An ability to record the time and space of every thing on this world. It manifest as different types of clock that could take and give time to all things that was inside its territorial manifestation. This abilty could gave its user a vast knowledge of history's time and happenings since it started. It could also control time and space in every way imaginable; may it be to rewind, to forward to pause. Recording was also this ability's other anme, for it records not only in scriptures but could also be virtually shown to another human.

The people who wields this fascinating power were called Documentalist. They were the ones who gave their whole life on knowing the works of time and space and how to balance it. In giving their everything along with their whole being, their biological clocks slowly stop on ticking until they completed their study and would stay at the same form. To become a Documentalist, on must have at least a drop of a Documentalist blood on them. And to become a full-fledge, they must have studied the art of time and space and created a special clock that corresponds to their ability. This clock was considered as their very own life and power. And once it breaks your time would stop. Forever.

Documentalist were split into three types. The first one was called SECONDS who focuses on managing the past of all things,they could show every person what they wanted to see as long as the event was in the past. Next was the MINUTES who watches the present occurrence and, unlike the first type, this type could change the event while it was in motion. And lastly, the HOURS who sees the different scenarios that will happen when they shall choose a decision. This certain type could never change a definite circumstance without a helping hand from the outside of their circle. An outsider that was bestowed by the HOUR with the power of change under the contract of MANAGERS.

"Creating time codeā€¦."

Time codes, the language of Documentalist. It is made of alphabets and numbers that only a Documentalist could read.


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