Hello! I decided to write a new story! For Kyo Kara Mao. This is another series I like. Although Going Back will be my main story, I will do my best to update this one as often as I can. Updates may be sporadic (- I learned this word reading another person's story. xD ) Mind you, I don't know any of the classmates, so I'm going to make them up- unless, by some sheer stroke of karma, some of you do. In that case, please tell me, and I'll add them to my story.

Anyway, here's the summary:

It's been 10 years on Earth since Yuuri's class has graduated, and some of the class has met up again. They decide to hold a school reunion meeting, and are inviting all that can come. So, when Murata finds out, he drags Yuuri to the meeting with him. Should be fun, right?

End of summary. Onward with the story, and enjoy. (Mind you, this is my second fic, so please don't hurt me if you don't like it. :3 ) (And mind me if my humor may seem bad to you; it sounds bad to me too.)

It was a normal day for Miko as she did the simple tasks around the house. She paused for a moment and sighed happily. Yuu-chan was coming to visit today, and she hadn't seen him in over a year, which was probably five or ten in Shin Makoku. She briefly wondered what her son looked like, but put it off to the side; she would see him soon enough.

She looked at the clock. She had to get cooking! She was making curry, Yuu-chan's favorite. She had to start so that it would be ready by the time he arrived. Then another thought floated across her mind: would he be bringing any of his friends? Oh, she hoped so! She was looking forward to seeing them all again, especially Wolf-chan. He was a sweet boy.

Smiling a motherly smile, Miko began her task, not noticing the sound of a car pulling up to the driveway as she headed towards the back to get some carrots from the garden…


Yuuri was a tad bit nervous about going home; it had been seven years since the last visit to his kaa-chan and tou-san, and he had been changing, albeit slowly, to where he didn't think his family would recognize him anymore. It was like he was changing into the Mao, except more natural (kind of.).

Yuuri had grown; he was now 5'11", bordering 6 feet, which, in Conrad's opinion, was good. He kept his colors black, feeling it unnecessary to change it. His hair was now past his shoulders, stopping around midway of his upper arms. It was styled the way it was whenever he had called upon the power of the Mao. His voice, too, had gotten deeper. It was baritone, a drastic difference since high school. And then there was his build. Over the past seven years, he had been training to the point where his body was lithe, yet muscular. He could easily jog alongside Conrad when they did their morning jogs. But the one thing that hadn't changed was his spirit.

Despite all the knowledge and wisdom he had obtained while ruling as the King, his spirit had remained the same- the kind, loving heart that cared for his people, his friends, and his family. It was why, whenever he went into town- he made sure that once a week, he'd go to the town and tell stories of Earth, where he grew up- the people would always look upon him with respect, awe, happiness and pride. Their King had worked hard to make their lives better, and so, in return, they were showing him their gratitude.

If one was looking for him now, they would see their King sitting at the town square with all the children sitting around him in a half-circle. He was telling them a favorite- his graduation party. It had been a fun one, and he didn't mind replaying it for them- he did so once a week- enjoying the story as much as the children.

"And then," Yuuri said. "Hijiri-san put the chopsticks up his nose, and when his mom came out, he cried, 'ROAR!' It scared her so badly that the food she was carrying flew into the air, and landed right on his head." The kids giggled, and he chuckled a but.

"Then, Hijiri-san went around, chasing everyone around." Yuuri put his arms out in a motion similar to what Hijiri did. "Everyone was covered in food by the time the party ended."

"Except for you, Yuuri," Came a voice from the middle of the crowd. Yuuri looked and saw, with a chuckle, that Ken was in the middle of the group, totally inconspicuous. Ken hadn't changed at all over the years, except that he was the same height as Yuuri.

"For some reason, you didn't get any food on you at all," Ken said with a fake pout that made everyone laugh. He walked up to Yuuri's side. "To this day, I still don't know how you avoided being dumped on by Hijiri."

"A King's got to have a trick or two you know," Yuuri replied, in a sing-song voice that made Ken pout again, and thus, making the group of children and adults laugh once more.

"Well, minna-san," Ken addressed the crowd. "I'm afraid I'm going to have to take your story teller away from you." The kids seemed to sadden, but Ken continued anyway. "And you," Ken said to Yuuri with one hand on his hip, the other wagging a finger at him. "You haven't packed yet. You go start now young man."

"Yes mother," Yuuri replied in mock defeat, his head hanging. The whole crowd laughed. They knew that their King and The Sage were close friends- which was why they were used to their odd sense of humor.

