Chapter 3: "Oh yeah, everything's wonderful!"

Your POV:

Even as you guys just walk down the darkly lit hall, you can feel the tension in the air…actually, you're not sure if that's tension, or just the draft coming from all the open windows. Why would they have so many windows that can't close? Don't they get cold? Well, Genbu's made of cold stone and Byakko has his fur coat, so they probably don't get cold, and Seriyu's an ice demon or something like that, so he doesn't either. Or maybe he does, and just doesn't care. And what about their leader? Um…what's-his-face…ugh, you can't remember his name! But surely he doesn't get cold because to him, it's always all about him…you feel your anger flare again, even though your face remains calm and expressionless, by those words…they remind you too much of your father.

A loud ringing noise and a very loud scream from Kuwabara snapped you out of your violent thoughts and you turned to Yusuke. Yusuke smiles as he takes out his communication mirror and Kuwabara finally stops yelling. Honestly, and people wonder why you're partially deaf in your left ear. Someone's always screaming in it, bunch of retards. "What is that thing?" Kuwabara asked with a weird face. Wow, animation has its' wonders… "Is it safe?" Yes Kuwabara. A tiny mirror the size of Yusuke's hand is really a weapon. It's totally dangerous. Honestly. Dipshit.

"It's just the communication mirror I got from Botan." He clicks it open, and Botan answers, holding up the peace sign with two fingers, and in her other, she has a baseball. "It's Botan here in the living world, you copy?"

Yusuke gives a slight nod of his head, and starts to say something, but Kuwabara tries to take the mirror from him by shoving his head out of the way. "Hey, what's up Botan?" Oh, he's subtle. How stupid can a human being be? "This is the brave Kuwabara reporting at your service." BRAVE? Kuwabara? BRAVE? Oh please, Crysta is braver than he is! "I'm taking very good care of Urameshi." Oh, bullshit!

But Botan seems to get amusement out of it. "I'm so glad to hear that. I've got things under control here as well, more or less. The Makai insects only like to nest in depressed peoples' minds, so that narrows my search down a bit. I've also found another spy for the Saint Beasts. I just can't figure out how they're getting past the barrier." Ugh, if she keeps going like this, you're gonna fall asleep when you're standing…and should you tell her there are Five Saint Beasts? "See, I think there are demons outside the city taking orders along the wall."

"Watch out!" Kuwabara yelled as some guy possessed by the insects comes up from behind her to try and attack her, but she doesn't even turn around as she smacks him back down her silver bat.

She smiles. "Don't worry, those guys are weaklings." She should talk. "The real challenge is finding those Makai insects." The more you think about it, the more you realize just how much time you spend with idiots. There's Kuwabara, Yusuke, Botan, and the idiots in your Algebra and Health classes.

You cross your arms over your chest, and look at Kurama and Hiei as Yusuke and Kuwabara continue to talk with Botan. "You know, I would've appreciated it if you guys had told me these two are idiots."

"You're not exactly intelligent yourself." Hiei remarks.

You smirk. "Hey, there's a difference between insanity and stupidity, Hiei. I'm not stupid; I'm just crazy."

Hiei's POV:

"Crazy" is an understatement. That girl is completely insane. Granted, she's not dumb, at least she doesn't appear so, but she does appear naïve. But honestly, she seems like there's something really wrong with her, mentally or emotionally, you can't tell. She seemed happy and friendly at first, and now she's just…switching personalities, like someone's pressing a button. She's very talkative at one moment, the next, she's hostile with everyone around her. She's the strangest human you've ever seen.

Your POV:

"Okay, we're trying, but this castle is kind of rough." Yusuke said as soon as you finished your own conversation with Hiei and Kurama. What's Hiei thinking, anyway? He's got this weird look on his face…

"Well, of course it is, no one's survived before!" Oh, that's comforting, you thought sarcastically as she hangs up.

You sigh. "This is going well, isn't it?" You asked with a roll of your eyes as the five of you continue on your way. This day could not possibly get any worse. It's forever until the Dark Tournament, you're stuck babysitting, and again, Hiei thinks your name is girl. This is getting more and more suckish with every second that passes, and with every second that passes, you can feel just a bit more of your sanity slip from your body, and a bit of your soul go with it.

"Hey Piper," Yusuke speaks and you all stop walking. You turn your head, a nasty glare on your face. But you're not angry. No, that's just your face. "You've heard of these Saint Beasts, right?" You give a small nod. "What do you know about them?"

Your glare fades and you shrug. "Sorry Yusuke, but I don't know a lot about them. I've only heard about them. And judging from what I've heard, my sources aren't very reliable, seeing as how I was told there are only four, and now there are five." Wow. This sucks. Now you look stupid. Wonderful. Just…wonderful. This is really one of your "I HATE EVERYTHING" days. Or one of those days when it seems like it's going to be a fantastic day, but then it turns out horrible, since fate loves to mess with you, just like the human race.

…You think you're just really starting to hate humans. Nice. True, your best friends and the woman who raised you, your mother, are humans, but the human population outnumbers your friends and mom. So there.

