So I was on my computer today and got this weird inspriation to write a poem for The Maze Runner. I wrote in about ten minutes and now I want to know what people think. It's about Thomas.



Running is he

Trying to escape

The past he can't see

The wrongs he committed

The faults he made

They're all catching up

And now he must pay

Unable to see

What lies behind

Unable to know

What's on the other side

He's lost

In the dark cloud of his mind

The answers he searches for

He's unable to find

He knows that he knows

He knows he can save them all

But can he do it?

Can he answer their call?

The maze surrounds them

A maze he helped create

A maze he could solve

Has to solve before it's too late

Can he do it?

Can he risk it?

To go against those

To whom he once belonged with?

But how could he?

How could he have pained

Those boys he now calls friends

What was it that he gained?

He is afraid to know

Afraid to look

Afraid to read the memories

That are to him, a closed book

But he must

He has to

To save them all

He knows what he has to do


Running is he

Trying to find

The past he can't see

Kind of random, kind of stupid. But review and let me know what you think.

Thanks- Cheerfully Blue