The towns people waved good-bye to Yuuri and Ken, knowing that they probably wouldn't see the two for a while. It was known throughout the town that the King was going to Earth for a while to visit his parents.

The people got back to their daily lives, a smile on their lips at their kind King who had led them to a prosperous era.


Yuuri knew that Ken hadn't brought him back to the castle to pack- he had already done so. He was brought back so he could shut up the headache also referred to as Wolfram.

"Why can't I come with?" He shouted, a scowl on his face.

"Maa, Wolf, calm down," Yuuri placated his blond friend. "If you could come, then I would have brought you along. But, since only Conrad, Ken and Yozak are allowed, I can't. You know that."

"Still!" Wolfram exclaimed, having calmed down. "I want to go to Earth, too."

"Well, if you go to Earth with me, who will take of Gretta? She'd be alone. Do you want that?" Yuuri asked, knowing he'd won the conversation. He had really wanted to bring Gretta and Wolfram along, but Gwendal advised against it; it was bad enough that he was leaving.

Wolfram sighed. "Fine," He relented. "But! You have to bring something back for Gretta!" Wolfram exclaimed.

Yuuri nodded in agreement. "I was planning on it," He said. And with that, the two moved onto a more relaxed conversation as Yuuri got all his bags ready. He had Morgif strapped to his waist and, thankfully, it wasn't making any noise.

Walking out to the courtyards, Yuuri saw his traveling companions already waiting for him.

"Ready to go, Bochan?" Yozak asked, smiling as usual.

"As ready as I'll ever be," Yuuri sighed. Ken laughed.

"It can't be that bad, Yuuri." Conrad chided. "Your mother isn't that bad."

Yuuri snorted. "Right," He said, rolling his eyes. "Try saying that when she tried making you wear dresses all the time when you were a toddler," He deadpanned.

Conrad just smiled, and the four went into the fountain where they were then transported to Earth.


When they arrived on Earth, they were in the hallway bathroom. Filing out of the somewhat small bathroom, they heard voices downstairs. Yuuri went to his bedroom, to put on some more comfortable clothes that fit this time zone better. Conrad and Yozak had followed him, leaving Ken on his own. Not hesitating in the slightest, Ken was the one to announce their presence.

"Mama-san!" He called out cheerfully from the top of the staircase. "We're here!" A few moments later, many different footsteps could be heard heading in his general direction.

When Miko came into his view, Ken was surprised to see some of his classmates.

"Ken-chan!" Miko called out, a brilliant smile on her face. "You're here!"

Ken nodded and made his way down to his best friend's mother and his old classmates.

"Yup." Ken said. Then he turned his attention to his classmates. In total, there was Hijiri, Masama, and Yumikawa. "Nice to see you all again."

Hijiri, a man with brown hair and brown eyes, blinked. "Damn. Is that you Murata?" He asked. "You're a giant!" He exclaimed, making the group laugh.

"Yeah, you've certainly grown, Murata-kun," Yumikawa agreed. She had light brown hair and dark blue eyes.

"Totally. How many inches did you grow?" Masama asked, a wide grin on his face.

"Hmm," Ken said, putting a hand on his chin. "I believe I've grown five inches." He smiled.

"That's a lot. You're almost as tall as I am," Masama replied. Yumikawa snorted.

"Tall? As if. You're shorter that him by at least three inches you pipsqueak." Yumikawa said, smirking.

"Hey!" Masama cried. The group laughed.

"Hey, are you going to go to the reunion?" Hijiri asked. Ken looked at his questioningly.

"What reunion?" He asked, unaware of the class reunion their graduating grade was having.

"Well, our class is meeting up again for a party. It's been 10 years since we've all seen each other, so we thought we'd call everybody up." Hijiri explained.

"That's right!" Yumikawa exclaimed happily. "We came here to see if we could get Shibuya to come too. No one's seen him at all these past ten years, and it'd be great for everyone to come." Her two friends nodded.

"Well, I'll come." Ken said, smiling. "Where is it?" He asked.

He got the directions before the three left, saying that he would be there this Saturday, waving to the as they left.

"Well, this will be fun," Ken said to himself.

"What'll be fun, Ken?" A baritone voice asked. Miko and Ken turned around to see Yuuri standing at the top of the stairs, a warm smile on his face.

"Yuu-chan!" Miko cried in delight at seeing her son again. Yuuri was wearing a simple white tank-top, showing off his well sculpted abs, and a pear of somewhat loose (although they looked tight as well) pair of blue jeans. Conrad and Yozak were changing into more appropriate clothes in Yuuri's room.

