I would like to thank my friend and "big Cuz" Tanya for all her help. If it weren't for that special little line I don't think that I would be writing this. So thanks a lot. Okay a little more thanks are to be given. Murdock thanks for getting me on the Jazz! And B.A. thanks for the little fun ideas that you gave me. It was a big help. All of you guys!

Summary: The A-Team just got their pardon! Yea! Or did they? That's all I can say without giving it away.

The New A-Team, The Sequel Part 19: A talk with an old friend.

(I am dedicating this chapter to my new friend, Murdock in CA.)

That night Murdock flew everyone to Chico, CA. They wanted to get away from Decker for a little while so that he could cool off for a little while.

Mandy and Face scammed a place to stay at. While everyone was just talking, Athena took out Mandy's Lab Top computer and went on AOL.

Athena said to herself: Ooooooooooo! Lindsey's on!

Athena started to talk to her friend who she hasn't seen, in like never.

After a little while Athena got off the computer and went to go and talk with the rest.

Hannibal started to tell everyone the story AGAIN! Hannibal loved Decker's expression.

Athena: Hannibal, you are a weird one.

Just then there was a knock at the door.

Mandy: Who could that be? No one knows that we are here.

Athena: Just stop wondering and answer the door.

Mandy got up and answered the door. She looked confused for a second and then realized who it was: LINDSEY!

Lindsey walked into the room and gave hugs to all her friends.

Mandy: Lindsey, I have seen you in like never.

Lindsey: I know. Murdock was talking to me on the computer just a little while ago and told me that you guys where in town, so I stopped by.

Athena: Murdock, you have to meet our new friends. (She grabbed her arm and brought her into the other room. When Lindsey saw who their new friends were her eyes just widened.) This Hannibal Smith, (she shook his hand) Templeton Faceman Peck, (shook hands) B.A. and H.M. Murdock. Everyone, this is Murdock, a.k.a. Lindsey.

Murdock: I am so popular.

B.A.: Shut up foo'!

Hannibal: So, you got a team too?

Lindsey: Yeah.

Murdock: So COOL!

They sat down and talked for a while. Lindsey got to become very good friends with the original A-Team.

Lindsey stood up to leave: Well I have to be going now.

Mandy: So soon? You just got here.

Lindsey: Yeah, but I have to get going. It was really nice seeing you guys.

Mandy: I know.

Athena: Just make sure it doesn't feel like forever before you see us again.

Lindsey: Don't you worry. If you guys need any help, you know where to find me.

Mandy: Thank you, Captain.

Lindsey: Just stay out of trouble, Lieutenant.

Athena: Too late.

Lindsey gave all her friends hugs goodbye and left.

Murdock: She's really nice.

Hannibal: I know.


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