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The First Time He Witnessed a Miracle…

"Sa-fu? Is Nyota well? And the child?" The Enterprise had picked up the Ambassador from New Vulcan in order for him to be with his son and daughter-in-law before she gave birth to his first grandchild. Surprising both him and his son, Nyota had gone into labor two weeks early and she was quite upset. She was set on giving birth on Earth.

"She requested that I leave sickbay." Spock actually sighed. "I believe she blames me for our son's early arrival."

"How so?"

"It is quite…personal." Spock set a cup of tea before his father before he sat down.

"Ah, I see. Your mother was quite…amorous during her pregnancy." He took a sip from his cup as he thought of Amanda.

"I am sorry, Father. I did not mean to bring up unpleasant memories."

"There is no need for an apology where no harm was intended. The memories I have of your mother are…welcome." He nodded at his son. "As I am sure every memory you have is as well."

"Indeed. I think of mother often. Especially now. I believe she would have been…happy to have become a grandmother. It saddens me that she will not see her first grandchild." Spock's voice was even but Sarek could feel his son's regret.

"Spock, she would not wish for you to be solemn at what she would consider a joyous occasion. At what I consider a joyous occasion." Sarek set his cup down. "I know we spoke of why I married your mother, Spock. But I never elaborated as to my…reservations regarding your bonding to Nyota."

"Father, there is no need…" Sarek held up his hand and Spock waited.

"I must speak to you of this. Especially now. I would not wish for there to be any sort of animosity once your son, my grandson, is born. Spock, when I married your mother, I knew that I would outlive her. That one day I would be alone for I knew that I could not find another mate once she was gone. I was…concerned, sa-fu, that with your deep emotional attachment to your adun'a that when she is gone your pain would be too deep, too overwhelming. But you are your mother's son and you are as strong as she. And now as you begin your family I acknowledge how wrong I was."

Spock was about to respond to his father's confession when his communicator beeped. "Spock? Get your green ass down here before Uhura gets up at finds you herself! McCoy out!"

The younger Vulcan took a deep breath and looked at his father. "She requested I leave, she…"

"Spock, human woman do not always say exactly what they mean. I suggest you read her before you acquiesce in times of stress."

"I did, Father. She was emanating pain. And blame." His voice, ever stoic, still held confusion. Sarek felt the desire to chuckle at the emotions coming through his link.

"I suggest you make haste to the medical bay. I will follow shortly." Spock nodded to his father and took his advice.

"Spock, how could you leave me at a time like this?" Nyota held tightly to his hand. "I'm sorry, I'm so sorry I got mad. I…oh, goddess, it really hurts…" She closed her eyes and Spock leaned forward, lifting her gently to place his arm under her shoulders.

"Here, take my hand thusly." He placed his palm against hers and he brought his other hand up and placed on the back of her head. "Allow me to take the pain, Nyota. Give it to me through our bond…" He sucked in his breath as he felt the spasms of fire that were ripping through her body. Spock looked up at McCoy.

"Is this…normal?" His voice tight.

"I'm afraid so, Spock, all women suffer the pain of birth. Some women push their little puppies' right out and others take longer, but hybrid births…well, they can take a toll. And she's early; we need to wait for her to be completely dilated before I can have her push. Just keep doing whatever you're doing. Her heart rate and blood pressure are leveling out."

Spock nodded and turned back to his wife. He leaned his head to her ear and whispered. "K'diwa, I love you so completely. Thank you for doing this, for giving me a son. I will never ask anything of you after this."

Nyota chuckled. "Silly, man. I'm doing this for us. And once we have our baby in our arms I'm sure we'll be ready for another one in a few years. I love you, ashayam, now until forever." She gasped as another wave hit her, but not as sever as before.

"Besides, how many women are lucky enough to have their very own pain sucker?" Her body tensed and released. She looked up at McCoy. "Can I push yet?"

McCoy looked up at her and nodded. "Okay, doll-face, give us a good push. Spock, hold her up like we practiced. We're gonna have us little boy in no time."

Spock held his son, S'Chn T'Gai Sarek Uhura – Grayson, gently in his arms and marveled at his alertness. His small ears were beginning to unfurl and reveal his Vulcan points. His brows were also arched, a sign of his Vulcan appearance, as was the slight green tinge to his skin, the copper base apparent. The nutrients and serums Nyota took during her pregnancy assured both their health, but he had still been concerned. His child's eyes however, were as his mother's; warm and rich.

"Baby? How's he doing?" Nyota woke and looked up at her two men.

"Perfect. He is perfect, k'diwa." He lowered their son so she could see him. She was still so weak, but she held her arms out to take him. "Nyota…"

"Just for a moment, sweetheart. Let me hold him. I need to bond." Spock laid his son in her arms and stood back. Miracle, he thought. This is my miracle. There was no word in Vulcan for this revelation. But he knew what it was. His mate, the woman he would love until the day he died. And now his son, a feeling of love, protectiveness washed over him as did the feeling of wonder that he could feel so intensely for a being he just met.

Nyota and now Grayson – for that was what he would call his son. His life. Miraculous.

"Spock?" Nyota smiled sleepily up at her husband's face. She had to blink at the emotion she saw there, at the feelings he sent to her. "I love you, k'diwa."

"And I you, Nyota." He went to her and took their son, holding him close to his chest.

"Take him to meet his grandfather and the boys and then put him to bed. And then, I want you here, lying next to me until I wake."

Spock smiled, truly smiled. "I will lay next to you always, wife."