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Italic as in Itachi's thoughts(pov) or a jutsu or Japanese word

Bold Italic as in an unknown man's thoughts or "voice"

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this is not a love story between Sasuke and Itachi

Spoiler Alert!



The rain had stopped. The sky had cleared. The black flames of Amaterasu was still there, never to stop burning the dried earth, truly flames from hell.

Sasuke… you really have… gotten stronger… I…I am proud of you… little brother…

"Sasuke, is that it? Is this the death you saw of me?"

Sasuke's eyes opened wide open, he stared at his big brother's eyes, Itachi looked almost half dead, the Mangekyo Sharingan really takes its toll. Itachi forced a smirk in his face, threatening Sasuke even more.

"Well? Have you used up your chakra and ran out of options? What, are you surrendering to me?"

Damn! What's so funny?I already used up all my chakra, I lost the snake(orochimaru) too! Agh…I'm exhausted… but no, I can't die!


I didn't want to hurt you, dear little brother… Sasuke, I wonder, do you even still see me as your brother? I wanted so much to tell you the truth, but… I can't…for your sake… I will accept dishonour in the place of honour, and hatred in the place of love.

Itachi felt his lungs and his windpipe tighten and contract, he flinched. The pain was excruiting. He had to gasp for air just to breathe, he hadn't take his medicine for an hour now, so he was feeling his disease. Itachi grasped his chest, winced and coughed. Coughed up blood.

Kuso! why now? But anyway, I just need to last long enough.

"I'll surrender all right…THE DAY HELL FREEZES OVER!"

Sasuke saw his chance and threw a bunch of kunai stripped with paperbomb to Itachi. To his disappointment, Su'sanoo repelled every single attack. Itachi walked tiredly to Sasuke, gasping for air and struggling to keep his body balanced.

Sasuke was never this scared in his life, except for that night, he had run out of options and chakra, and now he was at Itachi's mercy.

While walking he thought: Sorry Sasuke, I couldn't make a better life for you, I brought only sorrow and agony didn't I? I hope you find it in your heart to forgive me. I wish…I just wish… that I could see you smile again…Sasuke, smile so happily like back when we were young… when we were truly happy, that is my sole wish.

Itachi walked until he was face to face with his brother, meeting his eyes that were the same as his and yet so different. Itachi poked his forehead, like when he did when they were young.

Itachi spoke so softly it almost seemed like he was whispering to himself:

"Sorry Sasuke, this is it." Sasuke was so scared that he didn't even hear Itachi talking.

Itachi's body then gave up, he bumped his head into a wall and collapsed.

"No way… Itachi is….dead?"

Itachi…is dead? …..I did it…I finally did it.

Sasuke smiled to himself, he had fulfilled his goal, his goal of vengeance towards his brother, then he also collapsed, next to his brother, who lived his entire life just for his beloved otouto.

"We probably need to report to Madara"

When the man(or thing) left, Kabuto saw Itachi and Sasuke, and of course, he also saw the dead snake, which wasn't really dead, since Kabuto absorbed some of Orochimaru's remains when he fought Sasuke, depends on your point of view.

"Well well well, the invincible Uchiha Itachi finally fell… I've been waiting for this …khukhukhu, Sasuke is alive huh, well I've given up on testing you as our subject, a dead Uchiha will be good, also I can't let you get his eyes, Sasuke will be very strong then." Kabuto thought.

"Kuchiyose no Jutsu! (Summoning technique)"

Kabuto then placed Itachi's body inside the snake, where it won't be damaged further and went on to his hideout.

"Madara will probably… no surely be here soon so…"

"Teleportation Technique!"

"Time to see if I truly am the god of medical ninjutsu, this will be the 1st step in becoming better that Tsunade… and Orochimaru… hahaha! See if I can resurrect a person, a strong person at least, fully—body, mind and soul… and of course, under my whim."

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