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Chapter 21: The Final Task

The crowd lined the stadium which was usually held for was the final task, a quest through a hedge maze.

This time the judge taking over to Crouch was Cornelius Fudge.

But still everyone was excited…

Even if it was something no one would be able to see again…

"It is time for the final challenge!" called out Ludo.

The crowd cheered at this.

The rules were quite simple, each of them would enter the maze one at a time.

There we many danger throughout the maze and if they were in danger to shoot of red sparks if they had to.

The first person to touch the Triwizard Cup would be the winner.

"All right!" cheered Haru all ready for it.

In the stands the kids were all sitting together.

"So. You think that Haru has the s in the bag?" asked Hina.

"Who really knows about a maze." Said Maya.

"Yeah…" said Ron.

I feel bad for those monsters…" said Kaien .

"Yeah…" said Yosopp.

"I mean if Haru encounters a sphinx in there he might have trouble." Said Hermione.

"Oh yeah… they're supposed to give riddles." Said Hina .

"I think that might the one thing he might have a problem with…" said Nojiko.

"I'm sure it will be fine…" said Hina .

The others sighed knowing that although the Sphinx would attack him for getting the riddle wrong, chances are it would be fine if he just beat up.

And soon enough it was time for Haru to go into the maze.

He had the biggest grin he could muster as he entered the maze.

He wandered around for a bit,…

That was when he encountered a Blast Ended Skrewts.

"All right!" he said with a smirk, "This is going to be fun…"

He proceeded to punch of the create that Hagrid created. The punches were hard and the strange magical create was soon down.

It was down and he counited on his way.

That was when there was a strange mist surrounded him and things turn upside down.

"Really?" he asked rolling his eyes.

He activated Observation Haki.

HE was able to get through the mis quite easily.

Though it was weird when he made it through and he was very dizzy afterwards.

He continued on his way…

That was when he turned the corner and saw Blackbeard.

"So you're here." Said the pirate.

Haru sighed and then grabbed his wand "Riddikulus!" he called out quickly knowing it was it was.

It turned into a version of his dad laying on the ground, full of food and clearly in a food coma.

After a while he was kind of feeling bored.

"There feels like there should be more things in here…" said Haru. "Even the hedges attacking would be better…"

He continued on his way that was when he saw something shocking… it was Krum attacking Cedric.

Haru gritted his teeth in anger and landed a punch on Krum.

He looked at Krum and got a bad feeling and activated his Observation Haki again and he felt it.

"Okay! Who's the jerk doing it!" yelled Haru.

Krum didn't answer.

"Haru what's going on?" asked Cedric.

"He's being controlled by that curse… the really bad one." Said Haru.

"Are you serious?" asked Cedric.

"Not that's my god father." Said Haru.

Cedric gave him a look.

Sorry couldn't help myself…" said Haru.

He produced to punch out Krum like it was nothing.

"Are you sure punching him out was a good idea?" asked Cedric.

"Eh… he should be fine…" said Haru.

Cedric sighed at this reaction.

"Should we leave him here… I mean someone is clearly meddling in the task." Said Cedric.

"I think it's fine." Said Haru with a shrug.

Cedric once again sighed at his reaction.

"Then again maybe that's why things have been so boring!" said Haru, "Only three things happened!"

"Wait… I've had to deal with more…" said Cedric.

""Wait! You don't think someone is trying to make it so I win?" asked Haru, "Oh damn it! It's that guy who's running the thing! I knew he had money running on me! But this is just stupid!"

"I don't know and… wait… what?" asked Cedric.

"Oh yeah… that guy is huge debt, he keeps making bets and the Goblins sold his debt to Nami…" said Haru, "I overheard it a while ago…"

Cedric just stared at Haru unsure how to respond.

""Anyway I'm going to try to find something to fight…" said Haru, "Do whatever you want to do…"

"You really are doing it for fun…" said Cedric.

"Hey I'm not worried about Maya this time around so…" said Haru running off.

Cedric just sighed… he wasn't sure what to do, but he had a really bad feeling about everything .

After all the running theory was that someone or something wanted him dead…

Cedric sighed and couldn't help but to worry about everything.

Even if Haru was a chaotic mess of a person … who knew whoever what was planning would do to him.

Back with Haru he counited to try to find his way through the maze.

Nothing really happened but the whole someone was messing everything to make it easy was starting to get to him.

That was when suddenly there was a Sphinx blocking his path.

"Oh… you're the one… I should be worried about…" mumbled the Sphinx.

"What?" asked Haru.

"Never mind…" sighed the Sphinx, "I will give you a choice… you can either leave or I won't attack you, but if you hear my riddle and you successfully answer it I will let you pass. But if you fail I will attack you.,"

"Can I fight back if you attack me?" asked Haru, "Because I'm getting kind of bored here…"

Sphinx sighed…

"Look I really didn't like the last task…" sighed Haru, "SO just give me the riddle."

The Sphinx sighed and gave the riddle.

As she was giving it was clear that Haru wasn't even paying attention.

"Is it man?" asked Haru remembering a well-known.

"No… it wasn't man…" sighed the Sphinx.

She leapt to attack him, however Haru cover his fist in Haki and punched her away.

The Spin got up and before she could attack again Haru gave her a Haki infused kick.

The Sphinx decided to lay here after hearing about what he did to a dragon, it was a good idea to not continue fighting after that.

"Seriously… only two hits." Sighed Haru.

HE counited onward…

As turned out Cedric had decided to continue on just in case and ended up headed of Haru…

And was currently having a hard time against a massive spider.

Haru looked at the spiders eyes and punched in the eyes.

"Haru?" asked Cedric.

"Hey!" said Haru.

"Thanks…" said Cedric who wasn't even surprised.

"Yeah…" said Haru, "You want to continue on together…"

"Sure…" said Cedric.

Cedric knew that whatever was going was bad…

Really bad… he couldn't shake off the feeling he had.

Outside of the maze was trying their best to watch, nothing could be seen.

Luffy was bored out of his mind, that was when he saw a group approaching the judge's table.

IT all seemed to be aurors.

"What's going on over there?" asked Luffy.

The Straw Hats noticed.

"I have a bad feeling about it… said Sanji.

The maze both Haru and Cedric reached the center of the maze and the Triwizard cup was in the center.

"All right you grab it." Said Haru.

"What?" asked Cedric.

"I'm only doing the for fun… I don't need the glory, I don't need the money… I just want fun… and this one was all right…" said Haru, "Not as good as the first and way better than the second…"

"Haru…" said Cedric.

"Come just grab it already.," said Haru.

"What if we both grab it." Said Cedric.

"Really?" asked Haru.

"For Hogwarts.' Said Cedric.

"I guess… but you get everything.," said Haru.

Cedric shrugged.

However when they both grabbed both of them felt a weird pulling section and were soon forced elsewhere…

The trap for Haru had been sprung and everything was going to change…

Next Time: Haru and Cedric find themselves in an old grave yard... what will happen? Will Haru get Cedric out of there before anything could happen? Find out next time!