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Chapter Two: Ticking




Sawada Nana was doing her weekly grocery shopping with her son when it happened.

Three blocks away, something blew up. They turned their attention at the black smoke that billowed upward and heaved two men armed with bizarre-looking weapons and relentlessly attacked each other.

The man in maya-colored clothes, who wields a long-nosed Luger with two cogwheels of different sizes on its right, fired consecutively at the man in magenta that created a burst of gold fire out of the gun's mouth. The latter dodged and tried to thrust his double-tip Rapier at the gunner but the timing was off, resulting for a bloody hole in his left shoulder courtesy of the third bullet fired by the former.

They were oblivious to the people gawking beneath them.

"Woa!" Tsuna exclaimed, awed by the tension created by the two unknown men. "What is this? A sci-fi movie production?" he wondered out loud. He was not the only one who was inquiring that particular question, people loitering around were busy in their myriad of murmurs and whispers of who and how. He turned to his mother to see her reaction to this occurrence and found her in her palest color. "Kaa-chan? Are you alright?" He fully looked at her, ready to catch her once she decided to faint right here and there.

"Ah...y-yes, I am..." she stuttered.

Tsuna was not convinced, though. Nana's face was so ashen and pallid; she looked as if the world collapsed around her. Something had happen and those men who were currently fighting at the sky were somehow involved. He tried to ask but the crowd screamed and parted in panic when the gunner was thrown near them. His mother gripped his hand so tightly and dragged him as far as possible from those men. Concerned, Tsuna spare a glance at the sprawled one and witnessed how he threw something at the fencer. A blast was heard from the fencer's standing point up in the sky.

Upon the loss of the man in magenta, his weapon transformed into a magenta mantel clock that had seen better days. The gunner sauntered his way towards it and took something out of its face. Tsuna squinted; a small pointy thing. A needle?

"The Minute hand!" Nana gasped.

"Minute hand?" Tsuna echoed, albeit in inquiring way. Without warning, Nana rudely grabbed him on his arm and practically pulled him away as fast as possible out of the place, which – now that Tsuna focused on it – turned maya and was full of banjo clocks floating around the whole area. The people, who were screaming and panicking before, were now frozen... in... time...


Right then and there, Tsuna told himself that this was never a film production. This was a real fight.

"You two..." the man drawled, calling on them. "... Are Recorders, right?"

His mother gave off a fake airy laugh, still not stopping to look at the man behind them. "Recorders? What's that?"

The man grinned that made Tsuna shivered. He tried to talk to his mother but the man suddenly flew towards them and let out a surge of power that made them flew a few feet away.

He didn't know what happened after the surge but he was sure that he was heading to a place where boulders of former establishments could kill his lanky body. Then, a voice full of fear and conviction that could only belong to his enraged mother cut through his foggy brain.

"Time Pause!"

Afterwards, everything became black.

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