Benjamin Russel and his partner, Freddy James huddled around the rusty green safe they had just found in the legendary 'Wizanic' Benjamin had had an obsession with the ship for the past 3 years. He cracked open the safe, the rest of the workmen crowding around him. It was full of orange water. He searched through it. Inside was a leather book and some other rusty things like combs and hair clips. They immediately took it into preservation and posted an article about it. It was a few days later when they got a call….

Hermione Potter Fredricks sat in her rocking chair, watching the television.

"If anyone recognizes this drawing please phone this number." She stared at the drawing and called her granddaughter.

"Ella! Come, we have a flight to catch." She said mysteriously.

"Thank you very much." She said as she placed the last of her photos on the dresser in her room. She petted her cat, Crookshanks as Benjamin walked in.

"Very pleased to meet you miss. Is there anything we can get you?" He asked. Hermione smiled.

"Yes." She said. "I would like to see my picture." She was imminently taken to the room where she gazed at the picture of her, so perfectly drawn.

"Is it really you Nana?" Ella asked. Hermione looked appalled.

"Well of course it's me dearest! That necklace was priceless. A rare diamond that one." She nodded. "It was quite heavy too."

"This is where it finally snaps and brakes off. The back of the boat goes back and then goes vertical, then bobs up and down for a minute before sinking." Freddy told her. She hmmed.

"Yes, thank you for that rather, blasting explanation Mr James. Only, I wish it was like that…" Hermione said wistfully.

"I need you to remember everything you can. I know it's been 85 years but you have to remember." Benjamin begged. Hermione looked at him sharply.

"Pipe down if you want to hear this story Mr Russel." She snapped. She took a deep breath. "I can still smell the freshly applied paint and the sweet smelling roses on each table. Nothing had been used yet…"