Okay, this is my first fic and I'm mainly using this just to see what it looks like when I publish a story on fanfiction. Who knows, if people like it I might carry it on but right now it's just to get to grips with the layout. Who can guess what book this is based on?

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The music pounded through my body. Common sense told me that my ears would be ringing after this but my heart told me to sway to the beat, to forget my troubles.

The dance floor was filled with people like me; people who wanted to belong. Here I merged with the bodies and became one with the music.

Beside me, my friend Sora tried to dance but ended up looking awkward and totally out of place. I knew he didn't like clubs but hey, I didn't like his music practices but I still went.

The song changed this one with a slightly slower beat. I slowed my dancing to match the pace and looked around the room.

Most of the teenagers had their hair dyed wacky colours like sky blue or electric green. My naturally blonde hair stuck out slightly, the same as Sora's light brown hair did.

A man with scarlet hair caught my eye. He was probably the tallest guy in the room excluding the bouncers by the doors. He had styled his hair into long spikes, strangely reminding me of a Sonic character. Behind him I saw a slightly shorter boy and girl.

The guy had a mullet…or was it a Mohawk? The girl's hair made her look like a bug with the way two longer strands stuck out on top of her head. I wondered if she had wanted that effect…

Slowly, the trio made their way across the dance floor, their movements purposeful and by no means were they dancing. All off them had their eyes fixed on something in front of them. I followed their gazes and saw…. Something.

I stopped dancing altogether and stared at the strange creature. It was black and had huge antennas sticking out of its skull. I could have sworn its eyes were glowing yellow.

I looked back at the three teenagers who were still stalking towards the creature. They looked like predators stalking prey. I saw something glint in the girl's hand. It appeared that no one else had noticed what was going on as everyone else was still dancing.

Sora's voice drew me out of my state; I hadn't realized he'd been talking to me.

"Oh, and I wanted to you that I've been sleeping with your Mum. Just thought you should know."


I turned and gave him a look of pure horror.

"Whoa, chill, Roxas. I only said that to get your attention. You weren't listening to me and I was saying that-"

"Sora," I cut him off. "Can you see those guys over there?" He stood up on his toes and peered over the heads of the surrounding teenagers. He looked at me and shook his head.

I saw the black creature slip through a door that had 'Supply Room' written on it in large letters.

The three teenagers were still in pursuit, heading straight for where the creature went.

"What are you looking at?" Sora asked, still failing to see the three teenagers.

I made a snap decision to see what was going on.

"I'll be right back," I told Sora and pushed my through the crowd of bodies, apologizing to everyone and keeping my head down. I saw the three enter the supply room and tried to somehow move faster.

I peered through the door and watched my eyes widened. The blonde haired girl had out a set of small knives and was launching them at the creature. The mullet haired guy held a large blue instrument that looked like a sort of guitar. He was beating the creature with it. The redhead held a pair of circular discs - chakrams - and was slicing the creature manically.

The creature let out a pained groan and was surrounded by a dark, swirling cloud. The mist of black disappeared and so had the creature. There was nothing left of it, not even blood.

The redhead grinned and turned towards the door but stopped when he saw me. I was in shock, unable to move. He took a side step to the left, my eyes following him.

Move, for God's sake! I commanded myself but my feet would not obey.

The guy took a step to the right, my eyes still following him. His smirk had disappeared now, replaced by a more worried expression.

The mullet haired guy noticed the redheads movements and was about to say something to him until he saw me. His eyes widened for a second before his face returned to a relaxed state.

The girl turned to look at me and she too was caught be surprise. All of them stared at me, no one saying anything.

Eventually, the redhead spoke. "Well this could be a problem."

The girl scoffed, "Please, Heartless are a problem, this guy is just a minor nuisance that can be taken care of." She unsheathed her knives and advanced towards me.

That set off every warning bell in my body. Finally, my feet listened to me. I spun on my heel and ran. I ran like hell was after me.

I would have straight for the door but I had to grab Sora first.

He protested at being dragged out of the club but let me take him outside.

I glanced over my shoulder and saw the three teenagers looking around the club. Looking for me. I charged out of the door, my hand still firmly locked around Sora's wrist.

I ran about a hundred yards down the street before deeming it to be safe…at least for now.

"What was that?" Sora asked, looking as if he were unsure whether he should be angry with me or worried about me.

I shook my head slightly. "There were these teenagers that killed this black thing and then one of them said she was going to kill me!"

Sora looked confused but slowly nodded his head. "Okaaaay…I believe you.." he said rather unconvincingly.

I knew it was a crazy story but Sora had been my friend since childhood. I was hoping for at least a convincing lie that he believed me.

He sighed. "Hey, it's late, I'll call my Mum and ask her to pick us up." He pulled out his phone and rang his Mum.

Whatever had happened tonight sure was weird.