Chapter 1 - The Proposition



Have you ever wondered what would be the life if your filthy rich? Well she doesn't. Have you ever wondered what would be the life if you're a plain student? Well he doesn't. They say that it's hard to live in an alternate universe.

Beats me.

Why don't we look into 'she' and 'he's life?

"He'll leave me alone! You'll see!"

Kagome Higurashi, a.k.a. The Simple but Smart Girl, fumed down the streets. She was wearing her sailor uniform and beside her is her best friend Sango Taijiya, a.k.a. The Fighter but Cheerful Girl. Kagome has black hair that extends to her waist while Sango keeps her hair in a high ponytail.

"Oh really? But you know Hojo is kind of a waste." Sango smirked.

Kagome rejected another date with Hojo Nobunaga, a.k.a. The Stupid but Rich Guy, in school last Friday. But this time, it's different. Kagome's patience ran out and she shouted at Hojo to leave her alone.

Kagome sighed. "Yes he's rich but I don't want him for his money. For any guy I mean."

Sango shrugged. "Suit yourself."

A few minutes had passed and they reached the gates of their school. Kagome was relieved to end her walking torture when...

A limousine pulled in beside them.

Here we go again.

"Higurashi!" Hojo jumped out of the car.

The students looked at Hojo and Kagome thinking that another date will be rejected. You can hear Sango's snickers behind Kagome. As for Kagome, her eye's twitching. Kagome simply ignored him and headed for the building's entrance.

"Wait Higurashi! Please let me talk!" Hojo ran after her.

"Kagome! You should listen to him!"A mini Kagome angel appeared on Kagome's right shoulder. "What if I don't want to?" Kagome whispered."Yeah what if she doesn't want to talk to him?"A mini Kagome devil appeared on her left shoulder.

"Consider his feelings Kagome!"Angel said.

"Who cares about his feelings? Let's go Kagome!"Devil said.

"She's not going anywhere!"

"Yes she is!"

"Nu uh!"

"Yeah uh!"

"Nu uh!"

"Yeah uh!"

"Will both of you shut up?" Kagome hissed. "I'm going to listen to him okay?" She sighed and turned around to face him panting. Angel stuck her tongue out at Devil.

Hojo beamed. "Thank goodness you stopped!"

"Yeah yeah. What do you want?" Kagome asked.

"I thought about what you said over the weekend and I'm sorry if I'm disturbing your personal space. Also, if it doesn't hurt you, there's a proposition I'd like to offer." He said.

She raised an eyebrow. "Oh? Then what would that be?"

He took a deep breath. "You like Kikyo Hirada right?"

She nodded and closed her eyes.


"What did you just say? Kikyo Hirada? Like The Kikyo Hirada? I love her! She's like my favorite actress, singer and model!" Kagome gawked.

He nodded. "And my proposition is her."

"Her?" Sango piped in.

He looked at her then back to Kagome. "Yes. I want you to accompany me as my muse on a dinner with the Hirada's on Saturday night. They're going to talk about a business investment or if we get lucky, a merger, for that night. Miss Kikyo will be there with her date too of course. So-"

"DATE?" Kagome cut in.

He shifted on his side. He didn't mean to say THAT word and besides if he got rejected again, he'll be so humiliated. He gets rejected all the time but it's like his last chance. "Ah yes. But-"

"Who is her date?" Kagome narrowed her eyes.

He blinked. "Pardon me?"

"I said who the hell Kikyo's date is?" Kagome gritted out.

Sango sighed. "Who else? Of course it's-"

"Shut up! I don't wanna hear it!" Kagome shouted and covered her ears.

Is it him or is he just lucky? It looks like he still has a chance over her. "You mean you dislike Inuyasha Takahashi?"

He said it.


Kagome faced him and narrowed her eyes. "You mean that asshole? I don't dislike him. I HATE him. He doesn't deserve to be with Kikyo! He's just a stuck-up jerk with a bad ass attitude! Who would love to be his girlfriend? I don't see why Kikyo had fallen for that... that..."

"Dog." Sango filled in.

Kagome nodded. "Yeah what she said!"

Hojo smiled. "Well that's exactly why I asked you to be my da- I mean muse. You can observe him if he's right for her. Or maybe, you might get a chance to know your favorite star."

"Hell yeah! I'll go alright!" Kagome exclaimed.

Ah yes. The joys of life


"She'll leave me alone! You'll see!"

Inuyasha Takahashi, a.k.a. The Hot but Talented Guy, shouted at his best friend Miroku Houshi, a.k.a. The Pervert but Nice Guy. Inuyasha has silver hair, amber eyes, toned body...

Ah heck he's hot.

Miroku always have this little pony at the nape of his neck and he's just as hot as Inuyasha. They were by the pool behind the Takahashi Mansion just chilling out under the scorching sun.

Miroku arranged his trunks. "Oh really? But you know, Kikyo is kind of a waste."

Inuyasha raised an eyebrow. "How's that?"

The pervert sighed. "Just look at your life with her. Both of you are hot and an all-around entertainer, been labeled as the 'Perfect Couple', and no wonder that both of you are just hot."

Inuyasha smacked him on the head. "Stop saying that we're both hot. Besides, ever since the people thought that I'm not a bachelor -which I am-, I never had some privacy! I mean I can't go around flirting with girls like I used to and it's all because of that hoe!"

Miroku rubbed his head. "Then why don't you just cancel the contracts with her?"

Inuyasha sighed. "I already talked to her about that."

His best friend scooted over. "And? What did the evil witch say?"

"She'll leave me on one condition."

"Yeah go on."

Inuyasha sighed. "I have to go on a date with her. It will be our last date."

"Where is the place?"

"I don't know some restaurant she says. It's like a business date because we're not the only ones going. Her parents and another family will go. Talk about luck."

Miroku scratched his head. "You mean your last date will be a business date? Hmm... So who are the other family?"

Inuyasha shrugged. "Some Nobuginzo or something." Yep he was born to forget names.

His best friend pondered on that. Nobu? Who would be...

Oh shit.

"Oh shit!" Miroku shouted.

Inuyasha was covering his ears. "You do know that dog ears are sensitive right?"

Miroku blinked. "Oh right sorry. But man! You have to back out!"

This time it was Inuyasha's turn to blink. "Huh?"

"The Nobunaga's are like rich! They're like second to the Takahashi's but first in the whole world!"

"Uh Roku, that doesn't make any sense."

"I know!"

Inuyasha sighed. He's beginning to take this as a hobby. "And so? Who cares if they're powerful?" Miroku shook his head. "No man you don't get it! You guys have business in the market, while they have business in everything! Showbiz and everything! If they see you there, they'll probably ask you some business stuff!"

"Are you saying that I'm dumb?" Inuyasha smirked. "No no! It's just that I'm scared that you'll humiliate your own family!" Miroku said.

Inuyasha sighed. Once again. "I graduated in college with a very interesting course. You know what it is? It's Business Management. I'm more interested in business than this showbiz life so if you please, I have some paperwork to do." He walked towards to the sliding door to enter the house.

Miroku ran after him. "Aww c'mon! Who knows if that evil witch is planning something?"

"Then I won't fall for it."


"Stop whining like a kid and go home."

"Fine." Miroku pouted and went the other way to change. Besides, it's not his fault if dog boy will take the bait.

Inuyasha sighed.

'This is SO my new hobby.' He thought.