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Chapter Three

Love and Halloween

Time was absent, because it disappeared the moment they started kissing. It could have been hours or days they were standing there in the cold but they lost count.

Derek moves his mouth from the sweet pink luscious lips and trails them along the slender man's jaw and latches onto the side of his neck, just below his ear. One strong hand tangles in his hair as he tugged softly, eliciting a moan in response.

Spencer's head falls back, and he tilts his head as the scorching touches of Derek's lips felt like he was trying to brand him. Timid hands rise slowly from the older man's waist moving over his well toned chest, he could feel every rip and grove of muscle over the shirt and only wished he could see it for himself.

Their touches and claiming marks had so much force and powerful need to them, that somehow Spencer's body got pinned between Derek's broad body and the neighboring car. The car was ice cold to the touch, Spencer's outfit stuck to it in places that had built up moisture. Where his bare skin touched the metal, it startled him and he jumped slightly, causing a shiver to crawl its way up his spine. He shook so violently that Derek broke the kiss to look at him and take in their surrounds as if forgetting where they were. Spencer's lips still tried to follow those that retreated, and when they didn't come back to his, his eyes slowly opened giving Derek a slightly confused look. Spencer started to get panicky, wondering if Derek has changed his mind. Opening his mouth about to ask but before he could, a dark finger is placed over his lips, effectively and shockingly silencing him.

Grinning ear to ear Derek chuckles softly and points out, "You're shivering Pretty Boy. How about we go someplace warmer, what do you say?" and touches his cheek softly, there is a slight roughness to his touch. And Spencer now feels himself paying closer attention to every detail of the man before him. How had he missed that before he wasn't sure?

Derek feels Spencer's slightly sweaty skin is cool to the touch, and in the soft moonlight he notices how breathtakingly beautiful he is. Loving the way a soft blush was making its way up Spencer's neck, and having the sudden urge to find out just how far that blush goes. Spencer leans into the touch with a soft sigh, his hand lifting to cover it before giving it a feather like innocent kiss to the inside of his palm. Derek's breathe catches in his throat and he is frozen still for a moment. The hazel eyes shift to look at older man's gaze are steady and strong under long lashes as he answers, "I say…yes."

The silence in the car was tension filled at best. Derek's hands gripped the steering wheel strongly then released it periodically when they got to sweaty, or when realizing what he was doing. There was no mistaking it that Spencer's nerves were rising up and building steadily. Neither was sure what was going to happen…

When they got to Derek's house, Derek opened the door and led the way in before closing the door behind Spencer and locking it. Spencer had been in Morgan's house before but this time something just felt different about it.

Standing there in the middle of the hallway Spencer wasn't sure what to do, and there was a lump in his throat that he couldn't swallow. He felt oddly more nervous than normal, hands flitting with the edges of his romper as his eyes darted around the dimly lit house.

Derek who had gone and made sure Clooney was locked up in the laundry room, came back down the hallway slowly, his body language tense and uneasy. Leaning against the wall, he crosses his feet over each other and stares at the man across from him at arm's reach, but he doesn't reach out for him just yet. "Do you want to go and sit in the living room?" he offers feebly. He isn't sure what to do and he feels like a fumbling teenager before his first kiss.

Biting his lower lip, Spencer's brows furrow slightly before shaking his head. He doesn't want to move from this spot, he's not sure he can. His whole body is on edge and he is getting light headed already. The night has worn him out emotionally and physically. "What, w-what do we do now?" Spencer is looking for answers, he is charting in untested and dangerous waters. He doesn't like not having knowledge at where he is going before hand, being well prepared is always a good thing to be. It keeps him safe and safe is what he wants to be, because he doesn't want to break again…

Derek is watching Spencer just stare at him, his face is one of trying to solve a puzzle. Curious, innocent looking, and thoughtful eyes are peering into his soul. He reaches out and his arm slips so easily around Spencer's waist as if it belongs there. It's so different than any women's waist he's held before, but it's perfect because it's the same waist he held on so tightly back on that dance floor, and it was the perfect fit for him, still is. "I'm not sure Spencer, but what I know, know in my heart is that… this is real and I want it to last… What do you want?"

Spencer's breath is coming out faster now, and his mind is racing as he says timidly, "I want it to last to, I can't… I don't… I -" he exhales strongly and makes a frustrated noise that turns into a small smile, "I can't even think straight anymore, listen to me babbling about like a fool. Look what you've done to me." He smirks at Derek, and when he gets a grin in return it encourages him to keep on, "'Accept the things to which fate binds you, and love the people with whom fate brings you together, but do so with all your heart.' - Marcus Aurelius. My mind might be cloudy, but Derek, my heart is as clear as day. And I'm willing to accept it all, because I've never wanted something so much in my life, right now, with you." He says with so much conviction and emotion that he can feel his eyes stinging with tears.

