Chapter 4 - Disastrous Saturday Night



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"Mom, I can do this on my own!"

Inuyasha locked the door to his bedroom. His mom, Izayoi, was fumbling on his necktie. Oh you know how mothers work. It's already Saturday night. The last night with the witch finally came.

How can't you be joyous?

Moving on, he was preparing for the date and you guys know how a boy prepares for a date:

1. Good clothes (this makes them look HOT)

2. Good grooming (this makes them look even HOTTER)

3. Practice the Killer Smile (this makes them look the HOTTEST)

and blah, blah, blah...

While thinking that he is the happiest man in the world, Inuyasha Takahashi literally skipped to his car and jumped in. He drove out of the garage into the night. Of course, he's thinking happy thoughts. But of course there is always bad thoughts. Besides, why did Kikyo agree to let go of him in such a simple manner? Unless...


A mini Inuyasha angel appeared on his right. "Yo man! This is the night! The time has come for you to be free! Stop thinking about those bad things!" he said. Inuyasha was about to respond when...


A mini Inuyasha devil appeared on his left. "Are you serious? This is the appropriate time for him to think about that! Besides, how can we be sure that the evil witch will leave our friend here?" he said. Inuyasha nodded. "Yeah Angel, how can we be sure? But then again..."

"Ya see! I told you so! Be free! Live! Laugh! Love! Oh speaking about love, whose that girl the other day eh?" Angel wiggled his eyebrows.

What other girl? Inuyasha was thinking of that "other girl". "What do you mean by 'other girl'?" He asked. Angel rolled his eyes. "Oh you know, the one that looks like Kikyo!"

Inuyasha's eyes widened. The two deadly bodies disappeared with a laugh. Inuyasha saw the restaurant's sign and he shook his head deciding to settle that matter with Angel later. After parking his car, he went inside the restaurant.

'Is he really an Angel?' He thought.


"Mom! I'll be fine on my own!"

Kagome slammed the door shut. She was doing her hair and her mother is bothering her. Oh you know fussing around saying that it's her daughter's first date. The daughter keeps on protesting that it's not her first date but it's an investigation. But then her mom's not listening to her and instead, she's still making such a big fuss on this. Kagome had enough of that so she pushed her mom out of the room.

As typed on the last chapters, Kagome's clothing for the night, a red halter dress that ends to her knees with a matching red heels. Now that's done, she was thinking of what her hair should look like. She just have some light make-up but that's understandable since she's a natural beauty. Her escort will be at her house soon and she still can't think of how she should take care of her hair. Frustrated, she decided to let her hair down. She'll look a lot like her idol that way.


She's going to meet her idol tonight! Kagome was on cloud nine while skipping down the steps to the living room. She sat down on the sofa and just thinking about it makes her happy! If she's going to be with that dog boy tonight, who cares? As long as she's there to see her idol, -not to mention she will be eating with her and she has the VIP seat!- she's already solved for the day!

Speaking of dog boy...

He teased her back when he went to her house. Well she did start it but... Oh well. Nothing's going to let him out of her sight! She must investigate on this dog to see if his loyal or not to his master!

Ding! Dong!

That's her escort for sure. Kagome sighed as her mother called her. She stood up and straightened herself. She totally forgot that she'll be with Nobunaga tonight. Since this is for Kikyo, it's fine with her but if not, she'd rather go with dog boy instead.


'What the hell am I thinking?' She thought as she faced Hojo's smile.


It's been a good thirty minutes since the conversation started at the round table. When the Nobunaga family finally came, the two families shook hands and greeted each other. Introductions were made and Kagome was trying hard not to ogle at Kikyo while she shook her hand and kissed her cheek. She was sure that dog boy kept on glaring at her when they shook hands but oh well they are enemies after all.

"I'm sure that we'll make a good partnership in this business! I'm already excited for the merger!" Mr. Nobunaga exclaimed.

Mr. Hirada nodded. "Yes. It's a good thing that our Kikyo here agreed to be engaged to your son."

It all came in slow motion...

Hojo spitting out his drink...

Inuyasha just widened his eyes...

Kikyo just sitting there looking at Inuyasha...

As for Kagome...

