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"I-Itachi? What's going on?" Sasuke asked nervously.

"Baka! Don't tell me you really forgot?"

"What?" At this Itachi chuckled.

"Happy Birthday Sasuke! Today's July 23rd! You're 17 now!" Itachi laughed. "Sorry I don't have a gift for you right now… want me to train with you when we get home?"

"Yeah thanks nii-san! And…uhm..."

"Ok, ok I'll make you some rice balls." Itachi said, knowing what Sasuke would ask for. He reads me so easily!

"Yo guys! Ready?"

"Yeah," Sasuke and Itachi replied.

When they got to Konoha, Naruto walked ahead while Sasuke and Itachi followed behind. Naruto, being the loud dobe, of course attracted attention and this annoyed both brothers, and soon people we're whispering about them.

"Could it be? The great Uchiha Sasuke and the prodigy of the Uchiha Clan? Isn't he dead?"

"He gets so annoying some times…" Itachi sighed. "Naruto-kun we don't want to attract attention. It's risky enough walking here considering we're S-class Missing- Nin, so please… calm down."

"Sorry Itachi just so excited to have Sasuke back!" Sasuke sighed. When they reached the Hokage Tower, 2 ANBU were guarding it, and when they saw Sasuke and Itachi, both rose their kunais instinctively.

"Naruto-san, what is the meaning of this betrayal?" One ANBU asked.

"Nah, calm down, just going to see Tsunade- baachan."

"Halt, they are missing ninja, you know full well we cannot let them pass and must bring them to prison."

Naruto shot him an intimidating look. "You will let them pass, you don't want to mess with me…" The 'look' was so intimidating the ANBU staggered backwards.

"Fine, but I will accompany them and they must be cuffed. Shinzai, stay here and stand guard."

"Hai, senpai."

The ANBU placed tight chakra handcuffs on Itachi's wrists and so his hands were at his back. Itachi's face remained impassive and he didn't even bother to resist, but Sasuke got angry.

"Hey! You have no right to-!"

"Sasuke, it's ok." Itachi shot Sasuke a reassuring smile.

"This way," the ANBU shoved Itachi and Sasuke holding their wrists with his hands. When they got to Tsunade's office, Naruto knocked.

"Come in."

Naruto walked in first, with his usual cheerful grin. Tsunade looked happy for a moment and her eyes widened when he saw Sasuke, and her fists clenched when she saw Itachi.

"What is the meaning of this! Why is that man here in my office!" Tsunade barked throwing a kunai at Itachi's head, which he easily dodged by moving his head an inch to the left.

"Oy, baa-chan! Calm down!"

"Calm? He is Akatsuki, Naruto! And he's supposed to be dead, according to Kakashi's report!"

"Been a long time, Tsunade-hime." Itachi said, bowing his head slightly.

"Sheesh, you're the Hokage! And if you hurt Itachi I'll personally kill you!" Sasuke barked angry.

"Enough! Naruto what are they doing here?"

"Let me explain first ok? Mind sending off the ANBU nin?"


"Trust me please baa-chan!"

"UGH, fine." Tsunade looked towards the ANBU "You may go now."

"Hai, hokage-sama." When the ANBU left, Tsunade pointed at the Uchihas, "Don't try anything, I have a red button here on my table which when I press 5 elite squads of ANBU will come! And not like I can't take you on!"

"Calm down, Hokage-sama, as you can see we are cuffed." Tsunade sighed and sat down here chair, it was already a problem that Sasuke was here, she wasn't sure how she would free him from punishment, but Itachi, definitely not… and… didn't Sasuke hate his brother?

"This is where we start, the Truth of the Uchiha Massacre, can I proceed Itachi?" Naruto asked Itachi unsure if he should continue.

"Go ahead… no point concealing information anymore…"

Meanwhile at ROOT HQ, with Danzou and the Advisors

"Impossible!" Homura stated. "Uchiha Itachi is dead! This is just a false rumor!"

"You never know with them, Homura, and Uchiha Sasuke is here too." Koharu said.

"Shut up. Even if it's true or not we will have to take action, you head to the hokage tower for permission to assault and track the Uchihas, they must not know about me...yet."

"Well said." Koharu said.

"Agreed." Homura said.

When they got to the Hokage tower, they didn't even bother knocking, just barging in out of the blue.

"Tsunade we-" Koharu gasped in surprise at what he saw, Itachi and Sasuke, just right in front of him, and Tsunade was removing chakra cuffs from their wrists.

"You! Arrest them immediately Tsunade!" Homura barked. Koharu was about to speak when she flinched when she saw the look on Tsunade's face.

"Give me one good reason…" Tsunade said, barely controlling her voice.

"What?" Homura asked as if playing dumb.


"Tsunade, the Uchiha were planning a coup that would light the flames of war once again, it was for the best, I believe Itachi told you that?"Koharu replied perfectly calm, his eyes darting to Itachi's emotionless ones.

"I did, as I realized it was useless to conceal this information any longer, I have planned to live in the Uchiha Compound with my brother form now on, is that acceptable?"

"Absolutely No-"

"Would you prefer me leaking all the details to public?" Itachi asked threateningly at the elders. Sasuke smirked. Itachi's pretty smart.

The 2 elders just nodded. "Now get out of my office before I squash you like bugs!" Tsunade barked, though they were unaffected and just left. Before Homura left he looked back and muttered something, "Itachi, you just had to leave him alive… he was and still is… your biggest failure."

"WHAT DID YOU SAY?" Sasuke roared crossly and Itachi had to hold him back from charging to Homura. Danzou told me the same thing... something's not right.

"Calm down, otouto don't mind him anymore." Itachi shot a glare to Homura. When he left Tsunade sighed, "Okay… who would have ever thought Itachi… I suppose you go back to your house, you two?"

"Yeah thanks." Itachi said gratefully that no interrogation or whatsoever was place upon him or Sasuke. Itachi smiled at Sasuke, "Let's go."

"Yeah, I'm coming…" Sasuke answered. "Naruto thank you dobe."

"Ahahaha! No problem Sasuke teme! That's my birthday gift okay, haha!" "Humph." Tsunade sighed. Old habits really die hard.

After a while, she looked down from her window, seeing the Uchiha brothers walking side by side, and she managed to catch some of their conversation.

"Itachi, remember when you told me you would make rice balls? Let's stop on some shops on the way home and buy some food, I'm hungry so hurry up walking?"

"Wait wait… did I say I was going to make rice balls?" Itachi looked up and placed his hand on his chin, as if trying hard to remembering something.

"YOU DID!" Itachi looked at Sasuke teasingly.

"Well… I didn't say I promised too."

"Hey you liar!" Sasuke said pouting, which caused Itachi to poke his forehead. "That's becoming really annoying! I'm six- seventeen!"

"Nah sorry sorry, you're still cute up till now with that face."

"Fine whatever… rice balls?" Sasuke looked at Itachi hopefully.

"Hmmm…. Maybe…. Try and catch me then!" Itachi said playfully as he began to run while laughing, although it was obvious he was holding back.

"Alright fine, bring it on!" Sasuke chuckled as he began chasing Itachi.

Tsunade grinned at the sight. The Uchiha name had been cleansed, and the 2 brothers there will end the millennia of hatred coursed down throughout the entire clan.

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