Derek is momentarily stunned, the genius's words hit straight in the heart and felt every wall he ever built up around him crack and crumble to the floor. He was surprised there wasn't a shock wave because that wall was heavy, and the floor should have given way. And what was that about love? Spencer is the kind of person who chooses his words carefully and with calculation. With every quote and piece of knowledge the Spencer had up there, why did he pick that one? Unless it was a clue, a sign, an invitation to more; the ball was in his park, and he wanted to run towards it.

Derek sweeps his thumb across the pale cheekbone and down into the hollow of his cheek, catching a stray tear that fell down those doe like eyes, reveling in how soft his skin was there. He searches his eyes intently, seeing nothing but tender love in them and everything at the same time. "Well then, let's not disappoint fate then, shall we." he whispered in his ear, delighting at the shiver that ran through the young man. Derek feels hesitant hands work their way up his arms, one to land on his bicep, the other slowly to wrap around tightly at his neck. The texture of the satin gloves is scratching at his skin, and he groans low and heavy, before taking Spencer's mouth in a slow deep kiss.

Spencer's thigh moves in between Derek's, feeling the noticeable bulge growing and he experimentally bucks up into him, loving the deep groan that was ripped from the older man's throat. Derek's hold on his control is slipping and lust is rising up once again as he is pushing Spencer up against the wall with a loud bang, the wall shakes and picture frames hanging in the hall quiver under their assault on each other. Spencer yelped in surprise and stares at Derek, his eyes turning dark, his pupils are wide and hot with lust, and starts brushing butterfly light kisses down the muscular man's neck. Derek shivers at the short burst of air that hit his skin just perfectly, and lets out a breathless laugh. "Do you have any idea how fucking sexy you are?" he asked huskily. The only answer in return is an excited whimper from the young man as Derek's hand is slowly caressing up Spencer's leg and going up and inside his inner thigh, teasing and testing.

Spencer couldn't take it, his body was humming and practically vibrating with pleasure and need, and he was scared and not sure what to do. Sure they'd done much worse on the dance floor but they were strangers then, and now this was… someone so important, his opinions and reactions mattered. He gets nervous and starts to panic and pushes him away with a burst of force knocking Derek into the opposite hallway wall. Picture frames are crashing from their hanging place, and decorated items have fallen to the ground with echoing sounds that cling on the hardwood floor. And Derek's is looking at him with shock and confusion written on his face, and before he can even rethink it Spencer has flung himself back onto the strong body, kissing him with frenzy, before burying his face in Derek's neck, kissing along his jugular, tasting the sweet, salty sweat that lingered on his darker skin. He unknots the red silk tie and lets it fall, as he starts to unbutton the top few buttons of Derek's dark shirt to have better access to travel lower.

Derek was stunned not sure what had happened, then the next moment he is watching as Spencer's beatific face has a varied of emotions crossing it before he being attacked. He groaned low in his throat, letting his head fall back on the wall with a thud. Hand running along the young man's slender neck, through his tousled curls, then fisting a handful with enough force to pull his head back and elicit a gasp from Spencer, before he sealed the red and swollen lips to his in a searing kiss. Wrapping his arms tightly around the slender frame, he pushes them backwards moving them down the hallway.

But Derek couldn't make it that long, he slams Spencer roughly into the wall right beside his bed room door, the air whooshing from Spencer's lungs and gasping a half-cry, Derek has him pinned him in a brutal hold, one hand with a bruising grip on a prominent hip bone, feeling the lithe frame wither and resist the restraint. Spencer's back bows off the wall, making tiny whining noises trying to feel that wonderful friction they were making on their decent down.

"D-Derek..." he cries, nails digging into the man's shoulders, breathing harshly and panting. He makes a noise of annoyance and glares at his partner, finding his motor skills failing him as he couldn't find steady purchase on the ground beneath his feet, he was only being held up by the steely grip of his… soon to be lover.

Derek hums in acknowledgment ignoring the look he received, as he runs his tongue along Spencer's lower lip, and then takes it between his teeth, biting down gently at first then harder, alternating between the two before he assaults the inside of younger man's mouth with his tongue. Exploring every ounce of that sweet and tasteful bliss it had to offer. One of Derek's hands goes gently down his stomach, grazing over Spencer's hard erection, hearing him make a choked noise at the touch, before it lands on a fishnet covered thigh. Oh how he loves to tease his Pretty Boy. He starts playing and picking at the fishnet tights, and as Spencer moans into his mouth, Derek's lips curve into a smile against his, kissing him harder before making it into a soft, light caresses of the lips.

