He was wondering why she wanted to ride alone. The whole idea of a Gondola ride was to spend it as a couple. It was an activity his country was known of. There may have been a 'few' casinos and hotels here and there, but at least the bus fares were free to get there. It's just another smart ploy to get people to gamble in their well-known casinos.

"One ride for the lady?" He asked, with the usual smile he gave to his customers. It was also a good reason to learn a bit of English to communicate better with foreign tourists. And now was the time to use it, he figured.

"Ah...y-yes, thank you..." She whispered, climbing in the gondola. And off they sailed in icy silence.

He rowed the gondola slowly, staring curiously at the maiden in front of him. The road ahead didn't require must of his attention, considering how used he was to it. He saw her long black hair hung lightly on her shoulders, her body crouched as her eyes stared at the flat boards of the gondola. She looked...quite attractive just sitting there.

Suddenly, she just stared back at him with equal curiosity. He looked away quickly, his cheeks reddening. "This wasn't once you felt like this, Li." He thought to himself as he remembered the other beautiful women he saw...with their boyfriends or husbands. He sighed at that thought. Now...he once again saw a woman like that...with no one to be with.

"A-are you going to sing...?" She stammered, as she averted her eyes away.

He didn't blame her. It was obviously his fault, he realized.

"O-oh! R-right, s-s-sorry," He exclaimed immediately, clutching his oar tightly and returned to staring the road intently, like what he should do. "What would you like, miss?" He asked nicely, treating her like another happy customer.

"Anything would be nice," She replied, smiling at him, looking quite tired and forced in his eyes. "I should probably sing something soothing for her..."

And so he did.

"So..is it your first time riding a gondola?" He grinned after singing his first number.

After some moments of silence, he daringly looked back at her, wondering if she wanted to ignore him. He was beginning to be quite fond of her, he at least wanted to talk to cherish the lasting memories...and since she was a customer. Gondoliers like himself had to be friendly to all who sat in their gondola.

Soon, as soon as he heard light snoring, much to his surprise, [and dismay] he saw her eyes closed, her head hung low lightly from her drooped shoulders. She was sleeping.

One thing he couldn't get his mind off were her soft, tempting lips.

He was getting closer...and he didn't know why...

Could he do it?