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As he let Spence read the letter that he'd received that day, Aaron Hotchner studied his young lover in amazement that this beautiful young man was his. He let his eyes run over the almost bronze hair and he just barely managed to keep his hands out of it…

"Do they really think I'd call you 'Hotchy'?"

Aaron couldn't help but laugh, of all the things in the letter to latch on to, he had known that would be the one that would jump out at Spencer Reid.

"Sweet boy, I am not entirely sure what was going through their minds."

The letter in question revealed that Reid had a crush on the older man in charge, but supposedly was too afraid to speak up. As the two men had been in a relationship for almost three years and had apparently managed to hide it from some of the best profilers in the world, they knew that someone was trying to set them up. Well, actually one person at the BAU did know. David Rossi poked his head inside the door.

"You know if you two stay closeted in Hotch's office like this, eventually someone will start guessing."

"Dave, I want you to come read this."

Aaron had disguised the letter that preported to be from the slender man sitting across from him in a case file. Dave took the file and read the letter. When he finished he chuckled to himself. Imagine trying to set up two men who were already together and deeply in love. Aaron broke the silence

"You do know, Dave, that this has your woman's name written all over it?"

"Yeah, I know. I've told her repeatedly about meddling in things that are none of her business. But, it's Garcia. What can you do?" He shrugged his shoulder's helplessly at the colorful tech analyst who he was absolutely crazy about.

Spencer smiled shyly

"I think it's sweet that she's trying to set us up. Pointless, but sweet. It shows that someone around here would be okay with this."

Aaron spoke

"That may be. But just imagine how it would have been for Spence if we weren't together."

Reid's delicate skin flushed. But Rossi grinned manically

"That's true. I think she needs a dose of her own medicine. I've got a plan."

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