Spencer's shaky hands move to start un-tucking the older man's shirt and unbuttoning it, casting occasional glances to make sure it was all okay. After undoing the last button he pushes the soft fabric aside, running his fingers lightly from the waist of Derek's pants, up and over his muscular chest. Marveling in every dip and divot of the well toned body, Spencer was filled with envy and awe. His heart was aching at the tender care and soft touches that his own body was receiving. He never would have expected that from him, it was like the older man thought he was fragile doll and was handling him with care, but at the same time he was rough and demanding, and it was wonderful. Spencer lifts his hips off the wall and bends his knees, and one of Derek's hands takes the offering as the teasing of his thigh was forgotten and a calloused rough hand rose up and squeezed his ass. Spencer keened and squirmed under the stimulation, and Derek's hips started making subtle movements, but his kisses were doing the opposite as they heated up.

Spencer bites back a moan and lifts his leg up to hook it on Derek's, his skin was tightening, tingling, sizzling, and head was dizzying at the thought of this man just wanting him like this. But he wants more, more of that feeling he had back on the dance floor. That mind blowing sensation that overloaded his system and fried every nerve and brain cell in his body. He bucks his hips up against him making the older man groan, he is trying to make him follow his faster pace but Derek refuses to join it. Damn Alpha males. Spencer makes a low growl in his frustration, and arches off the wall some more only to be pushed back down with a violent force, causing him to gasp. But Spencer has to admit to himself, he loves it when the older man does that, if the erection he was sporting was any indicator, because that overwhelming force and power that was ripping under his hands was pure seduction. Spencer isn't sure what comes next, his body is wanting more, needs it now, but he is scared. He's never done something like this before, so reckless, dangerous, and so right… but he doesn't have to ask because Derek beats him to it, moving those sinful lips from his before nipping at his ear.

"Want you." Derek growled into the shell of his ear, the hot breath tickles and makes a tightening sensation hit Spencer straight in the stomach as he shivers, and Derek gives his ass another tight squeeze for emphasis.

Spencer's breath hitches as he forgot how to breathe momentarily, before finally nodding quickly and whispers, "T-take me." And in one swift movement Derek's arms hook under his ass and hoist him up in the air, surprising Spencer in the process before his brain restarts, and he wraps his long legs around Derek's waist. Derek's other arm wraps around Spencer's back, and starts kissing him with a renewed fiery passion.

There was fear and uncertainty still in their kisses, but there was an underlined connection and love to it that was undeniable and had overridden it all.

Derek couldn't believe he could have something so wonderful after everything in his life, it was more than he thought he deserved, Spencer was everything he was not. He was jaded and rough around the edges, but the genius looked at him like he was his everything, his whole world, depended on him and trusted him. It made Derek feel special, wanted, and most of all loved.

Spencer knew he was a heavy heart to carry, but Derek was always there for him no matter how much he was weighed down, and he never let him down. So Spencer wrapped his arms around his new lover's neck, fingers lacing a crown as he was dragged across the floor towards the bed. They were going to sink, sink into each other. Melt and become one. He was taking him to the river and they were going to drown.

They landed at the edge of the bed and Derek lays Spencer gently on it, with care and a beautiful tenderness that made Spencer want to cry. He knew this is what love stories were made of. Derek leans on one elbow looking down at Spencer. They are gaze into each other eyes for a long intense moment, silence so strong they can practically hear each other's heart beats, searching for something, getting lost in each other before finding their way back.

Spencer lifts an unsteady hand towards his cheek and cups it gently, "I love you." He whispers faintly like it's a secret, afraid that saying it out loud is condemning Derek. Scared of ruining this moment that is so sweet, but he can't control his lips or mind or heart anymore. It's unnerving and it's a blessing.

Derek's eyes widen and he freezes, body going limp, before he raises his gaze to meet that of Spencer's scared ones. Derek's eyes soften and there is something so bright in them that it takes the younger man's breath away. Licking his lips Derek looks scared, and at the same time he looks like a weight has been lifted off his shoulders, and then to Spencer's utter relief he looks happy. "I love you too, Spencer." He grins and says it with so much softness in his voice, that once again Spencer had no clue this man had possessed. It causes him to smile so huge he thought it would be permanent and never fade away.

Derek lowers his head slowly, and his lips gently and ever so softly touch Spencer's. It was chaste and sweet, and pure.

In the darkness of the room, the kisses quickly turn back into something more needy and demanding. Quickly Derek reaches over and turns the lamp next to the bedside table on, the room was dark and he wanted to see his Pretty Boy more clearly. Looking down at him he sees fear and desire burning in those hazel orbs below him.

"Hey Pretty Boy, everything okay?" he asks and bends down to bite at his collar bone and licking a line up to his jaw and nips lightly, smirking a satisfied grin at the breathless sounds his young lover was making.

"Y-yeah… I'm o-okay... I'm just-just… scared. I'm not, um, experienced in this sort of thing. Or at any of it for that m-matter...But I want it. I want you Mor - Derek." Spencer stammers, feeling slightly self-conscious under the bare chested handsome man above him.

Derek studies the young man, and asks curiously almost disbelieving, "Are you saying you've never?"

