I'll be taking a break, possibly forever with this story.

Unfortunately I have issues with my voices right now and we aren't speaking to each other due to another voice in my head that has developed and won't go away. (This voice is not appropriate to put into this story unless it were a horror story) Anyways I'm cutting off contact with my voices for a while in hope that the bad voice will go away but it's probably going to be a while until I update again (if ever).

While I could just write what I think my voices would say in a certain situation that feels fake to me and I refuse to lie to myself like that. To the tiny amount of people who reviewed that actually care about this story, I am deeply sorry, but talking to my voices right now is causing me too much stress and is affecting my already unstable mental health.

Sorry once again, I know how everyone hates these Author's notes saying that the story will be stopped for a long time but I really can't handle dealing with the large amounts of personalities in my head right now.

As a way of apologizing I will write down a small list of songs that I believe people will enjoy listening to.

For those who liked songs like "The Night Santa Went Crazy" song. I recommend these songs:

"Amish Paradise" by weird al yankovic

"Eat it" by weird al yankovic

"White and Nerdy" by weird al yankovic

"Virus Alert!" by weird al yankovic

"Weasel stomping day" by weird al yankovic

"Close but no cigar" by weird al yankovic

"Gump" by weird al yankovic

"You don't love me anymore" by weird al yankovic

"PacMan Fever" by buckner and garcia

"They're coming to take me away haha!" by Napoleon XIV