10 Again

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'I can't believe I'm really going to do this!' Misaki screamed in her head, debating with herself whether she should really go to a certain pervert this early in the morning.


The sun had only just begun to rise from the horizon; it's warm vibrant colors turning the dark purple sky into a mixture of sapphire blue and fiery orange. Below a cherry tree, lay a sleeping girl. Her raven hair covering her closed eyelids, her face white and angelic. The golden rays of the sun shone on to her peaceful face making it seemed as if it was glowing. The girl's eyes opened, showing her amber orbs.

"Why am I here?" mumbled the confused girl scanning her surroundings.

As she got up from her position, she straightened her wrinkled dress. However, noticing somethings.

'Eh? Isn't this? The dress I wore when I was ten? I couldn't possibly fit into it right?' She thought to herself, rubbing her eyes thinking that she had seen an illusion.


She screamed out loud not minding the time.

Running as fast as her small legs could carry her; she stood in front of a near by lake, trying to catch her breath, looking down at the floor afraid, afraid to look at her reflection.

Looking at her reflection then and there, confirmed her suspicions.
"This can't be happening! How am I supposed to go to school now? Calm down Misaki, this is all just a dream this can't be real!"

Pinching herself, Misaki yelp in pain…

"I'm not dreaming! But how? How the hell did I end up as a ten year old again!"

~End of flashback~

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