Biting his lower lip, Spencer looks at him nervously and his face has a shade of pink to it and answers, "N-no…"

Derek's eye brows shoot up, "You're a virgin?" he blurts out, and couldn't help how his cock gave an jump of excitement at the question and thought alone… but also a mix of nerves hit his stomach at the same time.

Spencer gives him an almost defiant and lost look at the same time, as he pursed his lips and mutters, "Yes." And the blush was gaining color, heating up his ears and neck in the process.

Grinning Derek leans close enough to where his lips were touching Spencer's and says, "No problem baby, that's just fine with me, perfect even." and kisses him quickly for reassurance.

Spencer closes his eyes tightly at the kiss, only to have them snap open in surprise, "Really?" then frowns, "Baby? I got demoted from Kid." He says with a lopsided smirk.

Derek laughs, and kisses his again before replying, "Nah it's a promotion, trust me, because you're my baby now. And of course it is fine, but are you sure? We don't have to -"

"Yes, I'm sure!" Spencer interrupts his voice stronger than he thought it would be. Then lowers his eyes bashfully, worrying his lower lip before they raise up to meet Derek's quickly, and lowers again under his long lashes.

"What is it? You can tell me anything." Derek reassures, petting Spencer's hair soothing and then cupping his cheek softly.

A small blush adorned Spencer's cheeks when he was touched in such a gentle manner, and smiling a shy toothless smile he asks, "I'm yours?"

"Mine, and mine only, baby." Derek clarifies and claims the younger man's mouth in a possessive kiss, as Spencer opens his legs wider to make room for the man on top of him.

Derek moves his lips from the swollen pink ones and says huskily, "Let's get you out of this outfit then." and smirks when Spencer gulps and nods his head.

Pulling back to sit on his knees Derek moves to the side of the lithe man and flips him over to lie on his stomach. Spencer's breathing has sped up so much he is starting to get dizzy from possible hyperventilation. Derek's rough fingers slowly crawl teasingly from Spencer's hairline at his neck, to ghost down over his exposed bare skin on his spine, and landing at the top of the outfit. Derek was very pleased seeing the goose bumps that had appeared in its wake. He finds the well hidden zipper and starts working it down, giving the sparking skin soft lingering kisses as his finger tips dip at each bump in vertebrate that is revealed. He can feel the tension in the Spencer's muscles, the way they flex and relax spontaneously with each touch.

When it's finally zipped all the way down Derek keeps going lower, hands hovering softly over the young tight perky ass, wanting to test the waters he gives it a light smack. Spencer cries out, mostly from surprise because it wasn't a hard smack, he then wiggles his butt higher in the air and moans, "Again." Derek's face lights up with a grin, who knew Dr. Reid could be so dirty. He gives the young man what he wants and smacks it once more, and then another till he was moaning into the blankets of the bed, and Derek couldn't take it anymore.

Derek flips the kid over and starts giving him lingering, slow and deep kisses as he discards the restraining outfit, throwing it across the room landing God knows where. Derek groaned in approval, trailing kisses down his pale neck and chest, tongue darting out to tease a rosebud nipple as his hand explored the newly sinful looking skin for the taking. Spencer arched at the touches, and wet cold licks that was touching his scorching over heated skin, the stubble and goatee hair on the dark man's face was a wonderful feeling, its texture intensifying the experience tenfold. Spencer's hands flew out to grasp whatever he could, they eventually find the opened shirt still on Derek's shoulders and pulled it off the rest of the way, before his head falls back against the pillows from under the older man's ministrations.

Derek was pleased at the reactions he was getting, as the writhing man's legs came up to cradle him in a vise tight grip, and started teasing and pinching softly at one of the sensitive nipples, eliciting a loud cry from Spencer. "D-Derekkk!"

Smirking in reply, "Yes, Spencer?" he asks smoothly, and latches his mouth on to the soft skin right below the younger man's jaw and bites hard before sucking and giving him a beautiful deep purple mark, then moving to give him another right between his collar bone and neck.

Spencer's brain officially clicked off, it was racing a mantra of want-want-want-now! Empowered by Derek's actions, he kicked off his own shoes and with hands no longer unsteady he reaches out for the man's belt, and starts unbuckling it quickly, opening it so fast the belt slapped his skin. He didn't concentrate on the pain though, because he was reaching with clumsily long fingers to undo the buttons on his pants, tugging impatiently at the zipper. Finally when he got it open, and he couldn't help the smirk that painted his face when he heard a deep sigh, and felt a falter in the older man's assault on his skin. Fingers reaching in and thumbs hooking around the edges, Spencer hastily pushes it down over his hips and further off.

Derek thought he would cry in relief from being released from the restriction of his pants, kicking his shoes off and pulling his pants off the rest of the way. Going back to take Spencer's mouth in another kiss, while one hand traveled down a taunt and quivering stomach, resting on the edge of black tight underwear. His hand reaching underneath he gives it a hard tug, proceeding to push it and the sexy black tights off down long slender legs. Once the garments were off, Spencer moaned and his angry red erection sprang out demanding attention. Derek growled an animalistic approval when he pulled back to take in the sight before him. Except for a pair of gloves and bow tie, Spencer was completely naked, sprawled out limbs, hair astray, his angelic face the picture of bliss and arousal, and he looked like a debauched angel had landed on Derek's bed, innocent and so fuckable.

