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Chapter twenty: Not the best start to the day

"What did he say?" Remus inquired once Severus had left the compound. Luckily Severus hadn't seen Hermione or Ginny. They'd be in trouble if he had. Dumbledore would try to get Harry's whereabouts from them.

"Voldemort wants to meet me under civil terms," Harry stated blandly knowing the Remus wouldn't like what he was about to say, "I agreed." Harry said simply and walked away.

"What?" Remus said catching Harry's arm so Harry wouldn't walk away. "What the hell did you mean by that? You agreed?"

Harry scowled and pulled his arm out of his grip. "Yes I did." Harry knew that Remus wouldn't like the idea and thus, out of immediate defence he had taken the stubborn and defiant mask. Not wanting to show how uncertain he was with this turn of events.

"What's going on now?" Logan asked frowning not understanding what the big deal was.

Harry glared at Remus for making a big deal out of it since they could do that in private. He didn't want Logan to know just how much danger he was yet. For now Logan believed he could protect Harry and keep him happy and just the thought of that made him happy, but he knew for him, war was inevitable. He couldn't afford to be happy for too long. Not until the war was over and he knew it and he knew somewhere deep down Remus knew it was inevitable for him to go as well.

Remus ignored Logan as he gripped Harry's shoulders painfully hard. "Are you crazy, Harry? Why on Earth would you agree to that? Have you forgotten what he's done?"

Harry bared his teeth angrily trying to pull from the painfully hard grip. Damn werewolf strength. "You know as well as I do that this is inevitable. Voldemort wants to win and he knows with me on his side he could! He won't kill me!"

"Did you forget he killed your parents?" Remus said angrily, shaking Harry slightly as if it would get him to wake up. "What he's done to you over the years?"

"And what am I supposed to do, huh?" Harry shouted, actually using his legs to push Remus off of him. Remus let go, shocked. "If I go with Dumbledore, it's death. If I go with Voldemort, I'm alive. So it's either death or me and I'm sorry to sound selfish, but I'd rather pick me! I want to live!"

"So you'd rather let millions die?" Remus said angrily, "Voldemort will continue to kill muggles and muggleborns and you're going to side with that? How about Hermione? Your classmates at Hogwarts!"

"Snape just told me he's changed his regime," Harry hissed out, "He's not going to kill muggles anymore. Apparently it's too dangerous to attempt that now. And it's war Remus! War! Deaths are inevitable!"

"What is going on?" Logan said angrily in between the both of them. He looked at one to another with a hard glare, unhappy with how both of them were acting. "What is this about a war and killing?"

Harry glared at Remus, angry tears in his eyes. "Thanks a lot Remus," Harry gritted out, "You couldn't talk about this in private, could you?" And with that, he bounded off angrily and quickly before anyone could stop him. He hadn't wanted any mutant involved in the war between the wizards and creatures of that world. That included Logan. It was of a different level and Harry knew that there was a high possibility of him dying in it. He wanted to enjoy life with them for a while without them worrying for his life.

Remus legs collapsed as soon as Harry ran away. No, no, no, no, he thought to himself like a mantra. He had thought Harry could get away from it all, but it was inevitable. People he cared about were still in the wizarding world and he had to fight for one side or another. And he knew he still cared for the Weasleys even though Ron had betrayed him.

He just couldn't understand was why Voldemort? If Dumbledore hadn't stupidly… Suddenly Severus' words came unbidden to him from when he first entered the room.

Well, no wonder Fenrir couldn't find you.

Fenrir was looking for him. This was not good and as Remus' pack master there was little he could do to disobey him if Fenrir found him. Remus was bound by werewolf laws whether he liked it or not and if Voldemort had ordered Fenrir to find him on the possibility that it would make Harry turn to Voldemort…

This was bad.

"Hey, what's going on? Who is Voldemort?" Logan's voice interrupted his musing and he looked up, not only to see Logan, but Hermione, Ginny, Xavier and Storm.

"We saw Harry just before," Hermione said hesitantly, "He seemed pretty mad. Slammed the door pretty hard too. What happened? What's this about Voldemort? Did he do something again?"

"Severus Snape happened," Remus said warily and then went to sit on the seat Harry previously occupied and motioned to the couch and chair before him. Xavier rolled in, Logan sat on the other chair and Storm, Hermione and Ginny sat on the couch. Remus took out his wand and wordlessly shut the door, and cast locking and privacy charms.

