Before you read, ask yourself these questions: How many people are fans of Waluigi? How many games do Waluigi star in-as in the main character? None! And since Waluigi is one of my 5 favorites, it's time to make him shine!

One week before the actual story...

Inside a rather small house lived one of the most hated and/or feared men in Mushroom Kingdom: Waluigi. Waluigi was sitting on a chair, thinking about the people he hated in his life. The 1st person who came to his mind was, of course, Luigi. True, he hated Mario all the same, but he truly despised Luigi. Luigi constantly beat him at everything: fights, sports, even in races! It was aggravating. The next person he despised was Daisy. She not only chose Luigi over him, but bluntly gave him reasons why she would never like him, and that made the purple man's blood boil. Then, their were the Toads, who 'gaurded' Peach's castle. In reality, were a bunch of cowards!

The next person who made him angry was Wario. It was more of envy then anger though, since he had everything any man would want: Money, power, incredible fighting skills, and even a girl friend! And what did he have? That's when a thought suddenly struck him: he was feeling pitying...for himself!

"What am I thinking?" Waluigi shouted as he sprung from his chair. "I am Waluigi! I don't write history: I make it!" With that, Waluigi ran down into his basement and collected all of his weapons, spare clothes, and maps into 3 separate back packs. "If Wario can go to Diamond City, then I can go to..." he stopped to look at one of the maps to find the farthest place from Mushroom Kingdom on land to find "Strawberry Kingdom!" he proclaimed as he rushed outside and got onto his Waluigi Racer.

(I'll show those losers why Waluigi is #1!) he thought as he started his kart and rode off.

Current Time Line...

It has been a grueling week for Waluigi as he rode his way closer to his goal: Rose Town...other wise know as the capital of Strawberry Kingdom, the home of the castle of Prince Red [Not all kingdoms can be ruled by hot chicks]. Waluigi made it into town as he rode his kart down the streets to see any hotels, all of them having signs, all meaning the same thing: No Vacancy.

"Damn...probably should of booked a place for myself the week before." Waluigi mumbled to himself when he came across a hotel called, The Red Star,without the dreaded sign. "Finally." he said as he parked his kart and grabbed the remaining 2 backs: the 1st one being only of food he just ran out of. When he walked into the hotel, nobody was in the lobby except the desk guy, a rather plump man, and 7 people, all of which turned to him was grins.

"How may I help you? I'm Mr. Greens." the desk man introduced as he got up. He was rather large with light colored skin, wore a green and black checkered suit with his name tag, having the word 'Manager' on it, and was bald, obviously having no shame in it.

"I am Waluigi. I need a room, so can you-" "Tough break!" shouted one of the 7 people who was sitting on the couch. Waluigi turned his head to get a better look to see a Hammer Bro., holding a small hammer in his hand. "All of us want that room. And you just so happen to be invited to our little tournament." he told him, creating a confused look on Waluigi's face.

"Allow me to explain: you see, we only have 1 room, and instead of 1st come, 1st serve, I recommend a tournament of 8. You're opponent happens to be the Hammer Bro., who prefers to be called by his 1st name: Jason." Mr. Greens explained as he pointed to the Hammer Bro.

"Heh. Alright. Since he knows, let's take this outside." Jason said as he and the other 6 got up and went outside to the backyard. Waluigi followed, grinning as he knew the words too well as an idiot's last words.

The Backyard...

Waluigi was rather surprised that the backyard was a training ground complete with a fighting area, training dummies, and more. Both Waluigi and Jason got on their separate sides of the area as Mr. Greens got in the center.

"Alright, the rules are this: anything goes as long as you don't kill you're opponent." Mr. Greens announced, causing Jason to snap his fingers in frustration. "And...go!" Mr. Greens called out as he ran, rather quickly, out of the way.

"Say your priers Purple Man! Hammer Wave!" Jason cried as he tossed a seemingly endless supply of hammers at Waluigi. Waluigi panicked before quickly getting together and jumped into the air, leaving the other contestants and Mr. Greens speechless as Jason was shocked.

(Oh my god! I've never seen someone jump that high since I lost to the Mario Bros.!) he thought as Waluigi started to fall down to him, feet first. Thinking quickly, he stopped throwing hammers and pulled out a large sludge hammer. "Hammer Smash!" he shouted as he smacked Waluigi away as if he was a fly on a Fly Swatter, sending him to the ground to collide with the dirt. Jason started laughing.

"I knew it! I knew some loser was a match for me!" Jason shouted as he brought his hammer down onto Waluigi. Right before impact, Waluigi had some how vanished as the hammer smashed air. "What the...? Where'd he go?" Jason asked, shocked by his speed.

"Right here." said Waluigi as everyone gasped to see he was right behind Jason, one leg already swirling in an arch like kick to the side. "Whirluigi!" Waluigi shouted as he hit Jason, but rather then sending the Koopa flying, his foot's heel seemed to have a grip as he spun him around and around in a small tornado. Then, Waluigi jumped into the air using his other leg and shot Jason off his leg as he skid across the ground and hit, not 1, but 3 training dummies before he stopped, blood coming from his helmet. Mr. Green quickly rushed over to the Hammer Bro.

"He's alright! He may need a doctor though." he said as he pulled out his cell phone. The remaining 6 turned to Waluigi to see him fiddling with his mustache.

"Who's the loser now?" he chuckled, knowing the Koopa was going to be fine.

Yes, Waluigi is going to get his own epic tale's a word...I think. Anyway, how will the rest of this tournament go, and who are the other 6 fighters, who didn't need to be introduced.