"Wow, Spencer… You're beautiful, no, gorgeous."

Spencer blushed and felt self-conscious under Derek's sweeping gaze and words. When Derek made that noise, his heart fluttered in his chest and his cock gave a twitch as the pressure was steadily building.

Derek leaned forward starting from slender thighs making bite like kisses, loving the bruises marring that perfect pale skin. The kisses trailed up his thin chest, and finally Derek pressed light kisses all over the young man's face, over his eye lids, forehead, nose, cheeks, chin, and then finally his lips. The older man's hand eventually found Spencer's arousal and gave it a testing grab, causing Spencer to jump and moan loudly; wanton and uncensored as he cursed in another language Derek was sure was Latin. Palming the lithe man, he thrust his own clothed cock against his hip, and gave Spencer's a slow and steady stroke. The young man was trembling and moaning beneath his strong hold, so rubbing his thumb over the head of Spencer's cock he spread the pre-cum juices around it, and started stroking with interest alternating between slow and fast strokes. Derek kissed him roughly, loving the sounds the genius was making. He set a constant, hard and fast pace when he felt Spencer squirm and tremble even harder as he was getting closer to edge. It was music to Derek's ears.

Spencer's head was lolling back as he bit back a moan, "Oh, My, Gosh, Oh, My, Gosh.. D-Derek!" he managed to whimper, hips bucking softly into the strong hand. It didn't take long till the slender man was trembling and tensing in Derek's hold.

"Der-Der-Derek… I'mma.. gonna.." he stutters, voice faint and shaky.

Kissing up the young man's chest, Derek raises his face up to whisper seductively in his ear, "Cum for me Baby, show me what I do to you." his voice gritty and heavy with lust.

And that was all it took, Spencer spasms under his hand, his eyes shut tightly, and orgasms with a fury as he wails to the top of his lungs. Hot cum spills to coat his flat stomach, and his body goes limp, chest heaving like he ran a marathon as Derek slowed his strokes to a halt.

Derek smiles at the man below him, and kisses his slack mouth. "You are so damn pretty."

Spencer smiles lazily up at him, eyes bashful but a look of pure bliss is still covering it. After a minute of soft touches and peppering kisses from Derek, Spencer has caught his breath back to an almost normal rhythm. Rolling his head, Spencer's meets Derek's eyes with a side-shifted gaze, then with a crooked smile and half laugh as he pushes at Derek, flipping the older agent onto his back. Derek is looking up at Spencer with a questioning look, the young man only answers by slithering down his muscular body slowly and sultry. Giving little licks and kisses here and there as he goes down, exploring the wonderful hot body, until his face was hovering over the black silk boxers of the older man's. Spencer stared at his groin, at the obvious bulge there, he is apprehensive at most and he's never done this before. But he knows his anatomy, and has a vast knowledge on the topic of sex. He wants to make Morgan squirm and beg for more.

Spencer removes his gloves and bow tie, and then with hesitant hands he removes Derek's boxers slowly, worrying his bottom lip and casting shy glances at Derek's face to make sure it was still okay. When his sizeable manhood was free, Spencer gasps and just stares for a moment, until he catches Derek watching him as the man reaches out to run a hand through Spencer's hair affectionately. Spencer handled him cautiously with two hands, running a hand up and down the shaft slowly and experimentally, and Derek's head thumps back against the pillows as he groans low in his throat. Growing bolder, Spencer's eyes narrow with concentration and curiosity. He wants more of Morgan, and wonders what he tastes like everywhere. He leans his head down, licking a line from the underside of his shaft to the tip of the head.

Derek's body tenses up and jolts with pleasure, his eyes snap open and he looks down at Spencer to have his breath taken away. It was the sexiest thing he'd ever seen, Dr. Spencer Reid looking all innocent with his cock in one hand and the tip of his pink tongue licking it like one of his lollipops. Derek groans through his teeth, "P-Pretty Boy, you don't-don't have to if you don't want to…" he reassures the young man, no matter how much his body might crave and want it.

Spencer's eyes open slowly, blushing he casts his gaze away shyly and rests his face down onto Derek's thigh, "I-I know. But I wanted to. Is-is it okay?" he asks in a small curious voice.

Derek's eye brows shoot upwards towards the ceiling, and with a huge grin spread across his face he answers strongly, "Hell yes it's okay!"

