hey B.A!

Jason: Crazy girl!

George: What is the next thing that we do?

Jason, Athena and Mandy all shurg their shoulders and say: I don't know.

Just then the phone rings.

George: B.A. I thought that you changed the number.

Jason: Hannibal I did.

George: Then who would be calling?

Jason: I don't know.

Mandy: Someone answer it! (no one moves, so she answers it) Hello? Oh my gosh...

To Be Continued...