Yuuri chuckled before going down the stairs to greet his overly enthusiastic mother. Miko enveloped him in a hug as soon as he reached her, and he returned it happily. Even though he was old enough to live on his own, it didn't mean he didn't missed his mother.

"Yuu-chan, you've grown!" Miko exclaimed in awe. Yuuri laughed at her antics.

"Yes, I have, kaa-san," Yuuri replied with warmth. "How have you been?" He asked, heading towards the kitchen, knowing that curry would be there.

"Oh, I've been great! It's been a little busy, but nothing too bad." Miko smiled as her son and Ken sat down at the table. She served them curry, which Yuuri immediately began eating.

Yuuri sighed in contentment. His mother's curry was one of a kind. He kept shoveling it into his mouth.

Miko giggled at her younger son's antics, taking his plate as soon as he had finished to replace it with more curry.

"And here I though that being a King would make you have better table manners," She teased. Yuuri just smiled a childish grin. Despite him being how old he was, ( On Earth, he was twenty-eight, but his actual age I was forty-five, as was Ken.) he was able to keep his childish side, despite what had happened in his past.

"I normally do, but your curry's the exception," He replied lightly, taking the teasing well. And then that reminded him.

"Ken, what were you talking about earlier?" He asked. "You know, when you said that it would be fun?"

Ken thought for a minute before he remembered. "Oh, that?" He asked, getting a nod from Yuuri. "Well, out class is having a class reunion. It has been ten years since we've seen each other, after all." Yuuri nodded in agreement; it would be nice to see his friends from high school again. Though having them ask what you've been doing for the past ten years might not be…

"When is it?" Yuuri asked.

"Let's see," Ken looked at the invitation he had in his pocket. "It says it's this Saturday, at Hijiri's new house. That'll be fun, won't it?" Yuuri laughed.

"I guess I'll have more stories to bring back to the little ones, then," Yuuri replied with a smile.

It was then that Conrad and Yozak came down in normal clothes. It sounded like Yozak was whining about not being able to wear his normal clothes…


Everyone had gathered at Hijiri's new house, which was a large one. With a large backyard, and a very homey, yes stylish and up-to-date inside, it was the perfect place to hold a reunion.

Hijiri sighed; currently, everybody was in his living room, mingling and chatting. He was just waiting for Murata, who should be showing up any minute.

"Don't worry Hijiri, he'll be here," Yumikawa said.

"Who're you talking about?" Mikoto asked, garnering the attention of the occupants.

Hijiri broke into a big grin. "Well, when we were going around, we saw Shibuya's mother picking vegetables. We talked to her for a while, and then Murata shows up!" Hijiri explained, excited. This got the other graduates excited as well. They hadn't seen Murata, let alone Shibuya, in ten years.

When they heard a car door slam shut, they all quieted down as they listened to the voices talk. Apparently they were arguing.

"Maa, Maa, don't be such a baby," This, the group had recognized, as Murata. "The party won't be that bad."

"Right. We all know how the last one went." A baritone voice replied. The graduates frowned, wondering who it was.

"True, but it'll still be fun." Murata argued. There was a sigh.

"Well," The baritone voice said. "Might as well get this over with," There was a knock at the door, and for a minute, no one responded. When another knock came, Hijiri snapped out of the trance, and called in his usual bubbly voice. "Hai, hai!"

He ran to the door, crashing into the wall, which made the group laugh. He got up, yelling at the group. "Oh, shut up already!" Causing the group to laugh.

When Hijiri came to the door, he opened it, and saw not just Murata, but someone else as well. He looked strangely familiar.

"Come on in!" Hijiri exclaimed, opening the door wider for the two guests to come in. They did so, taking off their shoes as they came in.

Hijiri lead them to where everyone else was, and when they reached the living room, all attention was on them.

Ken, who was not at all affected by the stares, smiled brightly. "Konnichiwa, minna-san!" He greeted. Some laughed at his antics, but most were wondering who the other figure, who wasn't completely out of the shadows yet, was.

Ken caught onto this, and frowned.

He went towards the figure and dragged him out of the shadows, scolding him all the while.

"You know, this is a reunion, where you greet and say hi, not where you hide in the shadows, Yuuri." Ken scolded.

Eyes went wide. "Wait," Hijiri spoke up. "Yuuri? As in Shibuya Yuuri?" He asked. Ken nodded, and the figure came out of the shadows all the way.

"Yo," Yuuri greeted his old classmates with a sheepish smile, one hand in a wave, the other rubbing the back of his head.

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