Ah, I love Yugioh, don't you? It was the reason I came onto fan fiction in the first place, too.

Anyways, my muse has been bothering me about this way too long. So I decide to act upon it.

Here's a basic summary:

Seto and Yugi are having a duel, when all of a sudden, they get blasted back into the past 3000 years. The two end up, along with Honda, Jou (short for Jonochi; I will be using Jou) Ryou and Marik, back in Ancient Egypt, where they manage to fit in at the city of Kemet (I believe I have this wrong, and I'm sorry about it. It's supposed to be the city right by the palace). But, what happens when the palace gets attacked by an ancient evil? Will Yugi and the rest reveal themselves to the Pharaoh, or will they let the palace be destroyed, along with the lives of the High Priests, and Atem?

Also, the reason I don't have Anzu (Tea in English) is because I kind of don't like her. All of the fanfic about Yugioh I've read (most of them, really) have seriously bashed her. I like her, but my opinion of her had diminished because of all the things I've read. So, to make it fair, I'm not putting her in (sorry Anzu fans) but I'm also not bashing her (I don't think I could, anyway. Don't know how. XD).

There ,ay be more language (no f-bombs, though. I don't like the word, really.) Anyway, on with it! Onwards! xDD!

P.S. Expect updates on this story and Going Back, I want to play this out; my muse won't stop bothering me until I do.

Chapter 1

The battle was intense; it always with Seto. But it was always fun.

"Go Yug!" Jou called. "Kick his ass!" Yugi smiled at his friend's cheering.

Seto just snorted, and smirked.

"I will win this, Yugi!" Seto declared, with a smile. Not the cold one, but a friendly and competitive one. "And then I'll be the King of Games!" (A/N: Can you imagine it? Seto-Oh? Lulz.)

"Let's see you do it, then!" Yugi replied in his now deep baritone voice. But it was then that an intense light filled the arena, enveloping all those who were watching in it's brilliant rays.

"What the-" Jou was interrupted as the group of six were suddenly transported. Little did they know that they would be traveling back in time.

Current day ( One year later)

Yugi was currently preparing their midday meal as he reminisced of how they got here. They were able to get a house for the six of them. During the day, Marik, Honda and Jou would go to their jobs, while the other four stayed at home. Yugi and Ryou would have gotten jobs as well, but thanks to Seto's logic ( "You look too much like the Pharaoh Atem," He had told the two, pointing to Yugi. "And you look too much like Tomb-Robber Bakura." He said, pointing at Ryou. It was true; the two had grown in the past three years since their yami's had gone to the after life, and the two were spitting images of their yam's, albeit the kinder personalities), he convinced them otherwise. And since then, everything had calmed down. Almost.

"Get off your butt and help out, Jou!" Seto called out, irritated.

"Make me!" Jou retorted. He was having a nice nap under the sun. It was always warm during the day back in Ancient Egypt, and since he had the day off today, he was going to take advantage of it.

Yugi gave a sigh, as did Seto and Ryou. Yugi and Ryou were the two who did the house chores (cooking, cleaning, etc.) and Seto did the outside labor.

The two hikaris were making lunch, and Yugi gave a pleading look outside to Seto to get them to stop fighting up. Seto complied, putting on a glare to scare Jou. It worked, as Yugi and Ryou heard Seto yell at him, and soon, everything was quiet, except for the noises of the work that Jou and Seto were doing.

As Yugi finished putting the touches on their meal, and Ryou finished setting the table, the other three came in. Seto, a satisfied look on his face, and Jou, with a tired expression on his face.

Yugi chuckled at his two friend's expressions, and gave Seto a thankful smile, which Seto returned.

"Wash your hands," Yugi told the Seto and Jou. "Then you can eat." This seemed to perk Jou up, and he rushed to wash his hands. Seto sighed, following Jou at a more normal pace.

Yugi brought out the food as Seto and Jou came back out, eager to eat after hard work.

"Itadakimasu," The five of them said, and they began eating, talking about random things (mainly duel monsters). Even though the six of them could speak fluent ancient Egyptian, (one of the weird, but very needed quirks about coming to the past) they still spoke in Japanese, to feel closer to those they unwillingly left behind.

Soon, lunch was over, and after helping with clean-up, Jou and Seto went back out to finish that days' chores. Yugi and Ryou continued to clean, and they talked as they did.