Spencer smiles happily at that answer, and continues his exploration of the man he loves. He closes his eyes tightly and continues his round of licking and sucking around the shaft and head of the dark cock, reveling in the taste. It's like a strong mix of Derek's natural smell and flavor, his hot sweat and pheromones so strong, Spencer unconsciously moans in ecstasy. Using some of his useless information that now turned useful, he runs his tongue along the underside of the dark cock, listening to the choking and groaning noises Derek was making. Then taking his cock as deep as he could, Spencer opens his mouth a tad more and extended his tongue, giving Derek's cock the illusion of going even further in. As he took more of Derek into his mouth he started rotating his hands back and forth, and in opposite directions for extra effect. Licking around the head and slit as he hollowed out his cheeks, slowly at first then speeding up to sucking earnestly. Eventually gently pulling, stretching, and scratching at Derek's balls.

"Holy Shit Spencer!" Derek yells out gasping and trembling, hand running through his hair, gripping a handful silently encouraging him.

Smiling inwardly at this reaction Spencer tries for more, and lifts off the engorged swollen cock, making a popping slick noise at its release. Taking a deep relaxing breath, he tells himself he can do this, he can do it. He closes his mouth around Derek's cock and lowers down beyond his built in gag reflex.

"FUCK!" Derek exclaims.

Spencer's eyes opens in surprise, then takes a deep breath with his nose and closes them again and continues as he concentrates. In the beginning he started to gag a little a couple of times, but not enough to ruin the experience. Then he started to rise up and swallow with enthusiasm. Slowly at first, then picking up the pace, he drew the edges of his teeth lightly down the shaft. Saliva was starting to run down his mouth in drools, but Derek wasn't complaining, and he was enjoying making him happy.

Derek was in Heaven, this was the best blow job, and deep-throating he had ever had. His body was on a whole other fucking planet, and he was out of his aroused mind. His genius was a magician alright. He felt his balls start to draw up and his body was tensing, he was close, to close. But he didn't want release just yet.

"Spencer, Spencer, wait –wait!"

Spencer stopped immediately and looked up, wiping his mouth looking flushed. Derek took the opportunity to flip his lover over on his back. When two expectant hazel orbs darkened with lust looked into his he explained. "I don't want to just yet Baby. I want to be inside of you." Searching the younger man's eyes, there was clear anxiousness and fear in them, but at the same time there was underlined desire and overwhelming passion raging inside.

Spencer moaned at the explanation, and his body hummed with want at the words, even if he was beyond scared and his stomach gave a nervous flutter. "Y-Yes, yes. I want that too…" his voice cracking near the end, and gives Derek a wet deep slow kiss hoping to convey just how much he wanted this.

Derek rummages blindly through the drawer on his nightstand next to the bed, finally find a tube of lube, and leans on one elbow breaking the kiss. "Don't worry Baby Boy, I'll take care of you."

Spencer sets his feet flat on the bed, knowing what was going to happen, and that he needed to relax before it happened. Taking deep breaths he wills his heart to stop hammering. "I trust you." He whispers.

Derek smiles as he settles between his trembling knees and coats his fingers in a little bit of lube, letting it warm up before lowering it between the young man's cheeks. Spencer wills his breathing to slow down, and throws an arm around the older man's neck to pull him down for a kiss, suddenly having a strong need to kiss him. Derek kissed him back as he teased at the entrance, circling the area feeling the kid tense up at first.

Spencer breath hitched when he felt those fingers gently stroke his entrance, it tickled at first and also felt good. And held his breath as he felt that same finger was pushing against his hole and finally thrust in, and he released a surprise breath, "Nya-ahhh… Feels weird," He makes pulls a face, "foreign." And then presses down on the finger.

Derek chuckles lightly, and after feeling Spencer began to relax a little and squirm. He thinks damn the kid is tight, and Derek's erection was painfully hard, but he was willing himself to go slow and make sure he was doing it right. He'd done this with a couple of girls before, and wanted it to be as pleasurable as it possible for Spencer, he deserved only the best and more than Derek could ever provide.

Once Spencer was relaxed again, the finger started to thrust in and out of him slowly and gently. It burned a little as he was being stretched and prepared. After awhile though it started to feel good, and his breathy panting slid into needy moans. Derek then added a second finger, and Spencer's face pinched in pain, it burned again, more so than the first. But once the dull throb started to replace it, he felt Derek start to move slowly once again.

At the same time Derek started to caress Spencer's slowly hardening cock with the other hand, pressing as much of his rock hard body against the kid's flat and slender body as he could. The moans and soft cries Derek heard from Spencer were encouraging, so he added a third finger and the young man tensed up for a bit, trying to even out his breathing before relaxing again. And when Derek's fingers moved as easily as they were ever going to, he curled them in and Spencer's cries lost control, his limbs jerking off the bed as his back bowed. Those made Derek assume he found his lover's prostate and gave it another touch, causing Spencer tremble and shout, "DEREK!" clawing at his neck and chest.

Smirking Derek kissed him once more before extracting his hand. Grabbing a pillow he hoisted Spencer's hips up and placed it underneath him. His stomach was doing a nervous jump at actually going through with this, his mind was racing but his couldn't think of anything but the look on Spencer's beautiful face.

