My first story…hopefully it will be a good one. I do this from the inspiration I obtained from another author. I dedicate it to Familiar47 and a coworker of mine who showed major interest in the idea. Their support encouraged me to start writing my story. So lets begin…

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"Standard" Talking

"Italics" Thinking

"Bold" Kyubi speaking "Bold Underline" Kyubi thinking "Bold Italics" Raziel speaking "Bold Italics Underline" Raziel thinking

Long ago during the reign of the Scion of Balance the world was at peace. Kain ruled with kindness after his son Raziel purified him of the madness that plagued him and, with the Purified Soul Reaver in hand, defeated the Elder God and the Hylden that followed. Sadly it was not to be, as after just a thousand years of peace the Vampires once again began subjugating humanity. Kain had no choice but to exterminate the vampires once again.

In the end Kain decided that his time in the world was coming to an end and decided to sleep until such time as he was needed again. Resting the Soul Reaver in the relief upon his coffin, he drifts off to sleep not to awaken for eons to come.

-Time Skip 100'000 years—

The world was a very different place, the age of ninja had begun and all kinds of techniques existed to do many wonderful and not so wonderful things. This is the world that Naruto Uzumaki was born into, unfortunately, the Kyubi no Kitsune was sealed into him at birth and the village would be remarkably cruel to him in the beginnings of his life.

This is where the story begins. (Naruto is five)

Naruto was in tears. He was running as fast as he could go to try and get out of the village. He was always doing this when it just became too much to ignore the cold stares and the cruel words the villagers would throw at him everyday. He would leave and find a place to calm down and relax. As he ran through the trees surrounding the village a thought crossed his mind, "Maybe I'll head north this time, I've never been that way before," thought Naruto. As he ran he came across a small ravine, "Hmm…I wonder what's down there?" thought Naruto as he scrabbled down into the ravine. "There's a crack in the wall. I bet I can slip into it!" thought Naruto as he did just that. All was well…until the ground suddenly gave way beneath his feet. Screaming as the darkness consumed him, Naruto briefly wondered if he would survive the fall.

"Oww, that really hurt!" whined Naruto as he rubbed his sore head. "It seems I've been out for a few hours at least," thought Naruto. Just as that thought finished he noticed a small passageway ahead of him "Might as well see where this leads as I'm not getting out the way I came in." he said with a small chuckle. As he walked he began to notice that, instead of a cave, he was in what looked like an old tomb of some kind, "Just where the heck am I anyways," he said as he rounded a corner and entered a new room. This room was much more elaborate, even if it was cracked and crumbled with age and covered with cobwebs.

In the center of the room was what looked like a stone coffin with a carving of a knight on it holding a rather chipped, cracked, and an all-together decrepit looking sword. It looked like it was rather impressive in its prime, with it's curvy edge and skull hand guard. "I wonder if that sword is still usable", said Naruto as he walked closer to the coffin. When he picked up the sword however, everything went black.

He awoke inside what appeared to be a sewer of some kind, "What the hell…how did I get in a sewer of all places", he pouted. "I brought you here my child." said a voice right behind him. Naruto screamed and tried to back away from the strange looking creature behind him. It had blue skin and was wearing a cowl that was wrapped around its face, bright white eyes under matted black hair, and cloven hands and feet. All in all it looked like a skeleton with skin. "Do not fear me young one, I will not harm you or be cruel to you as those horrible villagers do." Said the strange being. Naruto could hear the sincerity in its voice. "Who are you and where are we?," asked Naruto. "I am Raziel and we are in your mind young one." Said Raziel with a hint of humor in his, now identified as a male, voice. Suddenly he turned serious, "Come, there is much we must discuss."

Alright! First chapter is done! Please review as while I have the major scenes pretty well thought out, I need ideas for villains and the color and abilities of Naruto's new chakra he's going to get next chapter from a combination of the Kyubi's Ki (I'm going to make the Tailed beats be made up of Ki or physical energy like from DBZ instead of straight chakra.) and Raziel's spiritual energy to make a new kind of chakra. Also I need ideas for what they are going to say. See ya next time!