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Monkey D. Haru and the Goblet of Fire

By Emma Iveli

Chapter 1: The Wizard who Became a Pirate

The King of the Pirates was someone to feared. Those who knew only his name trembled in fear. Those who knew him well enough often laughed at those who trembled in fear, as he was not only one of the nicest, goofiest guys around, he really wasn't scary unless someone pissed him off.

And that name was Monkey D. Luffy.

But this story isn't about him but rather his adopted son Monkey D. Haru… this is also the 4th story… if you didn't know that then… well… don't know what to say.

Luffy however was talking with Akataka, an Admiral in the Marines. His real name was Koby but everyone knew of him as "Akataka" the red Hawk. The original codename for red was "Akainu" however the Admiral did not want to take that code name as the former admiral had once tried to kill him. Thusly when he became an Admiral he took on a different name.

The reason he was good friends with Luffy was because Luffy was the one that got into the Marines, which was his life long dream… they were punch clock enemies as Koby dubbed them.

This conversation was about the newest crew member Black Sirius (as was the custom of this world's, first names go last and last names go first) had already made a name for himself.

Thanks to his magical skills, he was able to do many strange things to his opponents.

However there was also the time when they met up with the red hair pirates. Shanks and Sirius really hit off and had a night of drunken debauchery. Neither which they could remember.

It was so bad that neither Shanks nor Sirius could ever set foot back on the island… that's how bad it was… even if the two crews paid property damage that they did.

They will forever be banned from Argo Island…

"So let get this Straight… Sirius is a wizard from another Dimension." Said Koby dropping all codenames.

"That's right." Said Luffy, "And you shouldn't be surprised, you know Haru's devil fruit powers…"

"Oh right the portals." Said Koby nodding, "Does his powers have anything to with the laying low for most of the year?"

"Shortly before Haru's 11th Birthday we found out where he came from." Said Luffy with a shrug, "He's a wizard from the same world. We've been taking to a magical school called Hogwarts. Turns out the other kids can learn magic too for some reason so Hina, Maya and Tom enrolled last year, the other three will enroll this year."

Koby was surprised… that was a really weird story.

"Wait… then why haven't the kids displayed any magic?" asked Koby.

"They're not allowed to use outside of school." Explained Luffy.

Koby nodded in understanding.

That when the conversation interrupted by two people having their own conversation.

"Look… doing this has draw backs." Said Franky, "Me and Robin started on that path…"

"Let me guess you got married because you had Tom." Said Sirius rolling his eyes.

"No… we got married because we realized we loved each other…" said Franky, "We got married expecting not to have any children. Tom was a miracle, do you know what my nuts have been though, cyborg conversation, crushing from my future and an atomic blast… I'm lucky I even have a kid."

"So you're saying we're evidently fall in love?" asked Sirius, "Unlikely… I mean I'm a womanizer and I heard her story… that Kuja almost never fall in love."

"I still don't like the idea of you two being Fu-"

That was when Koby interrupted him.

"Sorry Admiral…" said Franky, "I forgot you were here."

"Sirius, this is Koby, AKA Akataka." Said Luffy.

"So I take it you're the admiral that's an alley." Said Sirius.

"That's right." Said Koby, "Are you really a wizard?"

Sirius smirked, he pointed his wand at the cups the two were drinking from and turned it into a small mouse, then turned it back.

"Amazing." Whispered Koby, sure he's an admiral and has seen many strange things but this whole wizard thing was really weird…

"I have a conversation to continue with Franky if you don't mind." Said Sirius.

The two left to continue their conversation.

"Do I want to know what they're talking about?" asked Koby.

"Nope." Said Luffy.

Sirius and Marguerite had become friends with benefits, or as they called themselves, Sex Buddies…

Okay… that was cleaned up but still…

"Let me guess, he's a wizard that you became friends with and he just joined?" asked Koby.

"No." said Luffy, "He's casually Haru's godfather. He's a good guy and he escaped from prison for some he didn't do and was just only recently found he was innocent after 12 years in there since had no where else to go I had him join up."

"There's more to the story isn't there?" asked Koby.

"Yeah but it will take about 20 chapters to explain the whole story… all I can say is that he posed as the twin's dog for a while." Said Luffy.

"What?" asked Koby.

"There's a way for wizard's to turn into animals… but it's not common like Devil Fruits." Said Luffy.

Koby shrugged.

"You know some of the things I have to reveal, right?" asked Koby.

"That's fine." Said Luffy, "Besides we're going to lay low earlier than usual this year."

"Why?" asked Koby.

"The Quidditch World Cup." Said Luffy with a smirk, "Quidditch is a sport played on flying broom sticks. Haru plays it with his friends and Hina's planning to the join the team this year too on the reserve team."

"Flying Broomsticks?" asked Koby in disbelief.

"Yeah." Said Luffy, "Any ways me, Hancock and my kids as well as Sirius are going to the championship match while the other kids are going to stay with other friends."

Koby nodded…

"I will tell the brass that Sirius is some sort of wizard and that's it." Said Koby.

"You're saying that because the whole other dimension thing is importable, right?" asked Luffy.

"Yeah…" said Koby.

"Fine with me." Said Luffy.

Koby looked around, "Where are Hina and Haru anyways?"

"Oh they're at the Burrow… that's in the other world. It's where the family lives." Said Luffy, "Both of them became friends with their kids."

At the Burrow, Hina and Ginny were playing exploding snap when they saw George and Fred run past them.

"I wonder what that was about." Said Hina.

Then Ron ran past them in his full on Jack Russell Terrier mode yelling "Get back here!"

"That's something you don't see everyday." Said Ginny.

"There's an old saying on the Thousand Sunny: "When it involves pranks and devil fruit powers… just ignore it."" Said Hina.

Haru appeared from a portal.

"Have you seen?" he asked.

"That way…" said Hina and Ginny pointing to where Ron and the twins ran to.

Just another day at the Burrow after all…

Next Time: The Monkey Family as well as Sirius go to Weasley's house to prepare for the world cup. What will happen? And why is Percy asking Sirius for methods of revenge? Find out next time!