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"Yo," Yuuri greeted his old classmates with a sheepish smile, one hand in a wave, the other rubbing the back of his head.

There were a lot of gasps as everyone saw him fully. Yuuri knew that he would attract attention just by being there, but this was borderline ridiculous. 'Well,' he thought, looking at his group of classmates, 'I guess I can understand why they're staring at me like that. It's still annoying though.'

"Ne, Shibuya," Yuuri heard Hijiri call him. Turning to the man, he nodded for his classmate to continue.

"Where've you been these past ten years?" Hijiri asked, to which a lot of people nodded in agreement. It was obvious that they wanted to know where he had been for these past ten years, on so Yuuri gave them the explanation he and Ken had come up with.

"I've been in other countries around the world," Yuuri began, leaning against the navy blue couch that was to his right.

"Really?" Yumisaka asked, becoming excited when she heard her classmate's explanation.

Yuuri nodded. "Yes, I have. When I was traveling, I was an Ambassador of sorts, helping to solve problems between other nations, as well as setting up trade agreements." And that part was true; a lot of the time, Yuuri was traveling to and fro, creating new peace treaties between other countries as well as his own country, and setting up trade agreements to increase the economy. "I have seen many places, and a lot of them are beautiful…" Yuuri drifted off as he remembered his travels when he was younger; he had had a lot of fun back then.

"What's it like?" Hijiri asked again. "You know, to be able to travel to other countries and talk to other people about treaties and trades?"

Yuuri smiled warmly, causing a lot of the females in the room to blush, to Ken's watchful eyes.

"It has been rewarding," he replied, "being able to learn about the different cultures and languages. The histories of the countries run back deep, and make each culture unique, creating a vast heritage." Looking across the crowd, Yuuri noticed that there were looks of admiration and awe on the faces of his classmates. He chuckled, already used to looks such as those, being the Maou.

"There is no need to look at me like that," he told his classmates, "you all look like gaping goldfish," he teased. At that, his classmates blushed, becoming embarrassed when they realized that they were, in fact, staring. That made Yuuri laugh, a baritone sound that made everyone smile.

"So, what has everyone else been up to these past ten years?" And that's how the party went for a while, people asking and answering questions about what they've been doing, how their jobs were, and what they were doing in their personal lives. Yuuri found that there were those who had normal jobs working at an office, but there were also those who had more interesting jobs; some became chefs and worked in Tokyo, some who ran their own businesses, and there were even a duo who worked in the clothing design business. Eventually, it came back to Yuuri, who was amiably talking to Yuuri in the language of his kingdom, to which no one understood.

"Ne, Shibuya," Masama asked, halting the conversation between the King and his Sage. "What language are you speaking?"

"Language? What are you talking about?" Yuuri asked, scratching his head confusedly. Ken just laughed, causing Yuuri to look at his friend strangely. "What's up with you?"

"Yuuri, we were talking in our home language." Ken supplied to his confused friend, who, after a few seconds, realized what Ken was talking about.

"Oh! That language." Yuuri said to himself, causing the group of graduates to laugh.

"Wait, what do you mean by 'home language'? And what do you mean by 'our'?" Masama asked.

"Ah," Yuuri started, "Ken and I have been working together for these past ten years. And when we say our home language, we're referring to the country that has the house we live in for the longest periods of time, like a home country."

"I see," Yumisaka replied, smiling. "What's it like there?"

"What's it like?" Yuuri mused to himself. "For one thing, it is a beautiful country," Yuuri started, and began giving a lengthy description of his home; how the skies were a beautiful blue on clear, sunny days. How the city he lived in was always lively; the children were always out and about, so when he'd visit, it was always a blast to play with them; the various stores that were in the city, ranging from the cleaners to the tailor to the market. And how on some mornings, when there was a slight breeze, he could smell the freshly baked breads and sweets that made his mouth water. His favorite- when he went down there to grab a quick breakfast- was an overly large apple fritter and some tea that was native to the land. What he didn't tell his classmates though was that, since he was the King, he would get larger fritters because of who he was; also, he'd have to sneak out of the castle to do that, causing mayhem and keeping the soldiers on their toes, considering the fact that Conrad always knew where he was.

"It sounds great there, Shibuya," Hijiri commented with a smile. Yuuri grinned in agreement; he really loved his Kingdom.

"So how long have you been back in Japan Shibuya?" Masama asked, causing Yuuri to blink. Had he really not answered this question yet? How odd.

"I have been here for a few days, visiting my family; it has been quite relaxing, and my mother's curry is delicious." Yuuri replied, causing the group of graduates to laugh at the King.

"You do love your curry, Yuuri," Ken commented once all the laughter died down.

"There is nothing wrong with my mother's curry," Yuuri replied easily. "It has been a long time since I have had some." And that was a true statement; the last time he had seen his mother was when she came to his Kingdom for his thirtieth birthday. It certainly was a surprise, one provided by the ever-knowing Ken.

"Shibuya, why do you talk like that?" One of his old classmates asked. Yuuri looked at his classmate confused.

