This Was Halloween!


Yay! The first real chapter!

Me: Happy Halloween!

Voice: Halloween was yesterday stupid.

Me: *rolls eyes* I know that.

Voice: So why are you saying it now?

Me: Because I was to busy trick-or-treating yesterday to say it to our readers.

Voice: Aren't you a little old for trick-or-treating?

Me: *rolls eyes (again)* I wasn't actually trick-or-treating, I was going around collecting non-perishable food items for our local food shelf.

Voice: Why'd you choose to do it on Halloween?

Me: Sympathy candy!

Voice: Sympathy candy?

Me: Sympathy candy.

Voice: *sigh* I know I'm going to regret asking this but what is sympathy candy?

Me: Easy; sympathy candy is where you go around collecting non-perishables-

Voice: Yeah, I got that part.

Me: WILL YOU SHUT UP! Okay so you go around and since it's Halloween all of the people are home and they have candy.

Voice: Go on…

Me: Well, usually when you ask for donations they will ask you something along the lines of, "Oh you guys are so good! Do you want some candy to keep you going?"

Voice: Oh, now I understand.

Me: So we get lots of candy and we help the less fortunate!

Voice: Cool.

Me: Plus it's a great way to have an excuse to trick-or-treat and get volunteer hours without people saying, "Aren't you a little old to be trick-or-treating?"

Voice: So how much did you collect?

Me: All together my sister and our friends and I collected 210 items and 2 bags of candy.

Voice: *whistles* Wow. How long were you out?

Me: About 3 hours, we split up to save time.

Voice: Smart.

Me: Thanks, but now I'm really sad that Halloween is over.

Voice: Yeah.

Me: *sniffles* And now I have to wait a whole year!

Voice: There, there.

Me: *bursts into tears*

Voice: Uhh…


Voice: Umm, I'm gonna cut this chapter short due to emotional technical difficulties

Me: *Continues crying*

Voice: So…um…bye