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Breathing fast, Seira raced down the steps of the hidden staircase. Racing to the bottom, she checked to make sure the coast was clear, before running into the clearing, and then racing towards the forest. Her short black hair flew into the wind, as the thorns torn at her light blue dress. Her dark green eyes, struck with fear focused straight ahead, until they noticed another clearing with two figures in it.

The shorter one of the two had dark brown hair and stunning greens eyes. A long purple robe covered him until his midthighs, which were covered by some black pants and brown boots. The taller one had long blond hair and gorgeous blue eyes, followed by a long white rode, with black pants, and brown boots.

"Seira, you're here" The taller one said with relief in voice, as soon as he noticed me.

"Yes I'm here. Is everyone else safe?" Seira asked, coming into the clearing.

"Yes we made sure of it. Are you alright dear sister?" The shorter one asked.

Sighing with relief, Seira answered. "Yes I am Alec, Now let's get started before they find us."

"Alright" They both answered before moving away.

"Seira, are you sure you want to do this?" The taller one asked.

"Yes Markice, I'm sure." Seira replied. "Plus I'm the only one who is powerful enough to complete this mission."

"Alright milady, but please be careful." Markice added worriedly.

Walking up to him, Seira kissed his cheek and backed away. "I will be safe and I will come back with the stone." She promised before walking back in between them.

"Alright, we have enough power combined to send you to the Dimension Witch; I've also heard that you will need to pay a price for your wish." Alec informed her.

"Alright Alec." Seira nodded. "Let's get started.

Both men nodded before closing their eyes. Soon a magic circle surrounded all three of them as waves of magic began surrounding her. Everything was going perfectly until a shout rang out behind them. Turning around she saw soldiers running into the clearing, shouting orders.

'Oh no' She thought 'What should we do?'

"Don't pay attention Markice" Alec shouted across the clearing.

"Got it." Markice replied before concentrating harder.

"Stop her!" a soldier exclaimed before running at the circle.

Before he could get close, he was zapped by lightning and killed. Turning to look where the bolt came from, a woman and man walked up from behind a tree.

"Did you really think we would let you get your hands on our princess?" The woman asked as her long blonde curly hair flew in front of her face. Her black dress began rising as she summoned more power. Her once brown eyes turned yellow as more lightning erupted from her hands, hitting more soldiers.

The man waved his arms and water began to surround them, wetting his dark blue shirt and dark blue pants. His brown hair stood up on its ends as the woman shot off more lightning bolts.

"Careful where you aim, Minerva." He warned.

"Sorry Stephan." Minerva apologized before striking again.

"Stephan, Minerva what are you doing here?" Seira shouted at them.

"What do you think? We're saving your butt." Minerva shouted.

"And our own." Added Stephan as his light blue eyes watched every movement the enemy made.

"Thank you!" She shouted to the both of them.

"No problem kid. Now just finish your mission and come back safe, you hear?" Minerva asked.

"I gotcha." Seira replied.

"Alright Seira, this is goodbye." Alec interrupted.

"It's not a goodbye dummy." Seira shouted. "Goodbyes are for funerals, this is a see ya later."

Smirking Alec replied. "Alright, See ya later."

Smiling she shouted see ya later to everyone, before the whirl of magic consumed her. Opening her eyes she noticed she was in a tunnel of magic, heading to her destination.

'I wonder what will happen.' She thought before a bright light erupted in front of her eyes.

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