Spencer was so out of it, his body was pulsing and his mind was beyond clouded. It wasn't till he felt Derek place his legs on his shoulders, did he wake up to the fact that it was real and in a few moments he wasn't going to be a virgin anymore.

"Are you ready for me Baby Boy? This'll hurt a bit." Derek murmurs, voice rough with lust.

Spencer reaches out and clasps his hand around the back of Derek's shaved head, and pulls him for down for a kiss. The kiss was soft and sweet, and Spencer's lips are closed against his, the pressure light and tender. "Make love to me, Derek." He purrs.

Derek's breath hitches in his dry throat, and his stomach has a knot in it, but the good kind, the oh so right kind. He strokes himself roughly a few times with a lot of lube, and aligns himself up at the quivering awaiting hole. He pressed lightly against Spencer's entrance, and felt him momentarily stop breathing.

"Breathe." He orders, and Spencer does just that, as he sinks into the tight heat. Groaning loudly, Derek stops for a moment at the hiss that escaped Spencer through his clenched teeth. Once he felt him relax a bit, he pulled out to go back in and managed to get the head of his cock inside. After slow movements Derek was halfway in and Spencer was gasping, his whimpers at first were slightly distressed ones that turned into low moans.

"Are-Are you o-okay?" Derek asks disjointedly, hands on the slender hipbones.

Spencer's face is pinched tightly but he nods, mouth open, fingers clenching Derek's shoulders in a tight grip, leaving finger nails imprints that would be there for hours to come. Needing to pull back a couple of times and then work a slow thrust, Derek finally sank deeper into him until he was down to the hilt. Stilling himself not to move, wanting to give Spencer time to adjust.

Once Derek was all the way inside him, he let out a high pitched cry. Although hurting a bit was an understatement, it hurt a lot. It was a burning pain at first, but now it was turning into a slow dull throb instead. It took all his will power not to force Derek out of his body at first, and then as he got deeper he felt a shock of pleasure hit his nervous system, making his flagging erection swell once again at the massaging movement. He squirmed a bit; testing the feeling he squeezed his lower abdomen muscles.

"Damn… Spencer… Baby…" Derek groaned.

Derek's control was slipping fast at being enveloped in Spencer's tight heat, tighter than any women he has ever been with. It was mind blowing, and then the kid has to go and squeeze that impossibly tight channel even more. It was made him shake and falters as he had to brace himself up with one hand beside Spencer's head.

Spencer keened a noise between a whine and moan, and took a deep shaky breath, "Derek...D-Derek… Fuck-Me...Pleasee…" he pants hot and open mouthed against Derek's cheek.

Derek kisses him hard, and slips his tongue in the young man's mouth, and he couldn't hold back anymore. Derek breaks the kiss and gives him a softer and quick chaste one before rising up on his knees, and gripping Spencer's bony hips tightly and rocked against him, slowly at first as Spencer was making tiny moans. Pulling back on his knees, he gripped the back of both slender thighs to spread him wider, and thrusted backwards, pulling almost all the way out before slamming home and Spencer cries out sharply, hands tightening its hold on his arms.

Derek moaned as he moved at a slow and steady rhythm, hands roaming around the milky white flushed chest and quivering thighs. Spencer's moans were picking up in volume, breath hitching with each stroke in and out, and his slender body was withering and jerking uncontrollably under him, mouth falling open in a silent O. Derek decided to pick up the pace, and angles his hips a little bit more, and when he pumps back into Spencer's tight channel, the young man wails and arches off the bed almost in two. Wanting to hit that sweet spot in his Pretty Boy, Derek keeps that position and pounds ruthlessly into him, giving it to him with a fury.

Spencer was screaming and moaning so loud, he was shocked to hear it in his own ears, but that shock was quickly replaced by the tightening sensation and pleasure his body was receiving as it grew in pressure. When Derek moved it awoken something inside him, it made his vision goes pure white and he forgot how to breathe, he thought he was going to pass out. It was a full on attack on his prostate, and never had he felt something so intense. Moving his legs off Derek's shoulders, he wraps them tightly and desperately around his waist, to allow an even deeper penetration and he wasn't disappointed.

Derek was running his hand through the sweat dampened brown locks of hair, and muttering non-sensible words like, "You are so fucking tight baby." and "Sexy, so amazing." and "I love you so much." as he pounded into his Spencer, fucking him like it was the end of the world. Derek felt his orgasm approaching but he wanted to watch Spencer go first, so he seized his slim hips with two thick hands, and fucked him with a strength that had the bed creaking and rocking, hitting the wall in loud thumps. He was making sure to hit that sweet spot exactly each time, making Spencer's moans rise in volume, screams grow in pitch, cries break into whining pleas, and silent exclamations freeze on his face. Derek couldn't get enough of them.

