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Today is in fact, a very special day for everyone. Everyone, because those people around him are children, like himself.

Today is Halloween.

His dark eyes peered at the sight before him.

Different sizes of jack o' lanterns laced the path of the hallways; their mean, happy, and quizzical faces illuminated the floor. Skeletons dressed as Jack the Reaper, zombies and mummies, and other monsters hung or stood at every corner, lurking in their own respective territory of darkness. Cobwebs were on every corner of doors and windows. There was green goo bubbling on the fountain where clear water once inhabited. Some random kid had written 'Happy Halloween' on the walls with fake blood. Everyone was in costumes. Everyone had a little basket or a sack with them; a container to hold the treats they can gather.

And L stood there, his innocent eyes wondering why people celebrate Halloween.

He had read from somewhere that Halloween had started as a festival of the ancient Celts, made to warn off their Death god and other evil spirits from harming them. They left treats outside their doors so that demons would not harm them and take the treats instead. Some blackened their faces or wore masks to confuse the spirits and thus scare them away.

He wondered why people adopt such festivals. It's all in the past, so why must one celebrate it?

He bit his thumb, watching them laugh and say 'trick or treat' as the door they knocked on opened.

They weren't allowed to go outside the orphanage so the higher ups decided that every facility in the said manor would give out candy as a substitute to the houses they should have been visiting right now.

He wondered if these children who are practically the same as him; abandoned yet exceptionally special; were just using this event to avoid the harsh truth that they were rejected by their own flesh and blood and had been sent away and thrown like trash.

He wondered if laughing and having fun on this night would mend their broken heart and their incomplete childhood.

He pondered if they dressed as monsters, people would look at them and ignore the intimidating façade and look at the child behind the mask.

He realizes he must not think about those things anymore, because it's all in the past.

His black eyes travel to a red thing that suddenly appeared in front of him. It was a candy apple.

And there stood Wammy, holding it up to him.

"Happy Halloween." He greeted kindly and L took the sweet treat in his little hands. He knew he only liked Halloween because it was the time he got the chance to eat candies endlessly.

"Happy birthday too." The old man added, ruffling his midnight hair.

The child genius took a bite in to the caramel apple.

Birthdays doesn't matter too, because it's all in the past.


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