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Chapter 13

The witch turned herself into the most ferocious dragon that anyone has ever seen. The flames were coming out of her mouth and she looked up and took off into the sky. Hiccup and the other Dragonriders were headed to help the Grand Council until Hiccup saw Ariel flying and flew past him. Hiccup saw Maleficent flew after the redhead and said into his com-link, "Grand Head Councilor, I think you're going to have wait for me." Mickey asked into his com-link as he barely held Shan Yu in his light barrier, "Why is that?" Hiccup explained into his com-link, "Because Maleficent is in her dragon form and she is going after Ariel. I'll go after Maleficent and Astrid and the others will help the Grand Council." Mickey said into the com-link seriously, "This isn't game, Hiccup. You do know once you do this, there is no going back." Hiccup said into the com-link seriously, "I care about her and I want to do this." Mickey said strenuously as he used what little light magic he had left, "Be careful."

Hiccup said into his com-link, "Astrid, I need you and the other Dragonriders to help the Grand Council." Astrid asked worried into her com-link, "What about you? What are you going to do?" Hiccup said into his com-link seriously, "I'm going to fight Maleficent alone." Astrid said into her com-link concerned, "No way. You can't do that." Hiccup said with courage into his com-link, "Astrid if anything happens to me, you are to be the new Captain of the Dragonriders." Astrid said into the com-link, "Hiccup, no don't do this." Hiccup turned off his com-link and said to Toothless, "Okay, boy let's go and save the angel." Toothless cooed and the duo went after the witch.

Astrid said into the com-link, "Hiccup? Hiccup are you there?" The blonde sighed and looked at the team. Fishlegs asked worried, "What did the boss say?" Astrid thought of Hiccup's words and said with determination, "We have to help the Grand Council and stay to help them." Snotlout asked worried, "What about Hiccup?" Astrid looked back and said grimly to the team, "He's going after Maleficent." The Dragonriders were shocked to hear this and their faces were filled with worry and fear. Astrid said bravely to the team, "Let's finish the job." Astrid and her Deadly Nadder flew down to help the Grand Council as well as the other Dragonriders.

Milo and Anya were at Charlotte's house as Charlotte knew because they had nowhere else to go. Milo said with a smile as grab the cup of tea from Tiana, "Thank you." Tiana asked Milo's love, "Is there anything you need?" Anya said with a smile as well, "No thank you." Tiana smiled and left the two of them alone. Milo said as he wrapped Anya nice and warm with a blanket, "I'm sorry I was a little late." Anya laughed lightly and said as she cuddled close to Milo, "It's fine besides, I think it'll be great once we move in together." Milo cuddled close to Anya and looked up in the sky. 'I hope everyone is okay.' He thought as he rested his head on top of Anya's.

Jim and Eric were at the cliff and Jim was having a hard time getting up. Eric pinned him down and said evilly, "I'm gonna so much fun with Ariel, once you're dead." Jim tried to get up but couldn't. Eric was ready to rip off Jim's but Flynn pounced on Eric's back and bit his ear. Eric was howling in pain as he got off of Jim and Flynn had the upper hand. Jim finally got up and saw Flynn fighting Eric. Flynn yelled, "Anytime you want to jump in, now is the time." Jim charged at Eric and Flynn jumped off Eric's back as Jim pounced on the wolf.

Mickey finally used all of what light magic he had left and Shan Yu was freed from his barrier. Shan Yu chuckled evilly and said as he ready his sword to chop off the Grand Councilor's head off, "Today, the Grand Head Councilor has fallen." All of the sudden an arrow was shot through his arm and Shan Yu yelled in pain. A brown hooded figure came between Shan Yu and the Grand Head Councilor. The figure had another arrow ready to be shot from his bow and warned with a serious tone, "If you know what's good for you, former General Shan Yu, you will stand down." Shan Yu growled with anger and saw other figures with brown hoods and with bows waiting for their signal to fire their arrows.