At sunset, Honda and Marik came back from their jobs, weary from the day's labor. By then, Yugi and Ryou had managed to make dinner for the six of them, and once the workers were all washed up, they enjoyed dinner. Once again, they talked about random things, until Yugi brought up the topic of his old clothes. (A/N: I'm sorry about this, but I don't really know much about their outfits, so you may need to research it yourself. :C)

"I think I'll wear my old clothes tonight." Yugi announced, his deep baritone voice hinting a little excitement. "It's been so long, and, even though the days are warm, the nights are cold, and I haven't worn them in so long." an almost wistful expression came onto the King of Games' face, and the group of them decided that they, too, would wear their old clothes.

After dinner, and when everything was cleaned up, the six time-travelers put on their old clothes, and nostalgia washed over them as they remembered the battle between Seto and Yugi's battle.

Yugi walked over to the window of the room that he shared with Ryou, holding onto his deck. He looked to the sky, and an ominous feeling crept into him. 'Something's going to happen tonight,' He thought worriedly. 'And it's going to change everything.'


Atem kept tapping his fingers on his throne; he had a very ominous feeling about tonight, and he felt restless. His High Priests could sense his restlessness, and were worried, as they, too, could feel this ominous feeling.

"What do you think it is, my pharaoh?" Seth, Atem's cousin, asked.

"I'm not sure, Seth," Atem replied, looking at his cousin. "But I have a feeling something tonight shall go wrong, and it will put the lives of many in danger." It was then that the ground began to shake violently, knocking the priests and priestess down to their feet, and Atem out of his throne.

When the shaking had stopped, Atem had immediately gone to the steps of the palace, along with the other priests. Atem stared in shock as he saw Diabound causing havoc in his city, and Diabound's owner unconscious at the bottom of the steps.

Rushing towards Bakura, Atem saw the Thief King awaken, a hand on his hand.

"What happened?" Atem heard the thief mutter, before he turned and saw Atem.

"Why is your Diabound loose?" Atem demanded, his priests on his heels.

"I don't know!" Bakura exclaimed, extremely displeased.

"What do you mean you don't know!" Atem cried. "It's your Diabound unleashing havoc!"

"Listen Pharaoh," Bakura growled. "When I say I don't know, I don't know! I didn't summon him here, and sure as hell not going to be able to send him back. Someone else is in control here, and they're calling the shots, not me."

Atem studied Bakura before nodding to Isis, who checked Bakura's wounds.

"It appears to me, Thief King, that we have a serious problem," Atem started, looking at Bakura. "and even though we do not like each other, I believe that, in order to save the city from destruction, that we team up."

Bakura, who had been checked over by Isis, studied the Pharaoh's face to see if he wasn't lying. When he deemed his truthful, Bakura got up.

Very well, Pharaoh," Bakura agreed. "For now, we shall work together to defeat my Diabound. But," He glared at Atem. "I don not want to be betrayed. Do not put me into the dungeons after this is over, or you will learn to regret it very soon."

Atem nodded curtly, and was about to summon one of his monsters when a large, white dragon with blue eyes came into view. And there was someone on the dragon's head…


Yugi was startled out of his thoughts as the ground violently shook. Holding onto the windowsill, Yugi tried to see what was happening outside. And what he saw made him pale.

Diabound was loose, and wreaking havoc on the city. Yugi's eyes were wide, and he quickly grabbed his duel disk and cards before rushing out.

Ryou, Seto, Marik, Jou and Honda rushed out behind, decks and duel disks at the ready. (Except for Honda. I don't think he has one, does he?)

And as the six of them saw Diabound wreaking havoc, they all come to a realization: they were going to have to reveal themselves to the Pharaoh and High Priests, whether they liked it or not.

Yugi wracked his brain for a plan. He looked up at Diabound, and decided that his plan would have to do, though it was risky.

"Guys, I have a plan!" Yugi called his friends' attention, and immediately began to explain his plan.

"It's risky," Seto admitted. "But it'll work. Time is of the essence, and this is all we've got."

"Right! Let's do this!" Jou exclaimed.

"I summon you, Blue-Eyes White Dragon!"

With the two monsters summoned, Yugi climbed onto Seto's dragon with Seto right behind him. As Seto gave the command, Yugi called to his friends. "Run to the palace as fast as you can! We'll see you there." The remaining four nodded and started running towards the palace as the Blue-Eyes White Dragon shot into the air, its destination: Diabound.

Yugi saw the royal palace, and saw Diabound heading right towards it.

'I hope this works…' Yugi thought before heading right towards Diabound.

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