Spencer felt the tightening sensation in the pit of his stomach moving lower, and his body was tingling and shaking. It was ecstasy, and he was scared because it was so intense. He loved the way Derek and him were connected perfectly, like they were meant to be like this. Feeling the love and raw power of the older man's passion unleashed inside him, it was overwhelming. That they were apart of each other's hearts and now bodies, it too much for Spencer to comprehend as it drove him over the edge. His legs tightening their grip on Derek's waist, he arches off the bed before opening his eyes and crying out, "D-Derekkkk!" He sees stars in his vision as fire shot through his veins, and his body seizes up as his cock spills forth onto his stomach in hot strings once more.

Derek pumped through the tight channel, marveling in the way Spencer's face looked as he completely surrendered himself body and heart over to him. And how he had done that to the genius, and that's all it took to drive Derek over the edge, as the impossibly tight blazing hot channel got tighter, and he couldn't hold back any longer as his balls drew up and fucked him with five more hard strokes before yelling out, "Fuck! Spencer!", and releasing his claim deep inside his young lover with a loud groan.

Spencer melted into mush; his body was vibrating and muscles refused to stop trembling. He was on a whole other world, and felt like he was floating. He blinked in surprise when he felt Derek release his hot seed inside him, it felt weird and oddly intimate, and he loved it. Something he'd have to get used to he'd suppose, then blushed when thinking of future acts of love making.

Derek had to catch himself before he collapsed on top of Spencer. Breathing in harsh pants, he leaned forward and kissed the delicious lips before slowly withdrawing from him, getting a light grimace in the process from Spencer. Falling onto his side and lying out and next to his genius, rolling over he kissed him lazily, before nuzzling his neck. Derek couldn't stop himself from wanting to keep touching the lithe man as he reached over, and pulled the sweaty and blissed out young man into his arms.

They kissed and held each other as they rode out the waves of their love making, and Spencer made a sweet noise of content.

"That was..." Derek slurred.

"Yeah..." Spencer breathed.

As their slowing breaths filled the room, Spencer gazed warmly into Derek's eyes and with a huge smile on his face he says happily, "Happy Halloween, Derek. I love you."

Derek pulled back a little and smiled at the man cradled in his protective arms, "You know, I'm think I'm starting to like this holiday after all." After seeing Spencer's face lit up he went on to add, "Happy Halloween, Spencer. I love you too... But I'm not dressing up next year."

Spencer giggles softly and nuzzles himself under his dark chin, wrapping his arms around the broad chest, planting a soft kiss there and mutters, "That's what you think."

Penelope Garcia was officially freaking out. Neither of her two boys was answering their cell phones, or came back into the building after running off.

After the twentieth phone call to Morgan's cell phone, she finally decided on trying his house phone. It was nearly two hours since they made their hasty escape. She was that close to getting Hotch and the state guard on the situation.

"Baby Girl, to what do I owe this honor?" Morgan's greets her enthusiastically.

"What do you owe this honor? WHAT DO YOU OWE THIS HONOR! Derek Morgan, I have been calling you and Reid non-stop forever. Why haven't you answered? Is everything okay? I need to tell you something important… that girl – you were dancing with -"

"Calm - calm down Baby Girl, and take a deep breath first."

Garcia does as she is told, and Prentiss is still with her, giving her a curious gaze waiting patiently.

"Okay. Now speak." She says more calmly.

"Firstly I've been a bit… preoccupied." And Garcia hears him give a half-laugh and his voice has a teasing sultry tone to it, and she wonders vaguely why he has that kind tone of voice, but before she can ask he continues, "And everything is just fine, perfect actually. Don't worry Penelope, I know it was Spencer now, and he is with me and doing just fine also… so I will see you Monday. Sorry to make you worry, gotta go."

And the line is disconnected before she can say anything more. Garcia is no profiler but she knows Morgan, and Morgan was with Reid, and the way they were dancing, and the tone of his voice, and calling Reid by his first name. Her jaw drops once again, rounding to face Prentiss who is looking at her expectantly with wide eyes.

"What?" Prentiss asks impatiently.

Garcia's face lights up in a grin, and laughs hysterically before replying, "Morgan hooks up with a girl at a Halloween party. Only it's not a girl, it's a guy cross-dressing. And not just any guy cross-dressing, but our little genius Spencer."

Prentiss face is confused at first, then turns into one of shock before she starts laughing as well, grinning like a mad cat she asks, "He and Reid, they?" quirking an eyebrow suggestively.

Garcia nods with a smile, "Oh yes they did sweet heart, they did." She then turns and says to the air, "Oh Halloween, how your magic amazes me."





A/N: Volia, done! Took me awhile, writing my first sex scene made me so nervous! Yes I stole a lyric from Florence + the machine, that song rocks. I'm very anxious about this chapter, mostly because it's new for me, and I'm not sure of my skill at portraying it well as well as I would have wanted.

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