"Professor Snape?" Hermione gasped, "How did he find Harry?"

"I don't know," Remus said warily as he palmed his head in slight defeat, "It seems that he had come on behalf of, not the Order, but Voldemort." Hermione and Ginny gasped their minds quickly running on ideas on what must have happened.

"Who is Voldemort?" Storm repeated the question the Logan had asked previously a couple of times. Xavier already knew since the information was running aloud and constant in Ginny and Hermione's minds that he couldn't help but hear.

"In the wizarding world he is widely known as you-know-who," Remus explained, "People feared even hearing his name. That's how bad his reign over us in the first war was. He was and is the Dark Lord."

"So you agreed to let a follower of the Dark Lord into the school?" Storm asked with a frown, "Did you know he was a follower before he came in here?"

"Yes," Remus admitted, "But he's a double agent. His loyalties are questioned even now. So it is possible that not only does Voldemort know of his whereabouts, but possibly Dumbledore as well."

Hermione frowned. "But that's not good! What if Professor Dumbledore realises me and Ginny are here if he finds out you're here too?"

"Who is Professor Dumbledore?" Storm asked with distaste. She honestly didn't like what she was hearing at the moment. Dark Lords? Double agents? Followers of said Dark Lord around children?

Remus actually looked surprised before he explained. "I'm sorry. I'm so used to people already knowing who he is. He is what most people call 'the greatest light wizard alive'. He has had experience of defeating the previous Dark Lord, Grindewald. At the moment he is the headmaster of a school of magic called 'Hogwarts'. I admit that his recent actions haven't exactly gone well with me."

"Wait, wait a minute, bub. Let me get this straight," Logan said rubbing his temples of an oncoming headache, "You're saying that both the light and dark sides are trying to kill Harry?"

Remus opened his mouth and hesitated slightly. "Well, I'm not sure about the dark side anymore. If you to think about it in legitimate terms, yes they're both after Harry. But," Remus said quickly before anyone could speak after his short explanation, "Harry is now a Dark creature and automatically he should fall under the Dark Lord's protection, like all light creatures fall under the Light Lord's. It's complicated to explain."

"But Remus, you're –"

"I know," Remus said before Hermione could give away his secret, "But the British wizarding community is messed up in that aspect. Nothing is clear anymore and the creatures aren't sure which side to be on, which is why they are being recruited. Some creature packs know which side they have to fight for, but if the opposite side offers a compelling deal, well…" Remus shrugged as he trailed off.

"So you're saying," Xavier said, finally speaking up, "Headmaster Dumbledore is a light wizard who previously protected Harry is now aiming to kill him, and Voldemort, the Dark Lord, who was aiming to kill him, is now aiming to recruit him because Harry is a dark creature and comes under his jurisdiction?"

"That's pretty messed up, bub," Logan said when Remus gave a hesitant nod. Ginny and Hermione looked horrified. They had thought Harry escaped the war now he wasn't in the wizarding world. Storm looked unhappy with the information they were suddenly gathering.

"But I know Harry!" Hermione said abhorred by the fact that he may be joining Voldemort. She didn't like Dumbledore at the moment, but she definitely did not like Voldemort, "He won't join Voldemort if he's going to be killing muggles and muggleborns."

"But that's the thing Hermione," Remus said with a tired sigh, "With the little information Harry told me before he stormed off was that Voldemort had changed his regime and he doesn't aim to kill muggles anymore… apparently."

Hermione was about to say something else before what Remus said sunk in. "What?" she said weakly and at the same time Storm questioned, "Muggles?"

"Non-magic folk," Ginny replied absentmindedly as she tried to understand what exactly was going on. It wasn't hard to see what was happening, but at the same time she could hardly believe it. Was he really going to follow Voldemort? Ginny would love to follow Harry to the ends of the Earth as a loyal friend, but she did not want to be anywhere near Voldemort. The bastard almost killed her in her first year. Granted, it was his diary and he probably had no knowledge of it, but it was still him.

