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Penelope Garcia drew a deep, nervous breath before she began.

"Hotch, this is all my fault. Reid didn't send that letter to you. I did it. I knew he liked you and you guys would be so perfect together. And I just know that you like him too. I just wanted you to be as happy as me and my Amazing Agent Man. If anyone deserves to be happy, it's you two. But Reid had nothing to with it at all."

She was expecting him to yell at her or fire her. However, the last thing she was expecting was for him to smile and say

"I know."

For the first time in her life, Penelope Garcia was completely speechless. Rossi couldn't help but laugh at the look on the tech analysts face. When she finally found her voice, she just had to ask

"How? There's no way. The wording is totally Reid-like and I know the handwriting is dead on."

Aaron Hotchner looked at Spencer and smiled. The skinny young man blushed a little, but when he spoke his voice was pleading

"Hotch. Please. I mean she did admit it so quickly. Rossi thought she'd hold out until lunch."

At the last part, she shot a venomous glare at her lover who just smiled that adoring smile at her. She rolled her eyes. After what seemed like half of eternity, Hotch answered

"Because, Spencer and I have been together for just about three years. Now, if you ever repeat that to anyone outside this room, I will do everything in my power to make sure that you end up in some Podunk town with only dial-up service."

She grinned at him

"Ouch, boss-man! You know just where to hit, don't you? Don't worry, my angels of sexiness, I won't ever speak of this to anyone. I will, however, imagine it at every possible opportunity. Tell me something I've always kinda wondered."The older man looked at her warily

"What's that?"

She shot Reid a wicked look

"Considering how talented he is with magic, is he as good at bedroom magic."

The look on Reid's face was priceless. But the real kicker was Hotch's response. He pulled the blushing young man to him and kissed him just about senseless. Garcia's mouth dropped open and Rossi just rolled his eyes. Aaron Hotchner looked at Garcia and said

"Damned right he is."

END (for now)

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