A/N: So, basically, I put on some music on shuffle and wrote whatever came to mind. This is what came out, sorry for the depreavedness.

Warnings: Yaoi, het, squick, tight pink leather and a crimson thong. Need more be said?

Disclaimer: I don't own any of the songs, Detective Conan, Magic Kaito, nor do I own Harry Potter.

Lazy Eye - Silversun Pickups

He walked through the club, smoked drifting in his face as he exhaled. He bobbed his head to the steady beat, I've been waiting for this silence - all my life - and now it's not quite right. He looked around casually, spotting his date sitting at one of the booths. A small smile cracked his stoic face. Shinichi discarded his cigarette. He'd missed Kaito. The moon, the sun, and the sky.

Teenage Dream - Katy Pary

Harry laughed slightly, nudging Dudley in the side.

"Teenage Dream? You're really listening to Katy Pary?" Dudley, despite the teasing words sent at him, commented,

"I think the title of the song sounds like something dirty. Thus, Mum wouldn't approve." Harry smiled slightly.

"Are you sure you wanna 'revolt' against Aunt Petunia and Uncle Vernon? I mean, they are your parents..."

Dudley just smiled and said, "You're more important."

Trouble is a Friend - Lenka

Shinichi skidded to a halt as he stopped just inches from the Caucasian teenager in front of him.

He panted slightly and said in English, "Did you see where he went?" But the teenager was already off, running through the crowd to catch the purse-snatcher. Shinichi could only hope that no one would randomly choke, have a seizure, or were killed. He'd hate to have to ruin the beautiful (where'd that thought come from?) boy's day.

Signal Fire - Snow Patrol

As Ai, Shiho, limped out of the burning building, fire trucks wailing in the distance, Shinichi knew that everything was over. No more running from ravens. No more having to hide from Ran- he felt a pang of guilt. Here he was, thinking of his ex-crush (not that he'd ever admit it) while his girlfriend was carefully heaped onto a gurney by a concerned medical responder. He rushed over to her, taking her hand, soothing his soul. Looking into her face, he knew she'd always be the one for her.

Bad Romance - Lady Gaga

As Snape came out of the bathroom in tight, pink leather, Lockhart's breath caught in his throat. His lover was simply beautiful! Lockhart stood up off the bed, whip in hand, and guided Snape to the wall where the chains and manacles were proudly attached. Lockhart pulled slightly at the tight, rubber thong covering his crotch that changed color according to his mood. Right now, it was a deep, dark, crimson, probably reflecting his lustful state. He chained Snape to the wall, grabbing the fuschia cock ring from the small side table.

"There's a good Potions Professor. Now, scream for me."