"'Doesn't aim to kill muggles'," Hermione repeated incredulously, "You can't seriously believe that, can you? Does Harry seriously believe that? I mean this is Voldemort we're talking about! I know Dumbledore decided to go antsy on him after he became a Wolfeli, but that doesn't mean –"

"That's why he's meeting Voldemort," Remus interrupted Hermione before she could go on a long tirade on how Harry could not really believe Voldemort's change of heart. "He wants to see the Dark Lord himself to determine whether or not he should join him, I believe."

Logan sighed. The situation was just getting more confusing. Maybe it was best that he talk to Harry himself.


Harry's anger had died down and now he felt nothing, but sad. Remus didn't trust him to make the right decision and now he was sure the mutants that knew of his wizarding history or knew the ministry was after him would probably watch him so he didn't do that. And he didn't like that. Not one bit.

Harry shook his head and pulled out of his temporary depression. He had no time. Perhaps he should suggest somewhere else to meet Voldemort now. Harry briefly wondered if the man was still snake-like like that last time he saw him being scolding himself for letting his thoughts wander. He had gone long enough without training and the strain would not have risked him going into a coma anymore. Hank had cleared him of that.

Until he received anything from Snape or Voldemort saying otherwise, Harry would believe that three days from now he was meeting Voldemort at six in the evening. He needed to prepare for that in case it was a trap and perhaps he should suggest somewhere else instead of the school. He couldn't risk the students. And if they didn't like it and tried to keep him here, Harry would sneak out or probably suggest a later time and sneak out then when everyone is supposedly sleeping.

Harry needed to train and perhaps he could ask one of the mutants how they train here. He remembered someone mentioning something about training in group and solo scenarios when he first came to. He could work on his wandless magic in his room. Doing it in real life rather than the mindscape was harder than it seemed. He could shrink and unshrink things however things like accio and the levitating spell took more effort than it should. The room was big enough for him to train his body, and the school compound was huge enough to do his laps.

Now that he was determined to get strong, Harry exited his room. He needed to find someone, probably Jean or Scott, or even Professor Xavier to tell him about the training facilities of the school. He didn't want to face Logan yet. God knows what Remus had told him. Sure, he spilled his problems to the man, but it didn't mean he wanted someone to protect him or worry about him. Harry was sure Logan thought all that was done and over with besides the ministry after him. If Remus let him know that I had a war to fight…

Oh, Harry, be easy on him. You know he's just worried, Tom spoke up in his mind.

Harry let out a sigh causing Jean to look at him questioningly as he found her, but he took no heed. I know, Harry replied to Voldemort's alter ego. I'll speak to him later.

I suggest speaking to your mate as well, kid.Akori butted in and Harry resisted to physically eye roll at the words.

What's Logan got to do with this? Harry asked, giving up on telling Akori that Logan wasn't his mate. Out loud he said, "Hi Jean. I was wondering about your training facilities here. Think you can tell me about them?"

"Yeah, we have something called the danger room," Jean said with a smile, "That's where we can train under group and solo scenarios. It has a holographic device that allows us to make the situation as real as possible. There's also an inbuilt weaponry defence system where you'll have to defend yourself against them. It is often watched from a separate room just in case something goes wrong though."

Logan is your mate, brat, Akori replied having thoughtfully waited until Jean was done speaking. He'd be dragged into this… thing you call a war whether you like it or not. Even if you try to run he'll try to find you and its already too late seeing as how Dumbledore and his lackeys have already seen him protect you. Anyway, it's his instinct. He'll go after a brat like you.

Harry inwardly grimaced, but decided to continue his mental conversation later when he was alone again. "Cool," Harry replied with a forced smile at the sound of the training room. It seemed like this facility was well equipped, but he didn't want people to always watch him 'in case something goes wrong' in the room. "Say, if I didn't want to use the holographic danger room, is there anywhere else I can train? You know, to keep my stamina up and stuff and self weapon training."

"Well, we do teach self defence here and how to control our mutations so there is some rooms available to which you can use," Jean replied. "Is there a reason why you don't want to use the danger room?"

Harry shrugged. "I plan to train in the early hours in the morning and sometimes even at night," he said honestly, "You said that there are people watching just in case something goes wrong and I didn't want to bother everyone too much."

"Ah I see," Jean nodded. "Then would you like me to show you where we hold these classes and if the room is where you want to train for the time being?"

Harry nodded with a short smile. "Please do."

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