You give a sigh. "I can't believe Koenma would send someone on a mission like this without any information whatsoever. We're fighting blind." Ha, you just still George's line! Eh, he's a loser anyway. "And besides," You start, getting angrier by the second. "How do we not have any information on these Beasts? They're infamous in the Spirit World, right?"

Kurama gives you a nod. "Yes, but you see, once the barrier was raised, Spirit World intelligence virtually forgot this place existed."

You narrow your eyes. "And that makes our job that much easier. Fun." Yay for you.

…Man, you're sarcastic when you're mad!

That realization/thought/whatever you wanna call it makes you think of your cousin, Bree Blaze. You don't know why, she's not sarcastic or witty or anything like that. In fact, she barely even speaks…you wonder why you get along with her. But you're not close because she lives on the other side of the country-well, now you probably can't even talk to her because you highly doubt you can get a signal on your cell phone all the way out here. You wonder how she's doing. Hopefully, better than you at the moment. And then there's Kiki. You're a lot closer to her than you are with Bree. You guys are best friends! Well, there's her best friend Amy, but you guys are still really close.

Something isn't right. This whole situation just seems wrong, wrong times three. You start tapping your foot. That's what you do when you're nervous. You shallow hard. "We need to find that whistle and then get the hell outta here. This entire place is really starting to make me nervous." Everything seems…wrong. Somehow. You just can't figure out what it is, but something just. Isn't. Right. But what is it?

…Maybe it's the lighting.

"What do you know?" Kuwabara demanded. You roll your eyes at him. He's obviously angry, but there's no need to take it out on Kurama; he hasn't done anything wrong. Jesus Christ, you're going to lose whatever sanity you possess because of that imbecile.

But regardless of Kuwabara's rude tone, Kurama smiles and says, "Let's just say that when you see their bodies, you may be very surprised."

Before you can question what he means by that {because you never really understood when he said that}, Genbu's voice booms throughout the stone hallway. "Terrified," He yells. "Isn't that more like it?"

"Hey, who said that?" Kuwabara asked, already terrified and he hasn't even seen the enemy yet. It's unwise to underestimate your enemy, but it's also unwise to overestimate them.

Well, you're internally cussing out Kuwabara, laughter echoes throughout the hallway.

Genbu. Crap.

Genbu speaks, and his voice actually sounds a bit normal, at least more normal than usual. "There is a door behind you. Please, take it." The lighting increases, and indeed, a door is now visible.

You stare at the door for a few seconds. "I really don't think we should-"

As usual, no one is listening. Yusuke and Kuwabara kick open the door. "Ladies first." Yusuke grumbles.

"What was that you were sayin' Piper?" Kuwabara asked.

You roll your eyes and shake your head. "Never mind. I don't think it's important anymore." You say before you walk in, the rest of you following Yusuke. Why would Yusuke go first if he said "ladies first"? That seems like something Kuwabara would do. Kuwabara epically fails at being cool. Then again, he epically fails at a lot of things…actually, pretty much everything.

You're officially bored out of your mind, so you pull out your Ipod {thank GOD it came with you}, and play "Whispers in the Dark" by Skillet at max. You don't care what anyone says about your hearing; NO ONE is making you turn your music down.

All is quiet until Hiei rips out your ear buds. You glare at him and snap, "I was listening to that you know! Not my fault this castle is boring the crap out of me."

Hiei looks at you like you're insane {which you are}, and then he looks at your Ipod. "What the hell is that?" He asks, getting the attention of the others.

You tilt your head and raise an eyebrow at them. "You guys don't know what an Ipod is?" You said with a slight laugh. "It's a human thing, so Hiei and Kurama wouldn't know, but…" You stop short so you don't piss anyone off. "Urameshi, Kuwabara, it's a Ipod. What it can do depends on which one you get. They all play music, but some can play videos and take pictures. That's what mine does." Your Ipod is your baby. Odio got it for you for your birthday.

Hiei's weird look doesn't falter. "Why do you have that with you?"

"I don't leave home without it."

Kuwabara blinks twice. "Why?"

"Why do you ask so many questions?" Although, that wasn't directed just at Kuwabara; you know Hiei got the message when he glares at you, you only giving a small smirk. You know, your love for pissing people off is going to get you in deep shit one day.

…You swear too much. Oh well. We all have our flaws.

"Why is it so loud?" Hiei asks, obviously irritated and annoyed.

You gave a smirk as your put your ear buds back in. "To block out Kuwabara. Why else?"

Yusuke clearly doesn't want another fight to start, so he picks up the torch and throws it; a huge, bumpy shadow is casted on the wall. Genbu laughs and his eyes glow yellow. "Welcome, trespassers." You're amazed he even knows what a trespasser is. He doesn't seem to be that much more intelligent that Kuwabara, and that's saying something. "I am Genbu, of the Four Saint Beasts."

"No, really?" You don't even bother muttering; you don't need to worry when Genbu is only a D-class demon. You could take him down no problem. You'd worry if he was an Upper-C class demon.

What Kuwabara says next makes it even more obvious that he's a dumbass. "Yeah, he's a Saint Beast!" He yells into your ear.

You let out an annoyed growl and glare at him with a hateful expression. "Sarcasm is a foreign language to you, isn't it?"

"…Oh." The stupidity in this room is making you sick.


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