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Chapter 2

Sliver came at Merlin's Shop in his lion form and Merlin heard a knock on the door. He got out of his chair and went towards his shop's door. He opened it and saw the cyborg lion. He then said with a serious face, "Never thought I see you again." Silver turned back into his human cyborg form and said, "Yeah, well, I'm here for my grandson and his girlfriend." Merlin frowned and asked worried, "How is Ariel?" Silver smiled and said as he sat down on over-stuffed chair, "She acts like nothing happened to her after what happened at the Mountain." His face frowned as what he was going to say next. "Still, she holds Jim's hand for dear life as if she was afraid of losing him." Merlin sighed and asked with a serious tone, "What about the Door of Darkness?" Silver sighed heavily and said, "Someone opened it, after Jim and Ariel left."

Merlin got up and started to pack his belongings. Silver asked as Merlin packed his highly-leveled spell books, "What are you doing?" Merlin said as he packed his last of his things, "I'm going to Atlantis with your family; my apprentice is studying over there. It seems that he'll be getting more training." Silver said as he headed out the door, "Phoebus's family will be going as well." Merlin asked as picked up his bag and followed the cyborg, "Will Madellaine come?" Silver said as he opened the door, "Last I heard she was in Atlantis, studying on wolves and their ancestors."

Tip and Dash were finally at Phoebus's house and Tip knocked on the door. Zephyr opened the door and said with a smile, "Tip and Dash what are you doing here?" Tip said as he let himself in Phoebus's house, "Well, we gotta tell your Dad something important." Phoebus saw the penguin and said with a sly smile, "You know if I know you were going to show up I would've brought fish." Tip said as he sat down on the sofa, "Yeah, well maybe another time." Dash said as he let Zephyr jump up and down on his belly, "The Door of Darkness has been opened." Phoebus frowned and asked seriously, "Did you report to Proteus?"

Tip shook his head and said, "No but we told the Hawkins family what we saw." Phoebus was thinking over this carefully and said as he got up, "I got to call Dr. Doppler to see if he will stay and watch over my wife." Tip asked nervously, "Does this mean you'll help the Hawkins family?" Phoebus smirked and said, "I'm not gonna miss all of the action."

Milo heard the ring on the phone and said to Anya, "I'll get it." He picked up the phone and said, "Milo Thatch Hawkins, who's calling please?" "Milo, it's your mother." Milo then asked concerned, "What's wrong? Did something happen?" "We need you to come with us to Atlantis. We have to go to the Grand Council; it's about the Door of Darkness." Milo looked at Anya and said, "Okay, I'll see you there." "Good. Just make sure you pack everything." Milo hanged up and Anya asked as she fixed her hair, "Who was it?" Milo explained and sighed, "It's my mother and my family is having trouble." Anya frowned and said, "So much for meeting your family." Milo frowned and said as he grabbed her hand, "I wish I could do something about it." Anya kissed his cheek and said with a smile, "Promise that you'll call me." Milo pulled Anya closer and kissed Anya with passion and care. He broke the kiss and said with a small smile, "I will."

Kayley got a call from her cell and said as she was getting the cell, "I'm sorry Cale." Cale smiled and said as he finished drinking his Italian soda, "Don't worry about it." Kayley flipped her cell opened and said, "Hello?" "Kayley, it's your mother. We are leaving for Atlantis." Kayley then asked, "Is Phoebus's family going too?" "Yes, including Cale." Kayley said with a smile, "Okay, mom I'll be there as soon as I can." "Pack everything as soon as you get home." Kayley hanged up and said to Cale, "Well, it seems we'll be going to Atlantis together." Cale smirked and said, "Can't wait."

Back at the Inn, Ariel was packing for Atlantis and Jim was helping her. She then asked worried, "Will the Grand Council erase my memories?" Jim smiled and wrapped his arms around Ariel's waist from behind. He said huskily as he kissed her neck up and down, "No. I'll make sure of that." Ariel was sighing happily and her knees were about to buckle together as Jim continue to kiss her neck. Ariel turned around and caught Jim's lips and rested her hands on his chest. Jim was caught off guard and picked her up bridal style, not breaking the kiss. He was getting a little rough with the kiss and suddenly Ariel felt something else in his kiss. He would put passion and care in his kisses, but now, he was putting lust into this kiss along with the passion and care.

Ariel wrapped her arms around his neck and Jim led her to the bed. Jim was on top of her and Ariel rubbed her leg on the back of his and Jim realized what he was doing as he pulled away from the kiss. Ariel asked sadly, "What's wrong?" Jim smiled and explained, "You almost made me turn you into lioness, again." Ariel then said, "Then turn me into one." Jim shook his head and said as he grabbed her hand, "I can't do that to you." Ariel frowned and asked, "Why not?" Jim explained, "I would take you from everything. Your friends and family. You won't see them and I can't do that."

Ariel said as she caressed his cheek, "I love you. You said that if I wanted to be a lioness that I wanted to be with you and I do, Jim. I want to be with you." Jim smiled and said as held Ariel's hand that was caressing his cheek, "I want to be with you, too. I just want you to be safe. After this, I'll turn you into a lioness." Ariel smiled and said as she embraced him and buried her head in his chest, "Okay, until after this." Jim returned the embrace and said with a smile, "We should get to bed." Ariel changed in the bathroom and came out in dark aqua silk pajamas. Jim smiled and said as he lay on the bed, "Aqua is defiantly a good color on you." Ariel smiled as she got under the covers and said, "Tan and pine are good colors on you."

Later at night, Ariel was fast asleep and Jim looked at his sleeping angel and said, "I also told you I wanted to do it right." He then grabbed a tiny black box off the dresser and said as he looked at the box, "I wander if you would say yes."

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