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Chapter 5: On the bed they go!


Misaki wasn't one to swear, but not at this point of time, beside who wouldn't? The cause of it all? Shintani and Usui. The second cause? She was stark naked. Now, how in the world did a situation as absurd as the one she was in happen? Let's see, they were drinking tea, check. A fog appeared, check. and poof! she's naked. Pure absurdity to the max.

They both stared at each other in disbelief. Usui, trying to focus on Misaki's face. Not... umm anywhere below the neck. Shintani, he was long gone in a world of unconsciousness, his face as red as a tomato and blood the same color dripping out of his nose. Oh and steam still coming out of his ears. Misaki, well her mind was practically blank, not allowing a single rational thought to enter. Say for example, cover up? Nope none of that reached her mind. The first to bring reality back, was usui -who had finally snapped out of his 'moral thoughts'- and had abruptly stood up and mechanically walked to one of the many rooms down the hall, leaving behind a blinking Misaki. What a gentleman.

'WHAT THE HECK JUST HAPPENED!' Misaki wanted to scream as her jaws dropped, she might as well have the words 'Kill me' tattooed on her forehead. Wide eye and face flushed a deep apple red, Misaki tried to cover up as much as she could as the realization finally hit her right smack in the face.


Usui walked out backwards, a set of women's clothing in one hand. Without looking, he passed the clothes to Misaki before nonchalantly walking back to the safety of his room. This time,forward, and if he was nervous or embarrassed even, he didn't show it. This time leaving Misaki gaping. She looked down at the clothes in her hand. They were exactly her size. If things couldn't get anymore confusing it just did. Damn whoever who dumped her in this weird alien planet. MUST be Usui's planet. Misaki cursed under her breath, quickly making her way to the bathroom before her blush could get any redder.

"They really are my size..." She mumbled to no one in particular as she stared at herself in the overly extravagant mirror. Splashing her face with water, a sudden dizziness washed over her. It felt as if another mind was trying to take over, and everyone knows there can be one mind in a head right? A major headache. Yes that's what she was having now. She splashed her face with water again as sleep seemed to be trying to pull her eyes shut.

"AH! Damn... Hiccup !... It!"

Misaki burst through the door -Supposedly Usui's room?- and slammed it shut. Hard. Startling even the perverted outer-space alien, who was currently sitting on the floor, hand covering his (flushed) face. Misaki was definitely not thinking straight. She pounced on the unsuspecting man. Yup she definitely wasn't thinking straight.

The equation for a very messed up scene: A drunk (?) Misaki + A sad and lonely Usui = On the bed they go!

"Ayuzawa!" Usui growled as Misaki tried to unbutton his shirt. He really had to do something about this situation before his thin tread of self-control and dignity snaps. Pulling her of himself, he pinned her to the bed. "Takumi~ Hiccup!" The struggling girl slurred. Holding her down with one hand- which was VERY hard even for him- Usui reached into a drawer with his free hand and retrieved a rope (Now what was that doing there? Naughty Usui)




"There!" Usui said, letting out a sigh of relieve. Misaki hands were tied above her head to the bed post, her black tresses tousled from the struggling and the first few buttons of her blouse unbuttoned. She looked hot. "Takumi..." She purred, still trying to wriggle out of the ropes, only to cause the front of her skirt to hike up. Yes she was wearing a skirt. Usui cursed mentally for passing her the skirt, he should have passed her some jeans or something. Though, regretting that now, was a bit too late. God must be laughing at him right now. She was driving him insane. Why? Because the said girl was now crying. Tears and tears of innocent tears began to stream down her rosy pink cheeks .

Usui widened his eyes as he did something that surprised the two of them? Nope, just him. He bent down and licked the tears. And that sudden let down of his guard, resulted to... Misaki flipping them over with her legs. Misaki was now sitting on top of Usui,her hands still tied but her face getting awfully close. Too close Usui thought.

"Misaki... I won't be able to control myself once I start..." He warned, breathing heavily as her smell was just... intoxicating. Misaki made no comment to that but began trailing kisses along his jaws. She really wanted to drive him mad.

'Why are you holding yourself back? You did get your wish didn't you? You got your lovely wife back from the dead.' A voice taunted. Usui retorted back with much venom. 'I did, but it's not her. She's not my Misaki Ayuzawa.' Now he really must be out of his mind to be arguing with himself. But now, he had more pressing matters at hand.

"Takumi... I missed you...I haven't seen you since I died..."

Usui froze.

Then the sudden idea of them being different seemed to falter


And there went his self-control and so came Usui the hungry wolf. Usui flipped them over once more, the ropes that held Misaki's hands went with Usui's shirt on the floor. A layer of lust seem to cover his eyes, almost giving them a misty look to it, you have no idea what you just did it seemed to scream and much more. Emerald met gold eyes before Usui lips smashed down on to Misaki's, locking them into a fervent kiss.

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