"Really? They're engaged? Oh my gosh! Hojo, I don't know you have a bride-to-be in your life!" Kagome exclaimed.

And the arguments began.

Hojo began to shout at his parents for not telling him about the engagement. Hojo's parents kept on explaining to their fuming child about the engagement. The Hirada parents, at the same time are arguing with the Nobunaga parents. Kikyo was talking to Inuyasha calmly but then her expression changed to anger and spilled some water at him.

It was a disaster.

Then Hojo was throwing a tantrum. Oh my.

The employees were already asking them to leave. Oh dear.

Even the customers got scared and some of them are leaving. Oh boy.

Kikyo stood up and ran outside crying. Oh gosh.


Kikyo is crying?

Kagome stood up immediately and is going to make a run for her idol when a firm grip on her arm stopped her. She turned around and saw the last animal that she wanted to see.

'Dog boy' Kagome answered in her head.

She narrowed her eyes at him. "What do you want?"

"I want to go with you." Inuyasha replied calmly.

He knew she would be mad at him. But then with the eagerness that she showed to get out of that hell hole, he couldn't stop himself. He wanted to go with her.

Oops. Looks like someone misunderstands.

Kagome can't believe what she's hearing. This dog boy dared to hurt her Kikyo and now he wants to go with her in comforting Kikyo? She was about to respond but was cut off when he began to drag her outside into the parking lot. He pushed her inside the passenger seat of his car then he entered in the driver's seat.

Inuyasha was so relieved to be out of that place. This will be on the papers tomorrow. Why does everything have to be so wrong this day? Except for the fact that the witch is out of his life, this night could never been so wrong. Old hags fighting looks so damn weird. It also looks like they're destroying the place piece by piece. Geez, old hags these days have never been so violent.

If you know what he means.

"Listen if you're going to follow your girlfriend, you're too late." Kagome said.

He turned to her and saw that she was leaning by the door but her face was directed towards him. Her eyes look so cold. He smiled at her. "What girlfriend?" He asked as he started the car.

He can feel the cold breeze of the night air surrounding them. "Kikyo of course! She's your girlfriend right?" Kagome asked. She looks annoyed. Hmm... 'She got a crush on me or something?' He thought.

"She's not my real girlfriend ya know. At least to my family and friends. I just do it for publicity which that evil witch really likes." He explained as he put some CD in his stereo. Kagome gasped. Her idol as a witch? This guy -dog rather- must be lying! "Hey! That's not like her! How can you be so sure? Besides, you're the one with the bad ass attitude." she humphed.

'Oh so she's a fan of the witch.' He thought. "I know I have a rude attitude. But she's much worse than me. I see that you're a fan of hers. Just one advice, don't patronize her. If you know what I mean. She's probably gone to some club with her own car by now. She's just two-faced like any other bitchy girl in the entertainment industry." He said bluntly.

She really can't believe what she's hearing. But then again, he's saying it so casually like he have said it to people a million times. His expression looks that he's not lying. She began to tear up. Besides, he looks like a nice guy -but they're still enemies- and he also looks like he wants to stay out of trouble. But still... She has been deceived all her life by that witch. She never believed the rumors about her before but with some confirmation from someone in her profession, -and her love team as well- she could never be so humiliated for all eternity!

He looked at her and saw that she's tearing up. Geez, this is what he hates most. Women crying is just one of his petty weaknesses. "Hey wait! Why the- I mean, stop crying! I mean, don't cry! I'm sorry already! -even though it's all true- but please just stop crying! I'll just take you-"

"I don't wanna go home!" She cried.

Inuyasha winced. What should he do? "Then, where the hell do you want me to take you?" he asked. Well, it's better than nothing. He heard her sniff. She looked at him with that pouty face. 'She looks so cute. Whoa there cowboy! What the hell?' He thought.

"Just take me anywhere. I don't wanna go home yet. It's the weekend so it's fine. I still can't believe that you said all of those things about her. And I'm crying for being deceived by my number one idol. How pathetic of me right?" She asked. She just don't want to be laughed at when she goes home by her family, especially Sango.

Kagome didn't get an answer. He just smiled at her and drove out of the parking lot and on to the city. She blinked at him. "You never answered my question and just where are you taking me?" She asked.

"You'll see." He said.