Welcome to my new FanFiction- DEMONATA-style!
After finally reading the final Demonata book, I wanted more... and since I loved seeing Shark and Punk-Dervish as young'uns, I'm going to do my own bit in that era.
A warning- I'm completely unused to writing 1st person present tense, like Darren Shan does, but I'm giving it a go. This here prologue-y bit is still in 3rd person, just so you don't know what's happening yet. :D

The girl is practically gliding down the path, her hair billowing out like some frothy curtain, silken in movement and look. Her eyes are sparkling green, with an almost almondy sheen. Her lips are perfectly pink and plumped. Her body, clothed in loose, Woodstock-style clothes, looks like something direct from Tolkien's Imladris. A miniature peacock feather crafted from coloured spun glass hangs as a pendant around her neck.

The only thing to mar this lovely picture is the salivating, devil-esque demon, drooling acid from a grotesquely warped hippo head.

The girl is airborne, having just been slammed by the mammoth beast, her limbs tangled in a graceful mess. Her eyes are wide with pain, lips open in a silent scream. Her clothes are ripped, covered in her own blood, and the pendant is growing swiftly closer to her face, ready to connect with her eye.

Dervish Grady starts towards her, anxious to help. He shoots a magical bolt towards the hippo demon, momentarily halting its ravaging path. He looks toward Shark to check the tattooed military man is dealing with the mage.

"Move!" Dervish yells at the girl, but she doesn't budge an inch. "MOVE!"

He's not fast enough. The hippo demon recovers and bears down on the girl, ripping into her pale arm, raised to protect herself.

The girl screams.

Somewhere behind them, the mage is screaming, too, as Sharks rips him apart. Instantly, the assembled demons race for the window- all but the hippo, who is unwilling to relinquish his bountiful prize.

The girl screams louder as her veins and arteries are crushed, one by one. The scream is all there is… no window, no demons, no mage, no Shark… Just Dervish, the hippo demon, and one screaming girl.

A flash of light.

Just Dervish and one girl, her blank face hitting concrete as she collapses to the pavement.