"What are you talking about?" Yuuri asked, tilting his head slightly.

"Like you just did; all formal and stuff," Hijiri put in, looking curiously at Yuuri.

Yuuri looked to his friend for an explanation. Ken sighed, confusing Yuuri further.

"For a person of your accomplishment," Ken started, looking pointedly at his King, who had the decency to look sheepish, "you can be really oblivious. They're talking about your speech pattern, Yuuri."

Yuuri blinked, finally realizing what his classmates were talking about, and then pouted, also realizing what Ken said to him.

"I am not oblivious!" Yuuri pouted, causing the room to burst into laughter at the man's objection. "But as to why I talk the way I do," Yuuri switched the subject back to the original topic, "I have been in positions where being polite and not using any contractions helps the negotiations because the two sides are able to understand what is being said. Does that make sense?" His old classmates nodded with expressions of understanding on their faces. Yuuri smiled slightly; he wouldn't have been able to explain that the way he did if he hadn't explained this on a regular basis to Greta. Speaking of Greta, he needed to find something for her, but what? A slight frown marred his face, catching his best friend's attention.

"What's the matter?" Ken asked with a curious look on his face.

"Ah," Yuuri replied, chuckling slightly, "I still need a present for Greta." A smile appeared on his face; he loved talking about his Greta.

"That's true; you need something for her, or you'll face Wolf's wrath." Ken replied, smirking when he saw the slight shiver going down Yuuri's back, to which Yuuri frowned.

"That would be scary," Yuuri agreed, not wanting to think of what Wolfram would do to him. "But that still doesn't give me an idea as to what to I can get her. I don't have any idea at all."

"Any idea for what?" Yumisaka asked, joining the small conversation.

"I need to get a gift for someone," Yuuri replied, still worried about what he would get her.

"Well, who is this person?" Yumisaka asked.

"My daughter," Yuuri replied absently, not paying attention to what he was saying, still thinking about the gift. Maybe a picture book?

"EH!" Yumisaka exclaimed, grabbing the attention of the group of graduates. Yuuri blinked, looking at his classmate at the sudden exclamation of noise.

"What is wrong?" Yuuri asked, slightly worried. To his right, he saw Ken hit his head with the palm of his hand.

"Yuuri, you really are stupid." Ken muttered, looking annoyed yet slightly bemused.

"What?" Yuuri asked; this day was full of confusion, that's for sure.

"You said you had a daughter, Shibuya!" Yumisaka cried, still shocked. Yuuri then realized what he had said and mentally swore.

"I do," Yuuri replied lightly. He knew he wouldn't get out of this; he and his big mouth. "Her name is Greta."

Then the questions began.

"How old is she?"

"What does she look like?

"When's her birthday?"

Yuuri sighed at the number of questions he was being asked. Looking down at the watch he had received from his mother on his thirtieth birthday; he needed to leave, considering that he had stayed longer than he told Conrad he would. 'Crap.'

"Ken, we have to go," Yuuri told his friend, motioning to his watch. He saw his friend look at his own watch, and paled slightly.

"You could've mentioned it earlier," Ken cried, his expression of worry. "They're going to kill me!"

"What do you mean by that?" Masama asked curiously. "Who's going to kill you Murata?"

"His bodyguards!" Ken cried, making sure he had everything before he grabbed his friend's arm and dragged him across the room. "Because of how important he is as an Ambassador, Yuuri is assigned bodyguards."

"Bodyguards that just so happen to be looking for their charge, Ken," A male voice called from the hall where Yuuri had been at the beginning of the party. Everyone turned their heads to see two rather tall males walk into the room, both with swords attached to their waists.


All the graduates, save for Yuuri and Ken, tensed upon the sight of the two men.

"Who are you?" Hijiri asked suspiciously, his brown eyes narrowing at the two unidentified men.

"Excuse me for my lack of manners," One of the two men stepped forward; he had brown hair and kind brown eyes that relaxed the group somewhat. The man had on a white button up shirt with the sleeves pulled up to his elbows, showing off his well-defined arms. Also, he was wearing a pair of blue jeans that fit him well, and a pair of brown shoes. "My name is Conrad Weller, and you just so happen to be hosting the party that my charge is currently attending." A kind smile adorned the man, now known as Conrad, was looking at none other than Yuuri, and by proxy, Ken.

"Ah, Conrad," Yuuri said pleasantly, smiling at his mentor. Conrad smiled back, and then looked to Ken, who had an apologetic look on his face.

"Sorry," Ken apologized, letting go of his best friend's wrist. "I just lost track of time."

"You sure did," The other man commented with a wry grin on his face as he stepped forward. "You wouldn't believe how worried he can get," The man said, laying a hand on Conrad's shoulder, which was immediately thrown off. "The name's Yozak." Yozak, as the man introduced himself, had orange hair that went a little below his shoulders. He was wearing a pale yellow tank-top that showed off the muscles in his arms. He, too, was wearing a pair of blue jeans, though they were looser than Conrad's. The man's blue eyes were twinkling with mirth.

And that was when the portal opened.


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