Ariel was dodging Maleficent's mouth as it snapped at her. Maleficent shot flames at the redhead but Ariel was barely dodging as she was trying to adjust to her wings. Maleficent roared and said in a disoriented voice, "Come here my little angel." Maleficent was in reach of Ariel but Maleficent was shot by a fast purple fireball and lost her balance. Ariel saw Hiccup with Toothless and asked, "Hiccup, what are you doing here?" Hiccup joked, "Well I thought I come up here to see the view and I found an angel." Ariel warned Hiccup, "Hiccup you have to get out of here." Maleficent shot a fire at Ariel's wings and the redhead saw she was falling as well as blacking out. Maleficent dove for the girl as did Hiccup.

Esmeralda saw Ariel falling as the white glowing feathers falling off of her one by one. Esmeralda said breathlessly, "No…" Ariel looked through all of her friends, her family, and Jim in her mind and knew what she had to do. She woke up and saw that she was still falling to her death. Maleficent was almost close to the redhead until Hiccup along with Toothless, who caught Ariel with his scaly feet. Hiccup asked, "Did you get her?" Toothless looked and found Ariel smiling at the green eyed black dragon. Toothless cooed and gave a gummy smile to the girl. Toothless then swung her up and Ariel was flipped and sat on Toothless's back. Ariel then grabbed on to Hiccup's waist and said, "Thanks for saving me."

Hiccup chuckled and said with a confidant smile, "No worries, just a simple rescue mission." Maleficent shoot flames at them but Hiccup barely dodge them as it hit Toothless's tail wing support. Hiccup looked from behind and knew had to finish this quickly. Hiccup said to the redhead, "Hang on, I'm gonna cut this close." Ariel tightened her grip around his waist and Hiccup dove as did Maleficent. Hiccup was waiting for the right moment to tell Toothless fire. Maleficent was getting ready to fire and Hiccup yelled as he turned Toothless around, "Now!" Toothless fired his flame shot and Maleficent was choking on his fire and was losing her balance in her flight. The witch shot one last flame at the ground before she died as she was disintegrating by Toothless's fire. Toothless covered both Hiccup and Ariel with his wings as they went into the green flames of the dead witch.

Back on Montressor, the hyenas sensed Maleficent gone and headed back into the realm of Darkness. The skies cleared and the people of Atlantis were cheering and hollering with joy. Milo looked at the sky and smiled as he thought, 'Today is a good day.' Tiana and the other saw that everyone was celebrating for some reason. Meg looked up and the saw clear blue sky. Merlin, Garrett, and the black hooded figure saw the people of Atlantis in joy. Garrett said with relief, "It's finally over." Merlin warned his student, "Eris is still out there and we will never know when she will strike." The black hooded figure went towards the crowd and spotted Tiana. The figure tapped on Tiana's shoulder and asked as the figure handed a letter to her, "Could you give this to Miss Triton?" Tiana took the letter from the figure and looked at the letter. Tiana looked up and found the figure was gone.

Eric looked up at the sky and smiled evilly. Eric chuckled and said, "Sorry but I have to go. Seems Maleficent failed, just as my mother predicted." Eric jumped off the cliff and Jim went to see if this guy was crazy. Jim saw that Eric was on a solar longboat with another hooded figure and the two took off into the sky. Flynn saw the green and yellow flames and said worried, "Jim, we have to go back and see if your family and Phoebus's family is okay." Jim nodded his head and followed the thief up and cliff.

The Grand Councilors saw the hyenas retreating into the darkness and Po looked up at the sky and said, "I think this is awesome." Shifu looked up in the sky and said to his student, "Indeed it is Dragon Warrior. Indeed it is." On Montressor, the Furious Five looked at the sky and knew that the war with Maleficent was over. At Atlantis, Sinbad and the others scared off the hyenas and the families cheered with joy. Mushu yelled happily, "Happy days are here to stay." Jim and Flynn got to the top and saw everyone was cheering. Jim spotted the green flames disappearing and saw Hiccup's dragon. Jim ran towards the dragon as he transformed into his human self and saw the dragon opened his eyes. Toothless looked at Jim and Jim looked at Toothless with little hope in his eyes.

Toothless lifted his wings and showed Ariel and Hiccup that they were okay. Jim picked his angel and he listened to find her heart beating. Jim yelled happily, "She's alive! Ariel is alive!" Everyone on Atlantis heard and cheered with joy. Jim looked at Toothless and said with joy, "Thank you for bringing her back to me." Sinbad saw Hiccup and said, "I'm not sure about him."

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