A Fable II Poem

Summary: He didn't deserve to die. And she didn't deserve to lose him. But all she could think about was how it didn't have to be this way, if only…

Author's Note: (Yes, I'm forcing you to read this annoying side note before getting on with the story. What? You can just skip this? Well, you're still reading this. And you just read that. And now you're reading this. So there.) I would up writing this poem a few weeks ago actually, in a surprise fit of inspiration (which, admittedly, doesn't happen very often anymore). Since I don't consider myself much of a poet, I was tempted to rewrite this and take out some of the more melodramatic parts, but who am I fooling? I'm a melodramatic writer by nature. All the same, I'd love some feedback, as any writer of fan fiction will tell you; "The worst reviewer is the author". So please, let me know what you think and what you would have done differently. I could use the criticism.

PS: The annoying - _-_- patterns? Me trying to get some spacing in there. This site really isn't well suited for poetic breaks. I forgot about that...

The sunlight feels cold

Warm autumn sunshine shines on

Golden Acorn cries

Weeping, weeping tree





Copper falls to earth

Grief-silenced cries rise

Startled birds take off in flight

Shards of Soul in flight

The Tree stands silent

Long bows sweep down to the grave

Weeping, weeping tree

Then her chest falls still

She rises stumbling upright

Tears blur her sight as






Can't. Contain. GRAVE

Unreal nightmarish daze cantwakeup

Must find center and focus hesdeadhesdeadhesdead

Breathe in breathe out

It would be easier if he was here.

But he isn't.

Rage picks up the Hammer, directs her righteous fury

Prayers and speeches didn't save him. I couldn't save him I couldn't save him whycouldntIsavehimwhycouldnt

The Hammer swings back silent, still on her shoulder quiet, still

She turns back, away from the peace she has ever known as her life lies in shatters, tattered. "Come on, Hero." The sunlight shines on, coldly, tasting of steel and copper.